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  1. phino, do those Ninka's of yours have rear ports or not? My Keilidh's don't. I'm tempted to try the acoustic panels however.
  2. Being a Yorkshireman, I'm more the Pontefract Cake type.
  3. Thanks Paul, I look forward to your next visit to Edinburgh!
  4. Does this mean that generally the more toe-in, the greater the illusion of a deeper soundstage?
  5. Me too. But I know my hearing isn't the best. I don't doubt Paul has great hearing and can tell the difference. He says so and I have no reason to think he's lying. After all we are all different and have our own strengths. It would be nice if many of you on here could be respectful. If Paul can detect a difference then that difference exists. If you can't detect that difference then there is no difference...but only to you.
  6. I LOVE the look of those speakers! Good luck tomorrow.
  7. Paul, I hope that these criticisms and attacks don't discourage you from posting more on your experiences of hifi tweaks. I for one have found it very interesting and enlightening as to what improvements in sound can be achieved with little financial outlay. Although I have been a music fan for many years it's only recently I've become particularly interested in the individual components of a hifi system. I look forward to reading more about your observations on the subject.
  8. Thanks Paul. My listening is pretty eclectic but I'm always interested in what others chose as audiophile demo material.
  9. Very interesting Paul. Did anyone ask Gilad why Linn don't use Linn speakers to demo the Selekt?
  10. Miragef1, you're posting in the Show Us Your Linn System forum.
  11. But, when driving my McLaren P1, 25 lanes would allow for extra run-off when I lose it on a bend.
  12. Am I right in thinking that with each new Space Optimisation algorithm version release I should be doing a recalculation? So not actually changing any settings, simply doing a recalculate.
  13. Blimey Don, top work! My new Netgear 6260 arrived today. Following straight forward install instructions, I'm now able to see my Linn SO2 online account without fail. I know it's early days but it all looks very promising. What I also have noticed is that in Konfig my two DS's are seen immediately, as before it sometimes took several minutes for them to show themselves. Also, the £55 router offers both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. On my mobile devices the 5GHz setting is coming in at 108mbps download speed although Virgin only offer it at 100mbps! Very happy following your detective work!