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  1. Yesterday I did the last Lp12 upgrade. I changed my Benz Micro Ace Sl for the Kandid. All I can say is wow. So much more of everything. I am just smiling.
  2. No, but before i changed my Trampolin 1 to Trampolin 2 i put SSC Netpoint Pucks under the Trampolin feet. It worked well. With Trampolin 2 and Pucks it was too much.
  3. At this moment Kandid is no option. If you have the Akurate Radikal, i would go for the Klimax version, first. Next step is Keel, then Ekos SE and after all Kandid. I hope Linn will do the Katalyst Upgrade in near future,too.
  4. I had no problem doing that, but on a windows PC.
  5. Thanks Ian H, On Saturday I reverted to the Davaar 67, too. For me after the update to 68 it sounded wrong, but now everything is fine again. More details and a more harmonic and homogenic sound.
  6. Sorry Paul, for the second time, i am very disappointed with a software upgrade. I did it on monday. For me the result is better bass, but where are the lovely mids and highs of my Katudoriks? I hope i’ll manage to reset to the previous Davaar version. Cheers
  7. Next time i‘ll better send a p.m. I hope Kelly can sleep well, then.
  8. What's your problem Kelly? Pre- Brexit stress? You can't disagree that Urika 2 makes more sense with an Exakt system. Stu has already one with wonderful Akudorik and a full spec Lp12 with Urika 2. Buying passive Akubarik and a Selekt Dsm instead is nonsens. Cheers
  9. Don't do it. Not with your Urika 2 and your existing Exakt system.
  10. I think, there is no sound improvement changing your Exakt Akudoriks with Passive Akubarik. Not before you'll buy a Klimax Solo, too. Better go the Katalyst route. I think your room is not large enough.
  11. Why not reading the specs on the Linn homepage, first?
  12. You are right, it is only the casework. But it is just better. It is not only for the motor, cause I have got the Urika 2 installed. Better shielding for motor and phono pre. You can hear it.