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  1. No not to the cloud, i use an external hard drive to back up my innuos, which is SSD.
  2. Try the Innuos Zenith MK3 with the Qutest and let me know what you think.... I use the Zenith MK3 with the Chord HugoTT and find it exceptional.
  3. I have the ZENith mk3 and it is very very good!
  4. you can save a grand here!
  5. I have been using roon for 3 years and if the yearly price changes then i will look elsewhere, as nice as roon is its not worth $699, that's a lot of music.
  6. my room is 15x13 and the R5's are plenty, the R7's will be too much,
  7. Totally agree with you, i had the i series and they were great, i had the 25.24's and TBH i much prefer my KEF R5's. PMC do like a price hike.
  8. I was very sceptical that they would make a difference but Yes they do work, the chord hugo TT doesn't really have any feet apart from 4 tiny spheres and by accident while trying them under the power amps i gave them a try under the DAC, and was blown away by the difference these made, they are one of those things you need to try before you buy to get an idea if they will benefit your own system. As for the Innuos ZENith MK3 here is a link to the manufacturers website, they are very popular for obvious reasons and use as a Roon Core.
  9. My new toy on the middle shelf, sounding phenomenal 😁
  10. No problems with Roon & Tidal, i think i can see what's going on, the blue sound node is finding the separate albums where as the tidal software has condensed them into one cover art, if you click onto the beatles white album using the tidal software you can then select versions and tidal will display all the versions of this album including CD/MQA etc...
  11. I use the Innuos ZENith MKIII and couldn't be happier, depending on budget you could look at the Zen or Mini (eBay could save you £££)
  12. I would recommend the Rega Brio-R with the Kefs
  13. I have tried a lot of expensive cables from Tellurium Q/Chord/QED & Audioquest and at the time enjoyed them all, i currently have chord shawline XLR's and Audioquest cinnamon USB cable along with some Van Damme 4mm Hi-Fi UP-LCOFC speaker cable, all my cables are well made but not breaking the bank and sound excellent, i find the sound i have to be more realistic and definitely my preferred sound. only one of my cables was purchased from new which was the Van Damme speaker cable from Mark Grant, the others were used which makes my outlay less than £200.