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  1. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Thanks again Martin C Yeah the parasound has pass through for L&R channels as well as pass through for the sub. In HT bypass mode the full preamp signal from marantz AVR goes unmolested to the sub as well as the power amp section. So in effect audyssey does the room correction and sub integration here. And it sounds really good. However in 2 channel mode, the high pass and lower pass filters on the parasound get engaged. Since there is no audyssey any where in the loop, Iam having to manually setup the sub. I did like the of idea crossing over at 80 or 120hz. As that's something I've never tried. I've only been trying crossover points at 60hz. And in the marantz avr as well the crossover point is 80hz. So the cross over on the sub is kept in bypass mode. And in effect is running full range. The high pass cuts off are those engaged in the marantz for movies, and on the parasound halo integrated for 2 channel music. I do have room for a bigger sub. But I can't get it past my wife who insists Iam just one box away from getting a divorce
  2. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Hi Martin C Really sorry for my confusing posts. I already have the parasound halo integrated . I use it via HT bypass inputs from my marantz SR6011. But my music sources ...mainly a Google chrome cast and a Yamaha wxc50 are still connected to the parasound via digital inputs for pure 2 channel music. So though I can get to get the sub sound wonderful in HT duties as it is being fed by the marantz's audyssey room correction system. My trysts with integrating the sub for 2 channel music via the parasound halo integrated has always been a challenge. Hence my query. Iam posting a pic of my living room setup, so it might give a better idea of the speakers placement and room in general. Thanks again for your help PS: the silver box sitting at the bottom is the parasound. And the marantz is hidden in the shelf
  3. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Wow..thanks a lot fatmarley Your approach is awesome. Now why didn't I think of this before. Thanks again for your time sir . Will surely give this method a shot once Iam back home. Much appreciated
  4. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Thanks again Martin C Sorry to keep you waiting. Took me some time to go through the specs of all the involved components. The sub is a small Qacoustics 7070si sub that can't go below 35hz at -3db. I don't have room to fit anything bigger in my tight living room. I know it's a shame having a small 8 inch sub for a home theater system. But have to live with it.. The speakers are also Qacoustics concept 40's. That only go to 53hz at -3db. And the parasound as per the specs has a 12db slope on its high pass and low pass filters for the sub and speakers respectively. So what do you think will be the ideal high pass and low pass filters I can set on the parasound . Thanks again for your time and patience Martin C
  5. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Thanks a lot Fatmarley I do have a umik-1 to measure the system.. But then I could not quiet follow your goodselves about the wide and deep null. Iam sorry if it looked the obvious. But I ducked that bouncer so can you please describe in a little more detail please. So it sinks into my dumb head. Thanks again for your time
  6. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Thanks again Martin C yeah I have both the 2 scenarios to contemplate. I have sub with the concept 40's that I plan on integrating with the parasound halo integrated amps high and low pass filters. And I also have a active analogue crossover to triamp my pmc speakers. I understand that both scenarios are very different. Hence my try to understand how crossover works. But as rightly said, it does seem to be complicated to get a smooth integration between the bass driver and mid bass of the pmc.
  7. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Hi Insider9... Very glad to hear from you All well noted. From my reading on the net, I could guess this was a complex science. Way beyond my dumb head But as advised...Will surely experiment. That is the only reason why i went with a external active analogue crossover, so that I could change settings on the fly without having to connect and disconnect my laptop. Will surely start this trail in Sept once Iam back. And will revive this thread again for guidance as I go along. Thanks again Insider 9
  8. newlash09

    Tell me more about Hybrid Class A

    Very well said sir.... Though president Trump doesn't acknowledge global warming. I have seen its effects in my own life time . As a young sailor in 1996, a 5 meter wave was considered big. And a 9M wave was a murderer and a freak occurrence only in the thickest of storms. Now a days a 9 meter wave is the norm in Atlantic winters . The storms have gotten so much bigger and so much more power full in the last 23 years alone, i dread to think what's in store 30 years down the line
  9. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Thanks avain Tony J.. So there is some hit and miss involved then. I was hoping it was just plain maths and happiness ever afterwards
  10. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Haha...thanks. Absolutely no worries. Please take your time and have a safe trip Iam actually more keen for doing this implementation on the pmc 20.26. The bass and mid bass cut off at 350hz with a 24db slope as per the inbuilt crossover. I want to run a SS amp for bass and tubes for mids and above. I have a active crossover with 12db slope. So was wondering what cutoff low pass and high pass frequencies I should feed on the cross over to get that exact-6db at 350 Hz
  11. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    That's great Martin C very very well understood. So what ever cut off frequency I mention in the cross over, it will be -6hz at that frequency. So that means I can keep the high pass filter on the sub at 60hz, as well as the lower pass filter on active crossover also at 60hz. Thanks again..well understood now:)
  12. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    That's great.. .thanks again
  13. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Thanks a lot Martin C You are very very helpful as always My concept 40 speakers can go down to 46hz if I remember right . So I plan on cutting them off at 60hz..So ideally I should put the crossover on the sub and the active crossover in such a way that both are -6db at 60hz. Have I understood correctly. Thanks again
  14. newlash09

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Wow....that's great Tony J..many thanks That was so easy to understand. Now my only doubt is , how early before 60hz will it start cutting by the sub woofer high pass filter. Or does it start exactly at 60hz, and then reaches 120hz at -12db.
  15. newlash09

    Newbie Intro's

    Hi three sheds...hearty welcome to the wam You have a great room to your self there. And a very very tasty system too. When you do embark on your auditions , please keep us posted with your journey. I enjoy reading about auditions....or maybe it's just a fetish