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  1. My mistake ... Kataylst Akubariks are really kicking in now. Real insight and smoothness across the frequency range. I’m hearing improvements each day. Supported by a Klimax System Hub 😉
  2. Both Practical and Ideal positions set (Akubarik ExaKt). If I zero filters, will this mean that both the practical and ideal positions are cancelled? Meaning that in real terms, space is turned off? Hope all this makes sense. Stu.
  3. Unfortunately the over exaggerated comments made by the ‘chosen few’ reduce the credibility of this and many other products. Fair play to Colin and others for maximising followership and sales opportunities. Not sure how this shows impartiality, given page moderator responsibilities but hey, life’s to short. These products all come and go. All originally hailed as transformational .... I’ve heard them all (not the mat) and continue to use stock Linn parts.
  4. The said group is moderated by a number of manufactures/dealers who have a vested interest in selling third party parts. If you rebel, you are out. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Sondek LP12’ label. The key influencers all dislike Linn and are happy to cannibalise a perfectly good deck.
  5. A bit of ‘group think’ going on in the noted Facebook page re this product. Cant blame the designer/manufacturer ... they are maximising the cult third party following on that forum and using it to their advantage. Very common place within that particular group. Makes me laugh though. Linn widely criticised for ‘boutique’ pricing by the very same people, whilst felt mats are being openly marketed at £99. And various other plinths going for anything up to £5k! Double standards if you ask me.
  6. .... do they make such a difference to SOUND quality? So many third party options available these days, all making incredible claims about making the LP12 better and more musical. Taking the LP12 to another level. I have listened to a few alternatives in the past (some very expensive) and I just done hear it. Any views.?
  7. I’m having problems with TuneIn this morning. Zero stations supported!?!