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  1. Katalyst Akubarik for such a small room with low ceiling height should have more than enough bass also with S0 on.
  2. I can‘t agree, that SOv2 sucks life out of the speakers. In my 27qm room it sounds amazing with my Katalyst Akudoriks. The preference slider is still at 80% to 20%. I only changed the absorption sliders a little bit.
  3. Sorry, 😂 I have 22 degrees celsius. Everything is fine.
  4. For speakers with 3K array there should be zero toe in, or at least only a few cm. Mine are 2 mm toed in. That is not possible to select. You have a minimum of 1 degree in SO 2+.
  5. I don‘t think so. 🥺 Still waiting for the Dorik support, too. After update to KEDSM last weekend i am looking forward to SO+2.
  6. Who needs my wonderful nearly new AEDSM/1 in black. It is better than my previous KEDSM Renew. I sell due to an upgrade to KEDSM. Warranty until march 2023. Ask for price.
  7. The power switch of my 4200 had a malfunction some years ago. I changed the switch and everything was fine. This is a known bug, that is not very rare.
  8. I have got an AEDSM with Urika 2 with full spec Klimax Lp 12. Before i had a KDSM Renew with my Katudoriks. The difference between the Renew and AEDSM was not very big. The AEDSM has got the much better casing. I upgraded the Akurate Radikal with the Klimax one, and the latter is definitely better.
  9. Who‘s got a KEDSM with his Akudoriks or Akubariks? I am thinking about an upgrade. Who needs an AEDSM from march, 2018?
  10. Akudorik: Efficiency: 87 dB / m / W Frequency response (passive): 65 Hz – 33 kHz Frequency response (Exakt): 40 Hz – 33 kHz I had the KDSM Renew with Exakt and Hdmi 2.0 before. Now i have got the AEDSM. Sound wasn‘t better before. I think the better case is the game changer. I sold the Renew, the Lingo and Linto for AEDSM, Radikal and Urika 2.
  11. I fully agree. My Klimax Lp12 does it full performance after at least 30 minutes. The sound is warmer, more analogue and also more breathing. I have got the Urika 2. Perhaps the Kandid needs some time for warming up, too.
  12. I think changing the Radikal to the Klimax version should be the next step. I upgraded mine before i did the changing from Benz Ace Sl to Kandid. The Klimax Radikal was the bigger wow effect.
  13. Why not the Klimax 350. Look at Cymbiosis. There‘s one pair in walnut.and a very nice pair of Akudoriks for small money in walnut, too.