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  1. I'm using Blacks. 8 of 'em. Just as well if I do upgrade to Kudos in the near future it'll be only 4 needed. But then I fancy an A4200 to go with them too. Crumbs.
  2. I bet. So that panel is moveable - any reason it's not flush with the mantel? Or does it have to be aligned with the drivers. I reckon one of the Impressions panels you have at the back would look good there. Or you could stencil it?
  3. Not quite sure what you mean by this. There are no limitations on the analogue outputs, and the digital pre-amp does all you'd expect of a pre-amp (volume control, DSP and source switching for example). The fact that the digital outputs are "only" pass-throughs doesn't make it a limitation. It's an expensive piece of kit because it's not meant to be just a digital transport.
  4. timster

    New album releases

    Lucy Rose, No Words Left, out today so had a listen. Pretty fine
  5. David has answered all questions perfectly. This one though I think I can add something, though not all. Essentially, the DSM can only process PCM stereo, unless you get the surround sound module that has only just been released. Forgetting Exakt as that is irrelevant for you, I understand that this will allow you to use the DSM with a multi-channel (encoded) input on the HDMI inputs and you can configure it to play for eg. the L&R through the analogue outputs. As you seem to only want to use the DSM as a transport this won't work for you as it will only pass the original digital input to the digital outputs.
  6. timster

    Guess the album cover

    Still? ok
  7. timster

    Guess the album cover

    Who next?
  8. Sorry I missed this, your reply was within my quote! It's not that I'm unhappy with the 140s, more that it seems the next logical step for me, especially having heard the Kudos in an Exakt setup like I have. One revelation I stumbled upon last year was replacing the port bungs, something I previously thought should be removed when using SO+. Proved not to be that case, it certainly made the bass much more controlled and precise. As did the upgrade stands of course. After the Kudos the next thing for me would probably be the Exaktbox Sub to control/integrate my REL a bit better. I still have my doubts on that score though, seeing as it hasn't been measured and you still have to get the gain right yourself. We shall see.
  9. If there were a pay wall it would become useless. And I would bow out for sure. Who'd pay for the privilege of asking a support question too? No way no how...
  10. It also disappeared here for a while. But it reappeared in October last year. Rumour has it that although it's still listed here in the February price list, it actually isn't offered any more. There doesn't seem to be an absolute truth. Not hardware, but you will still get updates to the firmware as and when new features appear.
  11. No you only said they were different. The "after all" was a reference to Paul's assertion.
  12. Hi Do Kim The DS series have been discontinued. I am surprised you say they can still be bought new. The February price list does list the DS to DSM conversions, but it is possible the latest one doesn't. I have yet to see a newer one though. Same goes for DS upgrades to the latest spec (3 for Klimax). So any further upgrades will not be offered fpor the simple reason there will not be anything to upgrade it to! The same is true for Akurate as for Klimax. Availability of conversions and upgrades may be region dependent of course. But the DS is no more, and has been as of last year in fact.