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  1. I have done exactly this with my AEDSM using a Rega DAC and a Rega EAR headphone amp.
  2. Thanks for this explanation. I’ll be sure to bring the thumb screw along for my next visit to my local dealer in Vancouver.
  3. There’s a Linn boutique in Ginza Tokyo. They also carry other brands. Last time I was there, in May, they had just moved shop and had greatly expanded. They had almost the entire Linn line up on display. I’m currently in Japan and will pay them a visit soon.
  4. Haha. I wish you would’ve told me that before I bought them. 😂
  5. Without music playing, check for stability of the speakers. Gently try to move the speaker. It should feel rock solid and immovable. Equal and opposite reaction will occur albeit in minute amounts. But the vibrations of music are minute.
  6. I can’t find any reference to this sale other than the email I received. Hmmmmm.
  7. Place a finger on top of your speaker and gently apply force in the horizontal plane. Any movement represents a loss of energy and music. You want the speaker drivers to move the air in front, not the speaker cabinets behind.
  8. That would be the initial intent. So why would Linn want to sell more at a drastically reduced price for only a limited time? Series 5 is relatively new, and is consistent with Linn’s current direction. So I don’t think it will be discontinued. Perhaps getting more units out there and freeing up customers’ funds for a Katalyst upgrade? Fingers crossed.
  9. Would anyone care to speculate as to what this might mean for Series 5?
  10. Got an email from a stateside dealer. All Series 5 speakers and systems are on sale with discounts of about $4000 or more. The sale runs from November 13 to December 13.
  11. I just renewed. It cost $73 to extend my subscription for one year factoring in my existing credit.
  12. What David said. If the cartridge needs replacing, I would go with one of the inexpensive Audio Technica models, the cheapest being US$30. Put your money where it matters most. The end result will sound better.