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  1. nomore landings

    Blank Canvas

    Left field option - especially if considering class d amps. Active floor standers - although I have little personal experience John Darko has recently reviewed several new models: DALI Calisto 6 would be in budget with the wireless hub and BlueIOS streaming module. Does MQA first unfold, but not second if that is an issue.Analogue input for future TT. I admit to a strong DALI bias! Elac Navis -Class A/B amps Also updated Dynaudio XEO, LS50s + sub
  2. nomore landings

    Bass gone south

    Hi Pomster, A great shame to have high quality equipment like yours and not enjoy the delivery. I also have Danish floor standers with a hybrid ribbon tweeter and agree with MF1000 that a little toe in can improve matters - even in defiance of DALI's advice! Looking at your photo, it might deflect more of the output from the rear port into the alcove. I have used acoustic foam in the past placed against the wall behind the speaker ports and found to be much more effective than bungs. I now have very effective GIKs but obviously not an option for you, but agree with others that any repositioning out into the room will likely bring the biggest improvement. I remain amazed after 45 years of hifi ownership how even small adjustments to positioning can have a significant effect on performance. Also agree with elimination of floor-born vibration and can recommend GAIAs but are not a cheap solution. The suggested granite block with rubber type feet instead of spikes might be a good cost effective start. The other non-bass suggestions of isolating your electronics are sound(sic) as would be distancing them if possible from horrendously 'noisy' router and telephone with their wallwart switching power supplies. I appreciate that we all struggle with domestic restrictions on locating our gear and life is always a compromise. Room nodes are another problem and here is an excellent youtube video on speaker set up by the top man at Dynaudio - another Dane!
  3. nomore landings

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    Look no further than New Labour. Minister T Jowell decided, in her infinite wisdom, not to adapt the superior DAB+ in favour of retaining horrible low bit rate DAB in the UK. Not the only example of dumbed -down quantity over quality decisions with dire long term consequences. Meanwhile Radio Paradise, which thankfully moved location prior to the tragic fire that destroyed the town of that name in northern California, is a trail blazer for high fidelity radio streaming. Launched 18 months ago, their app supports lossless FLAC and very good it is too, IMHO. No adverts or moronic DJs. You can also download 6 hours of content to play off line on the beach or in the car and 320AAC streams live via 4G. Hi Uzzy, I stream RP using my iPad into the Marantz SA14S1se's DAC. Cheap solution and excellent SQ. Also same method into Denon AVR6200x - much better SQ than inbuilt MP3 vtuner.
  4. nomore landings

    CD Alive and Well?

    Agree. Subjective, as always, but listened yesterday to Dire straits Sultans of Swing streamed as FLAC to Marantz's USB DAC input and the remastered CD played immediately after was noticeably more dynamic and detailed to my ears ( My original 1980's Cd would have comfortably lost). Same DAC etc so true A/B. SACD offers an even great dynamic range and analogue "feel". NB I do not own a quality streamer, but bits are bits according to some! USBs generally noisy as also a power lead? Agree whiteheart.Refreshing.
  5. nomore landings


    Thanks bigfool. Saddled with a head full of technical acronyms, the Bohemian alternative had passed me by!
  6. nomore landings


    Left-field question Would that acronym be: Max Gross Take Off Weight?
  7. nomore landings

    Marantz Premium Products Anyone ?

    Congrats on your purchase - cannot fault them and doubt if the se version is worth the hassle of exchange. The new Ki Rubys copy the SA&PM 10s in embracing very different technology. The SAs up-convert everything to high speed DSD which negates the need for a conventional DAC.(PS audio was first!) The PMs are class D Nord hypex 500s - a big departure from our A/Bs.The PM10 uses 2 modules per channel and the KIs one. I briefly heard the 10s with some Sopras - huge soundstage and very detailed, but in the immortal words of Kenny Everitt - I suspect too mucking fuch for my room!
  8. nomore landings

    So, if you could go back in time...

    My 4000DS also sat in a box from the late 70s until a few months ago when I gave it to a guy that installed a dishwasher. I then checked ebay prices -Doh! At least gone to an enthusiast and looked mint. Many thanks for that ad from 73. I bought the B&O Beomaster & Gram -1200 I think in that year. Plus Celestion Ditton 25s. Had long forgotten the price, but was probably best measured by how many double shifts and Sundays I worked at my local hospital! A year or two later, my mate bought the same with B&O speakers - still has it in his flat in HKG but has now got the Beomaster 4000 with the fancy tangental arm. To answer the headline question - believing the hype in 1983 and spending big on a Cd player and dozens of now unlistenable CDs. Out went my Vinyl collected over 15 years. Doh again! First press Led Zep 1-4, sticky fingers with the denim and zip, and many more.
  9. nomore landings

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    Pleased the Marantz duo fit the bill - certainly keeping mine and will probably out-last me! Moved listening room from upstairs suspended floor to former dining room with solid walls/floor. Took a surprising amount of tweaking and adjustment, but singing beautifully now. Swapped QED performance for Chord Clearway. Replaced acoustic foam bass traps with GIK Tri Trap - sonic and aesthetic improvement. Tidal 3 months trial for £1.99 - enjoying long forgotten music from my youth, including Ten Years After, Blodwyn Pig, King Crimson, Atomic Rooster and Fairport Convention. Alvin Lee sure could play, ditto Mick Abrahams, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer. Sandy Denny beautiful vocals - must listen more
  10. nomore landings

    Interconnects - £30, £50, £100

    +1 replaced QEDs with Clearway - money well spent, IMHO. Found my 1995 Van Den Hull The First in a draw - 5 mins was enough for them to go back!
  11. nomore landings


    I can vouch for GAIAs Best on a hard surface - granite slabs on carpeted solid floor for me, but also very effective on suspended floor. Not so good directly placed on carpet - need the spike plates at extra cost!
  12. nomore landings

    Advice: Elac - Canton - Dali

    Hi Stereonic, Looks a tricky room and well worth viewing the expert GIK presentation here for some insight into room nodes etc..before spending the big bucks. I have not heard the ELACs, but the renowned Andrew Jones, formally of KEF, has allegedly designed some fine sounding speakers. I recently moved my hifi to a different room and it took several weeks of tweaking to get the best from my Rubicon 6s. More toe in than before, GAIA 3s on granite slabs (need bigger ones) and my basic foam bass traps to eliminate a 60Hz room node - it's 4.5m sq with a bay window. I wish I had watched the GIK presentation before. Auditions can be fraught with false perceptions as we know. I agree with Insider - I have not heard a DALI that has a recessed midrange, but they need at least 30cm from rear wall and more if possible from corners. Toe in might help with primary reflection points as the ribbons have very wide dispersion. Bottom line, I can highly recommend the Rubicons, but acknowledge that there are many fine speakers at this price point ( and some very flawed ones to boot)
  13. nomore landings

    Advice: Elac - Canton - Dali

    With respect, BS, I listen to my Opticon 6s and Rubicon 6s most days and IMHO the Rubicons justify the 250% price differential. I agree that a quality amp is required to get the best from them as is a quality source. Pointless if you are going to stream compressed files.
  14. nomore landings

    final Marantz component purchase

    Was thinking the KI Ruby amp might be preferable to the PM10 as that is class D, although never wise to judge on technical specs alone, IMHO. To anyone interested, would highly recommend trying Radio Paradise FLAC stream just to sample the SQ. They have just launched a new web player/ desktop version complete with SBT plug in (having sold mine!) but APP version works well fed into a DAC. The 320AAC was good, but the fLAC in a different league. The ability to skip tracks welcome on any radio station. Yet to try the FireTV version to my AV. Apple TV4/Sonos also supported.
  15. nomore landings

    final Marantz component purchase

    Ken Ishawata certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to extracting the best from various quality sources and recordings. I did have a brief listen to the SA10 and PM10 with Sopra 2s. Huge soundstage and detail but probably too much for my 4.5m sq listening room - and wallet. Like the new KI ruby and PS Audio direct stream there is no DAC per se, everything up converted into hi speed DSD. Certainly had an analogue feel. Very happy with Marantz 14s and hopefully final hifi purchase. Happy listening and having seen how good your colour looks on the Atacama Equinox, I might have gone for the wrong one!