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  1. I have not. I just looked it up and put it into my Netflix DVD queue. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Speaking of the Beatles, I saw Danny Boyle's "Yesterday" a couple of days ago. It has become one of my favourite films. A must see, especially for Beatles fans.
  3. Just get a Radikal. It would make for a better improvement than anything else, except for the Karousel. A Karousel and Radikal at once would keep you in self-isolation for a long time. Cheers, Michael
  4. Let's be clear, not coming together and staying apart will bring a quicker end to COVID-19. But we know that you didn't mean literally "come together."
  5. I don't know what speakers you are using, but you can power speakers passively in a surround sound system with an Exaktbox -I. This would give you enough channels to run five passive speakers in a 5.1 system. In case you are interested, Cheers, Michael
  6. Today, I entered Canada for the first time in a week. I've been self-isolating, on day 11 now, but had an emergency dental appointment. There are signs along the highway saying "Wash hands, don't gather, distance 2m, stay home." Also, there was a billboard thanking the frontline workers. That was very heart warming. It appears that in Italy, the curve is flattening, after three weeks of lockdown. Also, an article said that self-isolation and social distancing are working in Seattle. So, do what the signs in Canada say. It works.
  7. Yes. The reduced friction of the new thrust plate in the Karousel is said to reduce the noise floor. I had an experience of reduced background noise after I properly leveled my LP12. It was quite noticeable.
  8. It's on Qobuz. You can find it on the album "The Millennium Collection: Best of Rare Earth." It's the first track. It says "Album Version," but it's live. It's a veritable time machine to the 1970s. Boogie On, Michael
  9. Warms my heart. My old friend has found a wonderful new home and has settled in nicely.
  10. I think the title of this thread confirms Alan's somewhat negative view of us. However, judging from the responses here, it seems that most of us are just music lovers. The conversation quickly became about songs that we love, and not the hifi systems. Of course, there are some hobbyists amongst us.
  11. Word I got from a couple of sources is that Linn will be releasing LP12 upgrades at the rate of about one per year, for the next few years.
  12. Repeat eight times. It's really an amazing workout, very efficient. Those Tour de France guys are some other species than myself.