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  1. An Akurate Exaktbox-I will be phantastic with your Akudoriks, but does your KDSR have Exakt outputs? Which Lejonklou amp do you have? The Boazu? Have you talked to Mr. Lejonklou about this?
  2. Why don't you just try it out with the MDSM first? If it isn't powerful enough, just add an A2200 or 4200 for bi-amping.
  3. Well, they aren't the same amps, but when I went from bi-amping my Ninkas active with a 5125 to tri-amping active with a 6100 (non-Dynamik), it was a VERY BIG difference.
  4. Zee9, you really need to change the 5100 to a 6100 and go fully active, that's a very good combo. Or even better, you sell the 5100 and get a second (matching) 3200 and go fully active.
  5. No need to worry about digitizing the LP12 signal, I did too! I did compare them (ADSM vs. ADSM Kat) before doing the Katalyst upgrade and to my surprise I preferred ADSM Kat even with the LP12. And Katalyst changes everything in digital sound reproduction, it just fantastic. Do you have a Radikal and an MC cartridge? If so, I would definitely get the Urika 1! If you don't have a Radikal (or even an LP12), I would seriously consider Lejonklou's upcoming MC preamp Entity, it's likely to beat the Uphorik.
  6. I agree with akamatsu, if your wallet screams no at the cost of the Radikal/Keel, at least go for Radikal/Kore.
  7. If we look at channel 3, it is now set to 0 gain, turn clockwise to increase the gain. The printed scale is a bit confusing, as the 0 position isn't where it reads 0. The next notch clockwise after the printed 0 is -3, then -2 and so on. The adjuster for channel 5 doesn't look healthy...
  8. I had a Linto for years together with a 5103 and later a Kinos, first with a Troika and then with an Akiva. I then exchanged the Kinos, Linto and Akurate DS/0 for an Akurate DSM, taking the dealer's word for it, that I wouldn't be worse off phono-wise. Two years ago I borrowed a Linto, because friends kept telling me it would be better. And it was! Not by a huge margin, but especially in the bass it's a lot clearer and it handles rhythmically complex records better. Then the Urika 2 came out and a lot of Urika 1's became available at good prices. I traded the Linto for a Urika 1 and THAT is a big step up in performance.
  9. That's what it's all about: if you cannot hear a difference, don't do it (except for design reasons maybe).It seems that in many hifi-forums there are a lot of people, who say that there cannot be a difference, because they cannot explain or measure it. And most of the time they do this without even having heard the product. Just listen and make up your own mind, that's what counts. Rant over...
  10. Please see my answer above. An educated guess is that the ADSM will better the AK, certainly once you have Katalyst.
  11. Matteo, obviously experiences vary a lot here. A friend of mine went from active Keltiks with 4 Klouts to passive 109's with a Twin and he thought it was better. So obviously you should try to borrow it and hear for yourself.
  12. One thing to keep in mind also is, that the 242's are a bit picky about their positioning. Inside a bay window sounds tricky. Mind you, they sound good out of the box, but a lot better after careful positioning.
  13. Do you have the Majik-I LK-style, or the newer one? With or without Dynamik? The 242's are quite demanding about the amplifier, an MDSM can just about drive them, The Selekt is already a lot better. Some say, the only proper amp for the 242's is a pair of Solos, which certainly sounds very good. If it's the LK-type Majik-I, it wouldn't be a good idea to use it as a pre-amp. A second-hand ADSM + 2200 power amp (possibly at a later stage) would be my choice.
  14. I understand your frustration and pain and I agree, that it should just work. Nevertheless I want to share my experience: I have never experienced a failure to connect (Kinsky, Kazoo or Konfig), when using my hard-wired computer. I bought my Akurate DS in 2007 and have had an ADSM since early 2016. In the rare occasions, when I did have a problem, the issue was with either the router or the NAS. However, using WiFi has definitely caused more issues. Mainly in the early days of streaming, when most routers offered by the local telecom companies weren't that sophisticated. Continuous upgrading of the router have reduced the problems to a negligible level: I haven't had to do a restart of the router in the past 3 years. Well, I did exchange mine for the latest model last year, so that was sort of a restart. If I experience non-response today, I only have to restart the app on my iPhone and it works.
  15. It's been a while now since I did it, but I remember even hearing it in a comparison clip on another forum. I have a few friends who have done it and another is currently looking for that rare species second-hand Klimax Radikal. But I understand your predicament, it's very tempting to change speakers, especially since the excellent 242's can be had for a very attractive price these days.
  16. I usually download new interesting albums (and some classics) on the Qobuz app and play them via Car Play or via my Advanced Audio DAC into the 3,5 mm jack. Excellent sound quality, you really notice source first in the car Currently playing: Cohen's Thanks For The Dance, Faye Webster, Vampire Weekend, John Prine, Lera Lynn, Michael Kiwanuka, Miranda Lambert, Weyes Blood, Allison Moorer, Bonnie Bishop, Anna Ternheim and The Highwomen.
  17. I would compare what Pennypacker said to connecting the Majik DS to an analog input on the Undisk SC. I did like my 5103 as a preamp, but it's getting long in the tooth now, well actually so is the Uni too...
  18. I'm also very surprised to hear about your experience. A good friend has a Selekt DSM Katalyst with the integrated amp and it drives a pair of Akurate 242's, not exactly easy speakers. I would really suggest, that you spend some time with careful positioning of the ATC's, if you haven't already done that. How are the acoustics in your room? Like FearOfMusic recommended, it's also worth trying without SO. It is still harsh then? Harsh is not typical of any Linn components, and I've heard most of them.
  19. On the box you can see Adikt, Adikt/1 and Adikt/2 (2019). I think it was on the Adikt/1 that they corrected the (too) low riding stylus.