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  1. Yeah, i could do that..but then i'm afraid that the windows do not fit in anymore in the bays and i have to adjust then als well and i do not know if that's a good idea because one of the bays is right in the middle of my speakers centered..anyway it's was a lot of work to do properly and it's sounds very good Maybe on a cold lonesome winterday...
  2. Almost same experience here...i put 3 large windows bays aprox. 1.44cm wide, 23cm deep into the calculation now and moving the slider back to default 80/20 to get better(greater) results. More defined and deeper bass. The bays are 1.99cm height and the room is 2.45cm, a pity that is not possible to adjust, but i'm not complaining .. the result is very nice
  3. You can move the slider at optimisation preference more towards shorter decay time to increase the low level energy in your room.. I increase it from 80% to 55%, its really whortwhile doing..brought my system to life!
  4. So2 for fantastic! Finally got the exaktbox I back this week and been able to play around with he new space..great and massive improvement! Thanks Linn for the free upgrade!
  5. Hi, Today i came accros this website rssing where you can track old Linn posts, sadly just by date of posting not by thread.. If you know the title of the topic you looking for maybe you can find it back.. Edit; if you use the search button, you must select 'this channel' instead of
  6. I ask the customer service, USA only for now, other country's very soon!
  7. Could be, but i fail to see any reason why marketing wise.. The oposite seems more likely, no?
  8. I contacted Linn about this and here is the reply... ¨When you connect sources to the DSM players, they are digitised, so if you connect a turntable for example, this audio is digitised in the DSM players. The Akurate Exakt DSM has superior ADC’s than the Majik DSM, so any connected devices will sound better using the Akurate Exakt DSM. If you are only using the DSM for streaming to an Exaktbox or Exakt Speaker, the audio performance on this aspect will be the same on Majik DSM and Akurate Exakt DSM.¨ So in my case there's seems to be no reason to swap....but have a listen within a week anyway
  9. Thanks for sharing...i take it with me in consideration! What version of AEDSM do you have? Is there a difference between the first AEDSM released in 2014, the AEDSM/1 -2016 and the latest Akurate system hub -2018 except for the hdmi 2.0 board - 4K compatible and maybe some cosmetic changes? Does both units have the improved clock circuitry as available in my Majik DSM/2?
  10. Sure, agree to all that, but just as Exakt source it's maybe a different ballgame.. Anyway i have to go to the dealer soon, maybe i can have a quick comparison.
  11. I thought reading some time ago that between Akurate and Majik there was no difference, just a slightly difference between akurate and klimax level.. just what the exakt link concerned..(Linn fora) There must be a difference worthwhile because i will give up some features like headphone connection and internal Amp..if necessary in the Future you never know.
  12. what are the opinons concerned this? Anyone compared a MDSM/3 versus Akurate Exakt DSM just as Exakt source..does it makes a difference about SQ? I'm just curious, have a offer to swap, but SQ must be better otherwise its a no go.
  13. Linn is awared of this issue...but not able to replicate the problem. There is a topic at development forum. My Linn dealer experienced the same but was able to recover it...very bizar.