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  1. newlash09


    Wow....that's was a fantastically detailed review sir. Loved it absolutely
  2. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Wow..your amp looks fantastic. I've always maintained that the scm40 active will be my end game system. My present setup is in a small nook in my little daughters bedroom..Will only be a matter of time, before she starts growing into a teen and will want to have her room back. So playing with all the boxes I can before Iam evicted
  3. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Really glad to know that your goodselves went from a avid to the Michelle. Sounds very reassuring indeed. I never really wanted a very digital sounding TT. Analogue has to sound smoothly analogue in my humble opinion. So you're only adding to my anticipation for my gyrodec now
  4. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Thanks sir...well noted. Didn't recognize them at first glance. Only ever saw the mk2 version in pics. I guess you are having kef ref3's now if my memory serves me right
  5. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Wow.. looks lovely...with a michell topping it off. May I kindly enquire what speakers are those please.
  6. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Michell gyro SE sir...And will fit a led strobe under it. Will be my kind of ghetto spinner
  7. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    On the brighter side sir...this could just be divine intervention to not let me buy any TT , except a michell gyrodec. Which has always been my love at first sight
  8. newlash09

    DAS Acoustics of Hungary: plinths

    Same thoughts here. I have bucket loads of steel, copper and bronze on this boat. Probably tons of it. And we have heavy industrial grade lathes for machining, and idle engineers sipping coffee all day So I guess I will get my own plinth built off free once I get my first TT
  9. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Oops.. Sad update. I guess I lost the avid to a local buyer who spared the owner a pay pal transaction and shipping hassles. So will have to start looking all over again. Thanks
  10. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Hi Millenium Iam actually from India. I started off on the whathifi forum. And came here along with the other refugees
  11. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Hi all.. Good evening and happy weekend I wish to convey my sincere thanks to all of you good gentleman. I finally decided to buy the avid for now. I don't have a dedicated Phono stage at the moment. But will look for a dedicated tubed Phono stage as suggested. And the seller has corrected that the cart is a benz micro mc-3. Understand that his mention of the mc-10 was a typo error. I will initially get it spinning off my parasound' s MC Phono input. Lucky I haven't sold it yet. Will post my listening impressions once Iam back home. Thanks again.
  12. newlash09

    DAS Acoustics of Hungary: plinths

    Wow..look absolutely stunning. Great find sir
  13. newlash09

    Ken Ishiwata leaves Marantz

    Very well said sir.. Marantz shouldn't have ever got into the avr market. Folks now associate both marantz and denon with the same. Mass market AV manufacturers. So marantz as a brand and purveyors of the some of the finest sound around , got their image diluted in my opinion
  14. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Hi sir....thanks for your valuable feedback. The seller seems to be inclined for a local cash sale. So couldn't muster to ask him regarding the iteration actually. But i guess this is 8 years old as stated by the seller in his ad. So this could be one of the older models sir. And the pics on the audiomart..seem to have some kind of protection. So try as I may..Iam unable to download them to share
  15. newlash09

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    Thanks a ton for sharing your impressions sir my digital rig is very musical.. probably at the cost of detail.. So this avid with its detail will be a welcome addition sir.. And thanks a lot for taking the time to reply with a detailed reply. Much appreciated