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  1. I didn't buy two belts. Test was done at the dealer's on his deck. A new belt was subsequently bought at a discount.
  2. Same price as the old one as far as I'm aware. It's more a change in supplier which happens to sound better, rather than an "upgrade".
  3. I've got one (along with another forum member). In a side by side comparison on a properly set up deck, there is a noticeable improvement. However, I was told that differences in the new belt's rubber formulation caused changes in the amount that the belt "slips" in comparison with the old one. This results in the deck running slightly fast, and that it is best for it to be a dealer fit, where the speed can be strobe adjusted. Radikal and new Lingo equipped decks will compensate automatically.
  4. Mober is a company run by Edmund Chan out of Hong Kong I believe. He sells LP12 power supplies, main bearings and platters of his own design. I can’t comment on how these products sound, as I haven’t heard any of them. So how they stack up to Linn OEM parts is a question only the individual purchaser can judge.
  5. I did hear a scientist expound on this many years ago. He said that increasing audio sensitivity as light reduces is a phenomenon common to many animals. As the sun goes down, hearing sensitivity increases so as to earlier detect potential threats that it can no longer see clearly - thus giving more time for the fight or flight reflex. He said that this is something in the limbic brain that we as humans, haven't totally lost despite millions of years of evolution.
  6. Claimed on his mousehold insurance policy and got put up at a hotel.
  7. Hmm. Three mouse stories. Where's David Attenborough when you want him?
  8. No I don’t think so. Linn have yet to formally release Space V2 for Exakt products. I’m pretty sure that it will be announced with the appropriate publicity when it is ready.
  9. £600 including VAT, but excluding arm cable. Apparently the logic being that an arm cable from the previous Linn arms (Basik + etc) would be a straight swap. If a customer wanted something better, then there would be the T-cable option.
  10. Dark with the warmth from the Valhalla probably. But it could be a shared taste in music - we’ll never know
  11. In conversation with Colin of What You See and Hear. He mentioned that he'd recently had a deck in, which the owner said "doesn't work". On examination, and apart from the after market mail order "goodies" such as a mat of suspect quality and Oak cone feet stuck on with Blu-tack, he found that it had another unexpected "treat". On fitting into the Linn jig, it sounded as if it had sand inside. When asked if he had a pet, the owner replied that they'd had a mouse in the house. It appeared to have found a warm home inside the LP12 and had left a trail of seeds and nuts there. The Valhalla had failed, possibly due to nibbling, and liquid damage due to the deck's proximity to a plant which was regularly watered. I suppose it could have been worse - the mouse could have shorted itself across the Valhalla, then you could add peculiar smell to the list of things wrong with the deck!
  12. Very wise. In my experience, their hands tend to be cold.