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  1. Croma

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Uncertainty, doubt and for some fear
  2. Croma

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    The OP talks about being brighter. If the dIstortion happens then the whole audio frequency range would be affected, not just higher (brighter) frequencies. So from 20 hz to 20000 hz would be distorted not just say 4000 hz and above. Somehow this seems to be ignored.
  3. Croma

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    You read the OP’s wishes. Entertaining though this thread is being I shall avoid considering the possible effects of RFI/EMI or any other dreaded interference. I tried better than cheapo mains cables and thankfully heard no difference. They are still in place. If we had visual representation of audio matters, then two pictures could be placed side by side for all to see and decide if a difference exists. I have learned to not trust my ears, ear wax is insidious and I just don’t hear in the detail some speak of. You better pray they don’t favour Boris. Brexit seemed so simple and what I wanted
  4. Croma

    Avi s2000m integrated amp

    Nice one
  5. Croma

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    I Have tried to worry about RFI, EMI and the various similar things troubling some here. I’m happy with what I have. It sounds fine except for the different recordings some of which are a bit not quite perfect.
  6. How refreshing to see a balancing view point from another Linn owner. Bon chance cspgqqt
  7. Croma

    What wireless routers are we using?

    Upgrading is a state of mind inflicted on some Music lovers. I have to put up with BT and 61 mB which was 79 mB last year. Be glad for what you have
  8. Croma

    Audio Show, Leamington Spa, 21-22 Sept

    If my health allows getting out smartish I could pop on a train and taxi (or are there buses from rail station to venue?). A maybe
  9. Croma

    Best streamer for RPI

    I use Moode Player and never switch it off, so no hassles.
  10. Any new experiences with the Linn owners using Cat X and finding perceived changes/improvements? I’ve had wax removed from my ear and aural normality restored.
  11. Croma

    Avi s2000m integrated amp

    Effortless sound without the conn of an extra power pack.
  12. Croma


    This afternoon relief. Musical magic It is only one, the right ear, gets waxed up so I haven’t touched the left. Nurse confirmed the left was free of the evil excretion then swished the plug of wax out. A few drops each week to keep things loose (hopefully).
  13. Croma

    Stupid question: What's the difference...

  14. Croma


    I was concerned about my right ear being noticeably muffled compared to the left. Seeking a NHS syringing got me using Olive oil for a week to prepared for the syringing. NHS nurse went off sick so for the last 2 weeks I did 20 mins each morning. During the last few days right ear has become similar to the left. Perhaps this week I can get that syringing. Patient use of Oliver oil is worth trying
  15. Have you written your will?