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  1. Does anyone have an appetite for a thread discussing RFI? It fascinates me that some peoples lives are ruined by what they say is RFI. To me it is one of the most nebulous concepts spoken about in relation to enjoying music.
  2. The thread is DAC and sources. I regret my post suggesting that to some persons cables can make a difference. I appolgise for giving an opportunity for the thread to be highjacked into RFI/Cable discssion and promotional opening.
  3. But be sure the cables can matter. Are you a very discerning person, constantly seeking improvement?
  4. Croma

    DIY mains block

    As said to the awkward one, My white goods are either plastic cased or coated in some polymeric substance that shields people from the metal case.
  5. Croma

    DIY mains block

    Thank you for your awkward question. One is in a plastic box, a rPi is in an Acrylic box and one is in a metal box coated with a polymer insulating material and certified to be safe to the standard most electrical equipment we enjoy is, not wired by a installation electrician. Carry on being awkward.
  6. Croma

    DIY mains block

    I personally would never entertain the idea of electricity inside a metal box no matter how attractive it’s appearance may be. Wood, plastic or some insulating material yes If you were going to spray the box with plastic I apologise
  7. Original Recording. What I or any other person who isn’t a musician or someone with an atypical POV as a listener can go and buy, steal, accept as a gift. We know we have some super persons amongst us telling us how different they are. But I just enjoy music not some attempt at audible analysis. Some times I might hear an instrument played quietly, other times I don’t. It is the differences of each listen I enjoy. Carry on.
  8. Croma

    Three Words Daily

    sooner or later
  9. Croma


    What I was wanting to hear was X took transports Y and Z with DAC D to a bakeoff and everyone was so wonover they went out and bought something. Not people being polite about cables.
  10. Croma


    The Naim, colour, shape, ‘features’, support, warranty etc. The appeal to the purchaser
  11. Croma


    Why has nobody said I have heard differences and held a bakeoff when everyone present heard them too. Could it be because the ‘differences’ are questionable. Wam is know for its Bakeoffs not endless ping pong threads Bakeoff please hearers
  12. Croma


    I wonder if different players produce a signal that varies in the sound level experienced from the DAC? Different strengths for example. So difference hearers what is the technical reason for the difference you experienced do you think? Did you use the same cable, make, length, type for each player or did that introduce a variable. I tried 2 CD players (Cyrus and AVI) both with Optical and Coax and nothing struck me as different.
  13. Say that 1st April. Too late
  14. Croma

    What is a DAC for?

    So now you know just like that are you going to buy one and start listening to Digitally recorded music?