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  1. From the manual: But I don't think you can copy one room to another, you'll probably have to start again for the "new" room. I can't wait for the Exakt version of this....
  2. Not really. You will hear a difference, the point is that it possibly isn't as significant as some think if they particularly good masters and how they have been converted (I'm sure some are better than others - dbPoweramp uses Lame, possibly because it's one of the best). You have no real idea of the lossy-ness of streaming services' versions.
  3. I think also they were specifically designed for glass shelves, as that is the material of choice for their rack (of which I have two). The basic physics of the bearings and platform itself would still be the same on any surface though I'd have thought. Admittedly they are an expensive investment compared to Gunstigs!
  4. Headphones aren't an option for me, but I have done just that in the past with my dbPoweramp conveted mp3 versions (at 320). There were slight differences in the detail at higher volumes, but not enough to be meaningful. I have also compared 96/24 or 192/24 vinyl rips to redbook CD ripped versions. They are probably different masters though, so probably even less meaningful!
  5. Apparently glass tops aren't great so I suppose there's logic in that. I have glass tops though on my racks, compensated by Custom Design iRAP isolation platforms to great effect. Whether you'd get the same benefit on wood/mdf/board shelves though I don't know. Paul's felt pads really didn't work for me in conjunction with the iRAPs, so maybe.
  6. I agree. Good mastering will show through. And if there are such things as supertasters, I suppose it's possible some are superhearers who could distinguish the minutiae of differences more profoundly than others.
  7. Only if your wooden furniture is vertical, large-backed, immovable and flat!
  8. Quite right, I remember that. Can you remember what the differential was? Less than 2250 I presume. It possibly has a time limit too, or there wouldn't be a specific entry in the pricelist for AEBox-i Kat upgrade.... And I thought the re-naming and "simplification" of the range was supposed to do just that. It's all a bit discombobulating!
  9. The upgrade is the same price for both AEBox-i and MEBox-i, so if that was the case, pre-Kat AEBox-i owners would be a bit miffed, to say the least!
  10. When I had my 10 upgraded at the dealer's, I had a look at what was involved. Piece of cake, simple board swap. Dealer's markup is 40%, so I assume they get £640 for doing the job, Perhaps the EBox-i is more involved to change to Akurate/Katalyst (I don;t know what the internals look like but with the amps I assume it's bit more complicated, may explain some of it at least. If the EBox-i has to go back to Linn as well, that could explain another chunk?
  11. timster

    New album releases

    How far back does one have to go... But you may have a point. Just a quick scan of my collection (which is just what I like, not necessarily "really good fresh etc", so far this year it's 18. But: 2018 - 56, 2017 - 55, 2016 - 53 (which is odd in itself, one a week, bizarre, not planned at all!). And 2015 - 72, 2014 - 80 (but I only got back into music properly in 2014, so that's misleading).
  12. timster

    New album releases

    I guess it depends on what you're in to?
  13. Where are your ears in relation to the tweeters? I have always thought that they should be at the same height.
  14. I fear not. The firmware that allows for full-range outputs from an Exaktbox can only be used as such in certain configurations, and I'm pretty sure only one stereo pair of front speakers, not a doubling up as you want. It is mainly designed for surround sound applications. Not that it matters, but you'd only need the 6, which is better than the 10.
  15. The signal that the sub will ultimately get will be the same wherever/however it's connected (except for Exakt systems). If you think about SO as an equalizer (yes yes, I know it's not, but for the sake of argument), the profile/modes etc. SO generates and are applied to the music in the DSM becomes the overall scheme of things if you will - the sub will get the same information via high-level/lo-level, DSM outputs or amplifier outputs.