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  1. I followed Neil’s instructions. Downloaded the tunein app on my android phone logged in using my existing details, and successfully added the two RP flac streams as custom urls, then deleted the app to avoid the subscription. The new streams show up on my control points. Only minor niggle is I can’t ‘name’ the streams - they just show up as the url address. Props to Sunbeam for discovering this simple method. RP in flac does indeed sound good.
  2. I feel a sense of loss in the above post. But the past is a different country. If one can get great sound with minimum boxes and no need for complicated ‘expert’ set up why wouldn’t you? And some (a few) will pay for that great sound, but most will be happy with ‘smart’ speakers, headphones or Sonos type systems. Like it or not that is the way it is in the 21st century. And this all means few hi fi shops and less dealers.
  3. I agree. I think I would be pushing Selekt and 5 series speakers to Harrods patrons. A good sounding 1 box solution. I think they need to develop/buy in a sub and centre so they can offer a TV oriented surround package too.
  4. Frankly the website is just p*ss poor. The most recent item under ‘news’ is the availability of timorous beastie fabrik for 5 series n 2016. Good thing they haven’t developed anything newsworthy since then....
  5. What uncertainty about Akurate? Is it because of the Selekt? I see that, rather like the 500’s, as sui generis, with the old Majik, Akurate, Klimax, good, better, best still in place. But they better be careful as it is getting complicated. ( What happened to Kiko? Seems to have completely disappeared. Sneaky/sekrit now for custom install and not advertised on the website at all as far as I can see).
  6. Walking on eggshells here, but let me have a go at this IIRC (and to be honest I am not going to wade through 23 pages of posts again ) the fundamental thing here is that Paul said that after he put Cat 8 cables in his system he heard a difference in the sound (compared to the previous cat <8 cables). Conrad says that science suggests that shouldn’t happen. While it would be great if Paul were to be able to come to UK and he and Conrad could get together for a ‘shoot out’ Paul is not travelling yet. But could Conrad’s professor friend on Vancouver Island visit Paul at his home in Vancouver and conduct the famous ABX test? Would the results of that satisfy people? Assuming Paul can demonstrate that he can successfully differentiate between cables on his system, then we can take it to the next level and explore why that might be. Alternatively I live near London and have a Linn Akurate Exakt Akubarik system and would also be happy to host a test (and would like to see Paul again anyway). I do not live in a mansion but could squeeze in more folk than Neale.
  7. I quite like my method for setting SO. Call dealer. Dealer attends and listens to some tunes while fiddling with laptop. Dealer leaves. I listen to music.
  8. I’d be very surprised if it were anything but money. Why wouldn’t they go with the highest (maybe only) bidder. Not cynical. Just business.
  9. Notwithstading Linn’s woeful marketing (Hey guys, we have this forum full of super loyal customers gagging to throw their money at us for any new gizmo we can dream up. Let’s close it.) I imagine the lack of LPs and CDs is simply because they wouldn’t sell enough given their mostly classical catalogue. But lack of a deal with a one of the lossless streaming services is surprising. Maybe that will come.
  10. I believe Linn has said the old forum no longer exists. So they do not have the ability to make an archive available.
  11. Seems right to me. What would we have said if Linn had released a buggy, poorly designed app to use with their lovely sleek top of the range systems? (Well, I think I know if I recall correctly some of the Kazoo threads from the old forum). Meanwhile as Sunbeam suggests, it is very kind of the non-exakt folk to continue to test the new SO2 algorithm while Linn takes the time to perfect it.
  12. I imagine that Linn believes that those with ‘the most expensive’ systems want an excellent, fully working, complete version not some half way house beta version. That said, if they have something that is more or less complete they could release it as a beta in order to get feedback before a full release.
  13. Slightly OT but yes please do let us know how they sound. @ c£25 a pop they should be great. Are they available individually?
  14. I’m intrigued by the comment in the Linn document that when Exakt pass through is used in an exakt box only SO not SO+ is available. I was thinking that my TV and AV amp would be replaced in the next couple of years, and I could acquire the surround module and an Exaktbox I could to be used for centre, rears and sub with the existing integrated exakt akubariks remaining as the fronts. I’d be reluctant to lose SO+ for music listening.
  15. The older stuff was good, but the newer is better. IMHO, YMMV etc But lucky some prefer the older or we would have nowhere to pass it to when upgrading.