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  1. Hi, Now that Linn have released an update to get the playlists back I have done some digging. I can transfer the Playlists to a laptop or in fact any device that has Kazoo on it, so a bit of a backup there. However if you transfer the playlists to a laptop I have found out where they are stored so you can copy and paste them to another place as an extra security. If you don't know how to transfer playlists from one device to another check the thread above it is shown in one of the replies from Linn. Cheers John
  2. From Linn so far, three emails worth, more to follow as I have asked more questions. I highlighted using the bold and underlined 1) To create the same playlist on multiple devices, you would load the playlist from your original device. Then launch Kazoo on another device and then save it. Repeat this for each device that you want the playlist on. Clear the active playlist from the DS and then repeat for other playlists. This will provide you with the same playlists on multiple devices. You would need to back up each playlist one at a time. 2) The playlists are stored on the control point. So the device running Kazoo. The playlists are stored as text files, but on IOS devices, there is no way to access them to copy without having them Jailbroken. 3) You can copy any playlist to any device. As I advised, you would need to load it to the DSM and then save it,. So load it from the iPad to the DSM. Run Kazoo on the Android tablet, and then save the active playlist. The playlist would be stored on the device.
  3. Hi, One thing Linn should/must do is let users backup their playlists to somewhere safe and easily accessed in emergency. A reply from Linn explains how I can transfer a playlist to another device, but I have many different playists as I am sure have others, do I have to transfer each and every one of my playlists, they have not replied to my question yet. They appear not to understand the simple fact that people buy expensive items of HiFi made by Linn but the very part of it that allows the user to enjoy that HiFi is the playlists they make for themself. These playlists must surely be able to be backed up somewhere for just such an occurance as has just happened and not just one playlist why not a backup every month or week or when you add a new one list. Surely this is not outwith the abilities of a company such as Linn products. I would be interested in what others think about this concept. Cheers John
  4. An update. Our engineers have identified the issue and have a fix in place. They are going cut a release this morning and get it through the App Store as quickly as possible, although this will be controlled by Apple. Any playlists created prior to 4.13.40 being installed should still be there, unless you have uninstalled and re-installed the app. Any playlists created in 4.13.40 may be lost.
  5. I have checked my three devices I have, I use Tidal and a NAS so my playlists came from there, built them up since Kazzo was first brought out so I have a load of them. I updated yesterday to 4.13.40 and lost everythng as once I did my iPad my two iPhones automatically updated and have lost all playlists on them as well. I know someone with a Majik DSi and they have lost all playlists and Bill above has the same streamer as you and all his have gone. Are you using an iPad with the latest iOS, wonder if it is something to do with the make of the Apple device used. Have contacted Linn but they will not be back until tomorrow. Thanks for your reply. Cheers John
  6. Hi, Did you have any playlists? What Linn Streamer do you have. Do you know when you updated the Kazoo App? Cheers John
  7. Hello, Had a call from someone using Linn Kazoo, all their playlists had gone. Checked mine, all playlists I had were there. Noticed in the App Store, I use an iPad, that my Kazoo had an update waiting, this was Saturday 18th May 2019, I let it update. Now all my playlists have gone! Anyone else have this issue? Cheers John
  8. Hi, Just in to say hello, long time user of the Linn forum and Pink Fish so am looking forward to exploring and using Wam. A big thank you to the admin and mods here for the help being given to Linn forum members, much appreciated. Cheers John
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