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  1. That’s the conclusion I’m coming to. I’ll try to use Roon exclusively for streaming until the trial runs out, and then try Kazoo/Asset again for a few days to see how I feel. Mick
  2. That's interesting, ta. I've played vinyl since installing Roon but only after taking the DS out of standby, so hadn't come across this yet.
  3. I realise there are threads in the main section of The Wam about Roon, but wanted to find out if any other Linn DS/DSM users have tried it, and if so, what observations have been made. I’m currently three days into my fourteen day trial, and I have to say that it is more the kind of control implementation I would expect to come with a premium product such as Linn sells as opposed to Kazoo and Kazoo Server (I’ve been using Kazoo for ages and I’m more than happy with it, but Roon is something else). I have a couple of slight concerns - for one, I’ve installed it on my Server which runs WHS 2011, an OS Roon doesn’t officially support. This means that if I were to sign up, I’d be very unsure about a lifetime sub as it could stop working if they made major changes and I’d be stuck. Also, I did have to fiddle with the Windows Firewall on WHS to get it to work. On top of that, it wasn’t very happy with my file setup for multi-disc albums! However, I’m most of the way through my music files putting that right, and hope to have it sorted in a day or so. Another couple of small niggles - I can’t yet see a way to put the DS into standby from within Roon Remote; neither can I access radio/TuneIn stations... So - whaddya reckon? Mick
  4. Yes - I've been reading the documentation since I initially set up SO v2. The bay is around a foot lower than the rest of the ceiling. The system's sounding pretty good, but the opportunity to fiddle every so often is tempting, and has interesting (and often good) results.
  5. A major issue here is that the ‘speakers stand partway into a bay. The bay is a trapezoid and is lower than the ceiling. As it’s not currently possible (as I understand it) to have different heights, the next thing I want to try in SO is tweaking the width and depth to keep the volume of the bay the same as it is currently but with the same height as the rest of the room. All the walls are plaster on brick.
  6. I think your comment about ‘overcooking’ is valid. Running a passive system, I’ve been using SO v2 since it was first available, pretty much. Back in the Summer, I turned SO off completely, to show a friend the sort of changes it made, and found the bass that suddenly appeared quite astonishing. It wasn’t ‘good’ bass as such, as it was blurry and ill-defined at certain frequency ranges, but after playing around a little with the absorption setting, I managed to restore the bass to a comfortable level. Mick
  7. If you do try KazooServer you’ll likely find it uses most available RAM and a chunk of virtual memory. You’ll also get a ‘low memory’ warning. It’s a beast. Mick
  8. I’ve always thought it was ‘albumen’, so I had a look:- https://wikidiff.com/albumin/albumen
  9. I must admit that even though I have ‘Linn’ installed, Kazoo is my control point of choice. I also run up Kinsky on occasion, for access to podcasts, but that’s it. Kazoo’s discovery of media servers could be better, but in the main it’s fine. MicK
  10. Consumables aren't really an issue. At the time of purchase Colin was hesitant to buy in any consumables as there's pretty much no overhead on them for his business when bought in small quantities (and who knows? I may be the only customer to purchase a machine). However, all are easily available online. Cleaning fluid (and the water) is replaced every 100 LPs - the distilled water I get from Amazon, and the machine came with two bottles of fluid. Roller brushers, 'wiper blades' (for want of a better description) and filter should be replaced every 500 LPs. Brushes, blades, fluid and filters are easily available through various dealers (who presumably buy in enough to make it worthwhile) and ebay, as are spares in general, so for the time being at least, I have no concerns in that department. We shall see how things go over the next few years! Mick
  11. I started a thread on the Audio Desk machine when I bought mine, a little under a year ago. My search for a cleaning device lasted a great many years (although not with much priority initially). My limited experience of most cleaning machines was that they are pretty much all just dryers, rather than cleaners, and that the result of the cleaning process on those was very dependent on the operator. I wanted a machine that took on the process from start to finish, with consistent results, so I looked at cavitation/ultrasonic machines. Colin at WYSaH took on the Audio Desk machine last year and invited me over for a play. I took an LP that I’d bought in a charity shop and that sounded like Friday night at the fish & chip shop, it was so noisy. After a run through the machine it had almost no surface noise at all (there was a little damage on one track but that’s obviously something cleaning will never resolve). I’m still using the machine (I’ve cleaned around 150 LPs so far) and have no issue with the high cost compared to the regular dryers. Mick
  12. It is indeed me, Tom! I’ve never yet visited the factory, although I hope to do so at some point. Mick
  13. I’ve been using Solos for several years. I’ve yet to have them cut out, not with my current Akubariks nor with the Espeks I had before, even at neighbour-annoying levels. Mick PS Welcome to the forum! I remember the name from the old Linn place.
  14. Just had another quick play. I can put the DS into standby and change to radio stations, but as you say, siurce selection outside this isn’t possible. I only have the t/t as a physical input, and if I select it via the remote, Lumin changes it back to radio or playlist, presumably because it doesn’t recognise what’s happened. Mick