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  1. kev m

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    See you all later and I am bringing the RME DAC
  2. kev m

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    HI GJO Sorry it was GLB that I met at Lurch's I just checked back on the thread. Yes I would still like to come and I could just bring the RME DAC as Obscure could leave his in his rack as mine is easy to get to but I only have a USB cable and optical cable as I never bought a spidff cable. It will be interesting to compare it with Aggers Hugo DAC who I know I met at Kegworth show! I can still bring cake!
  3. kev m

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Hi Orbscure, Im happy too bring my RME but will wait to hear from GJO as There might not be a space for me. Cheers Kevin.
  4. kev m

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Hi GJO I met you at Lurch's bake off last September. I would like to come if possible and could bring my RME ADI 2 DAC fs if Obscure couldn't make it or didn't want to bring his or I could bring an Aries mini with linear power supply as a streamer as well. I could bring a naim muso as a separate thing ( I do think it is a great one box solution, for what it is). Also I have a chrome cast audio that I could bring ( happy to bring any or all of the above) and cake! I know Im giving short notice and you might have a full house now but I thought I would ask anyway. Cheers Kevin
  5. kev m

    great show!

    What a great show and great people. I went as a non exhibiting visitor and stayed the saturday night. Which meant I had a really relaxed visit although hungover sunday wasn't so nice. Must try to drink less beer next year!!! Such a variety of different sounds. I know a few people had some technical problems with kit which must of been stressful for them. I now know more faces to the names on here so It will make the wam even more interesting. Fantastic to hear a real mixture of music as well. You would never hear The magnificent seven by The Clash at a trade hifi show. I'm already really looking forward to next years show. Thanks everyone for all your efforts and great mixture of music and kit.
  6. kev m


    Hi I am coming as a non exhibitor on saturday afternoon as I enjoyed visiting the show so much last year I thought I would come and give a hand and can bring a trolly to use on the saturday and give people a hand to bring kit in. I plan to leave sunday at 5 so won't be around to help load up the cars.
  7. kev m


    Hi I have paid for the saturday night. Exciting to be going and looking forward to hearing and meeting people again. Cheers Kevin
  8. kev m

    Wax finish or ? For birch plywood?

    Another vote for the osmo hardware oil. You can get a transparent one (Called Raw) which keeps the light colour of the ply. It actually has a slight white tint in it to prevent it looking like its getting a tan! This is for bare unfinished birch ply. But the slight white tint does need to be put on evenly or you can see the white showing through where it has built up.
  9. kev m


    hi I would be interested in a room as well. I have pm you as well. Kevin
  10. kev m

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    I have been following this thread for a while now as I was curious about dacs. I tried a qutest at home but thought it was a bit bright and thin but good otherwise. So it went back to dealer and I tried aT+A DAC 8 which I liked but I thought that was little thin sounding on top but it did have a wide soundstage and a nice sound otherwise. But it is £1,500 second hand and had lots of features I wasn't bothered about like a headphone amp. I have now bought the RME from Juno records as they have 14 return policy as suggested by Timbo 21. I am impressed with it and I have it on the slow filter which slightly rolls off the top end and suits me as I have tinnitus. I thought it has a slightly narrower soundstage than the T+A DAC but that might be partly the slow filter. I think it is similar features to the T+A DAC but at under a third of the price of a new one. I like that it has a remote with volume control as i can vary the volume in really small increments that my Teddy Pardo Amp remote is sensitive and is hard to turn up or down just a little bit. I can set the Teddy amp volume near enough and use the RME for the last few db up or down. I am curious if a linear power supply would make a difference on the RME as i know they do tend to make a difference on other hifi as I have Naim amps in second system with a HIcap and a linear power supply on my aries mini which did make a difference but that is an aries Linear power supply that Aries recommends improves the sound. Teddy Pardo pre amp has its own power supply as well. It certainly is not a minimalist design as you can change eq for each channel and has a 50 page plus manual on settings which I haven't messed with.
  11. kev m

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Thanks for the updates, where did you get the RME from where you could try it at home for two weeks. I home demoed the qutest from a dealer and thought it had a good sound but was a bit thin and bright sounding. I have tinnitus and i am after a warmer sound. Im wondering that with the eq in the RME I could take a bit of the brightness off.
  12. kev m

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I have been following this thread with interest and was wondering how all those who got the RME feel about it a few weeks down the line. Do you still like it and do you still feel it is better than the Qutest.
  13. kev m

    Pre-amp for newly acquired ATC SCM40A's

    Hi Flash I heard the active scm40a at a hifi show and they were the best speakers I heard at the show. Really good and not dry and analytical like I thought they might be.. It was an ATC room so it must of been their pre amp. You taking about them reminds me think that l should listen to them again and like you say for a high end system you could spend much more money to get that sort of sound.
  14. Thanks to Lurch and everyone else for a great day. I felt very welcomed even though I didn't know anyone, as this was my first bake off. Lots of interesting kit being used and I agree with other comments about Nicks cable making a difference to the chord set up he had brought with him. Lots of great music and great gear and interesting chats with everyone . Thanks again everyone.
  15. kev m

    Newbie Intro's

    I just posted that I would stay weekend and then remembered that it is only on the Sunday. But I would be happy to help out and offer to room sit for an hour or two as I'm sure its not much fun for people to get stuck in a room all day. I would be happy to help lug some stuff around as well. Last time had to drive home so no beer but a pint or two would be nice as well.