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  1. I'd really like to drop that bloke. My money's on the Duracell Quantum, just because it sounds good and strong. Amazon that sounds really wimpey. Wouldn't buy that. If Eveready made a battery called 'Eveready Coronavirus Rock Hard Bring It On' then I'd buy that without hesitation. Mike.
  2. Did anyone notice why those 6 songs were on my playlist? With the exception of 'Fools Gold' all the others are the 1st track on the artists album entitled 'April'. Mike.
  3. Silkie, I've PM'd you Neil's mobile number should you need it. Let me know how you get on. Mike.
  4. I was about to mention that. In fact the one being sold by Loud & Clear in Glasgow (official Linn dealer) is the one I had a very good chat about a couple of weeks ago. It's since dropped from £5 to £4.5. If I was currently working, I would snap it up. Sikie, the guy selling it, Neil actually works for himself after being with Loud & Clear for many years. He looks after eBay sales for Loud & Clear. Sounds like a really decent and honest guy. Let me know if you want his mobile number. Also he was open to 0% finance. Of course the other ADSM/3 on eBay is being sold by CJ on this very forum, so a safe purchase too. Mike.
  5. This is something I've had an in interest in testing for a while. It's something that I read somewhere a while ago. Since being at home self isolating with time on my hands I put it to the test. Here is Scotland we have 4 main suppliers of electricity, Scottish Power (SP), SSE (Scottish & Southern Energy), EDF Energy and Npower. There are loads more smaller companies but for the sake of this test I thought I'd stick with the big 4. What I elected to do over the course of the last couple of weeks was spend 3-4 days with each supplier and listen closely to my hifi for sonic variations. I'm used to changing supplier depending on the price deals they have at any particular time, so switching frequently to a new company is nothing new to me. I selected 6 tracks that I know well: 'Yes Is a Pleasant Country' by Suzanne Abbuehl. 'You Never Know What You're In For' by Elliott Murphy. 'Fools Gold' by The Stone Roses. 'Lost Verses' by Sun Kil Moon. 'You're Too Young' by Vast. 'April' by Blank & Jones. What I noticed over the course of a couple of weeks of listening was that EDF and SSE had, to my ears, very little difference between them sonically. Both these two suppliers gave the music a rich warm tone but at the cost of a veiled clarity and less separation between instruments. The remaining two suppliers were distinctly different in how they influenced the sonics of the songs. For deepest bass albeit with subdued treble, Npower was the preferred supplier. But, when it came to Scottish Power their electricity provided a dynamic transparency with a wide soundstage. The clarity of the instruments and timbre of the vocals really shine through. Good deep controlled bass and refined highs too. Often, it sounded as though the performers were standing right there in the room with me. So, the clear winner in terms of how it benefits the overall sound is Scottish Power. Unfortunately the monthly cost is a little higher than the other 3. I think it's worth it though and so I've switched to them for the longer term. I'd be interested if any others here have thought to conduct similar experiments with their electrical supply. Anyway Spring is here, a new month, a new electricity supplier. Mike.
  6. That's the way I read it too. I wouldn't be interested in that unless there was Linn DS integration in the same way as Qobuz and Tidal. Mike.
  7. Many thanks for the info Neil, much appreciated. Does that mean that if I connect an ADSM in the way you mention, then I'll be using the pre-amp of the ADSM instead of the Majik-I? But still using the power amp within the Magik-I as well as the LK100? Mike.
  8. 99p for the first 3 months. Not sure whether this is UK only or worldwide. I'm streaming to the DS with AirPlay. Mike.
  9. Hi Bill. This is what I found and listened to on Qobuz: Mike.
  10. zephyr, sounds like a great wee club you have there. One, I'd love to be a part of if I didn't live on the other side of the world! Mike.