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  1. The Stifmeister

    Leema Acoustics Owners Club

    I have been using leema amps for some time, i decided to take my time pairing the leema kit and its paid off in spades, I've never been happier with my system than i am now, its truly phenomenal.
  2. The Stifmeister

    Roon Core help

    I use Roon on my Innuos zen mini, i previously used a MacBook pro but wanted to use something a bit more user friendly in my main lounge, i can now use either my phone/ipad or MacBook as a roon remote and it works a treat, the zen mini is very simple to set up and has 750 of my hi-res/cd albums on it and only 30% used capacity, i also have Tidal as my streaming service which completes my set up.
  3. The Stifmeister

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I have had several dacs in the past MF 6Si, Rega Dac-r, audiolab m-dac+, original chord hugo, Questyle, Leema elements dac and a few others but in a move to upgrade to another level i decided to invest in the chord TT, oh my god! i cannot express how impressed i am with this unit, you know it's good when you can't stop smiling.
  4. The Stifmeister

    Neat motive sx2

    A good choice would be a Leema Elements Amplifier, they are well over your budget new but used you would be able to pick up a great bargain, these sound smooth and very similar to arcam & marantz but better build quality and far better sound quality. the used price is between £500-£600 and in my opinion a steal at the price.
  5. The Stifmeister

    Rega saturn & Roksan k3 amp

    I personally think it would be too analytical bordering on very bright, i would love to hear your thoughts when you get it all up and running.
  6. The Stifmeister

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    Innuos zen mini with 500+ albums including DSD & high res files Chord Hugo TT dac/pre Tellurium Q black II speaker cable and XLR cables
  7. The Stifmeister

    DAC off: Audiolab, Bluesound, Chord, Focusrite

    Very true, it does seem to hold its own at a very good price point, when i had mine it just seemed a bit too harsh, saying that though i was using cheap interconnects and usb cables which would of effected the sound.
  8. The Stifmeister

    DAC off: Audiolab, Bluesound, Chord, Focusrite

    I agree, it would be good to get some comparisons with dacs in the same ball park as the chord, as the M-DAC+ is nearly half the price of the chord it seems to be a bit unfair to compare the 2.
  9. The Stifmeister

    If you did believe in power cables..

    Not really, i would say different than an improvement, i have seen the demo's using very expensive mains cables and conditioners and yes they are very convincing.
  10. The Stifmeister

    If you did believe in power cables..

    I removed my isotek evo3 aquarius from my system over a month ago and nobody in the house has noticed, they haven't even noticed the big black box has gone let alone any difference to sound or picture..... TBH i wanted to hear and see a dramatic difference, that was not the case. the only difference now is the extra £1000+ in my bank account.
  11. The Stifmeister

    Hi - Fi Racks

    I use the Hi-Fi Racks Podium Reference stand, i did look at the Atacama stands but preferred the look/price of the Hi-Fi Racks gear. being able to add additional tears is a bonus and being able to remove one layer at a time when cleaning & re-installing is much easier.
  12. The Stifmeister

    ebay seller cancels my win

    What a bull**** excuse, it obviously didn't meet his expectations. he has made it look like you want to cancel the order to get out of the final value fee, i would reiterate to eBay that it wasn't your choice to cancel the order and hope he gets a £200 bill.
  13. The Stifmeister

    Kef LS50 (hit & miss) v new Kef R3, ATC SCM11 Bookself Speakers

    I agree with pp, good solid stands are very important, as is positioning. Not too sure about the Dale Winton drivers though, that's why i went with the Lenny Henry Edition
  14. The Stifmeister

    Naim Atom

    Naim updated there facebook post stating it was fixed about an hour ago.
  15. The Stifmeister

    Naim Atom

    Thought i would give my Spotify app a dust off, I've just tried google cast & Airplay and everything sounds ok, no difference in sound quality.