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  1. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Ok. Cheers
  2. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    So ......... deep breath ....... any opinions on the HEDD actives?
  3. Pedro2

    Wharfdale Linton anniversary speakers

    I too owned a pair way back in time (cue fond memories and nostalgic music). Seem to remember my other kit being a BSR deck and Sansui AU101 amplifier.
  4. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Even though I own a Linn streamer (which is excellent), I must qualify as a non-Linnie then as the intricacies of Aktiv and Exakt are mostly a mystery to me too. Which is partly the reason I’m keen on going down the straightforward active route. I notice that you’ve got kit in Kendal. Once saw Ben Taylor at the Brewery Arts Centre. A great gig and a great location.
  5. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Hi Flash. I think it was Tin that referred to the DAC. Cheers
  6. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    I may be wrong but the conversion would tie you into the Linn Exakt world which, despite it being the ultimate ‘end game’ for the Linnies, is both expensive and binding ( to Linn products). On the other hand, if you can afford it, may offer something quite unique and stunningly good. The power amplification would also remain outside the speakers. An alternative route would be to consider the PMC actives themselves although any domestically acceptable models are stand mounted ( may be wrong). ps Sunbeamgls may have a bespoke, customised approach.
  7. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Don’t know if you’ll be blown away; maybe or not. You might, at least be surprised by the sound quality from speakers that require no power amps as an additional expense (+ box count). As I’ve got a streamer/dac/pre combined, I’ve only got one box plus the two active speakers. Enjoy the read!
  8. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Regarding bass performance, dynamics and resolution, you’ll be hard pressed to beat a good active and may be surprised at what an active stand mount can offer. Even a small active stand mount like the AE1a offers deceptive amounts of tight bass for its size. However, the laws of physics will still hold and for more deep bass, you will either need a larger stand mount, a floor stander or subs with the stand mount. I would definitely audition a range if possible (quite a few online pro sellers offer money back trial periods to enable home auditions too).
  9. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Although I’m currently using a pair of very moderately priced active stand mounts, (£1000 new) the sound per pound is astonishing. The only real downside is the ability to kit swap has all but disappeared (not a downside for me, though). I do feel, however, that there maybe one more speaker upgrade waiting before I can hang up my hi fi boots and sail off into audio nirvana. Needless to say, if it happens, it will be active. I too, have considered ATC as an option but the costs involved have always put me off. As an owner of a Linn streamer, there’s also the Linn aktiv or Exakt routes; both appear to be prohibitively expensive. Which brings me back to where my current interest lies - more realistically priced pro or semi pro active speakers. My current speakers, I believe, have a family trait that has some studio origins (Acoustic Energy) although they have been aimed clearly at the domestic market. The HEDD 20 caught my eye because it was reviewed as a possible cross over between the professional and domestic markets. It’s looks won’t appeal to many (rubberised, utilitarian cabinets) but it’s the sound that I’m keen to sample. So, Newlash09, it might be worth adding some pro/semi pro actives to your wish list and from what I’ve read (not yet heard, mind), the HEDD 20 or 30 (even bigger sound) might tick some of your boxes. They certainly come in at much more wallet friendly prices than many (most) in the domestic market and may give the active ATCs a good run for their money at a fraction of the price.
  10. Pedro2

    Amplifiers and speakers

    Having once paired ATC with Nord, I tend to agree but what brought you to the same conclusion?
  11. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Look forward to hearing your impressions. I’ve read quite a few of the reviews with one saying that they’re the best studio monitor he’s ever heard.
  12. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Thanks for the explanation! I was completely blanked by this one. Thought the device was a camera
  13. Pedro2

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

    Just about to start a new thread but found this one already exists. Not been updated for some time, however. Currently own a pair of acoustic energy AE1a and for the money, they’re brilliant. However, may be moving house in the next 6 months and could also be an opportunity for a change (or not). My interest has been sparked by a pro audio pair of actives which, from the reviews, appear to offer ATC active honesty at half the price (or much more if comparing to the SCM50a). Speakers concerned are the HEDD Audio 20 active studio monitors which come in at just under £3000 a pair. At some point, will try and grab a listen although nearest retailers are not on the doorstep. Wondered if anyone has heard them or other actives that offer exceptional sq in the domestic environment? Looks are not that important and industrial appearance would be quite acceptable. ps The date of this thread suggests that active users may be in short supply over here but apologies if I’m wrong.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions so far although it doesn’t appear to have a simple solution. I’m not sure what you mean about the AE1a input. There’s only one input being used and it’s the xlr fed by the xlr output from the Akurate (using its preamp facility). I’m not currently using any rca inputs or outputs. Regarding the limited bass and treble adjustments on the active speakers, I’ve tried them without any Space settings as well as in combination with Space settings. Currently, I’m using Space settings only (version 2) with the speaker adjustments set to 0 (flat) and I think that this gives the ‘best’ sound (to my ears). Maybe I should just forget the sub idea and stick with what I’m getting. Got to say, it’s rather good and my upgraditis has now remained dormant for some time (since Kat upgrade).
  15. I'm currently mulling over the addition of a sub to our system and wondered how it would connect to the ADSM. As I use active speakers (AE1a) fed directly from the Akurate XLR outputs, I'm not sure how the sub could be connected. Would it be via the RCA output or am I running a system that couldn't currently support a sub? If it is possible, any thoughts from those who are currently using one (two subs?) would be appreciated. I have very mixed feelings based on an unsuccessful experience some years ago with a passive system (sub + floor standers + smallish room + serious boomy, mushy bass). I could certainly live without one but I'm intrigued at the possibility of even better sound especially with the bonus of Space to prevent any room node nasties. Thanks