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  1. I know nothing about Exakt design but ‘server capacity’ cannot be an issue. It is 2019 not 1979. Server capacity is cheaper than chips and Amazon and Microsoft to name but two will rent you all you want for a song.
  2. Yep, looking forward to trying SO2 when it’s available for Exakt systems.
  3. As the new control point is being developed for iOS (at least initially) I would assume the intent would be for it to replace Kazoo for use on iThings. Hopefully the dev team have found a solution to this problem and are incorporating it in the new app.
  4. The Linn accounts are on public record. They are for the year to 30 June, and were filed on 27th December. So defo no Selekt, but would include the initial Kat upgrades.
  5. Firstly, these are accounts for the year to 30 June, so would not include any sales for Selekt. Secondly it is not clear where amplifiers are allocated (I suspect ‘audio players’, nor whether loudspeakers include the amplifier parts of integrated speakers (I suspect they do). My guess is the small reduction in sales likely mostly reflects ending of pre amps, and a decline in the market for stand alone DS’s. For my taste sticking with an analogue strategy that appeals only to a tiny number of ‘audiophiles’ who grew up in the 1970’s would be the risky strategy. I do understand that these folk (who often inhabit the various hi-if fora) will never be swayed from the belief that only an expensive front end fed into a pre amp which in turn feeds into (preferably) a pair (or more) of humongous power amps driving a pair of plug ugly speakers, with each of the aforementioned components having separate power supply boxes and the whole thing linked with miles of thick, expensive cable is a proper system; but most of the potential market is not like that, and unique offerings like Exakt and SO give Linn a competitive advantage. That said Linn need to up their game in having a top class dealer network (particularly where it is lacking in the US) , faultless customer support, and great firmware and control software. It seems they have recognised this and are taking steps to achieve it. I am looking forward to seeing what Linn delivers in 2019.
  6. Linn have said the old forum no longer exists. So unless someone took a copy of it somehow (not simply indexed it’s content, as a search engine would) it’s gone.
  7. Closing the forum is not the end of the world, but I do feel with a little more thought a better solution could have been found. For example Linn could have handed the forum to community moderators to run, with something like an agreement that Linn would pay for the server/forum software for a year after which the forum would be on its own. But it’s done now, so as Timster said: meh.
  8. This is where Linn could usefully be a bit less tight lipped. This is is a development in Beta so we shouldn’t expect too much yet, but it would be helpful to know if this is intended as a Kazoo replacement - and so should be fully featured in time - or some kind of supplemental control point to allow for functionality, eg cloud playlists, too hard to incorporate into Kazoo.
  9. I have a similar LP12 to yours other than I ran an Arkiv and I had exactly the same issue with a Polly Paulusma album. I swapped it at least two and maybe three times but every one had the same problem. I gave up in the end and just accepted there would be a problem with this one track. At the time some others reported the same problem, but others had no difficulty. I now run a Kandid and the album still sticks at that point. Probably worth trying a replacement but don’t get your hopes too high.
  10. Now I think about it maybe this thread should be closed with a direction given to the Linn club section?
  11. Perhaps Linn_and _IMF has not found the Linn club section with all the individual topics?
  12. For once I disagree with Tom. The distinction between ‘better digitisation’ and ‘actual music benefit’ is IMO moot. The best way to determine if U2 is ‘better*’ than U1 is to compare them in identical systems with only the Urika being changed. If one wants to go as analogue as possible and compare using a DS/M with everything ‘digital’ switched off (as far as possible) and feeding an analogue preamp then fair enough. But by definition a U2 must have a DS/M to link to so there must be one in the chain somewhere. In the comparison Tom suggests you’re comparing U2 + DS/M to without, probably as close as you can get to compare to pure analog but strictly not comparing only U2 to U1. And yes I am probably being pedantic. * Better, for that listener in that place, at that time with that listeners life history, state of emotion etc etc.
  13. I suspect SO2 was developed as a Linn cloud based process to get round the minimal on-board processing power in DS/DSM’s which would have prohibited the more sophisticated room modelling approach now being adopted. Also obviates the need to produce different flavours of program for windows/i things etc that would be needed if incorporated into Konfig. I expect that will migrate to the cloud in due course.
  14. Paul you were indeed the ‘rare expert’ I had in mind 😉 Your enthusiasm for experimentation with all the possibilities of supports, wraps and of course SO tweaks is both infectious and seemingly boundless. I hope Linn take your work on board for their ongoing developments. While personally I like the plug and play approach, I also like the thought that I could tweak things if I wanted to, so I hope Linn do provide some way of facilitating that. I’d also like Linn to provide a graphic representation of what SO2 does to the system. Hopefully we’ll meet again sometime in the not too distant future and chew the fat over the highs and lows of our systems 😎
  15. Eladarboy, good to hear you have your system working well. And I would dearly love to hear Paul’s system one day - a high flying brilliantly tuned Exakt surround surround playing some classic pieces (eg DSOTM) must be mind blowing. Your report is worrying though for folk like me who are of the ‘it should work straight out of the box’ mentality. I neither want to, nor have the skills, to do the myriad trials and tweaks that it seems is necessary to get a Linn system to not sound ‘broken’. Frankly this would put me off buying Linn if I wasn’t already invested. My system runs on the standard optimised SO for my room, with a few reductions in mode cuts as done by my deaIer on installation. I wouldn’t be confident that I could tell if a change from this was better or worse, just different. I strongly suspect that this sort of thing is what has prompted the ‘black box’ SO2, as well as the closure of the forum as it gave the impression that only a rare expert could get a Linn system sounding good.