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  1. Hello Ady, Great to hear you are enjoying the Keel upgrade so much in your system. IMHO single variable demos are always the best way to be sure about an upgrade is right for you. That's why although I have three LP12s which conform to the "Majik-Akurate-Klimax categorisation" I find it's always better to hear the specific upgrade in an A/B with the specification of everything else in the LP12s the same, as then it's much easier to quantify the musical benefits. Even when the demonstration system is different to your own as you found out. Enjoy! KR, Peter
  2. Gentlemen, firstly all anyone has to try it if they like it.... Great! if they don't then........ great too as at least they have been open to the idea that something may be better, preferable, different, call it what you want........ and if you wish to return it, then a refund upon return of the mat would be made. - OK. As for "key influencers" ...... Yes I have helped with many product and improvements to the LP12. I'm always happy to help the factory if I can. Keel for Aro, enlarged head-shell for the Ekos SE/1, the heavy counterweight and even the anti-skate mod improving SQ on later SE and SE/1 arms are all products resulting from dialog I have had with HQ and I have to say, they are so very helpful in this respect and have their ears and eyes open! (Unlike some here I see.) Additionally, I always flag anything to them that I consider may be a potential problem. In short, I have an excellent relationship with the factory and love the products and the people. I find comments that would portray this differently as offensive. Talking of "gang mentality". What do we have here on this thread with some of the language used. Just look at yourselves. It's unnecessary in my view and why not use your real names when posting about something that you believe in? Additionally, some here may not even use an LP12 so why comment in such a derogatory manner on something that surely is of little interest? With me, what you see is what you get. Like it or not. I will always work hard to ensure the best sound quality is achieved for clients. No blinkered views here unlike some! There are a couple of 3rd party manufacturers who do make in my opinion good/complementary products. I just try and sort the wheat from the chaff, that's all. Anything considered like this can only be sold by proper A/B demonstration so I will put my hand in my pocket and make it available for you guys to judge on if you wish. That is why I have more LP12s on demo than any other retailer on the planet. 22 currently, all set up to the best of my ability. Anyone remembering the old Linn Forum may remember me having run-ins with various 3rd party manufacturers as I would say what I thought about their products, good, bad or indifferent. That's the way I am and in my opinion, the only way to be. So, in summary, keep open minds please, judge for yourself and please don't slag a product unless you have tried it. The Collaro mat is a relatively low cost item that you might actually like if you give yourself the chance to hear it. Of course, with the interest/conversation generated about it, this could possibly mean that Linn themselves look at the mat again! Who knows? We already know the orientation of the mat is important as the two sides sound different. One side is better/more unlocking more music than the other. People poo, poo'd this initially, but now it is finally accepted as true. Set-up is of course crucial as always as a poorly set-up LP12 may not show the differences. Not snake oil, just fact but I appreciate that may not matter to some. Regards, Peter
  3. You are most welcome Smokestack and Linn_ and_IMF. Sadly I've found out having now checked that web archive, it's only good for the first 5 pages so I suggest you use the download document linked here as this won't vanish although it will be updated from time to time or if you need help, I'm on the LP12 FB groups a lot these days or just email me. KR Peter
  4. Hi, Thanks for your comments and contributions here. Moomintroll posted a link to my website for the distilled download document but I thought that I'd add that the old Linn Forum frozen in time is view-able here complete with the Q&A throughout the Set-up thread : Yes all those demo LP12s are used regularly so as clients can hear the individual Linn and some 3rd party upgrades individually, (just the one upgrade/variable under consideration at a time) as it make the whole process of understanding what an upgrade brings to the party and which one is the most important for the client, rather than having to juggle with getting ones head around multiple upgrades as normal when listening to Majik>Akurate>Klimax. Actually I have 22 LP12s here now so I ought to update the picture on the website when I get time KR Peter
  5. Yes David, the Lingo 4 has no re-set ability as it re-calibrates on start up. Thanks for everyone's input so far. KR Peter
  6. I am there and there's a great atmosphere and debate there. The new group is very new (couple of weeks old) and I am a member there too but the main group Linn Sondek LP12 with 4208 members is here: The FB format is not ideal but I'm yet to see anything that is but I've been posting pictures and videos there as well as answering questions generally for members. KR, Peter
  7. I know a little and the discussions were long and at times there were strong differences of opinion. What I can says is that the coverage of 3rd party kit was not the issue as Linn have consistently tolerated , even embraced the use of other manufacturers gear with there own. - No other company I know has modified their own kit so often for use with other manufacturers offerings. Aro Keel, Headshell enlargement for the Ekos Se (making it more compatible with a wide range of excellent cartridges out there) and of course the Exakt crossover (now available for several hundred speaker models). To name but a few of the I kind of things got involved in. In my case the ability to use Kudos speakers active is a big one, and is in total contrast to Salisbury's approach! However, this may change now following a dealer meeting I attended last week! Linn do listen for sure, as most recently Nam too and this is fantastic IMHO for us enthusiasts both retailer and end user alike. As for conflict of interest, well some of the advice mainly with Space opt on the forum which was not considered to be representative of the factory way of doing things was an issue for sure as was the leak about Selekt by those that should have known better. For this to be seen on the factory forum was a problem for sure and so by setting it adrift/separating it off was the approach that was ultimately considered best. Time will tell but in the mean time the level of support I and other dealers receive from Glasgow is substantial if and when required so your dealer should be able to offer plenty of support should you need it. Finally, some of the guys like DavidW now freed from a forum moderation role on the forum can focus their full attention on developing new and innovative products and also improving existing products. This is of course what we have seen from Linn in recent months and years and hopefully even more so in future!!! Note, these are absolutely my own observations and personal views/interpretations for better or for worse............ Best regards, Peter
  8. Yes the Se > Se/1 headshell change makes life so much easier and was the result of me talking to David.W @Linn about the difficulties I had when installing an XV-1t in the original sized headshell for a client in Hong Kong. I also mentioned that it was in addition to it being rather stressful it was (as it happened there) very hot and humid making life even more tricky with a £5K+ cartridge!!! Anyway having supplied him with pictures of the installation in the head-shell (the L+ was literally the width of a fag paper away from shorting on the head-shell) and also the necessary position of the counterweight well away from the bearing which I overcame by getting an additional mass ring machined up on Hong Kong while I was there so as the counterweight could be correctly positioned, about a year or maybe two later we had the updated Se/1 and extra heavy counterweight made available from the factory and so end of problems with installation with other cartridges. Guess what... I sell more Ekos Se's now in the /1 form as a consequence and I'm sure others do too. So this was a case of Linn listening and everyone benefiting.......Whilst sometimes I do wonder as to the thinking in Glasgow about certain issues (like the sense in moving this forum), I wish more manufacturers listened like Linn to comments about their products...... as we'd end up with better products IMHO. Yes, offsetting the tag-wires at the arm tags is the only way to allow for clearance to correctly align some cartridges in Akito, Ekos 1, 2 and Se etc. I can find and post pics if members want? I'll just need a bit of time to do it this week due to it being a busy one.... KR Peter
  9. Re-caps on older kit make substantial improvements to SQ not just on the Lingo but pretty much most Linn and Naim kit IMHO. With Darran @ClassA you will receive service and excellent results for sure. KR Peter
  10. Let's hope so rabski and if this proves to be the case then I'm happy to help and advise if I can. Regards, Peter
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