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  1. My system is as old as still sounds bloody good to me! As Nopiano mentioned earlier in this thread, you can stream music with a cheap streamer such as a Google Chromecast for £30. Initially, I used a Yamaha streamer that was about £100. It's just a case of plugging it into the aux socket on the rear of the Majik amp and installing the app on your phone or tablet and away you go. Oh, and taking out a free month's subscription to Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify or the like. In fact, if you are an Amazon Prime customer you will already have 'free' access to their Amazon Music service which has 2 million songs available for streaming. It will certainly give you the streaming experience at a cheap cost to see if it's something you would wish to get involved with long term. Of course, if you prefer playing CD's then the Genki is still a terrific piece of kit. I used my Mimik on a daily basis for 25 years trouble free.
  2. Very tempting Paul! Vancouver is a beautiful city for sure. We were there a couple of days after 9/11.
  3. Very interesting sunbeamgls. At the moment I'm very happy listening to good stereo separation but would be keen to hear the surround sound if anyone in the Edinburgh area would oblige?
  4. That would certainly be the least stressful option! And would mean you don't need to invest in a NAS and associated accessories.
  5. Thanks, I've found that through TuneIn and will listen whilst I work this afternoon.
  6. That would be a nice surprise wouldn't it! Maybe you could haggle them down to £30?
  7. So did you find a good DS/DSM HIGHWAY61 to fit with your 'budget' ethos? I too listen to internet radio. I can't bear the ads on the commercial sites so try to stick with the ad free ones. For me, the BBC takes some beating. I tend not to stick with one channel but flick from one to the other for a particular programme. BBC 6 Music has some great music and guest DJs too. Radio's 2 and 3 have some terrific jazz related programmes that I enjoy. BBC Radio 1, well, that's just dross, IMO. What I haven't found (maybe I've not looked hard enough) are stations that broadcast without compression. I use TuneIn within Kazoo to access the stations. Maybe TuneIn only offer the compressed stream?
  8. The way that I do it (which may not be the most efficient!) is to rip the CDs onto my computer. Then I copy the music files to the NAS. The NAS has 2 hard drives which mirror one another. (so you automatically have 2 copies of everything on the NAS in case one drive fails). Then I also copy my music files to a separate external hard drive as a backup. I actually copy the files to 2 external hard drives and keep one at a friends house. So at any one time I have my files on 4 different drives. I then delete the music from my computer to allow space for the next ripping session. There may well be a better way to do this, but that's my method to date. Once you start streaming, it may be that you don't feel the necessity to rip your own CDs. I'd be surprised if you have any CDs that you can't find on the streaming sites! Where about in the country are you? If you're close to Scotland I could lend you a Sneaky DS for a week or two to have a play with. Mike.
  9. Yes, it's a time consuming process but once I started ripping my CDs I actually found it an entertaining and even a therapeutic experience! Making sure that all the tags were correct was is a hobby after all. One thing though, you mention you don't have a computer...not sure if you can rip discs without one of those. Maybe someone can enlighten? My Mac doesn't have a CD drive so I bought one of those...£15 from Amazon (obviously not an Apple product). Then the ripping software that was recommended to me (dbPoweramp) is about £30. Again, you can have a free trial of all this software to see if it's for you. Plus, there's never been a cheaper time to buy second hand CDs. I buy loads from charity shops for £1-2...take them home to rip them...then give them back to the charity shops for them to resell. It's a win win. Plus I enjoy the challenge of finding those discs that you've resisted spending full price on for so many years! The charity shops allow the dog, so she comes with me...we spend an hour in one, go for a walk, go into another shop...go for a nice lunch. Great way to spend a Saturday morning! I've really taken to streaming big time. I subscribe to Qobuz which I much prefer to Tidal. Spotify was good but currently only offer streaming in MP3 quality rather than the CD quality or higher of the other two. You can chose to have a free one month trial on any streaming service to see what you prefer. It's a great way to discover new music that you ordinarily might not pay outright for. The CD quality streaming services work out about 67p per day (£20 month) for around 40 million tracks! I consider that a bargain. I know the Linn streamers are relatively expensive. I opted for secondhand. There's some good deals around just now. A MDS went for £551 last week on ebay. I paid £420 for my Sneaky. What you do benefit from with a Linn streamer is the Space Optimisation that that brings with it. It's a fantastic 'free' upgrade to the sound quality. Remember that a DS offers SO just for the DS player as source. Whereas a DSM as I understand it would offer SO for your CD player and Turntable too. Something to consider. I'm computer illiterate but with the help of others on here got everything up and running without too much difficulty! If I can do it.... Good luck. Remember there's a load of people on here that will offer assistance if you get stuck.
  10. See what you started Joe?! Bloody well done mate!
  11. I was the same for many years! Come join the 21st Century...streaming is fun! Although I still have my Mimik, its not been used for almost a year.
  12. I'm pulling up a chair and opening a bottle of wine for this one!
  13. This has recently appeared: Don't think anyone would pay the asking price. Might be worth a cheeky wee offer .
  14. A Sneaky DS would then hopefully be achievable at around the £400 mark. There doesn't seem to be many around however.
  15. Someone got a good deal at £551. Was it HIGHWAY61? Hope so!