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  1. Jeezo, there's some brainy folk on this forum.
  2. I only have a "My speakers are in their practical locations but I am unable to determine their ideal locations". I've tried again this morning but still showing 2.3.3.
  3. Same here 'troll. Sneaky DS too. Recalculates but still showing 2.3.3.
  4. Aye, Scottish mice are a breed apart.
  5. Haha! They just look wrong to me in that position. Like they've climbed up there without submitting a risk assessment.
  6. I suspect those 140's were chosen for their colour match to the units on which they stand. I'd love to see the room plan for Space v2!
  7. Step inside Scotland's Home of the Year
  8. Kudos to you for knowing what you want. Yes, deffo go for it. You like them, so do it!
  9. You're not going mad, I've noticed that too over the last few days. Don't know why.
  10. Blimey, I feel your pain. You've forked out more than £4k for something you've not been happy about from the outset. I'd be wanting a refund or an exchange until I have something I'm happy knowing that works as described. Your story has certainly put me off looking at the Selekt.
  11. I already have one of your dream desires...a subscription to Qobuz!
  12. phino, do those Ninka's of yours have rear ports or not? My Keilidh's don't. I'm tempted to try the acoustic panels however.
  13. Being a Yorkshireman, I'm more the Pontefract Cake type.
  14. Thanks Paul, I look forward to your next visit to Edinburgh!
  15. Does this mean that generally the more toe-in, the greater the illusion of a deeper soundstage?