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  1. There is a second-hand Kore available on right now...
  2. Aren't the better ones called Kore and Keel?
  3. Congrats to a wise decision, have fun!
  4. It may well be less interesting than you think; in a positive sense that is
  5. @ Smokestack: Another idea when it's time to replace the K18 (which I also love btw), might be to look for a worn-out K9 and fit it with one of the new AT-VT95 styli, either the Micro Ridge or the Shibata cut. According to my Linn dealer they fit the K5 and K9 bodies. The might also fit the K18, but of course you cannot use the front screw and I'm not sure if you have to trim away some of the plastic.
  6. From the 30th March it'll be open season for all kinds of price hikes, all of them blaming Brexit...
  7. Congrats David on a major upgrade! Can't wait to hear your reaction. And the Ekos SE/1 is of course even better than a "measly" Ekos 2....
  8. David, in your case I would probably take a close look at a Radikal, sometimes they DO pop up on the second-hand market, if you're not willing to invest in a new one. I know the LP12-logic says that a Keel should be next after that, but an Ekos 2 would fit in very nicely and give you huge upgrade. After that your K5/Paratrace has probably worn out and could be replaced by an Adikt. Btw, the new Slipsik 7 is VERY good
  9. Hi Timster, actually I expected the reset to clear the DSM completely, but it didn't. After the reset 4.67.262 was still installed so no need to change that. And Paul's SO-settings were still active, so no need to change that. But I had to reconfigure all the rest, all the inputs, Exakt lights and so on. And 3 days on it still sounds brilliant...
  10. Hi TubeGuy, you need the special tool provided by Linn (hope you got this with the speakers) to unscrew the 10 gold-colored caps. Then you can turn the cards to suit your needs. See pages 17-19 in the manual:
  11. Your Ittok is the one with an integrated arm rest right? In that case much speaks for the Keel. Maybe you could find an ex-dem Ekos SE/1 and both would be doable? For the sake of balance that would be a very nice option. But then again, a Klimax Radikal IS quite a bit better than the Akurate version, so I wouldn't argue with you, if you decided to go with that.
  12. I will remain neutral here, because I don't have enough facts to take either side. I will, however, say that after having problems with my ADSM locking up and having dropouts on analogue sources, I did a factory reset on my ADSM Katalyst and updated to the latest Konfig on Sunday. After that my setup had a wonderful musical flow to it and sounded better than ever before. I do not know, which of the two contributed more to the positive effect, or maybe both combined? The same 4.67.262 was used both before and after, no changes in SO either.
  13. I'm afraid the Majik-I doesn't have an input for an external power amp, only a pre-out to use it with another power amp.
  14. Well, this sentence indicates, that it's also as a power supply for the Urika: "Wir waren uns da nicht so sicher, und haben uns deshalb die Mühe gemacht, ein hoer-wege POWER-SUPPLY zu entwickeln und aufzubauen, dass das LINN PSU 1:1 ersetzt. Viel Arbeit und viel Aufwand, zumal auch die aufwendige Spannungs-Versorgung des URIKA berücksichtigt wurde." Sorry about the German...
  15. Excellent idea Paul! I hear you've been listening to Zappa today