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  1. No, not even the platter was installed. Ok, the weight of the subchassis + platter and a 200 gr. record could theoretically press the top plate down somewhat but the area round the motor is close to the edge so I doubt it would be a problem. In addition we have the motor corner bolt that already make a drag force on the top plate. If the weight of the subchassis + platter + record should make a bigger force downwards on the top plate the securing bolt in the motor corner would become loose and loose its effect. Not likely at all....
  2. I placed my LP12 in the jig and checked if I had the problem and I discovered that the screw in the Trampolin were in touch with the motor case. Took a Dremel and cut down appr. 1.3mm. Fastened the Trampolin and still there was not space for a sheet of paper. Off with the Tramp again, untightened all 4 screws, then tightened the bolt under the motor tight first and then the 3 other screws. Fastened the Trampolin and now the sheet came out with no friction. The space left is definitely under 1mm. The height of the plinth is 64.9mm. My Trampolin 2 is made before Linn rotated the screw holes 45 degrees to avoid the problem.
  3. Why bother with an Urika if you have a good phono tube stage in your preamp?
  4. I have to say I was more than a bit sceptical to this trick but tried today and I should try to be a less sceptical in the future it seems now. I was prepared to write here that I couldn't hear any difference, but no, the improvement is quite audible and thanks very much for the tips. I recommend everyone with a Radikal to try this to get the sound you have paid for.
  5. OK. So when you compare a Klimax case Radikal to a standard Radikal you should definitely do this trick on both units first to be sure the difference you hear are because of the different case works and not because one of them has a slower brain
  6. The only person, except myself, who I would trust poking around in my LP12 is Peter @ Cymbiosis. Unfortunately we have the North Sea between us.....
  7. Thanks again, mbabst. I think the least Linn could do was to provide the dealers with the sticks with the correct sizes and materials to make the job easier. I have to get my LP12 on the jig soon to sort this out. The best is if my plinth is tall enough so I avoid this issue, a nice walnut plinth from 2007 by the way.
  8. Haven’t checked if my deck has this issue yet but how did Linn recommend to fix the problem?
  9. What about the weight? Should not be heavier than Linn’s. Then you will have a problem with the hinges.
  10. The only cartridge I have owned that said something about the lifespan was an Audio Technica OC9 I had some 30 years ago. It said 700-1000 hours. My current cartridge, a Benz LP, has played more than 1200 hours and still sounds very good to me. I wrote an email to the factory and asked about the expected life span. They didn't reply
  11. First EKOS SE, then Keel and NeXT..... maybe Klimax Radikal or a better plinth. Don't know, have never heard either the Klimax Radikal nor the aluminium plinths available from 3. parties.
  12. The bearing is easy to check. Just give the platter a spin and see if the platter spins freely.
  13. Thank you for the comprehensive description, Thomas. I will for sure try the "paper check" next time I have the TT on the jig. Is it possible to use a Dremel and do some grinding on the Trampolin 2 instead of the use of the strips? Have you tried?