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  1. Apparently this will take effect at the beginning of October, so anyone contemplating an expensive purchase still has a couple of weeks to act.
  2. Don't bother contacting Linn, it's a non-issue now - see e-mail below. Hi Ian, Thank you for your e-mail. Both BBC and Tune-In have finally now confirmed that Linn will retain access to BBC streams so you can be reassured that there should be no change in BBC radio availability for your DS. Best Regards Colin Customer Support Linn Products Limited
  3. "I have to agree with you. I am fortunate in that I have a good dealer who specialises in the LP12. From time to time, he has had people tout their wares with a view to him being a route to market. He keeps an open mind on them until he has had time for some very critical listening. I have been fortunate in being invited for my opinion and have had many opportunities to listen to purported 3rd party "upgrades". In my book, the purpose of an upgrade is to make something sound better. The problem with many non-Linn parts is that they don't make the LP12 sound better, they make it sound different. Accentuating the top end at the expense of bass is lauded as "increases fine detail". Similarly focussing on the bass is hyped as "improves rhythm and timing". Unfortunately human nature is such that very few people would go public on a forum or as an E-Bay seller with "I spent hundreds of pounds on product x, and I'm no longer enjoying the music the way I did." Or in extremis, "it made my deck sound worse, so I'm selling it." I can see the temptation for going with a 3rd party plinth in exotic wood with a fascinating grain pattern. Something Linn don't do, as they have to sell in volume, whereas a specialist woodworker can focus on an individual requirement. Again, whether substitution passes the "tune dem test" is a moot point. So, after all this rambling, when "taking it to another level", I think I would just follow the LP12 hierarchy of Majik sounding good (and surprisingly so, when the deck has been properly set up), Akurate sounding better, and Klimax sounding best. There's three levels for you .
  4. Speak to Class A Hi-Fi Servicing and Repairs 643-645 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats. Sheffield, South Yorkshire S8 0RY Tel. 0114-2588400 They have a good reputation in the Linn community
  5. I'd start with The Sound Organisation in York. It has a good reputation in the Linn community. 2, Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ 01904 627108
  6. I've used Aktiv Akubariks for the last 6 years (since introduction) and have been extremely pleased with them. They are more than capable of revealing improvements in the front end of your system. Don't forget you'll need access to mains power too.
  7. Organisation is a big failing of Qobuz as far as I can see. You can organise your favourites by artist, date added or title, but nothing else. I've subsequently revised my collection strategy slightly. On my NAS, I only have 3 categories of music - classical, contemporary and sampler. My logic (flawed I know) being, when does rock music become electronica, and when does instrumental folk music become guitar? etc. So on Qobuz, all the classical albums are kept under Favourites, and all contemporary and samplers are copied to Playlists and put in alphabetical order, artist surname first where appropriate or by group name per my NAS. I highlighted this shortcoming to Qobuz in response to a user survey over three years ago. I was told that they "valued my comments and that they were going to consider it for further evaluation" - just don't hold your breath!
  8. I didn't buy two belts. Test was done at the dealer's on his deck. A new belt was subsequently bought at a discount.
  9. Same price as the old one as far as I'm aware. It's more a change in supplier which happens to sound better, rather than an "upgrade".
  10. I've got one (along with another forum member). In a side by side comparison on a properly set up deck, there is a noticeable improvement. However, I was told that differences in the new belt's rubber formulation caused changes in the amount that the belt "slips" in comparison with the old one. This results in the deck running slightly fast, and that it is best for it to be a dealer fit, where the speed can be strobe adjusted. Radikal and new Lingo equipped decks will compensate automatically.
  11. Mober is a company run by Edmund Chan out of Hong Kong I believe. He sells LP12 power supplies, main bearings and platters of his own design. I can’t comment on how these products sound, as I haven’t heard any of them. So how they stack up to Linn OEM parts is a question only the individual purchaser can judge.
  12. I did hear a scientist expound on this many years ago. He said that increasing audio sensitivity as light reduces is a phenomenon common to many animals. As the sun goes down, hearing sensitivity increases so as to earlier detect potential threats that it can no longer see clearly - thus giving more time for the fight or flight reflex. He said that this is something in the limbic brain that we as humans, haven't totally lost despite millions of years of evolution.
  13. Claimed on his mousehold insurance policy and got put up at a hotel.