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  1. They are one of the lesser known gems of the hifi world. I spent a good month listening to many phono stages and finally plumped for the Black Cube SE. Suits my ears down to the ground. They have a lovely warmth to them, almost valve-like, which is a sound I love. You know when you look at a PCB, appreciate the layout, look at the quality components used, that - in bucketloads !
  2. Hi Radioham, RR is correct, a couple of drops is all you'll need. It is worth giving the bearing a good clean/clearout before re-oiling. If it's been running dry for any period of time it can heat up, and any detritus / old oil etc can solidify and glaze over in the bearing. I just use a foam cleaner or anything else to hand like isopropyl or contact cleaner and a cotton bud. Ditto for the platter spindle. Allow them to dry, then a couple of drops of oil should see you good for a fair while.
  3. Lehman Black Cube SE with PWX Power Supply. About 2 years old. These are still £700 new and going for around £550 second hand on fleabay, so looking for a more than reasonable £350 from a wammer. Would prefer collection from OX11, or can meet up within a reasonable distance between OX11 and your location. Quite happy for you to arrange a courier if you want. Any questions fire them to pitmaster@brownz-bbq.com or gimme a txt / call on 07767 458151. Cheers - Dave.B
  4. I'm guessing there might be a homebrew pcb out there on one of these hobbyist sites. Not the sorta thang I'm into I'm afraid ! I guess a trigger, a codec/amp combo and a bit of memory to save an MP3 to. Sounds simple and complicated at the same time
  5. On the bench last week, a pair of over heating X-A50s, lovely little things. A few caps, a few resistors and a couple of FETs and supporting transistors and they're sounding lovely, and not doing an impression of a heater any more. Burnin over the weekend, all OK. Winging their way back to the customer today. Nice punch for a pair of monoblocks that resemble a couple of baked bean tins welded together end to end
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barking-Motion-Detector-Intruder-Security/dp/B074JCLXNQ
  7. I did an M3 recently, lovely bits of kit. Just needed new reservoir caps and a few transistors replacing. Great sounding amps and blessed with everything you could need (back then).
  8. Good question, not sure, I'll ask on Monday...... !
  9. We recently and quietly took over distributing Sumiko in the UK. Haven't played with the range yet, but they look nice Sumiko Cartridges