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  1. Thanks a ton for the link Tony J There seems to be tons of informatiom on that site regarding TL's. Thanks
  2. Iam too dumb at most things ...but if it is audyssey may be I can have some thing to say sir
  3. Here is the perpetrator of global warming, and we have been blaming emissions all the while.
  4. newlash09

    Devialet vs Naim

    I must admit Iam not too experienced. So please don't go for a audition with this post in mind. I tried to stay off this thread for sometime now. But was getting really bored today I use pmc twenty series speakers, which are very dry sounding speakers. Adding a devialet to the mix, resulted in loads of detail and clarity, but added to the dryness for me. So I gave up on clarity and went pure class A, and that injected a bit of organic sound in the mix. Ever since Iam going valves now. Since the harbs are already organic sounding speakers the devialet might work wonders with them. The SAM setting from 10 to 100% , which is adjustable will change the sound completely as you play with it. I don't have a TT, but devialets digital loading of cartridge profiles, from their available list is also next gen. And their AD and DA conversion is supposed to be so transparent that you all hear just what the cart is doing. So please give it a spin and see . You might like it . This is modern cutting edge tech
  5. Wow...12 Hz is massive indeed. Will a port length of 1100mm make it a TL or is that still different.
  6. Wow...looks lovely...which make and model is it please
  7. Thanks MF1000, I have been reading that thread in the DIY enthusiastically. I must admit your tweaks are producing consistent improvements. Regarding the cabinet, are you planning on building it sealed or ported or transmission line
  8. I was just checking out those volt 18 inch bass drivers. Just a pair costs 1700 pounds
  9. Ian running my entire chain off a psaudio p1200 power regenerator. I don't see any down sides to it. But I saw improvement in my streamer and dac's performance. Nothing gained on my power amps, but they still stay plugged in for power surge protection.
  10. is already looking lovely. Can't wait to see the end product
  11. I would agree. My modest HT setup of a marantz SR6011 with qaoucstic concept speakers and subs, sounds awesome once the I got the audyssey multieq dailled in correctly. Then I went one step ahead and bought the audyssey multieq app for Google play store. After connecting the app to the same network on which my marantz is, I can now set frequency limits for audyssey correction. Presently my system is dailled in with correction only upto 250hz. The rest above that is only corrected for phase and time alignment, but no EQ is applied. It sounds even better now. Considering how much the system cost me, the sound is awesome
  12. Looks awesome...18 inch volt drivers with 1300 watts of amplification. Even imagining the sound is beyond me
  13. Wow...they look lovely why don't folks make stuff looking like that anymore. I love VU meters and dancing lights too. Why can't it be a visual and a aural feast at the same time.
  14. Just my 2 dumb cents...I first heard a valve preamp in my friends setup. The resultant sound was very organic. Trying to replicate the same, I added a tubed dac cum preamp in the chain. These have added richness to the sound, which is supposed to be distortion. But I absolutely love it. I have heard dac's with more details and clarity. But the rich and organic presentation of the valves always wins me over. So I would advocate adding a valve some where in the chain. Maybe in the Phono stage or a preamp or a tube buffer between the SS preamp and SS power also .
  15. I use a parasound integrated amp. They're very neutral. But in their quest to sound mellow, they have rolled off treble. Might just be the fix you are looking for. And besides they are beasty powerful amps, which apart from the 160W power output at 8 ohms, also deliver 45A of current. So what's not to like