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  1. I was not too long ago offered the chance to take part in a E88CC Tube Rolling experience, which I hastily agreed to take part in, as it was for my Valve Output Stage DAC as the Donor Device. Following the Stock Item tubes, Tesla 1960's > Mullard 1970's > Amperex 1960's Bugle Boy > Siemens Early 1960's were used in the order shown. The Tesla were not remarkable and were similar to the Russian stock tube, the Mullard > Amperex were almost the Anti Thesis of each other, the Mullards were rich with Low Note Weight, the Amperex were Projecting Mids and Highs far into the room, with a less authoritive Low Note. Either were a improvement over the previous tubes. The Siemens when put to use, were immediate in their effect and were like a new device was hooked up, they transformed the SQ to a new level, of which was feeling impossible to be critical. It is not possible to know whether this will replocate itself with other devices, but I know I found my top choice of valve on this day. I don't know enough about DAC's performances to justify the outlay required to aquire the Seimens, so I intend on carrying out a few A/B comparisons with my DAC to guage its level of performance, before I go and spend big on a pair of tubes. Finding a pair of Authentic Seimens from the Early 1960's for reasonable money is a challenge, I hope you have better luck than I have been having.
  2. I now have the Mogami Cables back in my possession. They have been returned slightly different to how they left me, they are adorned in a full set of Banana Plugs. I haven't participated in much personal HiFi experiences since Kegworth, so can't see me sitting down to trial them in the short term. There have been a few few social events fundamentally around HiFi that I have managed to attend, so all is not so dire. If the interest is still out there to trial these cables at home, please let me know and I will forward them on. I will look to make a reusable packaging, in case they are to visit a few homes.
  3. Hi Aggers Ibought the cables for trial porposes. As a result, the cables will be available for the offer of a loan, so if you can wait a little longer, I can post them out between Gary and Yourself to assess in your system.
  4. Hi Gary The offer of the loan still stands. I'm glad I have been able to offer some support in a query about a cables interface with a system. I think there are other cables to trial the Mogami's against from a more affordable price range, I will do this on my system and let the outcome be known.
  5. There is information coming through about the Mogami 3082 Speaker Cables. I was not in the room to do my own evaluation, but the individuals who are offering feedback, are more than able to offer a decent assessment, and each one voiced, usually is not too far off anothers. To put the audition into context, the day centred around a evaluation of Pre Amps, with a few other devices included at the latter part of the day. I know the True Signal Silver's were used as the cable to audition the Townshend Allegri and EAR 864 Pre Amps, I know there was a Tube Rolling on the 864 Pre Amp. I am not aware at which stage of the event the Mogami was entered for Audition or the Pre Amp it was listened to with. Each Pre Amp has been reported as being very revealing of details. The description offered so far by two of the attendees follows: Commenting on the merits of the Mogami co-axials is slightly difficult for me, as I own the 'competing' True Signal speaker cables. With my neutral hat on, I have to be honest and say that they did not assume the mantle of 'giant-killers' for me, lacking particularly in definition and separation against the reference. The bass was 'muddy' to my ears and the lateral sound stage much reduced.They were certainly not as 'open' in the mids but the treble was good. They also lacked the tonal quality / accuracy of the T S cables and that certain 'ambient' characteristic on live tracks like the one we played by Sarah Jarosz. In short, they did not make an 'emotional' connection for me. Notwithstanding the above, they were competing with considerably more expensive cables on the day and I certainly believe that they are competitive with other cables in the £100 - £150 range. John, I think that our view of the Mogami cables was influenced by listening to all the preamps on the ‘True Silvers’, which as we know are top performers. I agree with David’s view. To me they lacked the precision and openness of the True Silvers, but I suspect that when I connect my Chords they may well improve on them. I’ll let you know. I will copy and paste and further descriptions as they arrive. From David's description, I have a full understanding of the term 'Muddy Bass', this was the common trait I was picking up on when auditioning the Mapleshades and comparing them to my other cables. The other cables in the line up, all coloured the bass to different levels, to the point that the Mapleshades made the other cables sound like they were delivering coloured sound or in certain cases distortion. From previous comparisons, it is known and agreed the True Signal Silver and Mapleshades deliver a Clean Sound, with Fast Uncoloured Bass Notes, with a Soundstage that projects out beyond the speakers in all dimensions. From my recollection the Mapleshades have a little more meat on the bones than the True Signals, so either may just pip the other depending on the system they are used in, but either works very well on ESL's.
  6. Update There was not enough time on Friday to disrupt a ongoing ECC82 and Variant Tube Rolling Bake Off. I brought the cables along to the event, but the idea of introducing them into the day, was not going to be condusive, as the consistency in the system in use for the Tube Rolling was of most importance. On a more positive note, the cables have been loaned to a Quad owner, and in the next week these will be trialled against True Signal Silvers and maybe a few others on the System, that a recent Speaker Cable Bake Off took place. The attendees are the same as the Bake Off, so will have recollections of some of the merits of certain cables, and the True Signals were a cable that their merits received a unaminous vote. I will report back with the finding of the group.
  7. I have a Valve Rolling session arranged for Good Friday for the DAC. I am hoping to be able to hear the 3082's on the owners system with the stacked quads, and compare them to the True Signal Silver Cables. When I hook the HiFi up again, hopefully over the Easter weekend, I will compare them to the Mapleshades, attempting to assess all three cables and valve roll on Friday might be a stretch.
  8. 3082 Cables have arrived, I have a offer to visit the owner of the True Signal Silvers on Good Friday, I hope to do a comparison on this day.
  9. I have informed the individual who I did the second Bake Off with about these cables I have purchased, if all goes well, they should be arriving from Austria next week. I will have a second set of ears to contribute to a assessment and I believe a set of 'True Signal' Silver Cables as well as the Mapleshades. This comparison appeals for two reasons, I have been pondering how to get a cable to compete with the two cables I am impressed with, at a much more friendly purchase price. I learnt through the first speaker cable Bake Off, that some of the other Quad owners will require approximately Five Metres per channel, so this requirement is a very expensive route to consider, if any of the preferred cables are to be purchased. If these 2.4 mtr length cables do show promise, "I will be happy to make them loaners", so that they can be trialled in a variety of systems, I know of three Valve amp/ Quad Speaker set ups they will work with in systems that are local to me. This might just save somebody the outlay of a purchase, to find out if they have found a interface worth putting into service in their home system.
  10. I went off track somewhere, it is W3082 Coax , anything else mentioned is irrelevant. I intend on giving this a trial and I will report back with my findings.
  11. The Cable topic has got my attention, so I have had a look into Mogami 3084. I have a question as I can't work out the cable type in use while browsing the Sanders White Paper. 3084 and W3084, are two different cables, 3084 is a two wire cored microphone type cable, the type that is winning friends today as a interconnect. It is also the type being shown in Gizza and Bencat Images. The W3084 is the cable being shown aggers image. Is there any way in knowing which was the one put into use by Sanders.
  12. Hello Gary I have had Fisual and Van Damme cables as my main trial cables leading up to the Mapleshades arrival on the scene. I was hoping this write up not to appear like a cable plug as it isn't. The intened purpose was to let those know who heard my Quads, that some of the finer details were getting through due to a Speaker Cable in use. As I was fortunate to be invited to a Speaker Cable Bake Off, I learned of a Speaker Cable the 'True Silver' that was a good rival to my chosen speaker cable. It does come at a price, but is available for a home trial, so if a Quad owner would like to get a idea of how these cables can perform, one Brand is reasonably easy to get access to. I am based in Suffolk and would happily help somebody listen to mine, if the return journey was not to long. Three different amplifiers, and Three Different Quad Models, OTA 57's, Original 57's and the latest top of the Range Quads, in Three different environments, all interfacing in a way that caught a group of Quad Die Hards attention, the two cables forcing a lot of talk, with no clear winner, as each were similar and with individual characters as well.
  13. I have been a long term Quad 57 owner and rested on my laurels with them for a long time, not believing there was more to be had. Not too long ago, I started considering interfaces within the system and as a result investigated Speaker Cables as a first port of call. I have a variety of not too expensive cables accummulated over time, I have a Slagle AVC, so can put a different cable on per channel, and evaluate it from a single channel perspective. If one starts to deliver, it will then become a two channel cable. When I thought I had it right, from stock items, I ventured farther afield and started reading up on Speaker Cables that rivalled big money cables, as a result I stumbled onto Mapleshade Cables, after a period of time their allure won me over, and I sat it out until a pair came up used that were for me worth a punt. So I bought a 8 foot pair of 'Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix' Speaker Cables These cables are nothing fancy in the aesthetics department, just bare metal in a two tone twist, they need a little bit of thought in unravalling and putting into use, and as they have no sheathing, it is advised they do not make cotact with artificial fibres, ie, carpet and the like. I hung cotton thread from the ceiling and suspended the cables in free air between power amp and speakers. To cut to the quick, these cables were put through a similar trialling to the other cables, what was very obvious was their effect on the SQ, Bass become so much more clean, clear and the cut off was very attractive to my ears. The soundstaging become deeper and much more ambient, there was real space between performers, and my test track that has a variety of Sibilence to be heard was cleaned up to the best I thought it could be cleaned up by any cable. So I had made a punt and it had paid off. I had a further curiosity now, what can another cable do? I wasn't going cable rolling that was for sure. Then a offer was made to attend a Speaker Cable Bake Off, with Valve Amps and Quads latest top of the range ESL's. I was not missing this one, that was for sure. I know on the day there was close to £5000 of cables iin the room as a retail price. While listening to a few of the early entries, I was familiar with the effect the cables were having on the SQ, as I recalled from earlier trialling. I I was feeling quietly confident the Mapleshades would impress. So carried on enjoying the trials of the cables. A cable put on was the True Signal Silver, this cable really caught my attention, and it was very soon apparent that the room was reacting to it in a very positive way, and I was pleased for the Quad owner as he was now on board with a cable that really worked. The Mapleshades got their time awarded, and I was very curious how they would compare to the True Signal, well they took their opportunity by the horns and delivered a powerful clean presentation, that was all that I was used to plus more, as the Quads in use allowed a much more forceful high frequency, in my mind this was very new and a little bit of a shock as I did not see it coming. All the strengths I have referred to were present with a further intensiveness. Another Quad owner was very impressed by both sets of cables, and was sure a home trial was called for which took place on a later date, I attended on the weekend and did a four hour trial. A group attended on a weekday following my trial and loan of cables. It was not a easy deliberation and as not unaminous in any way. True Signals are available in the UK and can be home trialled, Mapleshades are not so easy to get access to for assessment. Room 106 at Kegworth had the Mapleshades in use on the 57's, and I know they contributed to the positive comments they received.
  14. Thank You for such kind words. Eva Cassidy's cover of 'Fever' was quite special.
  15. I was a Newbie Exhibitor in Room 106, ' The Built it Yourself, or if You Can't, Get Somebody to Build it for You Suite' I think the room did as it said on the tin. How do I recollect the weekend, well I can only say it was a very rewarding experience, the energy and interest, and outward expression of satisfaction expressed by so many visitors has been a joy to share in. The individuals that heard the system in use and came back for more experiences, bringing others along to experience the SQ, was very unexpected, and very reminiscent of some of the ways I had reacted to certain set ups in the past and slowly but surely worked my way toward mimicing those impressions. There was from my witnessing, a great sense of enthusiasm and satisfaction being shown by the collection of visitors/exhibitors in the corridors and other areas frequented by them. When I was at the Bar area for a very brief period on Sunday, I was informed by a very well established person in HiFi, that I had changed their whole opinion on ESL 57's and they were wanting to get a pair into their showroom to learn more. I was also told that a member of One Thing Audio was specifically directed to my room to listen to the 57's, I hope they were pleased with their work on Public Show. It would have been nice to have bought a pint of Ale for that person. Individuals who had brought there own personnal music to be played, and then to be told that the replay was the best they had ever heard it was very unexpected. Keeping in mind the TT was only played for its first time on Saturday for about 15 minutes at another venue, and then not played again in the new venue until Sunday, due to my not having a DIN Phono Cable. A visitor on the Saturday to my Room, went away under the promise of returning on Sunday with a usable cable, which they kept. A big Thank You to that man. There are many memorable moments I can recall from the Saturday and Sunday's visits to my room. All of these memories accumulate into a few thoughts. I know today for sure HiFi means a lot to a certain group, and I was very fortunate to be able to participate in a event that supports such enthusiasts. I received much more in return than I offered. I went for a Social Weekend and I was inundated with Socialisation. I hoped my system would be enjoyed and I sensed much enjoyment being expressed from many. I can't see any reasons why I should not share in this in the future, either as a exhibitor or a Visitor, it has been good for the Body, Mind and Soul. My discussions throughout the past week with my Room Helper and Co Exhibitor Stoyan, has mirrored my thoughts and he freely states his satisfaction with his experience on his day. More importantly, I am sure that my story is not a 'One Off'