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  1. Geoff_UK

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    You beat me to it ‘troll - lol
  2. Geoff_UK

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    There’s a whole thread about it here I have it running on a raspberry pi hooked up to my old Linn majik integrated amp and keilidh’s sounds really good.
  3. Here are a couple of screen grabs form the TV programme.
  4. I know my experience is not directly related to 212's, but when I changed from 140's to akudoriks, I was so sceptical that I would ever get them sounding decent, I almost pulled the plug on them and told my dealer not to bother. I guess, in the end, I took a leap of faith! Following the guidance on the forums and of course Paulssurround's excellent SO guides (and a couple of phone calls with him), they sound awesome. Personally, I can't imagine wanting any more bass and the mids/highs are crystal clear. It seemed to take months to get it right. The goosebump test is a very scientific test - good music, high volume - do the hairs stand up on your arms - lol
  5. Doh - you're right! It's the name of the "folder" on my server - why did I not think of that.
  6. Thanks for the reply DavidHB - in respect of the stream.transcode, I'll have a listen over the next few days and see what I think. For tagOptions - how do I get it to display this way in Kazoo "folder view"? As I say, it seems to display correctly in "artist view", but not "folder view"?
  7. Hi, On the old forum, there was a thread "Linn Forums - Minimserver properties - share yours" - I have used minimserver for over 3 years now and always thought to myself "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I've been reading recently about a couple of settings - "stream.transcode" and "tagOptions" 1. In stream.transcode, I read about entering "flac:wav24" - as I understand it, this will transcode flac to 24bit wav and it certainly looks as if this is what it's doing when the track plays in Kazoo, question is, is it worth it? Obviously, the best way to test is to listen - I am happy to do this, just wondered what the collective think about this? 2. In tagOptions, I've been tinkering with displaying artists as "Beatles, The" rather than "The Beatles". I've managed this in "artist view" in Kazoo, but not in "folder view" - any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  8. 'troll - forgive me if I've missed this in the thread, but you can easily change the name of the player. In Konfig, select the OH Media Player from the list - you just need to change the "product name" field and that's what appears in Kazoo.
  9. indeed. my excuse - it was early this morning !
  10. "evolution" - lol I sometimes think that as a race, we're going backwards !
  11. my iPad started doing this yesterday - I forced a hard reboot on the iPad and it's been fine since
  12. I built an OH player with a Raspberry Pi and a DAC a couple of years ago and use it with my old Linn system in a bedroom. It’s awesome. Is it as good as my current Linn system - no of curse not, but it sounds REALLY clean and crisp. Tidal works faultlessly, as does connecting to my server for local content. There was a thread on the old forum with loads of guides on how to do it - sadly no longer available 😔 UPDATE - just found a link that I followed to build it: Hope I'm allowed to post that link? If not please delete - apologies
  13. Ditto i seem to struggle to find any streams that will work in flac ?