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  1. Croma

    the wisdom of russ andrews.

    I recall seeing my first Russ advert in HiFi World many moons ago. It was for a cable with an attractive braiding around it. I laughed out loud and felt no curiosity to try or belief it would offer anything. A few years later I bought an LP12 belt off Russ because Linn were having a laugh at my expense. He has his uses to a discerning purchaser. I was amazed how many believe in him when I joined the internet.
  2. Smokestack. I appreciate you are probably a devotee of vinyl in the world of Linn and are not open to the benefits of digital sound. But I was so relieved to be free from surface noises, ticks, clicks etc as well as the mechanical distortion created by end of side. Even a £100 raspberry Pi and Hat DAC IQAudio DAC+ gave effortless listening of a whole album free of vinyls weaknesses. Compared with the amount I’d spent on styii, power supplies, phono stages, the digital route to music enjoyment won ands down. Did I mention the far wider variety of MUSIC available. The Linn belt price convinced me Linn believed they had a captive market, that was enough to find a different way to enjoy MUSIC.
  3. I took a chance on a Russ Andrews jobbie then I have given up using the LP12 as it sounded vile compared to good digital material. These days Russ charges £33 I believe. Someone is taking customers for a ride.
  4. Croma

    Photo stitching software...

    Horace. You are aware you no longer buy Lightroom but rent it per year? Many are put off by this. Affinity Photo is affordable and does much of Lightroom, it’s also UK English.
  5. Thank you to PaulS for his thought provoking thread. We now know of your existence and flavour of postings. A great way to introduce yourself to the Wam and make fellow Linn owners aware you are here. As the only Linn I own is my now no longer used LP12 I shall try to avoid posting about other Linn items and wish you all well seeking to get the nTh degree of extra something out of your well regarded HiFi.
  6. My commiserations to those of you suffering DC offset and distortion. Such a nuisance when you like HiFi to listen to your music.
  7. There are some of us who have listened to the you must try it to have a valid argument. I have wasted my time and cash on mains cables, isolators and regenerators and found our experience is different to those who extol the virtues of these devices. But if it makes you happy to tell us about your experience and conjecture please feel free.
  8. Croma

    Headphone amp for high impedance headphones

    NVA A10H is a 10w amp and will effortlessly drive most things.
  9. As a person with no academic qualification in studies of human behaviour what I find ‘interesting’ is the common elements amongst those who experience and feel he need to post about these extreme subtleties that the majority of Wam members do not experience or seek. We seem to have a small church of seekers and finders, knockers finding doors opening. What would be interesting is someone experiencing these subtleties that had no prior awareness that they might exist. A Subtleties bake off. But by all means keep telling the Wam about what you have heard
  10. Yes that is interesting and supports the notion that looking for something you believe you might find can lead you to find something.
  11. The Rabski speaks sense and experience. If you feel insecure about it falling out again stick some tape over it perhaps.
  12. Croma

    Three Words Daily

    Les trois mots
  13. Croma

    Three Words Daily

    past your eyesed
  14. Croma

    Three Words Daily

    stretching the limits