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  1. Sure you can use 4.67.262 with SO2 But since this freezing thing occurred with that version of Davaar, I cannot guarantee it will work flawlessly. However, I have the impression, that not so many units suffered from this problem, so I would definitely try it out! Since I have an excellent SO1 optimization (thank you Paulssurround ), it's not a problem for me not to use SO2. You can use 262 with all DS/DSM models (if you can find it).
  2. Yes, this is an important update, as it caused my ADSM to freeze. Before discovering this, I had to do a hard power cycling once a day, which was pretty irritating. But since the latest Davaar is also a downgrade soundwise compared to my favourite 4.67.262, I reverted back to it and removed my Linn system from the online account. No more freezes since that
  3. Have you tried using only the Sneaky? I.e. leaving out both LK1 and 2. The Sneaky is of course less powerful, but there are many generations between the amps. Btw, bi-amping is only possible with the Sneaky DSM, not the DS.
  4. Update: I reverted back to my favorite 4.67.262 (which is vastly better tune- and soundwise than 4.75.355) on Friday. At the same time I removed my system from the Linn online account and since then my ADSM has been working without problems or freezes. If you are using SO2 this might not be an option, but if you have a good Konfig Space Optimization, I can recommend it.
  5. I finally gave in and did a factory reset and installed 4.75.355 too and haven't had any freezes since then. However, it's a significant step down in musicality from 4.67.262 Maybe the new, official 4.75.360 released today is better. Otherwise I'm going back to 4.67.262 and removing my system from the Linn account, hoping that would work.
  6. A friend of mine changed 4 of the 8 Solos in his active Komri system about a year ago. The exchanged ones were about 10-12 years and the newcomers 1-2 years. The difference was surprisingly big, we even had to change some values in the active filters.
  7. Yep, Paul has the right explanation. I have noticed on several occasions with new vinyl lp's that sound rather disappointing, that they sound quite good digitally (Qobuz app) in the car fed by my iPhone over CarPlay. And also over my headphones over the iPhone.
  8. The new Gaio 2.4 is very good, it might even be better than the built-in MM stage, but I haven't gotten a chance to compare yet. The Slipsik 7.0 or 7.1 is in another league yet and is likely to even better the Uphorik.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum! There's certainly a difference between them, but both are at a very high level. What about the speakers? Are you thinking about Linn's Exakt Speakers or some other active speakers? If you are going for non-Linn speakers I would definitely recommend the KDSM, as it's the best digital source available. If you are going for Exakt speakers, the difference between them is smaller, but it's still easily audible.
  10. Another vote for the Majik LP12 here and if you want to upgrade later, add a Radikal before doing anything else. The built-in phono-stage of the Akurate System Hub is indeed very good. To better it you would have to go for a Lejonklou Slipsik 7.1 for MM, but there are plenty of upgrades on the LP12 to do before that. The Linto is a little better than the built-in MC stage, the Urika a lot better.
  11. It's certainly looking very long. Did you get the armboard from a Linn dealer? Did you consider getting the current Jelco arm & board offered with the Majik LP12?