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  1. newlash09

    Any ideas or pointers to building a media cabinet

    Hi MF1000. Unfortunately I can't carry my stuff with me on my sails. So it stays home. Iam thinking of giving the boxes a permanent home to call their own, instead if being shoved under my daughters bed every time I leave. Besides, this constant plugging and unplugging is also becoming a hassle, as the complexity of the system keeps evolving. Thus, my idea to get a cabinet built. Thanks
  2. Hi all.. My kit is usually lying on the carpet, as it is my daughters bedroom and I have to pack up everything before I go. And this ritual of plugging and unplugging every 4 months is getting a bit tiring. So Iam planning on getting a cabinet built for the entire kit, so it stays switched off, but in place when I embark on my sail. Any pointers or important things I need to bear in mind when getting one, will be hugely helpful.. and come cable management ideas too And some pics of your cabinets would be most welcome and enlightening to embark on my own design. Thanks in advance.
  3. newlash09


    I forgot, my solid state preamp manual very particular states that the preamp should not be kept close to power amps or any kit with large transformed, as it would result in humming due to EMI..can you please check if you can increase the distance from preamp to power amps.
  4. newlash09


    Is the low frequency noise present in both the L&R channels, or is in only one channel even after swapping the mono blocks.. If the noise is present in both, it could definitely be the preamp or one of the sources plugged into the preamp going rogue. Another possibility could be inter crosstalk between different inputs at the preamp end. Can you please keep only one source component connected at a time to the preamp and see. And please also try different sources one at a time to seek the culprit.
  5. newlash09

    Valve info

    Thanks a lot awkwardbydesign That was just the reassurance I was looking for..
  6. newlash09

    Pro-ject new turntables

    Wow..looks lovely indeed. What a beauty Thanks for the suggestion. Will add this to my list too. Thanks
  7. newlash09

    balanced vs speaker cables

    Hi imster 15mtrs is almost a different house to me..but as per established practise, it would be better to use balanced cables to the amps.. And keep the amps as close as possible to the speakers.
  8. newlash09

    Pro-ject new turntables

    Thanks plastic penguin and rabski for the good and well intended advise. If I can wait to save enough money, I would probably go for a Michael gyro and satiate my lust once and for all Otherwise as suggested, a project seems to be a no brainer for somebody totally daft like me. Thanks for the advise
  9. newlash09

    Harbeth or Revel

    Wow...wonder how I missed this thread so far. Been one interesting story so far, and just as exciting as ChemMan's journey. which I sorely missed when it ended
  10. newlash09

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    I would really like to have a listen to the kralks sometime.
  11. newlash09

    Pro-ject new turntables

    The new classic evo all decked up in chrome, looks sexy
  12. I remember seeing a 6 plug cyrogenically treated junction box for naimites in the signal's store in Ipswich about 2 years back. It costed 600 pounds if my memory serves me right. Nothing cheaper will work with naim gear I guess.
  13. newlash09

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    After seeing nopiano's pic... I would definitely agree that the stands are a bit low
  14. newlash09

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Looks tidy and beautiful as ever Nopiano. If I were in your shoes, being my dumb self, I would probably put the ls50's on top of the scm 40'S and would have used a combination of isolators to raise the rear of the speakers to still get the tweeter to point to my ears . That would make it two completely operational and setup systems , ready to be deployed at a moment's notice, depending on your mood.