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  1. Hi Dudy, Had one for a few weeks and am delighted. I do not have a NAS and don't bother with the files on my computer so don't need Roon. The OS is fine for my needs and is the same as upmarket Lumin. Replicates Tidal interface but probably not as slick - I:m new to Tidal. Ethernet only, it performed a firmware update with no input from me and saw the IPad app. My first delve into Tidal was to check out Masters and up popped the MQA icon. I also discovered that amongst the many upsampling options -eg 44.1 FLAC to 8X 352.8/24 -was 512DSD (I am a big SACD fan.) It has 2 clocks for 44.1 and 48 multiples and technically a knockout for the price IMHO. I've only had a SBT to compare. Hopefully not arousing the cable naysayers and ruining your thread, but replaced the kettle lead with an Audioquest jobbie and use Chord Clearway RCAs. Comparing the very best recorded material, eg Norah Jones on SACD vs MQA is surprisingly close, although BIA on SACD comfortably beats the FLAC version, but others such as Fleetwood Mac are a win for MQA. Splitting hairs so allround delighted with SQ. Non masters Tidal FLAC 44.1 tracks are up converted, but a switch to Masters reverts to MQA - seemless. My other source is Radio Paradise lossless on my iPad app, which sees the Teac and now have internet radio up converted to 512DSD - amazing SQ and free! I will try Qobuz for a month but Tidal sets the bar very high. If it does the job with roon for you, then highly recommended.
  2. Hi again Domt, IMHO, it is no easy task to improve on the amp that you already possess. I have its little brother - a mere 19kgs- built with similar precision in the same facility in Japan and it is all the amp that I will ever need. Analogue only and therefore immune from potential digital nasties. However, it would be churlish to suggest that some all-in -ones cannot compete and the suggestions of Scandinavians Primare and Hegel would be my choice. This one also has potential if its OS betters previous nightmare efforts: Further to previous posts, my Teac has a small footprint, could almost be hidden away as operated by its remote and iPad app. Delivers all the latest tech, MQA, upsampling DACs and above all, excellent SQ at a relatively modest price. No wifi might be an issue and I do not stream music from a computer/NAS. I did briefly consider swapping my PM14 for the Hegel H390, but a huge investment for an unknown gain, so went for a separate streamer instead.
  3. HI DomT, Could try into your benchmark via lightening to usb. Choice of Mainstream or Mellow in FLAC/ALAC. Happy listening - Paradise was a beautiful north Californian town in the foot hills of the Rockies. Sadly destroyed by fire recently, but RP had already moved to another location.
  4. Hi DomT The H390 launches this month. Just over half the price of the mighty H590 but 95% of the quality, to quote their rep at the Munich High End. Should be a strong performer. Has the same streaming module as the 590 which has had rave reviews. Has dedicated MQA route to its DAC, as does my TEAC, should you go for Tidal. As previously posted, am new to Tidal and MQA and am very impressed with the majority of Masters tracks thus far -classical, jazz and rock - it is certainly worth having the 24/96&192 Hi Def option IMHO. As for internet radio, you are not limited to vtuner/tunein etc which tend to offer low bit rates. EG: Radio Paradise app on an ipad. select lossless FLAC/ALAC and then the speaker icon. It sees the TEAC on the network and off you go. Can even skip tracks. Have yet to try iplayer app etc. Edit to add:
  5. Hi DomT, I agree that this is the kind of product that would be commensurate with your quality gear and ambition of "analogue" SQ. Until a few years ago, from my prospective of switching to digital in 1984 - bad, bad decision - you would probably have to pay 5 figures, but the latest DACs and high bandwidth broadband enable high res streaming. In the digital world, to my ears, SACD/DSD is king, but my recent purchase of a MQA streamer has demonstrated that MQA 24 bit96/192 FLAC can run it close. I have yet to try Qobuz so cannot say what part the MQA plays, if any, but it is undoubtably superior to standard 16/44.1 FLAC, given a decent original recording. Organic, even. Listened to James Taylor for an hour this morning, timbre of vocals and the harmonics from his acoustic guitar just beautiful and superior to my CD copy. Non MQA beaten by CD in most cases thus far. Directstream DACs convert all PCM files, including CD, to DSD before converting to high speed, which negates to need for a conventional DAC chip. No doubt, KnivesOut can tell you more. Marantz have adopted this method for their top of the line SA10 and KI Ruby SACD players. However, as I discovered after getting around to reading the manual, my relatively humble new TEAC NT 505 can also up-convert Red book FLAC to 352.8 (8x) or to DSD. I have listened to Radio Paradise for many years, starting with MP3, through 320AAC - much better - lossless FLAC -superb and also ALAC (less buffering when skipping tracks on an iPad). Up converting lossless to 512 DSD improves this yet again and to my ears, is close to the ambition of analogue SQ. Amazing for internet radio and worth the price of the TEAC alone. Higher up the pecking order from TEAC are LUMIN, base model @£1800 to much higher and Mytek - possibly others armed with the latest DAC chips. If you plan to subscribe to Tidal or Qobuz - compressed, low- bitrate services are sure to disappoint- then having at least the option of MQA covers all bases and the Cambridge does not - LINN and Naim ditto. I would certainly start looking at something with internal toroidal power supplies -cheap switching PS are a source of noise, one of many digital killers, poor USB implementation being another. There are some highly informative youtube channels - John Darko, Hans Beekhuyzen and from beautiful Boulder, Colorado, PS Audio's Paul McGowen. A man that knows his onions. I just wish I could afford his products although Marantz not too shabby at their price level!
  6. +1 Hi BigWig, After much indecision, procrastination and no demos, I have taken the plunge and added a TEAC NT-505 to my system - same Marantz duo as yours. I had watched endless youtube streamer reviews, John Darko, Beakerman etc and despite being MQA agnostic, went for this (very) junior Esoteric which runs the same OS as Lumin. Signed up to Tidal free trial yesterday and was up and running in 10 minutes. Running though the Masters offerings, spotted Nick Drake which I have on SACD. Straight out of the box, Sq a little short of SACD, but still most impressive. The few bars of grand piano on Pink Moon beautifully rendered. A day of running in and is already smoother and dynamic. Like a kid in a sweetshop have been running through old favourites, Eagles, Deep Purple, Tom Petty, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones and some Chopin and Mozart. Done some A/B MQA vs Cd Fleetwood Mac and non MQA ELP's Lucky Man and Take a Pebble. Narrow win for the MQA, narrow win for CD over standard FLAC.. I have run a coax to use the TEAC's dac, but not tried its upsampling or filter options. Same Chord clearway RCAs to both. Listening to my fave Radio Paradise, FLAC or now ALAC lossless stream, is simplicity itself - unlike some of the competition - and SQ is superb. It is an unassuming metal box with no colour screen etc and ethernet only. The money goes on proper internal power supplies and dual mono 32/768PCM + dsd512 upsampling MQA enabled DACs. The SQ is certainly up there with the Marantz and having never heard MQA before yesterday, I'm already glad I went for that option.
  7. Hi PP, FWIIW, had a similar experience auditioning the Rubicons with Cambridge electronics - was shocked as already owned Opticon 6s.The demo room/setup was poor. A home demo fixed that and they continue to delight. the RS installer/salesman then bought some himself. Agree with others and a home demo with your own kit is the only way to eliminate all the other many variables. I had a Squeeze box touch for many years - feeding my Marantz via coax.Mainly listened to internet radio as prefer the silver disk. Have considered a relatively posh streamer, but adding its cost to Tidal/Qoboz subscriptions buys an awful lot of Cds and SACDs. Will continue to rotate through the various free offers to check out new music - Spotify now has one for 99p for 3 months following Tidal's similar deal! I now use my iPad to stream Radio Paradise into the SA14s "ipod optimised" usb. The FLAC stream is superb and yesterday was updated to add ALAC lossless. A bonus is that thus connected, the stop/play/skip on the remote controls the app - skipping tracks on radio is an added and welcome bonus. IMHO streaming is dependant on many factors, bandwidth, ethernet/wifi stability, bluetooth, airplay but mostly the DAC you feed. Add in MQA (not heard personally) and there is plenty to ponder. Good luck. Blurry photo of my streamer: SQ superb!
  8. sorry, second, in focus, photo was not allowed so joke a little flat. Bye and happy listening To answer the quiz, Sweet Child in Time, Deep Purple at the beeb, 1970 - not quite 4K !
  9. Hi Uzzy I must put my hand up for having the temerity to post on Chebby's thread, having borrowed some power cables. Little did I know that it would generate so much discussion. All, Having grown up with a hifi enthusiast dad and owned my own since 1973, I am fairly capable of discerning a change or improvement in what I hear. I played 3 SACDs today, Norah Jones, Nick Drake and Dire Straits - all superb recordings. I have absolutely no doubt about the effectiveness of the cables, but no clue as to how that is achieved and really do not care. "Fit and forget" items, as are interconnects, isolation feet and bass traps. That the music is beautiful is all that matters. There are posters who only post with direct experience and then there are the dogmatic naysayers for whom I have little time, especially when they resort to childish insults to boot. Expressing opinion as fact was a common irritant on the WHF forum which seems to have found its way over here. Shame, so I'm bowing out. For the hard of understanding, here is pictorial evidence: Before new cables:
  10. The power of anti-placebo. After all if you know you can't hear a difference you won't! Thanks. far more subtle that my full scale troll mitigation response! Hi Rabski, Agreed that the flowery marketing language leaves a lot to be desired from this California based company and that to my mind, even a grand for a power block is ludicrous. Despite Muck spreader's dismissive questioning of my hearing capability, to my ears their £179 mains cable is money well spent. A month ago I would have sided with the cynics. Possibly the ability to drain RFI to earth? Don't really care, the proof is in the pudding, as my gran used to say. More effective on my all analogue amp that the digital bits, but would have guessed that from a career in aviation. Much effort is spent on shielding much of the @100 miles of wiring on a 747 and for good reason.
  11. FWIIW, Apart from a couple of Tacima blocks for AV and hifi, I have only ever used OEM supplied power cords. A call from a local dealer tried to sell me an Audioquest Niagra? power block. A snip at £800 reduced from £999 - not including the power leads. I politely refused his kind offer. However, I do respect his advice, having installed my Rubicons and then buying a pair himself. He suggested trying the new Audioquest NRG Z3s on 30 day trial. Despite very low expectancy, the difference is very obvious and they are not going back. A mains cable agnostic converted! The last meter can make a difference, which I find hard to believe coming from a technical background. Edited to add; no in room wifi devices or switch mode wall warts and power cables already routed away from speaker cable/interconnects. No induction loops. I was very happy with my system and not looking for improvements or upgrades as none required.
  12. +1 Marcus. I have just purchased several new SACDs at a premium over CD. Money well spent for my future listening pleasure. Given your "Blank Canvas" situation, I would probably abandon discs and go for Tidal/MQA.
  13. Left field option - especially if considering class d amps. Active floor standers - although I have little personal experience John Darko has recently reviewed several new models: DALI Calisto 6 would be in budget with the wireless hub and BlueIOS streaming module. Does MQA first unfold, but not second if that is an issue.Analogue input for future TT. I admit to a strong DALI bias! Elac Navis -Class A/B amps Also updated Dynaudio XEO, LS50s + sub
  14. Hi Pomster, A great shame to have high quality equipment like yours and not enjoy the delivery. I also have Danish floor standers with a hybrid ribbon tweeter and agree with MF1000 that a little toe in can improve matters - even in defiance of DALI's advice! Looking at your photo, it might deflect more of the output from the rear port into the alcove. I have used acoustic foam in the past placed against the wall behind the speaker ports and found to be much more effective than bungs. I now have very effective GIKs but obviously not an option for you, but agree with others that any repositioning out into the room will likely bring the biggest improvement. I remain amazed after 45 years of hifi ownership how even small adjustments to positioning can have a significant effect on performance. Also agree with elimination of floor-born vibration and can recommend GAIAs but are not a cheap solution. The suggested granite block with rubber type feet instead of spikes might be a good cost effective start. The other non-bass suggestions of isolating your electronics are sound(sic) as would be distancing them if possible from horrendously 'noisy' router and telephone with their wallwart switching power supplies. I appreciate that we all struggle with domestic restrictions on locating our gear and life is always a compromise. Room nodes are another problem and here is an excellent youtube video on speaker set up by the top man at Dynaudio - another Dane!
  15. Look no further than New Labour. Minister T Jowell decided, in her infinite wisdom, not to adapt the superior DAB+ in favour of retaining horrible low bit rate DAB in the UK. Not the only example of dumbed -down quantity over quality decisions with dire long term consequences. Meanwhile Radio Paradise, which thankfully moved location prior to the tragic fire that destroyed the town of that name in northern California, is a trail blazer for high fidelity radio streaming. Launched 18 months ago, their app supports lossless FLAC and very good it is too, IMHO. No adverts or moronic DJs. You can also download 6 hours of content to play off line on the beach or in the car and 320AAC streams live via 4G. Hi Uzzy, I stream RP using my iPad into the Marantz SA14S1se's DAC. Cheap solution and excellent SQ. Also same method into Denon AVR6200x - much better SQ than inbuilt MP3 vtuner.