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  1. Yes, just try it..after reading here the statement from Linn about the exaktlink Cat6 i swapped the cinnamon for a bulk cat6 just out off curiosity.. To my ears it sounds more right and natural, my opinion off course...
  2. No, i found a simple cat6 cable beter than a Audioquest cinnamon cat7 at least what the exaktlink matters..sounded more right. Just between switch and DSM...
  3. How many hours before it settles do you thing? After a month still progress? It's sound now already very good..
  4. less than 2 weeks the Mexaktbox is back from the Linn factory updated to katalyst..very fast and accurate handling things, well done Linn What can i say...its very good wheather outside but i'm nailed in my listing chair playing one album after another..this is a very good upgrade. Music playing now with a ease of flow, very nice separation..voices..instruments, became more real.......and it only getting better with the day! Also i got from the Linn dealer a wireworld starlight cat8 ethernetcable to check out... After a day to get used to the upgrade i hooked up the starlight, soundstage got wider, level of detail increased significantly..this cable stays It outperformend easily my Audioquest Cat7 Cinnamon
  5. Some reading..
  6. Well, we already agreed that i can borrow the starlight from the dealer and tried it out ...when the Mexaktbox I gets back from the Linn factory- kat update... But first things first..
  7. No, my Linn dealer has heard the Starlight in his shop demonstrated by a representative and was really suprised how it made a difference as he is not really into cables. The few reviews i found on the net says it's beats the Audioquest, i'm considering buying me a set Starlight. The chroma is about half the price but just the material of the connector has i'm wondering of it's worth the price difference?
  8. Anyone who have experience with the wireworld chroma and Starlight cat8 ethernetcables? My Linn dealer is a cable scepticus but was flabbergasted the difference thé Starlight made for thé best.. could not believe his ears Just connected 1 m between switch and DSM.
  9. M-exaktbox I is handed over at the dealer today for the Kat upgrade... Now counting the days...
  10. Noted! Had the same with my new MDSM a few years ago..needed at least a few days to settle.
  11. Great to hear...can't wait Enjoy it! Half june i'm gonna hand over my MExaktbox to the dealer for the upgrade..exciting times ahead!
  12. I can recommend the Akudoriks highly in combination with a Majik Exaktbox I...super! Next month probably i'm gonna also for the upgrade, first reports seems good
  13. The case does remain the same..i asked the Linn helpline.