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  1. Iam using it just as a digital streamer and feeding an external dac. Never tried its analogue output though.
  2. Even I would be interested to know the difference it makes
  3. Iam using the CCA as just a wireless streamer feeding the dac via optical in. And the same dac is fed via coaxial from the dedicated roon end point. So when I do the comparison it will just be a comparison between the CCA and metrum ambre as roon end points. One working wirelessly via Wi-Fi, and the other hard wired with Ethernet.
  4. Sure sir I will definitely give it a spin in the morning and will report back. So far the CCA powered by a LPSU sounds great by itself, though never tried for Roon as i have my doubts planted by online forums, about how wifi degrades sound quality. Though the metrum Ambre roon end point also sounds great , and after adding a LPSU to the network switch which is the heart of the roon chain. The metrum is now sounding absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely no digital hash or glare coming through
  5. Hi all, Just thought I'd share my experience adding some LPSU's in my setup. I had first added a chifi 5v LPSU to power the chrome cast audio. And it made a remarkable difference. After reading @The Chronicals, experience with adding a LPSU for his router. I Got a used uptone audio LPS-1 ( this is their older model, there is supposed to be a even better LPS-2 version presently) and added it to power my network switch which connects my NAS , roon server and metrum ambre roon end point. I found it to make a dramatic improvement in the sound. It was only after adding it, I realised the amount of noise that the network switch was adding to the sound signal. I would definitely recommend adding a LPSU to network switches or routers if being used in a audio chain.
  6. +1 I have a CCA and a dedicated metrum roon end point. Both of these show up on my roon remote as end points. Though I haven't tried playing through the CCA to check for difference in audio quality between the two.
  7. Hi again 30hurts As far as I know.. Iam not aware of them necessitating a close wall placement.. in fact my speakers are pulled out about 45cms from rear wall...and no side walls at all. And they still sound phenomenal. Iam just posting some pics of my HT setup with the Qacoustics speakers
  8. Hi sir is the sugden full class A by any chance. I've tried a chord dac before . And found it to be very resolving in details. But it sounded really cold and dry sounding with immense detail in my setup, but that was with a very neutral sounding parasound halo integrated . But if the sugden is class A, it would make one lovely pairing in my humble opinion
  9. That was one lovely and informative post sir...thoroughly enjoyed reading it...and the knowledge gleaned off it
  10. Hi 30hurts I think all the speakers you are considering above are all stand mounts. If a pmc book shelf with its transmission line bass can't fill your room. Then there is probably a very very high chance that the short listed speakers might not deliver on that count too. My friend had a pmc db1i gold which filled up his 14x20 feet room nicely. So if pmc are not delivering, may be best to look at floorstanders. I would personally recommend the Qacoustics concept 40's. Awesome speakers...and I wouldn't add for the money either But they are very different sounding and between my pmc 20.26 and the concept 40's, both me and my wife prefer the concept 40's
  11. newlash09

    Valve info

    Hi all... Just had a small doubt. My present TAD 1000 tube mono blocks are using 12AX7 input tubes. One of my friends is selling his stack of 12AU7 tubes as he sold his ayon tube amp. So was wondering if I could buy his lot, and use them in place of the existing 12AX7's. Thanks to kindly let me know. By the way..I found out that the present 12AX7's in use are from electroharmonix. And I already have some gold lion 12AX7 reissues on order. Supposed to be delivered on the 23rd of this month. I would like to take a call, before my friend posts them on the bay Thanks to kindly let me know
  12. Hi Bazzer... I would fully agree. I have a limited collection of sacd 's that I inherited along with my player. Thought none of them are the genre I generally listen to, I still find them sounding superb. I don't know how to put it across, but I would say it imparts a sense of air in the mix. Iam impressed enough to start searching for sacd's now
  13. Hi all... This is about my experience with the isoacoustics gaia3. I've had them for close to 3 months but never bothered to try them on my speakers ,and actually gave them away to a friend, who was mighty impressed with them. The last time I tried some OEHLBACH isolators on the speakers, it increased clarity and imaging. But felt it reduced bass depth and impact. So didn't bother trying the gaia3's after that. Though I must admit , that the OEHLBACH's work great under my tube gear. And I would also include them in " kit that punches well above its weight". Subsequently my lower floor tenant came knocking three weeks back at 23:30 hrs, requesting me to reduce the volume. I must admit I felt very embarrassed. So I tried to make my own speaker isolation platform with 4 marble tiles. With soft rubber mounts placed between each tile at the four corners. And the speakers finally mounted on these slabs with spikes. The resulting structure was super sensitive to the touch. I could move the speaker in any horizontal axis and the entire marble stand + speaker would oscillate in that axis till that movement got totally damped. Almost like the townshend seismic podiums, but at albeit 2% of the cost. These eliminated bass boom again , improved clarity by dollops. But I also lost bass impact. The bass went completely soft. So in a bid to try to get the bass back and also to achieve decoupling from the floor, I finally took back the isoacoustics gaia3 from my friend. I removed the rubber mounts between the marble tiles, and placed each marble tile directly above the other to make a heavy solid slab. Then I placed the pmc with the gaia3 on this vertical stack of marble slabs. The difference in sound is really amazing. I got my solid impacting bass back, and at the same time the clarity in the midrange, bass texture and treble has increased noticeably. I would almost consider it a speaker upgrade for the money it cost me. So i would like to add the isoacoustics gaia3 in this list too .