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  1. Can the dreamers and timewasters(of which there are many) not contact me regarding this amp, if you are seriously interested at a fair price great get in touch.
  2. Bump- superb amplifier
  3. some lovely equipment, but can you please update your list Rick- most of it has been sold! thank you
  4. hfguy

    Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    thank you for feedback. I also love musical fidelity equipment. interesting regarding the bass with the nords, did you ever try the sparks lab days with them?they give a fuller sound, and the new Nord input board sounds very interesting. enjoy the musical fidelity, they appear a magnificent buy!
  5. hfguy

    Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    that is some serious amplification! interested in your opinion regarding comparison to your Nord mono blocks when you get chance.
  6. Offers invited for this superb amplifier, thankyou
  7. bump for this amp-original box and remote and instruction booklet. Beautiful sound and build
  8. wonderful amp still available
  9. Looks like a mark on lower left- there is no mark
  10. Photo uploaded- does also come with box and remote control
  11. Files too large for photos- will get some up when i figure out how, cheers
  12. Its a very very well made piece of kit- I don't have anything with better build than this and sound is superb.
  13. I will post pics tomorrow if that's ok. location is Liverpool. thankyou