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  1. Right, after much deliberation the Doriks will be going in for the Kat upgrade later in July. Best be worth it!
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    Thanks Tin.
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    I’m going to make an appointment. I guess getting the upgrade means that I have the latest spec, allowing me to benefit from future firmware changes etc.
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    Never been set up by a dealer. Think I will wait until SO2 is available and finally do the Kat upgrade at the same time. House of Linn have offered to do this and re tune my set up at home. Its just such a big outlay for something you can’t see! But, yes it’s how it sounds that matters.
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    Space on zero filters. Never been happy with any other setting.
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    Thanks David.
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    Hi and thanks all. My main source is a Klimax spec LP12 (Urika 2). AEDSM. My Akudoriks are Exakt and sound lovely. Sometimes I just miss a bit of bottom end growl. My SO plus is set to all filters zero. Any other SO settings sound crap. I am undecided about the outlay for Katalyst and wonder if I should consider a different solution. I could never have 2 subs so would need to be sure that 1 sub would give me what I need. If this indeed is a route I consider. Subs also worry me in that integration can be difficult. Medium, well furnished lounge area with concrete fooors and walls. Ta.
  8. Upgarde Akudorik to Kat or change course .... ADSM with passive Akubarik? More bass required. Go!
  9. Why did Linn stop manufacturing subwoofers and do we think there is a chance that a similar range could be reintroduced?
  10. Brilliant information folks. Thanks so much. Unfortunately I don’t know any UK Linn dealers who would be prepared to demo/set up such an approach. And it sounds like this needs some expertise to get it right.
  11. All sounds easier said than done ... and not many dealers (if any) recommend using subs. Dealer support on this topic is not easy to find.
  12. Thanks guys. Very interesting. I only have room for 1 sub. My gut feel is that Linn will develop an Exakt subwoofer. It’s the missing product from their range.
  13. What subs though? What brand/spec?
  14. Didn’t k know that.
  15. How did the Urika 2 connect to the Selekt DSM? The Selekt doesn’t have a ExaKt input, does it?