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  1. Two of these excellent power cables for sale. The brand and model both receive great reviews, with improved resolution, clarity and so forth. They are both 1.5 metres in length and nice and flexible which is handy since most higher end cables are 1m only, restricting component placement. I am selling each for £40 plus postage but if anyone wants both I will do for £70 plus postage.
  2. Krott

    FS: Rega R200 Tonearm

    Now sold
  3. Krott

    Wanted 1m XLR interconnect

    I can offer you a Mark Grant DSP2.5 Power Cable for £40 if you are interested. It is actually 1.5 metres in length which gives more flexibility in terms of placement of components. If you are interested I have two of them.
  4. Krott

    FS: Rega R200 Tonearm

    Saturday Night Bump, with price dropped to £130
  5. Krott

    FS: Rega R200 Tonearm

    Selling my Rega R200 tonearm including detachable headshell. These were manufactured in Japan, originally came with Rega Planar 3 turntables in late 1970s and early 1980s, and are now much sought after. As the photos hopefully show this one is in excellent condition. Mechanically all works perfectly, including its antiskate/bias mechanism. Let me know if you need any further information or better/further photos. Would like £150 or somewhere near that.
  6. As well as the length can you also confirm whether this is a single pair of interconnects, or two pairs please
  7. Have got a Musical Fidelity A200 that I could possibly be persuaded to part with. Definitely Class A, and can serve to heat your home or fry food as well. This model is hard to find (not many were made) unlike the A1 and A100. Sounds wonderful, but may not be what you are after. Let me know if it is and we can talk about price.
  8. Hi there, did you sell this in the end?
  9. Krott

    Rega RP10 Turntable and arm

    Hi Kevin, if your buyer falls through I would be interested in stepping in.