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  1. If I were you, I'd set SO+ for your primary, close listening, position. It won't benefit the others as much if at all, but then again I doubt it would be detrimental either. Mine actually sounds better from the kitchen as well as main room. Over-excited nodes in there are always in the same place after all
  2. Lossy codecs though. I was meaning lossless 5.1 would be bandwidth hungry to say the least. And the streaming services use AC3 Dolby, which I think is basically AAC per channel.
  3. Well, I have to say, each listening position will benefit if you had a profile for each. I mean, it's self evident.
  4. That particular discussion is beyond my ken. But what I would say is, time of release is probably not really that relevant. They would have been in development in parallel, as they continue to be.
  5. That is only part of the story. That is intra-time of flight if you like. There is also time of flight from speaker to listener, or inter-time of flight. Obviously if you have a symmetrical set up then there is no difference between them. If you have one speaker further away in an asymmetrical set up, there is a difference, with SO+ could correct for. If the old forum still existed I could have searched for Philbo's confirmation of this. Frustrating.
  6. So said Confucius? It's an entity which exists in physical space (server farm or whatever). "Cloud" is just a simple way to define the abstract idea of a lot of places all connected together that can be accessed from anywhere, each of which still needs to physically exist in "places".
  7. I am sure that is not what Philbo once said. And - how can it correct for time of flight without the room information to tell it the speaker distances from listening position? This seems blatantly wrong on the face of it
  8. Unfortunately he says he has a DS. If the module is as they say, then I think exchanging it for a DSM will be the way to go. Perhaps this was the reason they stopped the DS->DSM conversions - they anticipated a rush on them they couldn't keep up with!
  9. Wow. I presume that includes the 'system hubs', aka Exakt-only DSMs?
  10. Interesting. I have ummed and arred about roon for ages, that'll be in the plus for sure. You say most and I assume RP us in there.
  11. Well, after having a look at the "new" RP website, and the flac stream in particular, I am impressed. I've mot looked in a few years. I wonder if there's much chance of Linn integrating it somehow in Kazoo (or the new "Linn")? I like the idea of skipping through the playlist, let alone the lossless stream. I may well listen more, and probably donate again too. I think I'll post the question on the development forum...
  12. I don''t disagree, What I was meaning that people shouldn't worry about their systems suddenly stopped working if Linn (in the guise of the "cloud") disappears. Of two unlikely scenarios if Linn does go down the tubes, it is more likely imo that they would be bought out or merged, as NAIM and Arcam have been, than to disappear entirely.
  13. I assume that's only with the app. I live stream through TuneIn.