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  1. I'll measure them tomorrow Here are some pictures
  2. I dont come on here very often so excuse my ignorance But what subscription am I on atm? Lmao
  3. So all my photos except one are over the 2mb limits How do I sort this please
  4. I'll add photos ASAP to all my posts Please don't delete
  5. Partington Broadside Speaker stands Black As new condition 3/4 filled with atribites £250 AMAZING stands Leicestershire Keyham Leicestershire Keyham
  6. Bk monolith 2 Downward driver 500w Very good condition Oak Offers around £300 Leicestershire Keyham
  7. Leicestershire Keyham Offers around £550
  8. Leicestershire Keyham Offers around £300
  9. Keyham Leicestershire Price: make offers (is that OK)
  10. As new in box hardly used This is a very large centre speaker and sounds fantastic. Colour is gloss walnut In perfect condition Please feel free to Make offers before I list on ebay Thanks
  11. Gloss black In perfect working condition and well looked after. One of the speakers has a little chip on the paintwork (was like that when I brought them) I'm up for any offers before I list on ebay.
  12. Hi I'll be selling all my equipment on ebay as soon as they send me another 1pound max selling fee 😂 I want as much as 8 can get and you guys want it as cheap as possible so I thought I'd just say to you guys Make me an offer In as new condition and have all the boxes/mics and cardboard tripod etc. If you want pictures I'll take some. Thanks