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  1. Within the Buddhist community, Linn systems are known as the only systems capable of faithfully reproducing the sound of one hand clapping.
  2. I use Blue Jeans Cable for all my Exakt Link cables (Cat 6a). I have Urika II, and a 530 system. I'm very happy with them. I think Nestor and I are the spokes people for BJC on this forum.
  3. Sorry for seemingly straying off topic, but the value of a K18 has much to do with the availability of a replacement stylus. If it can be determined that a plug and play replacement is now available in the form of an Audio Technica VM series stylus, this should made a used K18 much more valuable. I'm willing to buy a cartridge and see if the stylus does actually fit and sound right.
  4. Now that you've distinguished it, it all makes sense. C=conical E=elliptical EN=elliptical nude ML=microlinear SH=shibata
  5. Straying off topic a bit, but, The VM95e is $49 and made in China. The VM95en is $119 and made in Japan. I would go for the VM95en. Maybe the n stands for Nihon (Japan in Japanese.) I've just found that QC in Japan tends to be better than China.
  6. That is awesome! I googled the new VM cartridge from AT. It looks rather different from a K18. Sorry for being a bit skeptical, but how do you know it will fit?
  7. I just read your post and response elsewhere on Wigwam. It would probably be best to just wipe it with a damp cloth, then take it to a Linn dealer. It will most likely benefit from an evaluation, and possible rebuild/set up. But the dealer will be able to assess it and recommend a course of action. Contact the dealer for procedures on transporting. This is very important. I envy you as I bought my 1970s vintage LP12 in 1990. I enjoyed many upgrades. It really taught me a lot about how LP12 makes beautiful music.
  8. Congratulations! I'm wondering how filthy. Can you post a photo?
  9. That would be the non-OCD solution. I think I'll just march down to my local Linn dealer and have them fit an AT-95. Then I can once and for all give up the notion of finding something to fit the k18. Decision made. Thank you for the gentle nudge.
  10. The question of which stylus can be successfully retrofitted onto the K18 is one that needs to be wrestled to the ground. I've searched the web extensively and haven't found a definitive answer. I've seen am AT95 stylus fitted with screw hole added. I've seen a VM series stylus (the ones with hinged stylus guard) seemingly fitted without modification, but without comment as to sound quality. Fitting is one thing. Fitting securely enough to sound good is another. Does anyone out there have experience with this retrofit? I have a Linn Basik with a K18 that I used on my LP12 back in the 1990s. I'd like to put the deck into service. If I can't find a way to make the K18 work, I may just buy an AT95 and be done with it.
  11. Now we are getting somewhere. Next question; do you have a record collection? If so, roughly how many? Concerning your original query, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. The good news is that there is a bridge.
  12. I would say, immediately buy the Sound Organization on Ebay. I used to have one, and I wish I still did. It is a rigid welded frame that will make your system sound better.
  13. Interestingly, I was just thinking of doing the same. I have a Linn Basik turntable with a K18 cartridge sitting around and would like to test it out. I have an Akurate Exakt DSM. My local dealer in Vancouver is on holiday for a couple weeks, so I may take it in once he returns. I know it's got to be very simple, but I'd be more concerned about protecting the warranty.
  14. It appears that to upgrade from Akurate Radikal to Klimax Radikal isn't practicable. Since the Radikal comes with a motor, etc., One would be buying an expensive motor and not using it, or selling it. One could buy just the box without motor, but then the value of the used Akurate Radikal box would be diminished since the new owner would have to buy a motor. One dealer suggested to just wait until a Radikal replacement (Radikal 2?) comes out.
  15. Sweeeeeeet! Now I'm excited! The dealer sent me a photo of a stack of assembled but unfinished plinths in various wood types. There were two Santos Rosewood examples. I chose the grain pattern that I preferred. Since the plinth is assembled, only the final finishing is required, hence, the relatively quick delivery time. Sorry, this post isn't about my new plinth. I hope the OP finds all this interesting, if not inspiring.