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  1. All in due time. Just enjoy where you are right now. You have an awesome setup. First do as you are planning and get the Cirkus and Kore.
  2. Yes. The Katans will take all the power you can afford to feed them, and just sound better and better. Once your amps are in place, you could go Aktiv, or you could skip all that and just go straight to the DSM/Exaktbox-I, and watch the members of Kiss's faces melt.
  3. Funny. I was just googling Blu Tack so that I could recommend it to you.
  4. Do your speaker stands have spikes pointing up under the Katans?
  5. David, You have been nominated for the "Upgrade of the Year" award. I think your daughter's reaction sums it up.
  6. According to the document above, the Katan stands are 24 inches tall.
  7. I believe the Katans came out around the year 2000. I don't know when they were discontinued.
  8. For Katans, one would need four channels of amplification and Aktiv crossover cards in order to go Aktiv. The Linn amps are designed to have the Aktiv crossover cards fit inside. Aktiv cards came in two varieties, mono and stereo. Mono cards would fit into the LK100, AV5105, Klout. Stereo cards would fit into the LK85, LK140. LInn speakers were designed to be upgraded in stages; single wire, bi-wire, bi-amp, and finally Aktiv. Include tri for three way speakers. Each stage would improve sound quality, but the final stage, Aktiv, is a big jump up. My main system consisted of Aktiv Tukans (the predecessor to the Katans) driven by AV5105 amps. Before that, I had LK100 amps. I was happily listening to this setup for about 20 years. Do the Katans that are available include the stands? If so, it would be a fair deal. The stands are essential. They will not perform to their potential unless positioned correctly on rigid and stable stands. I wouldn't give up on the Katans just yet. Perhaps you could wait until the seller realizes that his asking price is too high, and make a reasonable offer based on fair market value. You are in an enviable position of having all this wonderful and inexpensive used Linn gear available with which to built an awesome hifi system.
  9. Last night, I signed up for Qobuz at the "Studio" level, which includes hi-res quality streaming. The sound quality is quite good, better than Tidal I would say, even at CD quality level. The music selection is missing some of my favourites, which are available on Tidal. I'll be keeping both Qobuz and Tidal.
  10. Your and Thomas's praise for the LVIII made me very happy as I was listening to Marillion's "Sounds that can't be Made" album when I read the replies. I was noticing just how good my system sounds. I have the idea that the Ekos was basically the Ittok LVIII/2 design, with the difference being that production was moved to Scotland.
  11. Thank you for your reply and advice. Honestly, when I posted my question, I was hoping for a reply from you. You seem to speak from first hand experience (41 years worth at that!). With all the praise given to the Ittok LVIII/2, I'm wanting to hold on to it for a while, get the Keel, and enjoy.
  12. It has been announced.
  13. Let's make the best of what we have. And this forum is what we have.