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  1. I posted the link here in the Naming Linn’s Soon To Be Released Wireless Products topic.
  2. I have the instructions and pics how to do that ...PM send!
  3. Possible, or the switch? My friend have a passive system to and was also pleased with the starlight. (Adsm kat majik amp, 109) Strange..i notice this in a few minutes..and there was no way back.
  4. Hi Tendaberry, Thanks for sharing ...i also had the opportunity to tried the Starlight in my set up for a few days but had the oposite previous AudioQuest Cinnamon was no contender for this one, more detail, refinement, dynamics and ease of flow of the music. My switch is a Netgear GS105 with a friwo psu. I agree on burn in time..made not much difference. A friend of mine bought also one with more or less the same findings.. I just did the evaluation between switch and MDSM.
  5. You won't regret it.. i went from 140 to the Doriks and they are such beautiful musical speakers. Combined with the Mexaktbox I Katalyst you will have a killer combination...
  6. Yes, just try it..after reading here the statement from Linn about the exaktlink Cat6 i swapped the cinnamon for a bulk cat6 just out off curiosity.. To my ears it sounds more right and natural, my opinion off course...
  7. No, i found a simple cat6 cable beter than a Audioquest cinnamon cat7 at least what the exaktlink matters..sounded more right. Just between switch and DSM...
  8. How many hours before it settles do you thing? After a month still progress? It's sound now already very good..
  9. less than 2 weeks the Mexaktbox is back from the Linn factory updated to katalyst..very fast and accurate handling things, well done Linn What can i say...its very good wheather outside but i'm nailed in my listing chair playing one album after another..this is a very good upgrade. Music playing now with a ease of flow, very nice separation..voices..instruments, became more real.......and it only getting better with the day! Also i got from the Linn dealer a wireworld starlight cat8 ethernetcable to check out... After a day to get used to the upgrade i hooked up the starlight, soundstage got wider, level of detail increased significantly..this cable stays It outperformend easily my Audioquest Cat7 Cinnamon