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  1. Why not the Klimax 350. Look at Cymbiosis. There‘s one pair in walnut.and a very nice pair of Akudoriks for small money in walnut, too.
  2. Absolutely the right decision, Stuart. 👍
  3. Why do not you finally go to a dealer to test the options? You know my meaning about doing the Katalyst upgrade. The overall sound gets more improved. Or borrow an Exaktbox Sub with a sub. It should be the cheapest way to get more depths. In my room 27qm room the bass of my Katalyst Akudoriks is more than ok. Without SO+ it is lots too much.
  4. I think you’ll have to buy the following kit. Exakt & Katalyst Upgrade for Akubarik (Aktiv) 17,050 New electronics, modules and measured 3K array.
  5. I use SO since it came out. With every software update and the changing from Exakted Ninkas to the Katalyst Akudoriks the filters got better. I agree, that the early versions and without Exakt lacked in bass, when the calculated results were taken. Cables separation and better shielding was also useful.
  6. I think there's a big difference between SO 1 and SO+. In my Exakt System the calculated filters are nearly perfect.
  7. Since 2015 there’s no more upgrade option for the Klimax Solo and Klimax Twin.
  8. Of course an Ekos. Ekos 2 is nice, but Ekos SE is clearly the best you can do.
  9. 1993 I bought a nice Harman Kardon 6500 Amp and MB Quart Speakers. 1994 I changed my Wega Turntable with my father's Technics Sl 1300. He bought his first Lp12 then. CD Player was a Technics, too. Always happy with my Hifi sound till I started a short Odyssey by selling amp for a Denon 5.1 receiver and small Quadral surround speakers with sub. It was a lot of fun watching films, while hearing music was boring, now. So I decided to buy an used MajikI and Keilidh speakers with upgrade stands. Then i got 3 LK 100 and the Majik was only the preamp in active mode. Next was a Genki, before I changed the Keilidhs for Ninkas with the better stands. Then my first Lp12 with Akito 2b and Valhalla has moved in. Only a few month later I got a Lingo 1 which I changed to a Lingo 2. The next was a Kairn Pro and a Linto for my new Benz ACE SL MC cart. After that I swapped the Lk's to a C4200 and the Kairn with the last Akurate Kontrol. I had the Kontrol for a year and bought an Akurate DSM Renew instead, before I got a Klimax DSM/1 Renew, an Akurate Exaktbox and a 2200, too. Meantime I had Katans and Majik 109 and an old Classic Music in a bedroom system. Two years ago I was able to get an ex-dem Akudoriks with Katalyst and the beloved Ninkas, the Exaktbox and the Akurate amps had to leave. Then I did some upgrades to my wonderful Lp12. ....... Now, I have got an AEDSM, the wonderful Akudoriks and a full spec Klimax Lp 12 with Radikal machined, Ekos SE/1, Urika2 and Kandid. Time to stop "Upgraditis", now. 🎶😉
  10. The Ikea table in the Linn factory was an Ikea "Axamo". A light wooden table, not one made of pressboard.
  11. You can use every MC cart.... Cartridges that that are not listed above can be added with with GAIN, Input Resistance and Input Capacitance values. (The preset cartidge settings can be changed after cartridge selection