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  1. On the box you can see Adikt, Adikt/1 and Adikt/2 (2019). I think it was on the Adikt/1 that they corrected the (too) low riding stylus.
  2. Usually we agree David, however, in my setup I hear so much with my Grado PS500e's, that I don't hear with my active Akubariks. I'm only really missing trouser-flapping bass with the headphones. I don't know if the PS500e's are that much better than the ones without an e, or if it's due to the headphone amp used. The one in my ASM Katalyst is certainly quite enjoyable. Or maybe Exakt is really that much better than externally active with Majik 4100/6100 amps... A friend with the Grado PS1000/Grado RA 1 headphone amp thinks that is better than Solos + 242's Mk 2.
  3. It's also worth knowing, that newer Solos sound better than older ones (even if both have Dynamik). I cannot tell, if this is due to components inside aging, or that Linn has improved some of the components over time.
  4. Hmm, sounds like it could be the suspension setup or maybe cable dressing.
  5. Only the newer Linn plugs with the slits, they are quite pricey, however.
  6. That is reassuring, if it turns out to be true. I've heard a rumour, that the reason for the deletion of the passive versions is that Linn doesn't have enough 3K-arrays. Maybe one or more of speakers used in the 3K-array has been discontinued?
  7. I agree with ACS on all points. I have also settled on spikes into Skeet, albeit with felt pads underneath. This gave a small improvement.
  8. Yeah, the button failure is quite common, I had that on mine too. My dealer could fix it though. Have you tried scrolling through the various surround options? I think there's a button for that on the remote. You should at least get some sound, when it's in the stereo mode. If you connected the power amp to the stereo front outputs, of course...
  9. Pretty sure Klangstudio in Mainz does that, but that's in Germany of course...
  10. At least I can answer question no. 1: The Linto is better! It's also better than the one in the Majik DSM or Akurate DSM.
  11. There is an ADSM from an authorized Linn-dealer on fleabay right now for GBP 2.995,- or another one for 3.299,-
  12. Great to hear! Did you compare the old and the new mat?
  13. My vote goes to a second-hand Akurate DSM, vastly better and it can be upgraded with Katalyst later. Sell/trade in Majik DS and Wakonda.