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  1. Nope, I reckon we all need another cables do/don’t make a difference thread!
  2. Even if i had seen that title, I wouldn’t have recognised it as the same topic.
  3. Like many folk, I quite enjoy reading about the hifi bargains people get. I thought it would be a good topic for a thread. I also thought it might be good to balance it with tales of less successful buys, I’ve had a few ups and downs, A Radford amp for a tenner and a Philips CD player I lost half the value on in just a week by buying on the strength of a review. Looking forward to hearing and maybe seeing pics of other people’s buys, .
  4. Leak Pye Radord GB Tools (Zeta) Voyd Manticore British Loudspeakers (BLQ) Logic Source
  5. Words can’t describe how gorgeous they are, At least you won’t ever need to think of upgrading.
  6. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. If and when I do, the only “truth” that will matter to me will be my own experience.
  7. Guvnor


    I tend to dislike the sound of tall narrow boxes, especially ones with quite a bit of cabinet depth. Wider, shallower cabinets with larger drivers placed on stands usually sound much better to me. I think there is a fashion trend at play as well as a cost one, but I don’t think it’s right to blame WAF. There’s no evidence that anyone’s is targeting women with the design. It is just as likely to be aimed at the buyers who are usually men.
  8. Yep, stunning from every angle
  9. I can’t even look at the rack in that pic.Impossible to take my eyes off those gorgeous speakers.
  10. I currently use Atacama Equinox because you can lift the sections off which makes wiring and cleaning easier, I also like the extra depth. Too many racks leave little or no room for wiring. if I didn’t t have this, I’d probably make something by modifying Ikea Lack tables. Plenty folk have already done so and there are many examples online. Alternately I’d use a TV stand with glass shelves. They sell cheaply and do the job. Id say to anyone wanting a hifi rack to consider buying used. They are awkward to post, so they usually get listed as collection only and sell for low money. As long as you can wait for a local one to pop up, you will save a packet.
  11. We are very fortunate today in having both a ready supply of great used kit and an easy marketplace to realise its value. This means that you can try stuff for yourself and move it on without significant loss if it doesn’t suit. This has allowed me to try quite a lot of hifi and learn what I like in the comfort of my own home. Some of my choices have been based on hearing stuff years ago, some on memorable reviews or reading back issues, some on reading forum posts, some after hearing stuff at friends’ houses and some based on simple desire to try. As long as you buy used and research values to pick a bargain, there’s nothing wrong with using hifi reviews as another tool alongside all the other sources of information.
  12. Try Fisual. They do a variety of thicknesses and get good feedback.
  13. I’m not sure how it would play out with massier stands, but I got better focus and tighter bass by driving 4 cross head screws into the carpeted floor and sitting the spikes in the tops of the screws. This was a common tip back in the day and it worked well for me. Costs little to try and the holes make little impact on the carpet or the floor underneath.