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  1. Bokke

    Snake oil

    There is no such thing as snake oil Even my wife could hear the difference
  2. Ja I agree and have also been tricked into hearing differences that did not really exist in the past. The mind is a powerful tool and misuse can be dangerous to the bank balance😂😂
  3. Benchmark used the linear power supplies in Thier older models and changed to the switch mode So they don't have an agenda Benchmark are an no nonsense type of company. I'll add that their new range of the lowest noise floor/distortion available also so give you good food for thought. Very unlike the typical so called audiophile type companies that abound. You should give them a go as they are a great match for ATC actives. ATC are also a no nonsense type company also.
  4. Those cables aren't very mean once you get to know them.
  6. The snake oil is strong in this one. Careful one should be
  7. Your first paragraph sums it up well Implemented well, just doing its job Indistinguishable!
  8. Couldn't agree more Some dacs use switch mode over linear because of the quality.
  9. I sense another naive person being dragged down the road of totally silly, pointless upgrades. Cables, power supplies, isolation platforms, fuses and yes please upgrade that DAC before the music breaks down.
  10. Interesting I'd love to hear your thoughts/comparison etc Also exactly what model marantz you had and what speakers etc
  11. I've not listened to them but check out the new V3 nad available amps. They have direc live integration The advert I read made want to sell my marantz
  12. I'd go oled rather than a qled anytime. For me though I'll stick with my 1080p 55 inch Sony until I have room for a projector. But the colours/contrast on the oleds are simply in a class of Thier own. I'd look at Philips as they are good and a little cheaper and if you want the cheapest, look at Toshiba oled. Money no problem then Sony
  13. Pp In your situation, I'd stick to the leema/PMC stereo for movies as it will be far better/engaging than a soundbar. If it's no longer a possibility due to moving your stuff around, then a decent sound bar can sound pretty awesome for a small outlay in cash.
  14. I had the Sony x800 and was great machine - super quiet and fast loading but I got it 2nd hand off eBay and had a ghosting problem that I couldn't fix so I sold it. A few weeks ago I picked up the Panasonic ub420 and it has just as good picture etc as the Sony but not built as sturdy. I was going to go for the ub820 but when comparing specs they are almost identical apart from pre outs and a few other I can't think of now.