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  1. My previous "bad" cables were revealed as such after I got the new cables. It sounded as though a fuzzy veil had been lifted from the music. From now on, I'll only by cables that have been individually tested. That will insure that they meet spec, and are "good."
  2. An LP12, or other good quality turntable, will tend to reveal the difference in sound quality of a clean record.
  3. Just make sure they are good quality cables. I like BJC because they test each cable before shipping, and include test results. That way there is no question that it meets spec. A 6 foot, a 20 foot, and a 25 foot cat 6a setup cost US$105. That's very inexpensive peace of mind.
  4. Linn recommend good quality cat 5 or cat 6 cables as Exakt Links. There should be no difference between cat 5 or 6, shielded or unshielded. I suspect the difference is between good quality and bad quality. Replacing the cables could have solved a problem of cables that didn't meet the spec for which the equipment was designed.
  5. Here's what I've found so far; Yes, it's labour intensive. I imagine I'll have a pile of empty plastic distilled water jugs before too long. However, it really does make an improvement in sound quality. I find it reveals noticeably more than cleaning with my Nitty Gritty does. I'm hearing things on my favourite LPs that I've never heard before. I find the music to be more engaging now, more presence. Conclusion: It's a keeper.
  6. Is this a reference to Kate's song "Sat in Your Lap" from "The Dreaming?"
  7. I certainly hope so, since I have an Ekos SE on order. I'm with you in the "lack of knowledge" dept. This is a tough one with opposing opinions everywhere. I usually say "source first." But then, I, like the OP, listen mainly to vinyl. Digital sources are so secondary to me. If the OP got the Ekos SE, it would complete the Radikal, Keel, Ekos SE "trifecta" that I understand brings a real synergy to the LP12. However, getting the Katalyst upgrade first will make any future LP12 upgrades even more profound. So, as always, the correct answer is "both."
  8. I just remembered Linn's current promotion. You could get the Urika II at 15% off if you purchase the Ekos SE as well.
  9. I would say it's between an Ekos SE and Katalyst, assuming the Urika II is in place. So, flip a coin. Heads you get both, tails you get both.
  10. I jumped on the offer. Ordered a Keel and Ekos SE. Thanks for posting about this offer. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. It saved me from the Keel or Ekos SE dilemma.
  11. I think what BJC tested were very cheap cables out of China, where standards occur as mere suggestions.
  12. Here's a rather comprehensive (two part) review of the Kirmuss machine. He compares it to the Audio Desk. https://theaudiophileman.com/kirmuss-ka-rc-1-ultrasonic-review-part1/
  13. Linn have stated that there is no difference in sound quality between cat 5 and cat 6 when used as Exakt Links. My finding is that good quality cables that meet spec do make a difference when compared to inferior quality cables that don't meet spec.
  14. The Audio Desk looks like a top quality machine. I like that it is fully automatic, whilst the Kirmuss is rather labour intensive. I only paid C$950 plus sales tax for the Kirmuss. I'm unboxing it now and will have it cleaning today. I'll post my results.