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  1. There is an almond farmer who has a very informative video on this. I'm sure the process for soy beans is similar:
  2. Not even "most" any more. Since new MP2 encoders were introduced (must be 5 years ago now) lots of commercial stereo stations reduced to 112kbps. Then subtract 8kbps for the scrolling text and you're left with 104kbps. It's a wonder it works at all! In the UK national DAB multiplexes we now seem to have a hybrid of DAB/DAB+ with the less popular stations using DAB+ (AAC or AAC+ I believe) leaving even less bandwidth for the stations you can receive with an older DAB only tuner.
  3. When you measured my PMCs, you told me that an electrical measurement was done: Impedance across the relevant frequency range (IIRC). What is the purpose of this, given that SO aims to correct for the room, not the speaker?
  4. jarvis

    great show!

    From a first-timer and professional forum lurker, thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome. I did feel like a bit of a berk showing up with an amp (to sell) and one speaker (for SunbeamGLS to measure for Linn Space Optimisation). If I'd brought two more boxes I'd have had a system to show! Maybe next time. I didn't make it round every room, partly due to too much beer on Saturday but my most memorable rooms were Steve57, Coogie, Ian917, SunbeamGLS, MaxTheSonyGuy and Spider et.al. Thanks again for a great show and long may it continue.
  5. jarvis

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    NAD C352 integrated amp reduced £100->£85. Full working order except for soft clipping switch on rear. This feature is only really needed if you're driving speakers really hard at a party. With remote control but no box or manual sadly. I can supply a mains cord if you need one.
  6. This came up in my Facebook feed: https://www.attackmagazine.com/features/long-read/surviving-the-loudness-wars-ambivalent-on-mastering/?fbclid=IwAR1lf_jWtAfa2J_5hYS2I3kh3bVEAo_IE26MA83QEBL-vMY-zcMt5AyIqW4 TLDR: To make digital files sound like vinyl, he cuts a dubplate and records it back simultaneously with a tonearm attached to the lathe. Converting back to digital, he applies the conventional compression and limiting so the file has a similar dynamic range to releases in the same genre. The result: "creamy midrange", wider stereo field (how?), and overall a file that sounds like a record but as "loud" as required for the club scene. I couldn't help thinking, once you've got a file suitable for the lathe, why not just release that? Apparently only passing the audio through a mechanical transducer in the form of cutting head+stylus+cartridge makes the sound he wants...
  7. jarvis

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    It's given me years of listening pleasure and will probably drive almost anything. Just don't need it any longer. Priced to sell, based on completed eBay listings.
  8. jarvis

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    Selling this NAD C352 integrated amp. Full working order except for "soft clipping" switch on rear. Condition excellent. Including remote and manual (if I can find it), no box. £100
  9. Recall that you need to use Kazoo (control point, not server) to link your DS(M) to your Linn account. After that, it appears in the web app even if turned off (shows offline). I think the Linn DS connects out to the cloud - saves complications like firewalls at the user's end v.s. Linn servers reaching out to the DS. And while browser to DS(M) could work, some browsers might not have the capability.
  10. Konfig downloads this data from Linn servers when first run and stores it in %appdata%\Linn\Konfig somewhere (may be local appdata rather than roaming, not on my computer to check). Konfig will download updates to this from time to time. I use speakers not measured for SO, so I'm probably OK if those Linn servers went offline. Those using measured speakers, Exakt, etc I'm not sure. It probably downloads the specific measurements for your Linn speakers when you first enter their serial numbers. For non-Linn measured speakers the measurements are generic to the speaker model so may be downloaded initially. Either way, back up that appdata folder if Linn ever go bust.
  11. They are hard to find in Tapatalk. If you go to the Clubs menu on HiFi Wigwam's forum web page, find the Linn club and click Follow, it subscribes you to all the sub forums of the club. Then you'll get notification of new topics via Tapatalk. Sometimes they appear under your subscribed forums in Tapatalk too, then they disappear again.
  12. Thanks from me too. Long time lurker and occasional commenter at the old Linn forum. Was feeling some withdrawal symptoms! If it helps any Tapatalk users, once you select "follow" in the home screen of the new Linn Owners Club, all the sub topics will appear in Tapatalk under subscribed forums. Otherwise you can't find them in Tapatalk.