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  1. Love the old Singer re-purposing! The treadle would be a great place for a centre channel
  2. timster

    Guess the album cover

    Not a scooby..
  3. timster

    What are you listening to right now?

    Not my usual fare but enjoying this new release:
  4. Roon had it's charms and I did like it's front end. But as you say, it's a heavy price. From what I remember it did give recommendations and similar artists and albums though - or was that only from local music/tidal favourites too?
  5. I tried the trial of Roon. The radio/shuffle was limited to the focus, from what I remember, and I assumed the focus was ignorant of where it was coming from and would therefore include Tidal. I was/am waiting for Qobuz to get to Roon but if that's not the case, maybe not so great after all.
  6. It doesn't exist in Kazoo (neither does Tidal), although on the Qobuz apps there are recommendations.
  7. Yes, that is true. It probably won;t write the whole file back as you say. I also wonder - when doing Album Gain, it should read the entire album in to calculate the gain to apply across all tracks. I think it calculates an average. I have watched dBPoweramp with it's 4 core processing and I have to say I don't know how it does that - it seemed to process 4 tracks at a time, but I guess in the background it has read all tracks in before doing that.
  8. Make sure Qobuz is enabled in Konfig. Then it should be visible in Bubble like Tidal was.
  9. Just for interest. Let's say you are processing ReplayGain on uncompressed flacs. They are around 20-30MB each. Even compressed at level 5 they would be around 10MB. My Core i3 processor has 4 core processors. That means dBPoweramp (without any throttling or core limits) will be reading in 4x20MB = 80MB (to apply ReplayGain, dBpoweramp needs to read in the whole file to do the calculation) at a time. That's Mega BYTES. The bits will be 8x that = 640Mbits. If the processors aren't throttled, and run very fast at say 1GHz for this process alone (my processor runs at 2.4GHz so let's say under half), that is 1,000 Mbits per second (just for the maths, not true but good enough for the analogy) it is very likely the read-rate over the network could well exceed 100Mbps. Possibly even exceed 1Gbps. And of course, dBPoweramp will write the tags, and send it back again too! Another 640Mbits. Eeek!
  10. timster

    Guess the album cover

    Just put it in Paint and scale it up Not that it helps in any way whatsoever...
  11. timster

    Guess the album cover

    Geez a cloo...
  12. Couldn't agree more. While I HATE (positively and absolutely) Lumin, I also HATE (to an even greater degree) Android but like Bubble DS Next. So that leaves me either Kazoo on Windows or Kazoo on my iPod Touch. Being a non-Apple-ite I ain't buying an iPad for oodles just to try out "Linn" and the Touch is so small and old it wouldn't work anyway. Why they have dropped Kazoo development is another marketing decision I reckon. But of all my limited options, I have grown to like it best. Apart from Roon when I had that. But again, Roon on Android was God-awful! I feel a tad miffed that only Appleites are getting a say on functionality and how "Linn" will develop, and I reckon Androids will be next. So I have put in some requests anyway in the hope it will eventually get to Windows 10. Or it may be Windows 20 by then!
  13. Don't want to be a pedant, but perhaps this should be in the LP12 forum? OK, so maybe I do want to be a pedant
  14. Or, you could throttle the CPU to say a maximum of 8x speed, or even 2x. Or force it to only use a single or just 2 CPU cores (these are options confusingly in DSP Effects). They will slow it down, but would also reduce bandwidth.