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  1. John Hirsch

    Krell Owners Club

    Now I'm thinking of going from the FPB 600 to a used pair of 575 Solos and then sending it back to Krell for their $2000 upgrade to Solo 575 XD. It all hangs on whether a stranger from North Carolina buys my FPB 600 this Saturday. Getting an change of speakers from the outstanding original KEF Reference 4s depends on the whims of a Tennessee doctor who owns about 10 pairs of the original Kef Reference series. So much for free will..... Happy New Year To All, John Hirsch
  2. John Hirsch

    Tightening the Screws on a Kef Reference 4

    As to tightening the screws, I don't know what to do to expose them. There are holes for the fitting of the grills but they have no screws inside. As for vermiculite, there appears to be a toxic risk due to contamination with asbestos. See attachment. Best, John Hirsch
  3. As my Kef Reference 4s are 20 years old I want to tighten the screws. How do I do this without damaging anything? Also, Kef recommends filing the lowest bottom chamber with lead shot for Reference 1, 2 and 3. They don't suggest this for the Reference 4s (because of the high weight of the 4s). The 4s weigh 108 pounds without shot and can accept 12.5 pounds of shot per speaker. Is there any danger with too much weight? Or is extra weight always a good idea? Best, John Hirsch
  4. I run a PC to a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus via a premium USB Cable. (It then runs to a Krell KRC 3 preamp, a Krell FPB 600 power amp and some Kef Reference 4. All components are linked by Audioquest Water. The speaker cable is Linn K 400. Premium power cable is used throughout.) The sound via You Tube (and through a fairly high spec LP 12) is really first rate. However the DAC has indicators that run from 44.1 to 196. The You Tube registers 44.1. If I switched to I Tunes or some other web based service would the resolution increase from 44.1? If not, what options do I have? I'm based in the USA. Best, John Hirsch
  5. Maybe you weren't serious, but they idea of using premium power cable for a computer monitor is interesting. Any thoughts about this? Best, John Hirsch
  6. The sound is wonderful when the Krell and AQ Tornado are plugged into the dedicated line so I think I'll leave it there. Now I have one surplus $100 power cable. Since one of my main sources is You Tube through my PC, does it make any sense to use that extra cable to power my PC? Best, John Hirsch
  7. I now have a Krell FPB 600 and an Audioquest Thunder power cable. I also have a very heavy duty Monster Cable power conditioner. I have recently had a 20A dedicated line installed with a deep frozen wall socket which can accept two plugs. The power conditioner is plugged into the dedicated line. My question is should I plug the Krell/Audioquest lead straight to the wall or into the Monster Cable. Paul Surroundsound has suggested that a power amp ought to be plugged straight into the wall. Are there any other opinions? Best, John Hirsch
  8. I have a 25th Anniversary Linto moving coil stage that needs "re-homing". Best, John Hirsch
  9. John Hirsch

    Krell Owners Club

    Have connected up my new FPB 600 and I'll report on it later. Looks like it was repaired in 2012 but only 6 caps replaced. For the UK folks - the Solo 375 and 575 monoblocks have been discontinued in favor of the Solo 375 XD and Solo 575 XD. Wouldn't like to be the person who pays full price for a discontinued model. Some one is selling a pair of the "old" 575s on US Ebay for $9600. He has three monoblocks total. Best, John Hirsch
  10. It's been said that no engineer would close the Linn Forum. I have said that no sane lawyer would do such a thing. That leaves sales and marketing. Follow this link to discover the real truth!
  11. I'd like to say that no lawyer could have made the tragic decision to close the Linn Forum. But with Trump's lawyers setting new professional lows I can no longer be sure. Classic lawyers knew when to shut up and not get their client in extra trouble by having the media on speed dial. The porn star's lawyer is different - he's acting as a press agent to pump up her career. (As if Stormy Daniels needed to have anything else pumped up.) As for myself, I am Washington, DC lawyer and have had my horns trimmed to the point where they are barely visible. Best, John Hirsch
  12. Well I am a Washington, DC lawyer and have had my horns trimmed to the point where they are almost invisible. Linn's lawyers would come into this decision only if they thought that the existence of the Forum might cause them to be sued. I can't see a way that the Forum would bring about a lawsuit so, as satisfying as it may be to blame lawyers, in this case the legal profession ought to plead Not Guilty. Best, John Hirsch PS I'll give out my phone number in the US - 202-999-5563 - in case any of the old Forum member want to get in touch.
  13. John Hirsch

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    My Kef Reference 3s are in storage waiting for a suitor - that entire Reference line has suggestively feminine lines. Best, John Hirsch
  14. John Hirsch

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    In my opinion one ought to mortgage the house, sell the car and pawn the jewelry to buy a pair of Kef Reference 4 when it comes on the market. I thought it was amazing in the early 2000s and are still is great today. It was suggested in Stereophile that these mate perfectly with a Krell KSA 300S which is what I use. I used to own a stereo shop and they were the best speakers that I ever carried. They were much more fun than the B & W 801 Mk. 3. The Reference 3 were also excellent. I have pair here in Washington DC. looking for a Saturday night date. Best, John Hirsch
  15. John Hirsch

    Krell FPB 600

    Any Krell FPB 600 amps available in North America?