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  1. Pedro2

    'Don't Skip'

    Is the theme for this year's National Album day and according to the BBC website: 'National Album Day was launched last year to mark the 70th anniversary of the album format. This year's theme is "don't skip", encouraging people to appreciate "the benefits of taking time out to listen to an album from start to finish". The idea is to challenge the cherry-picking approach to music listening that first took hold with the advent of the iPod in 2001. A recent study by streaming service Deezer found 15% of people below the age of 25 had never listened to an album all the way through. The survey of more than 2000 UK-based adults, found that 42% of people simply opted for playlists - either their own, or ones curated by streaming services - rather than playing albums in full. However, a separate study revealed that listening to an album is one of the best ways to de-stress - beating activities like gardening, exercising or taking a nap. According to a survey of 2,019 adults, listening to an album was the third most-popular activity for improving mood and mental well-being, after comfort-eating and reading (which came first). Bear in mind the research was commissioned by music industry body the BPI and the Entertainment Retailers Association to mark National Album Day, so treat the findings accordingly.' Interesting (I've just started to do the same - see Flac revisited).
  2. Pedro2

    Flac revisited

    Ow do Milton! I notice that you reside in Newcastle (under Lyme). My brother currently lives there and I lived in Stoke for many years before running out to the hills. I also know the Milton area very well!
  3. Pedro2

    Flac revisited

    I have spent the last couple of years listening almost exclusively to Spotify (premium 360bps) and have loved both the sound and convenience/ ease of use. As a result, the Synergy NAS has been largely confined to a cupboard and switched off. We are now, however, facing a house move and a possibility of a new turntable (my wife in particular is excited by this prospect which is interesting). If we move before Christmas, we have decided to buy each other a couple of vinyl albums each from a ‘classic’ selection of our own choosing. This then got me thinking ..... how about selecting a small number of classic flac albums and playing them as albums and not playlists streamed from Spotify? For the last couple of days, this is what I’ve been doing and got to say that I’ve really enjoyed it. Don’t know if it’s the act of listening to a whole album or whether it’s the resolution that’s having an effect? Will add a few more classics to the folder and see what the month ahead might bring but so far, so good. Much less choice but a return to an older way of listening. Quite refreshing!
  4. Could be long wait ( based on Linn’s response to Spotify Connect)!
  5. I once heard the LS50 before buying the ATC SCM11s. Unfortunately, the audition room for the KEFs was very poor (a Superfi store if I remember rightly) and the ATCs were from another shop that was much better acoustically. I would still like to hear them at home, however. In particular, I would like to compare the wireless version with my AE1 actives. Has anyone had this pleasure? Also, the new Elac Navis ARB51 looks impressive. A comparison of the KEFs, AE1a and Elac would be very interesting!
  6. I must admit that I could easily live with the stock mains cables that came with my actives, having used them for a couple of years. The 'upgraded' cables definitely alter the sound slightly and in my opinion, for the better. Is it worth the outlay (£80)? Would anyone else have the same opinion? Can't answer these questions to be honest. Just thought I'd share my thoughts in case anyone fancied testing the theory and was prepared to get out the screwdriver. I believe that the sound of your hi fi kit can be altered in a multitude of ways. Some of these changes cost nothing (e.g move your speakers, toe in or out etc) , some cost very little (cheap isolation from IKEA etc) and some cost a lot e.g (Linn Katalyst DAC upgrade). Sometimes, mucking things about and even spending money on occasions, can be fun.
  7. That’s the one that I’ve just used (see Mains cables for active speakers). £80 for two cables complete with decent plugs doesn’t seem too pricey to me, especially as I’m using 2.5m for each speaker.
  8. I must start this topic by stating that I have always remained fairly neutral on the issue of mains cables having an effect on sound quality and for the last couple of years, have been running a pair of AE1a actives with the stock mains cable that were provided in the box. Recently, however, I read a review of an active speaker where the reviewer replaced the stock cables with his own and noticed an immediate improvement. It got me thinking and I wondered whether it was possible to make up a couple of pairs of DIY high quality mains cables at a 'sensible' price. One week later, and having been supplied with the necessary bits from MCRU, I have made up two lengths of high quality cable, each 2.5m long for just over £80 (including 3 pin plug and IEC kettle plug). Got to say that it was worth the money and that there has been a noticeable improvement in SQ. Apologies but I can't explain it; maybe a big reduction in RF as the cable is fully shielded or it could be the thickness of the copper, or the better quality plugs or ..... or .... All i know is that if you're using actives and you've not upgraded the mains cable, it may be worth a punt, especially if you make them up yourself from the bits (low skill level required and no soldering involved!)
  9. Hi Jellytot, Thanks for the tip re normalisation which I have subsequently switched off. The loudness issue still remains, however, and it's a big issue on my system; full volume is still significantly lower than it should be and it's as though the life has been 'sucked out' of the music. I'm also of the opinion that until Amazon becomes another in-built option like Tidal etc., there's no way it can be fully appreciated on a Linn DSM. I certainly found this to be the case when using Spotify before and then after Spotify Connect arrived. The SQ from the latter was much better than when it was being piped through a chrome cast audio (digital out into the Akurate). I am also convinced that as a business proposition, Amazon HD streaming will become unavoidable if Linn are to keep up and compete with their rivals. It may, however, be at the end of some tricky negotiations with the likes of Tidal and Qobuz who are facing stiff price competition (i.e not competing on price!) Have fun on your visit and good luck with any Amazon streaming questions that you may ask. Cheers
  10. Ok. So here are my initial impressions of Amazon HD. First off: played on my iPhone and AirPlayed to the Akurate DSM. I found the sound a bit ‘meh’ and though detailed, rather unexciting with very low impact and contrast. However, the biggest feature to note was the low volume; much lower than the equivalent on Spotify. I think that this was probably having a big effect on the features noted above. I then played it through a Fire TV stick plugged into the Akurate and controlled via the TV app. This was better and louder (back to normal levels). I’m not sure what resolution was coming through, however but suspect either 16/48 CD or slightly higher with the HD+ stream. I then switched to the same tracks on Spotify Connect and though the native resolution was lower, 360bps, to my ears it still sounded better. I didn’t compare with FLAC and I haven’t got a subscription to Tidal or Qubuz. I can only think that the explanation for this was down to how Spotify Connect is built into the Akurate and doesn’t rely on an extra piece of (cheap) kit that’s plugged into the HDMI sockets. It also reminded me of the difference between Spotify Connect played via a Chromecast Audio plugged into the Akurate and then played natively once Linn had got round to building into the on-board streamed services. The latter was and is much better. One final thought is Linn’s reaction to the queries regarding building Amazon HD as an on-board service alongside the others (Tidal et al). To me it appears short sighted and dismissive. No surprise there, however and it will be interesting to see how long this attitude remains if the Amazon service takes off big time with the likes of Naim, Sonos and the rest all jumping on board sooner rather than later.
  11. Tannoy Active Gold Tannoy have just released three new active monitors in their gold series. More information here: and here: Darko