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  1. I heard them Exakt, with an Akurate front end (although not Kat). @sunbeamglsthe Titans are beyond my reach. Sorry I missed the opportunity to here the 606s when you had them though. And they are too big. And to my eye, a lil ugly.
  2. You're right of course, ToF is probably the least significant benefit after the active bit - but isn't that what they mean by linear phase response across the whole frequency range? That is the major selling point after all (according to Marketing anyway - it's the top thing in the Linn Exakt technology spiel)!
  3. Very well and may I say succinctly put Tin. I may be wrong but the time of flight of different frequencies can also be within the same drive unit's response range. So it's not only intra- and inter-speaker (but that's important too) - analogue crossovers delay signals by differing amounts according to the frequencies within it, and I think Exakt deals with that too. If I'm right (not guaranteed of course!)
  4. I heard them last year at Ceritech. That's why I want(ed) them. But that was then. I'm not sure I'm missing as much with the 140s as I thought. But as you say, reducing the number of channels would be a big bonus. I'll give it a few more months and see how I feel then.
  5. It lifts the bass a few dBs from a frequency down. I think it can lower it too. You can do the same for treble with the treble shelf.
  6. Use the OPPO as is to the LFE input on the sub, then either run an RCA from a bass channel from your MEBox-i to the RCA line in on the sub, or take it from the bass amp channels (run with the speaker cables) to the hi-level input (if it has one).
  7. I have a phobia re. 2nd hand speakers. Ex demo I can deal with. From any old bugger is a different matter I DO want the Kudos. But - do I want them enough for such a palaver of a change?
  8. I don't use KazooServer so I have no idea. It won't be in the other releases - I believe the VPN issue was purely a QNAP one.
  9. Not of KazooServer unfortunately. This is the release history page: https://linn-ui-buildartifacts-prod.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/applications/kazooserver/history.html#/platform/win32 And I just noticed there's no mention of QNAP builds there, only PCs and MACs. Does your NAS tell you about updates in the app centre?
  10. Ho hum. I have been contemplating changing my 140s for Kudos for a while. Now I'm not so sure I should. I have 8 channels of amps and a Katalysed EBox10. It seems a waste to change from 8 to 4-way. While I loved the Kudos Super20As, they are pricey. I have been away from my music for nearly 2 months. In that time I heard the B&W 800 series (800 and 804, see other thread). Coming back home clean, as it were, and having had about 3 days full on listening, I am loving what I already have plenty enough tyvm. Money OTOH: I do find the 140s a tad "ugly", (a bit strong, but even if it's only the boxiness it's still a factor), and they are physically right at the top end of my size limits in the place they have to be. The Kudos are nicer looking and a little smaller/compact. It may be I was getting upgraditis before, and it may also be a case of familiarity and contempt getting into bed together. Perhaps that will recur in time. So what to do... Perhaps I should stay where I am and concentrate on the amps next. But 2x 4200s = Kudos + 1x 4200, give or take. I'd keep the majik amps for future surround use. Then again, I'd get £800 for the 140s probably and there's more chance of 2nd hand 4200s. Ho hum
  11. Well it would. 24-bit downloads are genuine HiRes from the master recordings. Upscaling/ripping 16-bit to 24 is not the same. You can't rip CDs to flac 24-bit, only 16-bit, or to WAV 24-bit.
  12. I'd start at the default 100Hz and work your way down if necessary. Add the gain in 1dB increments. I'm not sure what the max gain is but you could also try the max and step it down.
  13. Not taken as such. I think it may be room size and placement in your case. You could always try adding a bass shelf.