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  1. In the June price list the Dynamik is listed at GBP 510,- (excluding Klimax amps)
  2. I would definitely use the 4200 on treble and mids and then get a Dynamik upgrade for the 3200, or like David suggests, sell the 3200 and buy a Dynamiked 2200
  3. I have now tried the Wireworld Starlight CAT 8 for 2 weeks. I tried it between my router and Cisco switch as well as between the Cisco and my ADSM/3. For the latter case the initial impressions weren't very good: more details, but a bit nervous and the music lost its flow, the bass wasn't as deep either; this was in comparison to my current Audioquest Cinnamon CAT 7. I also tried replacing the cheapish Monster Cable CAT 7 between router and Cisco with the Starlight and heard the same results there. I decided to let the cable burn in for 2 weeks and redo the comparison then. For that I also invited a friend to get a second opinion. We both agreed after extended listening that the initial impressions hadn't changed with burn-in. So, the Starlight is being returned and gets no recommendation from me.
  4. Briain did and he thought the ADSM/3 was better. So I'd definitely try both, if you are unsure.
  5. I use one output from my ADSM to my 6100 (active) inputs 1 and 4, this amp is used for the 3 K array and I have the internal connections in place. Then I use the second output of the ADSM to channels 1 and 3 of my 4100 (active) for mid and bass of my Akubariks. The internal connectors are in place on the 4100 as well. Which preamp do you have?
  6. Well, I for one don't rely on my university degree to help me choosing hifi-stuff. I trust my ears...
  7. @akamatsu: Have you considered getting a Klimax Radikal, instead of upgrading to the Kandid?
  8. I used the ADSM MC stage for years with my Akiva and was quite happy. However, friends urged me to try the Linto and at first I thought, there's not much between them. But digging out lp's like Dr. John's In The Right Place or Talking Heads' Remain In Light, records with complex rhythms, clearly showed the superiority of the Linto in handling those. So I bought a second-hand Linto and was very happy with it. Then the Urika 2 was released and the market was flooded with attractively priced Urika 1's. I quickly plunged for one of those and the Urika 1 is a game-changer, it's really quite a bit better than any of the others I've owned.
  9. I have to say I'm very intrigued by it, especially since it's kind of affordable, too. Well, at least compared to the Vodka and Diamond cables... I found a site, where you can return them within 30 days, maybe just order both and compare? And to get back to the core of this thread: In the review on I found the following nice (and very inflammatory) quote: "Incidentally, for those of you that feel that there are no differences between Ethernet cables, I did some comparisons with a CAT6 Belden Ethernet cable and the Starlight CAT8. The Starlight CAT8 trounced the Belden in terms of sound quality."
  10. Oh, that's interesting. In your signature it says AudioQuest Cinnamon cables, did you compare the Starlight against those?
  11. They should have named it the Grand Wazoo, instead of Wazoo XL
  12. I certainly wouldn't bother with it. I'd give it to a neighbor further away though, not the one next-door
  13. I don't remember now, will your new LP12 have a Radikal? In that case you could add a second-hand Urika 1 perhaps? Doesn't your dealer have an LP12 with a Krystal, that you could try with your C70?
  14. It is indeed strange, that you didn't perceive a bigger difference, it should be quite massive.
  15. Did you change the rear plates in the Ninkas to passive as well?
  16. Did you already try increasing the output volume on the Wakonda using the front buttons and not the remote? Even if MM is checked on the rear of the Wakonda, it could be that a dealer or user has changed it to MC since then. After all it's a very old product now. Getting that checked would be a good idea, if nothing else helps. It might also be useful to try using the other set of outputs on the rear of the Wakonda, just to rule out that one set is defective somehow. I assume the cartridge is a Linn Adikt and not Active? If somehow you can't get the Wakonda to work, I would also recommend the Lejonklou phono stages Slipsik or Gaio. They were developed using the Adikt, so they are a perfect match.
  17. I recommended the Fyne F300 speakers to friends, who wanted a cheap entry-level system. They bought a second-hand Sneaky DSM to go with them and they're very happy. The combo easily beats a Kiko... I would definitely put Fyne on the list to check out.
  18. Hello and welcome! I think the Keilidhs and the Komponent centre might not be the best match. A Centrik (very old now!) or a Trikan is probably a better match. But I would definitely try adjusting the gain or possibly the level for the centre in the 5103.
  19. The K200 speaker cables are indeed very good also, not much of a loss there (some even think they are better).
  20. By vertical I mean that one 3200 feeds all drivers in your left speaker and the other 3200 the right speaker.
  21. I don't push mine fully home into the clip either. No incidents in the past 20 years...