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  1. Same set-up as you. Yes, of course you are right and there are other components in line, but again, the conversation (to the best of my understanding) was about the impact of ethernet cables and the noise they potentially conduct forward. As far as I am aware the point about the power supplies to the DAC, is exactly to minimise noise transmitted into the analogue output, the data is data.... it doesn't have noise. I think I must be missing the point somewhere, sorry!
  2. Like I said, the thread is too big to fully follow, so apologies if I misunderstood, but I thought the conversation was about the potential impact of Ethernet cables on the sound output of a streamer? When we use a streamer we are hearing what comes out of the DAC and nothing else (other than noise imparted by the electronics between the DAC and the analogue output of the streamer, hopefully the minimum possible) so surely what happens in the DAC is exactly what we're talking about? Who cares what noise is conducted by the Ethernet cables if it has no effect on the output of the DAC? The question surely is what gets into the DAC from the networking cables and how/whether the DAC deals with it?
  3. ? The data gets there or it doesn't and is resent. EMI being passed through is what (potentially) matters and Linn have talked a lot about the power supplies in their DACs. Plus that's what the document link I replied to is talking about.
  4. Well, it includes detail on how poorly designed ethernet and other PCB components may generate EMI that can be passed through an ethernet cable (claims that the TI components described do minimise that EMI). I can't say I've really followed this thread (WAY too long...), but I doubt anyone has denied the possibility of the physical layer of ethernet conducting EMI? I think what that document really demonstrates is that the hardware components used and PCB design are what is important in regards to noise and not the cable used (though they recommend the use of CAT5e compliant cables). I know it wasn't really your point, but given the cost of Linn equipment I seriously hope they can at least match these TI ones, which start at $3 each, even when bought singly. Linn have gone to great lengths to demonstrate how their DACs are not subject to transmitted noise such as this. If people are hearing differences between cables based on differences in transmitted EMI from network gear (I myself haven't tried different cables, so can't offer any experience in the matter), then it suggests they haven't done as good a job as they claim, despite the cost...
  5. Anyone heard any hints about SO2 for Exakt? It seems to have slipped somewhat from the Q1 2019 talk that was originally bandied about. I hope it isn't because they can't make it work.... I'm keen as I have an awkward room that would hopefully benefit, but its becoming a long wait.
  6. Sadly not and, worse, it has reduced my listening opportunities by generating a lot of DIY for me to do!
  7. Also, this looks like a really nice device for someone who wants to get a decent turntable, has a good DAC, but doesn't have a phono stage. Being as you (and I), already have most of what it does, it would really have to be something good to make it worthwhile adding in-between the LP12 and the ASH (AEDSM). Also, will the ASH take a (physical) digital input at 192/24 (I don't think it will output digital at that via the physical digital outputs?), or would the transvinyl system need to stream to the network and then be picked up via the control app?
  8. Nice. I am waiting on being able to afford these exakt (if you'll excuse the pun) same two upgrades, though I have a Lingo 2 at present rather than a Valhalla. Unfortunately I made the mistake of putting the family first and we've just had an extension built, which has completely bled us dry. Take my advice people and always go for the hifi before alterations to your house!
  9. It needs Python 2.7, which isn't available for the current QNAP OS. You can get an x86 version for NASs with an intel CPU, but there is no version available for the ones with an ARM CPU (ie mine), which are Python 3 only and the Linn app doesn't install with Python 3.
  10. PS A better option would be to get a scrobbler plugin for Minimserver or whatever server you are using.
  11. I've long wanted a scrobbler for the DS as well, but hadn't come across this. It is very old and hasn't been touched for a long time. Running: python2 on OpenSUSE 15 I get: Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 95, in <module> s = SkrobbleDs() File "", line 39, in __init__ self.discovery1.Start( gDevType1 ) File "/home/everard/Software/Binaries/SkrobbleDs_2/Upnp/", line 70, in Start self.iSsdpServer = Ssdp.SsdpServer( self.iIfAddr ) File "/home/everard/Software/Binaries/SkrobbleDs_2/Upnp/", line 41, in __init__ self.iIfAddr = socket.gethostbyname( socket.gethostname() ) socket.gaierror: [Errno -2] Name or service not known So it does try and run, but fails to set up the socket for the server by the looks of it. I'd need it running on my QNAP NAS rather than my PC. There is a package, but it needs python 2.7, which doesn't seem to be available for my NAS, the app store only has v3 and it won't install with v3. Given the age of this (last updated 8 years ago) I think we would really need someone to know what they are doing to get it to go and I don't think it would be very stable. Apart from anything else I'm pretty sure LastFM has altered their API since then, so it almost certainly wouldn't scrobble even if we could get it running.
  12. I know this is another topic, like cables, that can get very murky, but I've had an interesting experience lately. I've never had a lot of time for the subject of power supply, all my gear (see profile info) has mains filters built in and I would expect they are fairly effective and sophisticated filters given the price of it. On top of that I've never noticed any particular problems with the quality of the power supply and other devices (although we have overhead lines in the area and possums like to electrocute themselves giving regular brief power cuts). I have had everything just plugged in to a standard (switched) six outlet surge protected power board. However, I recently came across an Australian product (I am here in Oz!), which claimed to have sophisticated mains filtering (as well as protection) for only a couple of hundred dollars. I claims to have an active filter that works on the upward and downward curves of the sine wave, not just the peak. Obviously this is not a cheap power board, but cheap enough that I thought I would give it a try. It's a Thor A12BF Smartboard, dunno if others here have come across it? Blow down with a feather if it hasn't had quite a significant impact on the sound of the system, certainly on a par with an improved stylus for instance. Overall the sound is richer and the stereo placement seems better. I'm not about to spend thousands on power conditioners, but I am at least converted from a cynic to an agnostic.
  13. One thing I've been wondering about on this front (if you'll excuse the pun) is whether you can set it to pass-through full range on the L-R stereo channels? This would allow someone with an *EDSM and Exaktbox (e.g. me), to run a passive stereo set-up if need be? e.g. for testing speakers, coping with an amp problem, money problems! It's obviously not listed as an example (as it defeats the purpose of Exakt), but would increase the flexibility and use-case of an Exakt only system like mine.
  14. As an aside, isn't it depressing how quickly you get used to big upgrades? When I got my AEDSM/Exaktbox (after the testing mentioned above), everything I listened to just blew me away. After a year or so, the music still sounds superb and I sometimes hear something amazing and look up as if the performer is in the room, but mostly I'm used to it and just expect it to sound great! I still really appreciate it, but mostly it doesn't amaze me any more. :-(
  15. Sorry, I wasn't implying that (I don't know I'm afraid!), but it was definitely available on the most recent pre-kat version as that was what I tested.