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  1. I'm always considering getting a Klimax Radikal. That and the Kandid are the only things missing to make my LP12 full Klimax. My Krystal is three years old now, and I'm planning ahead for when it needs to be replaced. I would certainly like to try a Klimax Radikal in my system sometime. There's also the little talked about upgrade of using two Radikals, supplying separately the motor and the Urika II.
  2. Of course, Mr. Kandid would be the first to reply. What is your LP12 configuration?
  3. My LP12 consists of Radikal (AK), Keel, Ekos SE, Urika II, and Krystal. Has anyone out there upgraded from Krystal to Kandid? If so, how was the sound quality difference? When my Krystal wears out, I'll be making a decision to buy another Krystal, or to upgrade to the Kandid.
  4. The affordable upgrade is the Trampolin. It makes a nice sonic improvement for little money. The sub-chassis would have been replaced in 2009 along with the Cirkus bearing. I went from a Cirkus sub-chassis to a Kore, and it was a very nice upgrade. That would be the second affordable step to take.
  5. Very good information. Thank you! How did they compare sound quality wise?
  6. Have you tested the KL Audio, Audio Desk, and Kirmuss machines? If there is something out there that cleans better than the Kirmuss, I'd be very interested in it.
  7. I too, am a skeptic. But the results are absolutely fantastic from a sound quality standpoint. So, I am willing to concede that Charles Kirmuss may know some things that I don't.
  8. I have experienced the white fuzzy residue on the stylus. However, It isn't the cleaning solution. I tested it and the cleaning solution immediately washes away with water. In speaking with Mr. Kirmuss, he said it was release agent. I found this to be a little difficult to believe. However, I haven't heard a better explanation. The good news is that the white fuzz seems to become less and less as the record is played, and becomes easier to remove. Also, it didn't appear on all records that I cleaned, just some of them. I was about to resurrect this thread and say that since I got the Keel and Ekos SE, I'm noticing an even bigger difference in sound quality between records that have been cleaned with the Kirmuss machine, and those that haven't. It's to the point where I only want to listen to records that I've cleaned.
  9. I also use the Onzow Zerodust. I got mine on either eBay or Amazon in the states. The first time I used in on my Troika way back, a black dot was left on the Onzow gel surface. It must have been baked on vinyl.
  10. I knew of a Linn dealer who had so many Urikas in on trade that he was giving them away with purchase of a Radikal.
  11. As I said in another thread, my experience dealing with Lawson was quite nice. I'm surprised he didn't install a used Urika 1 for a good price. He must have a few of them lying around. It may be time to pack up the LP12 once more and head back to Atlanta.
  12. I have a Krystal. I have the gain on my Urika II set to 56dB. It works just fine.
  13. I was told by someone at Linn; fall of this year.
  14. I just got my LP12 back from the dealer. He installed a Keel and Ekos SE. I told him about the potential problem of the motor touching the Urika II foot. He discovered a small mark on the bottom of the motor that appeared to be caused by contact with one of the screws holding the foot. He took a dremel tool to the screw and declared all is well. I measured by plinth depth and it looks to be 65.5 mm. I'm confident that the problem was solved as things just sound so "right."