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  1. My view varied but it wasn’t welcomed. I am glad my only Linn is an ancient LP12 bought for nostagia and never used due to aweful noise.
  2. I love some inconsistency shows real people are involved. Seekers and observers
  3. Phew. Why is it so important what is the relevance to none Linn users. Still it helps the advertising income for the new home of the Linn owners who have been discarded. If I found Ctax cables making a difference I would be getting rid of the quirky kit, not promoting it.
  4. can we establish that what is obvious to A is far from audible to B Resist the urge to use probably as conjecture and comment on others hearing just because it differs to ours OK differences are not absolute
  5. We know of those who hear differences by foot tappers efforts. I wonder how many of us have had their opinions, beliefs, expectations conditioned by others narrations. Wanting to improve is part of the mindset, the other part is believing it is possible.
  6. Croma

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    The OP cannot cope with measurements and wants others to know. Personally while listening to music whether HiFi or not measurements do not begin to involve. I can use measurements to decide about something. Best of luck in your mental discipline OP.
  7. Good to see a healthy balanced discussion. There seems to be a simplistic barrier of scientific vs ‘I believe I can hearers’ defined by I can hearers. Those who have a scientific mind tend to examine things as well as simply measure. How much more open to discussion are those who have tried these hearing experiences. They tend to disagree which ‘I can hearers’ cannot cope with amicably.
  8. Are real for You but for those of us who have read words like yours and given the benefit of the doubt a try they are not real. I invited a power cord to show me what it could do. Nothing different to the as supplied, lighter of pocket someone got richer. Aa I do not seek or expect a CatX cabe to provide unbelieveable difference I shall not waste my resouces. I trust you understand why those of us who have examined implausible claims react. I walk across puddles without getting wet due to my belief.
  9. Yes about 30 years ago without any Linn. I never felt the need to declare the matter though I thought most people realised. At the risk of being banned lack of various sensory stimulii allows focus on the few that one does have.
  10. Croma

    Beware:: This tweak/change worsened my sound

    So nobody wants to share their bad experiences with HiFi tweaking, warning others to save them grief. I bought some super power cables and could not hear a jot of difference. A parabolic stylus which revealed all the pot holes and misery on my vinyl
  11. Ok folks I tried this and my sound became slightly, significanty, hugely worse. Beware, avoid. Save your time, effort and expense. OK Find out the hard way
  12. Get out of hand? When you believe you can improve the sound by tweaking. Believing. Tweaking might change the sound but we seldom hear of things worsening the sound.
  13. The WigWam this place our Linn refugees have been received in have a tradition of BakeOffs. Just in case any Linn hearers are unaware of them, people gather together and share the listening exprience of various HiFi items. It is my personal observation that those espousing life changing differences do not and possibly cannot for geographical reasons share their experience with others. I trust our Linn refugees understand this. I also do not trust my ears or seek even more improvements to my system. I lost the addiction. Music