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  1. Dave Brown

    Cause of a very loud click/pop on Vinyl

    For my ears the 2M Black is a bit too over analytical (personal preference), it is hugely detailed and is very good at picking out the best and the worst of a recording. I bought one, had it for about a month, and then sold it in favour of a Bronze which suits my lugholes down to the ground.
  2. Dave Brown

    This proves I'm not an audiophile.

    Overpriced and over touristy, went once - hated it, full of mercan kids boffing after tasting their first strong beer. I go to the Hannover Bierfest (or have done for the last 5 years or so), and - come Friday morning will be doing so again - chunnel booked for an 8.40am departure. Lovely little gathering. Audia Flight - Yup, we used to service/import their products..... Bloody heavy, and a technical dept that would get back to you - eventually.
  3. Dave Brown

    Roon Core help

    Remember, the M2 SSD is only holding a tiny OS and nowt else, so you really only need 128GB max. Then you can save some wonga and splurge it on the 2nd HDD and go for a chunky SSD if you use the 2nd HDD for storage.
  4. Normally it's a case of getting a plastic bit underneath the tray in the correct channel, either side and it won't work. It's part of the mechanical heath robinson device that synchronises lifting the pickup assy out of the way as the drawer opens and closes.
  5. Dave Brown

    Rondo quierie.

    Heh. It's all about the ears I've never liked the black range, find it far too detailed and analytical (for my tastes), but have always warmed to the sound of the bronze, especially in 2M and Quintet guises.
  6. Dave Brown

    Pro-ject Classic withdrawn?

    There are a few tweaks to the range coming up to simplify and streamline things a bit ! https://www.whathifi.com/news/pro-ject-to-simplify-turntable-line-with-four-new-models https://www.avforums.com/news/pro-ject-unveil-t1-x1-x2-and-classic-evo-turntables.15896
  7. Dave Brown

    Roksan Kandy - no output

    K2's tend to pop a fuse when the FETs are getting tired. Check and replace any fuses as necessary, noting to match ratings and speed - if its an F its fast blow, if its a T its time delay. Fuses are at the end of the red and black taps from the TX. Inspect the FETs for any signs of cracking in the case (the three legged things screwed to the heatsinks). Remember - lots of voltages inside - so take all precautions necessary, and if you're unsure give it to someone who knows what they are doing. We used to service Roksan, but since they were bought by Monitor they moved the service center in house. The chap that runs it knows his stuff and can advise if you contact them.
  8. Dave Brown

    What's your morning song

    Mint Royale - Show Me. Just has that ever so catchy melody that makes me smile everytime I hear it ! (aka the Friday song on KEXP).
  9. Dave Brown

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    I have DAB in the motah, not that you can hear it above all the mechanical noise and supercharger whine. I switch to R4LW when on t'other side of the English/French pond. I set mum up with a crapola Sansui WLD201L at home many years ago (that's the Sansui reboot - not the original firm - the one that was bought by mitchell and webb - or is that a firm of solicitors - I lose track.... anyhoos). I have to admit it's been a corking bit of kit. FM Tuna DAB / Streaming / Internet Radio. Wireless and Wired ethernet. The black ones fade from black to bronze really quickly in the conservatory, but bar that it's been rock solid and controllable from her phone via a free app so she can see my NAS etc. Tis a full size hifi separate, and I would imagine could be picked up fairly cheaply on auction sites. (But don't hold me to that !).
  10. Dave Brown

    I broke my cartridge :(

    If you can see this http://tools.project-audio.com/counterweights.aspx then use the dropdown box to select "Tonearms" - If the cart isn't listed then it might give some useful info based on something similar.
  11. Dave Brown

    I need another service man.

    Anything valvey as mentioned John Caswell is your man. Lovely helpful chap. John Sampson (ex Musical Fidelity) comes highly recommended as well. https://jsaudiorepairs.co.uk/
  12. Dave Brown

    I broke my cartridge :(

    You can - £48 is £48 and shouldn't be sniffed at, for what is an aging broken thing (a bit like I feel this morning)..... https://www.henleyaudio.co.uk/Ortofon-MC-Trade-In-Program
  13. Gutted, but due to a terrible mixup in my ever so hectic social diary, I've just realised I'll be attending a KCBS BBQ Judging course in HollandLand that weekend, so please scratch me from the spreadsheet and make my spot available to someone more worthy. Next year for sure !!
  14. Dave Brown

    What are you listening to right now?

    Polar Soundtrack by Deadmau5. A touch Carpenteresque.
  15. Dave Brown

    What are you listening to right now?

    One of my faves. Was lucky enough to see them in March 2017 at Colston Hall when Kevin was still with us. RIP.