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  1. +1.that was my next question too sir
  2. Same here too... I love glenlivet 21...But can't afford it every time. So make do with the glenlivet 12, and end it with one shot of 21 for the road
  3. No apparently.. this was in their own rooms and systems. But even when I borrowed my friends dac's and preamps, I found my PMC could never match them in absolute detail. Though I will admit, that I could never live with the ATC scm 40 or the B&W nautilus, longer term despite their greater detail . As i find the ATC sounding too in your face and rough at times and the B&W don't have the pace that I seek. They are great for female vocals and treble. But their bass pace is seriously lacking I feel.
  4. No sir...I started with a class D, then went class AB, then class A, and finally my present tube amps
  5. Hi all This post has been sparked by something I've been thinking about for a long time, but triggered by @VanZapp 's post looking for stand mount speakers . I've had some PMC 20.26 speakers which I like for their absolutely pace and timing. They are very transparent in the sense that I can hear differences in amplification, and even cables. But I don't consider them detailed. My friends atc SCM 40 , as well as my other friends B&W older nautilus speaker seem to unearth more detail. And they also react readily to changes in system components. So is there a difference between the word speaker transparency and detail, when mentioned in the context of a speaker review . Thanks
  6. That's lovely to know sir Enjoy your music...nothing matters more
  7. I honestly think Diane is right. May be its high time you considered donating your stuff to me sir
  8. Hi vanzapp Just my 2 cents. I've been living with some pmc 20.26 speaker for 4 years now. I threw every amplification I could swing at them. And their sound changed dramatically with every iteration. I started with class D, then went class AB. Both were decent, but nothing worth screaming about. Then I went pure class A, and the magic just started. Then I went tubes, and it nailed it completely. So I would really recommend some tubes in the chain, if you decided you wanted to go pmc. A tube power amp or integrated would be lovely. Or atleast a tube preamp with SS power amp
  9. +1 I was deliberately sitting in the middle of my daughter's bedroom , to position myself in a bass null. Moving even a feet away was over bearing with bass , until I pulled my speakers further into the room. But this resulted in a very near field listening position. So I had to abandon my comfy recliner, and now I sit on my daughter's bed upright in a meditative pose. If I were to lean into the beds back rest close to the rear wall, again the bass gets over powering
  10. Wow...Iam blown by the sound, even listening on my phones speakers. Maybe it is the speakers or the singer herself..But it is sounding so emotional. Lovely indeed
  11. newlash09

    Valve info

    Thanks a ton Sir I will readily admit that I have been checking the classifieds , ever since my imminent trip was confirmed. And have been drooling on these amps. But since my trip is still some time away, not to mention the uncertainties of my posting, like my ship getting changed at the last moment to a different geographical area, I felt best to watch from the sidelines I fondly hope these beauties find a loving and deserving home. But if they were still there in March when I visit, I would love to embrace them
  12. My most loved amp at the moment was born 2 years after my birth
  13. newlash09

    Valve info

    Hi all I was planning on buying a TT in UK in my next trip. But as it seems, I do keep visiting from time to time, thought I'd put it on the back burner for now. And instead utilise my next trip to get a great sounding tubed power amp, so I can complete my active triamping ambition. Can you good folks suggest some reasonably priced manufacturers in the UK. I don't think I can stretch beyond 2000 British pounds at the moment. But the cheaper the better. These will be to mainly run my tweeters for that sweet tube treble. I already have some tube mono blocks to run the mids. So just need for the tweeters. Will be great if they are compact mono blocks, for better stereo separation. But Iam not averse to a stereo tubed power amp either. Thanks for your advise sirs
  14. Maybe it's just me sir..but Iam finding the system erotic and orgasmic in this shade of red
  15. Hi kernow Iam not as experienced or knowledgeable as the others. So I can only share my 2 cents on trying to tame my speakers in my room. I was having serious bass problems., which was drowning out the clarity. After following some online calculators, and reading on lots of posts, I ended up moving my speakers further into the room, so that the bass drivers are 1/3rd the length of the room, from the wall behind the speakers. ( this is actualy center of bass driver to wall distance ) This made some very noticable improvements in the bass and sound as a whole. Though I will admit that I topped it off with some DSP to cull the problematic bass notes. But even otherwise the pulling them in, did make a wonderful difference. And while at it..I have also made sure that my speaker outside baffles are exactly at 1/5th of the width of the room. I found it increased my imaging as well. I was told that 1/3rd works best, followed by 1/5th and lastly 1/7th. All the best...just my dumb 2 cent rants