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  1. Shadders

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    Hi, Someone on the Transmission Line Yahoo group built a clone of the Fact 12 (i think). Not sure what the drivers were except for the midrange - which was a Volt VM527 - very expensive midrange. There was also a discussion on the PMC speakers on the Pink Fish Media forum - someone was not happy with the response of the transmission line - this was the theoretical response - not sure if they listened to them. The complaint was a dip in frequency at 200Hz by about 10dB, amongst other things. The dip occurs, but can be reduced considerably by the internal design of the transmission line, or equalisation in the crossover, or DSP. As per others, trying the speakers in your own home is important, but given the increase in popularity of room DSP/Equalisation, which will modify the speaker response considerably, then will those differences diminish with DSP ? So, maybe a cheaper speaker with room correction will allow you to achieve an expensive "sounding" solution ?. Regards, Shadders.
  2. Shadders

    Speaker design software

    Hi, I used this software to model my transmission line design. There is a group on Yahoo which discussed their designs and used this software too. The group have moved to Facebook - but many people are do not wish to use Facebook, so have not migrated across. The Yahoo group run by Martin King discussed the Leonard Audio software, and Martin King had his own Mathcad worksheet. The Leonard Audio was stated to be close to the Mathcad worksheet, but the Mathcad implementation was more accurate in terms of wadding/speaker fill modelling. What the filling does not do, is suppress sufficiently the mode that causes a dip in frequency response further up the frequency range. By varying the taper of the line, you can reduce considerably the dip in frequency response at the relevant frequency. I have Bassbox Pro - which is an easy to use package - still available too. I also purchased Crossover Pro - this is quite a good package for creating crossovers. The Yahoo group did comment that Hornresp was similar in results to the transmission line software results. Regards, Shadders.
  3. Shadders

    Avi Legacy Legendary Amplifier

    Hi, Multiple suggestions : Do not adjust the volume, so there is no noise. Get orf your arse and adjust the volume - lose weight at the same time. Cover your ears when adjusting the volume by the remote control. May require another person to either cover your ears, or use the remote whilst you cover your ears. Ignore the sound, as it only happens when adjusting the volume. Get the amplifier examined by a qualified person. Use another amplifier. Regards, Shadders.
  4. Shadders

    What to upgrade first?

    Hi, If your DIY skills are ok - then perhaps a DIY build ?. Wilmslow Audio and Falcon Acoustics provide some good kits. Others have built their own - and they are excellent value for money - i have some DIY transmission lines - sound great and were good value for money at the time of purchase. Regards, Shadders.
  5. Shadders

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Please provide more graphs.
  6. Shadders

    Do any Wammers have access to a paint spraying booth?

    Hi, I asked two car spray body shops if they would spray my speakers - base MDF, and they both declined (i am in North London). So, i purchased many cans of black high gloss paint and lacquer. Very difficult to stop the over spray from looking matt, as a band depending if you sprayed up/down or left/right. The other aspect - i thoroughly suggest using the booth - as although i placed the speakers on a large paint cover, the black spray carried to the corners of the room - carpet now has a lighter green square where the paint covers were. The book case was dusty - bonus - the black is easily wiped off. I would veneer them next build. Regards, Shadders.
  7. Shadders

    Looking for Amplifier Enclosures?

    Hi, Had an e-mail from Dau this week - for brushed aluminium enclosures : Regards, Shadders.
  8. Shadders

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Are you enjoying having a conversation with oneself. You do realise, that you may end up losing the argument at some stage.
  9. Shadders

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Hi, I disagree. A more revealing system may have the attributes i stated earlier - a slow peak in frequency response, as resonance in the frequency band, THD peak in the frequency band, room effects, or purely placebo. That is, you may believe that one system is more revealing, but if it has a peak at the frequency where you hear more detail - it is not more resolving, it is just amplifying parts of the spectrum. You therefore believe it is more revealing. Alternatively, the "revealing system" may be flat in frequency response - and the next system has a dip in its frequency response, both in the same room - where the latter is affected by the room modes etc. The first system is not more revealing - it just fortunate to have a better room response. The "revealing system" phrase is no more than a subjective response. It has no validity. Regards, Shadders.
  10. Shadders

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Hi, This thread exposes exactly the issue. Revealing or resolving is subjective, and is never defined. It cannot be defined. No one can claim one system is more revealing/resolving. The more "revealing/resolving" system could be based on placebo, frequency response issues, or room response issues. Yet, it is used by proponents of foo to sell their products, or believers of foo to state why someone else's system does not show any difference. People believe in systems being more revealing/resolving, as it is used to back up claims of foo products, which leads people to believe the product benefits etc., are fact. Examples "This wooden box of earth when connected to the ground of the electronics will focus the system presentation greatly. To obtain the greatest benefit, your system must be revealing". "These special rubber supports made of an IP protected material will enhance the system detail. They will have an effect on most systems, but the most revealing systems will reap the greatest benefit". There is never any proof that a more revealing system provides the most benefit, but it is heavily implied. And exactly what are these revealing systems ?. It is just a marketing term to get out of providing to the customer the proof that the product actually does work. If you don't hear it, then the product is ok, it is your system that is not "revealing" enough. Hmmmm. Regards, Shadders.
  11. Shadders

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Hi, Hmmm, if you would not say it, then then it does not apply to you. It is not a sweeping genralisation, just an observation that it is used as a put down. Regards, Shadders.
  12. Shadders

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Hi, Yes - it is all very subjective, and tenuous. It is also disingenuous. If you cannot hear the difference, then your system is not resolving or revealing enough. Really ? It is just a put down to those who claim they cannot hear differences. All revealing or resolving could be, is the SPL at specific frequencies is more than another system, in the room you are listening in. No one ever states that. It always comes down to, your equipment is not revealing, or resolving. That is why i suggested, using room correction to see if that then means a system becomes more resolving or revealing. The biggest impact of a system change is room correction. Look at speaker THD measurements. Some drivers have smooth peaks in a range, or even resonant peaks (sharp) - is it this that makes a system more revealing/resolving, accentuating specific sounds to fool the person it is more resolving or revealing ? I raised this question, as a video from a vendor stated that you can only hear the cable changes if the system you are using is revealing. Why not discuss the validity of these type of statements ?. Why not request that someone lists the equipment that will make a revealing system ? Lots of people talk about it, yet cannot specify it to create the revealing system. As you may have guessed, i do not accept the marketing techniques, especially when they are used a facts by people trying to support their subjective claims, when science proves such differences cannot exist. Regards, Shadders.
  13. Shadders

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Hi, Everything you have stated is subjective. My request was for someone to select any of the hifi components they want to create a "revealing system" and all we have are subjective responses. No one, has stated component x, y and z make a revealing system and why it does. Maybe the bass light electrostatics make you perceive them as revealing ? When you state low mass - do you have the mass of the electrostatic panels ?. Thanks. Your specific response " "Revealing" qualities may be something that is not reflected in current or published measurements," indicates no one knows what revealing is, yet it is always used by a salesman to a support the product that they are selling. Essentially, a con to support a con. Regards, Shadders.
  14. Shadders

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Hi, I agree that the best equipment can be gauged from the specifications and the relevant measurements (tests of hifi magazines). The revealing aspect you refer to is based on listening. Which then refers back to, it is not something that can be specified, but is subjective. So, revealing is not in any way something that can be specified, it is just hifi talk for a subjective quantity, like saying a piece of food is sublime, or a painting is "what ever art critics say". So, when i see it in the videos selling foo, where only such a revealing system can let you experience the change, then i immediately know that it is a con. To benefit from the change you need something magical. It is a con (revealing system) supporting another con (foo item such as cable, support etc). This is why i raised the question - there is no answer that can be quantified. It is subjective and nebulous. Regards, Shadders.