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  1. VinylSlug

    £100 phono stage upgrade

    The Schiit Mani is miles better than the Rega Fono Mini - I've had both and the difference is night and day. The Mani is around £140 (I think) new, but you might get one 2nd-Hand for your budget. I've only heard good things about the Tisbury too, so that'd be my shortlist at that budget.
  2. VinylSlug

    Digital Source Question.

    I've been wondering about a dedicated CDT lately. I have an Onkyo c7030 that I use as a transport and I'm impressed with how detailed it sounds. As comparison I dug out an old Mission DAD5 CD Player that I bought in the 90s - this player received mixed reviews at the time as a CD Player, but very favourable reviews when used as a Transport. What surprised me was how much better the Onkyo sounded. Same DAC, same cable but the Onkyo sounded punchier somehow, and more engaging. The Mission wasn't necessary less detailed and with A/B comparison there was practically nothing between them, but I found I drifted off when listening to the DAD5 over time, whereas with the Onkyo I was kept interested and totally engaged in the music. As a consequence of this very basic experiment I concluded that a Transport does make a difference. Would spending over £1000 on a dedicated transport be a significant improvement though? That's what I'm not sure of. My uncertainty is possibly down to the fact that I don't understand why there's a difference. As many have said, '1s and 0s.' Having said that, the Onkyo also sounds better (more real? more engaging.) than lossless data streamed from my server.
  3. Hi - I'm just about to install a Mose Hercules II on my Linn Majik LP12 (replacing the Majik PSU) - Was it a fairly painless task? I've opted for the Lingo-esque offboard supply and the instructions are basic at best. Apparently simple tasks such as how to replace the switch are too basic to make it to an instruction manual, or indeed anywhere on the net. Brute force and ignorance? Looks like that'll be the way I'll work it out lol I do like to perform DIY on my deck - there's a great sense of satisfaction, coupled with an extreme sense of nervosa and panic at times.
  4. VinylSlug

    Newbie Intro's

    Haha! Thanks Paul! I like a nice bit of cake!
  5. VinylSlug

    Newbie Intro's

  6. VinylSlug

    Newbie Intro's

    Ahh, ok. Will do!
  7. VinylSlug

    New turntable

    Looks fantastic. I love a turntable to look as good as it sounds
  8. VinylSlug

    Recommend me a phono stage

    When someone posts a 'budget' up to a certain figure (in this case £1500) it's only natural to look at what you might be just missing out on. Stages like the Avid Pulsus (yes, I have one - but that's what we do isn't it? recommend our own gear?) which retails at £1800 (but you can often get ex-dem etc. for nearer the £1000 mark) is a lovely sounding piece of kit. I demoed the Rega Aria and thought that sounded great too - but the step up to the Pulsus was [to me] actually worth double the money of the Aria. So, my long-whined point is... try to get a listen to some stages at the £2000 mark and, once smitten, keep an eye out for discounts/ex-dem deals to bring it into budget.
  9. VinylSlug

    Newbie Intro's

    I'm not really new here I suppose, but hadn't realised I'd never posted anything until just recently - so I guess I'm a 'lurker' lol Anyway - "Hi" from me. Better late than never
  10. VinylSlug


    It's difficult to know what to upgrade first... I was contemplating 'upgrading' to a Nima arm from my current 9cc arm - I had also contemplated replacing my Adikt cartridge with an MC, but in the end I took a punt on upgrading the phono stage to an Avid Pulsus (that I got half price, which is still a lot of money) and haven't regretted it for a second. It's made the whole deck sing - the Adikt has become detailed and musical where I had found it a little harsh and, quite frankly irritating. I no longer listen to my music thinking about the equipment. I was shocked at the difference a phono stage could make, but I think it's worth throwing a fair chunk of your budget that way.
  11. VinylSlug

    Primare posse

    Thank You! It's definitely one of the best amps I've heard. And the DAC in the MM30 is pretty special too.
  12. VinylSlug

    Primare posse

    Haha - yes. (I looked up "Lagom"...) - I do feel that my life is more in balance since I acquired the i32
  13. VinylSlug

    Primare posse

    A bit late to the party, but I've just replaced an Naim 5i-2 with a Primare i32/MM30 combo. I'm astounded by the clarity. I had contemplated buying a Chord Qutest to partner the Naim, but (for around the same money - don't you just love ex-dem stock??) I went for the Primare.