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  1. The Stifmeister

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I Have been meaning to get myself some floor standing speakers for some time but nothing really appealed to me, that is until i heard the new kef r series, lovely speakers.
  2. The Stifmeister

    Cable question (groan)

    Give the new TQ Black II Speaker cables a go, imo they are more like the more expensive ultra blacks and are phenomenal.
  3. The Stifmeister

    Streamer upgrade

    I can whole heartedly recommend the innuos zen mini II, i think i paid £600 for mine on e-bay and it came with 200 gb of music already on it which was a nice surprise, i use it in conjunction with roon and its a fantastic little bit of kit.
  4. The Stifmeister

    leaving a cd player on

    I usually power everything off at night, if I'm going to listen to music i usually give it an hour or so to let everything warm up.
  5. The Stifmeister

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I think i am done (for now), its taken a little time to get all the pieces together but it was worth it.
  6. The Stifmeister

    What would you ditch...

    IMO if you are not using your system as much as you were and not pushing it to it's potential then you need to ask yourself is it worth it? I had the Tucana 2 for a couple of years and ended up with the same dilemma you are facing, i decided to reign it in a bit, i was never going to use my amp to its full potential in my 17x15 room and hardly ever had the volume past 10 o clock, my dealer was a great help and guided me towards my current system.
  7. The Stifmeister

    Scammers on E Bay

    I've seen hundreds of these in the past, mainly speakers... starting bid of £2.47 or something like that, then in the description you can purchase through a link. I'm not sure if they hijack other peoples accounts but the feedback is always in the thousands. if you think it's too good to be true it probably is.
  8. The Stifmeister

    Leema Acoustics Owners Club

    I have been using Leema amps for some time, i decided to take my time pairing the Leema kit and its paid off in spades, I've never been happier with my system than i am now, its truly phenomenal.
  9. The Stifmeister

    Roon Core help

    I use Roon on my Innuos zen mini, i previously used a MacBook pro but wanted to use something a bit more user friendly in my main lounge, i can now use either my phone/ipad or MacBook as a roon remote and it works a treat, the zen mini is very simple to set up and has 750 of my hi-res/cd albums on it and only 30% used capacity, i also have Tidal as my streaming service which completes my set up.
  10. The Stifmeister

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I have had several dacs in the past MF 6Si, Rega Dac-r, audiolab m-dac+, original chord hugo, Questyle, Leema elements dac and a few others but in a move to upgrade to another level i decided to invest in the chord TT, oh my god! i cannot express how impressed i am with this unit, you know it's good when you can't stop smiling.
  11. The Stifmeister

    Neat motive sx2

    A good choice would be a Leema Elements Amplifier, they are well over your budget new but used you would be able to pick up a great bargain, these sound smooth and very similar to arcam & marantz but better build quality and far better sound quality. the used price is between £500-£600 and in my opinion a steal at the price.
  12. The Stifmeister

    Rega saturn & Roksan k3 amp

    I personally think it would be too analytical bordering on very bright, i would love to hear your thoughts when you get it all up and running.
  13. The Stifmeister

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    Innuos zen mini with 500+ albums including DSD & high res files Chord Hugo TT dac/pre Tellurium Q black II speaker cable and XLR cables
  14. The Stifmeister

    DAC off: Audiolab, Bluesound, Chord, Focusrite

    Very true, it does seem to hold its own at a very good price point, when i had mine it just seemed a bit too harsh, saying that though i was using cheap interconnects and usb cables which would of effected the sound.
  15. The Stifmeister

    DAC off: Audiolab, Bluesound, Chord, Focusrite

    I agree, it would be good to get some comparisons with dacs in the same ball park as the chord, as the M-DAC+ is nearly half the price of the chord it seems to be a bit unfair to compare the 2.