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  1. BTW, Amazon Music HD is £15 pm (£13 if you have Prime). So it's not that much cheaper.
  2. Kazoo Server will work if there's no internet, and Pins aren't used like that anyway, they are just markers. There are no playlist generators or randomisers either.
  3. I know but I can't get it to play at the moment. It's running but only using 40MB, and I can't reach it to see what's up at the mo.
  4. I raised a "Suggest an Improvement" on this a while back. Nothing since. I think it's something to do with UPnP, but what exactly is preventing it I have no idea. It might be the same cause as for the "returning to the top" on going back up the tree when browsing - only happens with UPnP servers too.
  5. Actually they are both right. you say albumin I say albumen, let's call the whole thing off. Or a protein
  6. Roon does do a lot of background stuff that other servers don't, probably the reason. Just out of interest, on my QNAP HS-251+ the system memory usage is: Minimserver = 210MB Asset = 32MB They are both using the same library, and Asset actually has 2 instances running, so Asset is by far and away the leanest. I may fire up Kazoo Server later and see what it uses.
  7. Everyone's different. I did try Lumin and didn't like it. To be fair Bubble DS Next is probably best but I hate Android! So Kazoo it is. I don't use streaming services much, only to browse new stuff and my favourite artists, so metadata and genre is probably not on my radar.
  8. Straying a bit (or a lot) but there was thread on the old forum (I think it was bubblegumm or doomhammer) about what the best, "uber" control-point/server combo would be. Aspects of all of them were included in each, so none were perfect. Server discovery for me is fine. It's DS discovery that can be dodgy at times.
  9. One would have thought so, and it some respects it is true. For EG. Pins work with KazooServer, but not UPnP servers like Minim or Asset. On the other hand, although KazooServer does scan .m3u playlists, they aren't accessible via Kazoo, only Kinsky. Make of that what you will! Searches are supported by all three above mentioned servers. The UPNP Search function is server-dependent rather than control point, so I imagine that Logitech doesn't support it.
  10. Pins are available in Kazoo. I happen to think Kazoo is good now. Navigation is entirely down to the server (not kazoo), as is metadata display (for the most part). It does have issues with UPnP servers though I admit but not major (always reverting to the top of a list when re-entering is the "majorest" one). Otherwise, what's the issue?
  11. I notice you took out the "it's a travesty" comment. Why? I entirely agree. Are they signed to anyone? To get the coverage and exposure they need a good manager, get them on Jools or something. I happen to think releasing singles in that piecemeal fashion is probably not a good strategy either. They have enough recorded material now to create an album surely? It need not be pressed - downloads on bandcamp might be a way to go (I know they make sure the artists get a much bigger share of the money). If you are in touch with them, suggest it? I was also going to suggest PledgeMusic but it seems they have gone the way of the dodo. Which in itself is indicative of the state the "industry" is in. Get them on Bandcamp!
  12. Couldn't agree more. It has also meant cloud playlists for Kazoo haven't appeared, because they were concentrating on "Linn" (apparently).