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  1. The Kirmuss is a batch process. It takes 6 litres of distilled water, which must be dumped after 15 to 20 LPs. One must set aside an afternoon to do a batch. I spoke with Charles Kirmuss on the phone. He has an LP12.
  2. First of all, that would be an economy class ticket for Paul. Secondly, if you keep the electronics, you have to keep Paul as well.
  3. I assume that you saw my post about the Kirmuss RCM. It's an ultrasonic that cost me about C$1,000.
  4. Paul, Thanks for getting my intended humour.
  5. So it's possible that I wasn't just imagining things. Well done!
  6. Is your house in a similar proximity to high tension lines as this one?
  7. I recall saying to test it before soldering it in.
  8. I'm not sure of what you are asking exactly, but the SKADIS would have, perhaps, made a bigger difference than the sticks had I installed the boards first. After the first measure is taken, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. I just add things one at a time to see if an effect is noticed. But, without overstating results, I have to say that I really liked what the peg boards provided.
  9. Let's be careful of the wording. "There is no 530 Katalyst upgrade planned for this year" is what Katie told me. This doesn't mean it won't happen next year. Sorry to interrupt the excitement about Exaktbox-I.
  10. I bought my Audiotech stand back in the late 1980s for about US$250. I thought that was outrageous back then. However, 30 years later, it's as good as new and $250 seems like a bargain. $600 is less money to me now than $250 was back then. Especially for something that will outlast us all, and is so fundamental to the performance of the LP12.
  11. I got the Ekos and Keel. I'll take the entire kit to the dealer in Vancouver to do the install just before I leave for Japan on May 1. I'll be there for five weeks. When I return, I'll pick up the deck. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the Kore and Ittok before saying good bye to them.
  12. Here's a photo of what I've done so far. First, the curtains were installed. Next, diffusion was added in the form of the sticks in the far corners, then the inboard sticks. Finally, the peg boards were installed, more diffusion. What I've learned is to first, tame the RT60 (flutter echo) with absorption. In my case, curtains. Next step is to add diffusion. I don't know exactly how the diffusion works, but it seems to increase detail and makes the image more fixed in space. Everything was purchased at IKEA.