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  1. If you visit York, I will drive down from Newcastle and kidnap you !!
  2. It’s interesting that there a number of people having issues like this. Mine ONLY does this on my iPhone and selecting the subnet option fixes it every time. Given that Linn appear to be developing a new control point, I doubt there’s much hope of a fix for this ? thanks for all the replies and discussion.
  3. Completely agree - retirement is not an option !!!
  4. I can’t say a feel the need for a sub with my ‘doriks. Katalyst for me next year I think.
  5. I had 140’s with upgrade stands for just over 2 years and was over the moon with them. I started looking at upgrading to a majik exaktbox and my dealer offered me a great deal on exakt akudoriks - they are epic. Paulssurround has been a god send in setting them up and I am so pleased I stretched the finances to buy them.
  6. confession time ! was looking at the thread on my PC, not my iPhone - doh. Installed and working now (not sure I like it - lol)
  7. haha - I only have the Kazoo app, not the new one. I think this is a natural selection process - I'm too stupid to find the new app, therefore totally incapable of evaluating it !!
  8. I can see the link to Test Flight - is the fact that I'm already "testing" Kazoo maybe preventing the new one appearing in my Test Flight app ?
  9. maybe we have to be proposed and seconded ?
  10. I have an old Majik integrated amp - it's 20+ years old, is used pretty regularly as a second system with keilidh's and sounds great.
  11. I raised a ticket with LINN and this is their response : "If you open Kazoo and click on the three lines in the top left corner and then click on settings. You should now see a subnet box. If you click on this you should see two adaptors showing. Please ensure you select the adaptor that states EN0 or WLAN" I don't recall noticing the subnet box before - if the app does this again, I will try this and see if it works.
  12. My iPhone version and Kazoo version are the same - refuses to work for hours, then just started to work - no idea why.
  13. I used to put myself firmly in the “hifi snake oil” camp, and refused to believe anything could have an impact on the stream of 1’s and 0’s My dealer challenged me to park my scepticism and try a couple of AudioQuest power cables for my Akudoriks. I honestly didn’t want to be able to notice any difference, but there was - even my wife noticed ! Better top end and tighter bass i tried a few different cables and opted for the NRG-Y3 Considering the cost of the ’doriks, it’s a cheap as chips upgrade in sound quality. i can certainly see why a PSU for the switch could make a difference.