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  1. I understood (perhaps mistakenly) that I would no longer need to use iTunes to add stuff to iThingies. This will be an enormous plus point for me.
  2. Quote from the Beeb; Changes to access of BBC live radio streams on selected TuneIn platforms in the UK Thursday 8 August 2019, 10:00 COMMENTS Today, I wanted to give you an update on some changes. From August 30th, our live radio streams will no longer be available via TuneIn on some platforms in the UK. We’re working closely with TuneIn to ensure that this is done in a way that doesn’t disrupt your overall listening experience – so our live radio streams are only coming off TuneIn on platforms where an alternative way of listening is easily available. Am I being thick? Doesn’t this infer we will still be able to access BBC wireless?
  3. Hi I seem to recall that when I first acquired a DS, there was a BBC app within Kinsky. I can't remember what it did exactly and I think it only appeared on a proper computers i.e not phones and tablets. Could this be a way around the problem? DJK
  4. Was this a good investment? We “invested” in a pair of Keilidhs 22 years ago at the exorbitant price of approximately £850. Just part exchanged them without boxes for £220. As a friend pointed out, that’s less than £30 a year. Seems a pretty good deal to me when you consider the amount of pleasure we had from them. DJK
  5. Contacted Qobuz. They suggested that I set up playlists. Can't see that helping. I know nothing about the technology, but setting up a subsidiary account would have solved the problem. My ISP provides a shedload of these for e-mails at no extra cost. I also hear that subscription TVs services do this. Thanks for your suggestions anyway, Dave
  6. Hi Thanks for the comments. I will have a go at Qobuz. WRT the other problem, it seems to have sorted itself out when I restarted the DS. A lot to be said for Dansettes! Dave
  7. Hi I have accumulated a big list of favourites (tracks, albums and artists) on Qobuz. Having recently subscribed to Studio, I find that I rarely use my NAS which is well past its “use by” date. Suits me to switch it off and just use Qobuz. However the other half finds it difficult to find stuff. It would be great if I could have a second set with the smallish number of albums she would listen to on her own. Any suggestions please.? I suppose I could send a message to Qobuz as they do seem helpful. Perhaps it is not such a great idea. I have just attempted to play some music from Qobuz. It works using the Qobuz app on the iPad. It appears to add tracks to the playlist on the DS but it just jumps through the tracks. Don’t think there is anything wrong with the internet connection. What is going on? DJK
  8. Ditto. Never great news to hear of special offers when you paid full whack.
  9. Many thanks for the simple but clear explanation. May even tempt me to fiddle with SO1. On a similar note; we have French windows leading to a conservatory at the long end of the room. Should I have different settings according to whether the doors are open or shut?. I suppose I should suck it and see but is it worth the effort please?
  10. Hi Having recently invested in some Super 20s, I can heartily endorse them. I cannot compare directly with Linn 140s but in the past these did not seem a justifiable improvement over my Keilidhs. This is certainly not true of the Kudos speakers which are a substantial (if costly) step up. Apart from their sonic properties they have received 100% enthusiasm from my interior designer. They really look elegant in our medium size room. The finish is superb. I can understand the criticism that they verge on overbrightness. Not a problem for me as my high frequency hearing is commensurate with my age. I could have been tempted with the Kudos 505s but apart from the increased cost, their physical presence would have dominated the room. The appalling weather of late has been a good excuse to work through some well known tracks. I am not able to describe adequately what I hear now, except that the separation of different strands within the music is outstanding. I have no experience of Majik level amplification so cannot comment on how the Super 20s would be with this. Best of luck
  11. That is good news. It would have been a hell of a job. Thanks all for your replies. DJK
  12. Hi I was recently informed that compression of ripped CDs and downloads can reduce sound quality. I have been setting the level to 5 when using dBPowerpoint. I vaguely recall there was a post on the Linn forum suggesting that this was appropriate. I was surprised to be informed that downloads are also compressed. Using the dBpoweramp music converter I have found that removing compression on a download certainly increases the file size (almost by a factor of 2). I am not convinced that doing this has made a significant difference to the sound. It is a long job to process all the CD rips and/or downloads. Any opinions as to its worth please? Thanks
  13. Many thanks for the explanations. I’m very nervous about fiddling with settings. I am seriously considering some Kudos Speakers in the not too distant future. I will leave things as they are until then and get some help to set them up. Incidentally anybody got any experience of Super 20s vs 505s. Considerable difference in price. The interior designer was not happy with the visual contribution of previous standmounts. The 505s will have to be a a big step up in performance If we are to go that way. Will they be too “good” for the rest of the system? thanks again, Dave
  14. Hi I've just updated Konfig to the latest version. I have noticed that there is a box entitled "Change Speaker Volume Offsets". It may have been there before but I have not noticed it. Anyway, I clicked on it and was presented with the opportunity to add or subtract a few dB to each speaker. I did click on 1 speaker. I had no idea what difference a dB would make and even though I sit slightly off-centre I didn't make any changes. My wife called upstairs that there had been a horrific hissing noise from the left speaker (which she was sitting next to). It seems that nothing has been fried; music comes from left and right hand side. I see that there is a track in the playlist entitled "Pink Noise Test". Be great if someone could explain what all this is about. There is already the opportunity in Konfig -> Volume to adjust the balance so I cannot see what use this is. Thanks in advance, Dave
  15. I know practically nothing about networks etc, but I can confirm that it is possible to use a Virgin Superhub as a modem only. I have been doing this for a good while and use an Apple Time Capsule as the router. I vaguely recall that you can change the settings via your browser. You will need the password etc, but unless you have changed them they will be on the hub somewhere. A word of warning; for some temporary and forgotten reason I needed to reverse the procedure. I recall that I eventually had to get VM to do this from their end. The dreaded phone call with a myriad of options-none of which ever seem to be the exact match for your problem. Good luck, Dave