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  1. You should be fine. As far as I understand it my KDS update came with a new five year warranty that covers the existing PSU. Mick
  2. I agree. Moving to Katalyst (and later, Urika II) enabled me to sell my KK/1, which is now doing sterling(!) work in Scotland! My KDS goes straight into a pair of Solos. Mick
  3. Congrats, timster! I don’t have an Exakt setuphere but I upgraded my KDS to Katalyst after hearing a dem between my existing DS/2 and the Katalyst version. No contest! Mick
  4. You have dropouts when listening to vinyl? That should be a top priority for Linn (or possibly your dealer) to resolve. It's one thing to be unable to reach a setup page online, another if you can't even listen to music. Mick
  5. No issues here. I don’t access it that often, but apart from the downtime the other week all’s been fine with both my DS and MDSM. Mick
  6. In my experience it’s due to the modulation of the following part of the groove (ie the next revolution) slightly deforming the previous section of groove. If you listen and watch the record as it’s playing and use the label as a marker you should see that the pre-echo occurs at the same point as the ‘proper’ sound. If that makes sense! Mick
  7. That’s quite scary. First thing I thought, upon reading your initial query, was ‘input overload’. Should’ve been obvious to your dealer. Mick
  8. I posted the picture on Facebook earlier. One friend responded with “Asounding! Supendous”!
  9. I know what you mean! Nowhere is safe from bad spelling, unfortunately. Here’s a sign I saw in our local Waterstones today - pretty unforgiveable in a bookshop, I think! Mick
  10. In that case I guess the KK right balanced socket must be faulty. It’ll probably not be worth getting Linn to repair it (unless it’s still under warranty, of course). Mick
  11. Good point - it could be the cable dragging that ‘side’ down. Mick
  12. Well done for tracking the issue down! Never heard of a faulty Klimax unit.
  13. Might be an intermittent connection in the interconnect plug. If you’ve tried different inputs on the KK it’s very unlikely to be that. Besides which the KK phonos are directly mounted on the circuit board and therefore less likely to go faulty than a plug on the end of a cable in my experience. Mick
  14. Thete was a thread on the old forum about this - apparently there are little peel-off-the-back sticky things that are suitable. Others here should have product name info. Mick