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  1. While my LP12 was in the shop a couple weeks ago. I had installed the hinge plates, and bought a pair of hinges. I then borrowed a dust cover lid from a surplus Linn Basik TT. I hadn't had a lid on my LP12 for about 28 years. Now I'm wondering why. Removing and replacing the lid for listening sessions is seamless. And the lack of dust on the deck is so nice. Get a lid.
  2. Kate Bush, "Hounds of Love" album, side two, "The Ninth Wave." Listened to it last night. It's a masterpiece.
  3. Yesterday, I spent a couple hours fine tuning my room dimensions down to one centimetre. Previously, I hadn't done a very good job due to my own ignorance about SOV2, and had not blown up the floor plan enough to get that level of resolution. I had to re-input all of the wall features. Well, the result was quite nice. Well worth the effort. Everything just seems more right. There is, yet again, more detail, and not by a small margin. I'm amazed! One tip; start adjusting at the front wall, and move away from the speakers in both directions. That way, all the inaccuracies will add up and be adjusted for further away from the immediate vicinity of the speakers.
  4. My results from options 1 and 3 were close. Both were considerably better than option 2.
  5. Thanks for your input. After I posted, I thought about it and realized that it makes sense that changing a wall would require re-entry of the wall features. So, I went ahead and re-measured the windows and doors and entered then into the model. The result was well worth the effort. Sound quality has improved quite noticeably. So measure and input all walls to the centimetre. It does make a difference.
  6. I just went in and tightened up all my room dimensions down to one centimetre. It looks as though all the windows and doors have disappeared. Is this right, or have I missed something?
  7. I will start being more diligent about doing all that I can to prolong the lives of these expensive consumables we call MC cartridges. Starting with proper alignment, tracking force, and bias adjustment. Then, there's the daily maintenance of record and stylus cleanliness.
  8. Signs of age was the dealer's opinion. Perhaps he was just trying to accelerate my Kandid purchase. I'll listen more critically tonight.
  9. I've installed dedicated circuits in two of my friends' houses, although many years ago. In both cases, the existing wiring was very old with deteriorating cloth insulation. Therefore, the new wiring made a very noticeable improvement in sound quality. In one case, 10 gauge wire was used where 12 gauge was required by code. We used hospital grade outlets. However, I'm thinking that the UK outlets are much more robust than the standard outlets are here in the USA. If you can do the installation rather easily, then I think it's very worthwhile. Video screens (TV) can also benefit, so I've heard.
  10. As I have said elsewhere on this forum, I too have gotten the best results with "My speakers are in their ideal locations." This was after trying all three choices. Also, the optimisation slider was tried at 5% increments from 80/20, finally settling in a 65/35. I had a lengthy conversation with the dealer about SOV2. He said that the guidance from Linn was to just try different settings. If it sounds better, then that's the correct setting. Trust your ears is, I guess, the guiding principle here.
  11. Reviving an old thread here. It's been about a year and my Krystal is beginning to show signs of aging. It will be four years old this March or April. The dealer thinks that it will last another year. I'm looking at replacing it with a Kandid this summer or fall.
  12. I went ahead and ordered a bottle of L'Art du Son. Lots of good reviews online convinced me to give it a go.
  13. If the dealer offered to come to my house, take out the new Cirkus, replace it with my old one, and give me a full refund, I would say "No, thank you." Things are sounding really good here.
  14. Perhaps the perimeter needs to close, so all the dimensions need to add up.
  15. I just played around with the room dimensions. As far as I can tell, the wall lengths are adjusted by clicking on and moving the corners. If you zoom in enough, you can adjust down to one centimetre. I don't see any way to type in the dimensions. Is this correct?