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  1. indeed. my excuse - it was early this morning !
  2. "evolution" - lol I sometimes think that as a race, we're going backwards !
  3. my iPad started doing this yesterday - I forced a hard reboot on the iPad and it's been fine since
  4. I built an OH player with a Raspberry Pi and a DAC a couple of years ago and use it with my old Linn system in a bedroom. It’s awesome. Is it as good as my current Linn system - no of curse not, but it sounds REALLY clean and crisp. Tidal works faultlessly, as does connecting to my server for local content. There was a thread on the old forum with loads of guides on how to do it - sadly no longer available 😔 UPDATE - just found a link that I followed to build it: Hope I'm allowed to post that link? If not please delete - apologies
  5. Ditto i seem to struggle to find any streams that will work in flac ?
  6. If you visit York, I will drive down from Newcastle and kidnap you !!
  7. It’s interesting that there a number of people having issues like this. Mine ONLY does this on my iPhone and selecting the subnet option fixes it every time. Given that Linn appear to be developing a new control point, I doubt there’s much hope of a fix for this ? thanks for all the replies and discussion.
  8. Completely agree - retirement is not an option !!!
  9. I can’t say a feel the need for a sub with my ‘doriks. Katalyst for me next year I think.
  10. I had 140’s with upgrade stands for just over 2 years and was over the moon with them. I started looking at upgrading to a majik exaktbox and my dealer offered me a great deal on exakt akudoriks - they are epic. Paulssurround has been a god send in setting them up and I am so pleased I stretched the finances to buy them.
  11. confession time ! was looking at the thread on my PC, not my iPhone - doh. Installed and working now (not sure I like it - lol)
  12. haha - I only have the Kazoo app, not the new one. I think this is a natural selection process - I'm too stupid to find the new app, therefore totally incapable of evaluating it !!
  13. I can see the link to Test Flight - is the fact that I'm already "testing" Kazoo maybe preventing the new one appearing in my Test Flight app ?