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  1. Hi sorry..your name in yellow was not readable on my screen. But it was one very enlightening post. Thanks for that
  2. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    Thanks Tuga.... I've found that most of the tracks that I stream from Tidal are at 44khz. And since the classic Dac is optimised for this spectrum. Been very happy with it. But will probably send it for servicing, before I go back on my next sail. Slightly off topic, I had recently tried an Metrum Amethyst on loan from the dealer. And was impressed with its detail retreival and really really tight bass. Was very analogue sounding too. But somehow despite the superior details, I liked the musicality and somehow vocal emotion with the AMR. So didn't go for the Metrum, but when I have to change a dac next, Metrum will be high on my radar.
  3. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    Hi again Tuga...iam having trouble with the HD dac with balance between the speakers. In classic dac mode I have two filters, but in HD dac mode I have four. But in HD dac mode the sound from the right speaker is louder than the left speaker, and thus skewing the stereo image entirely for the right. So I think I have to get it serviced or something .
  4. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    Hi Tuga..all were throught the bit perfect 44khz, jitter filter 2..We didn't try anything DSD. It was FLAC streaming from tidal.
  5. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    There is absolutely no reason to go unsighted. It was in plain sight when I switched inputs, and 4 of us unanimously agreed at the results. So please come off this measurement and unsighted chair you've long been advocating. And please give it a try and then tell me Iam probably a novice and not a dyed in the wool hobbyist yet. And that has given me the flexibility to attempt new things without prejudice. And iam finding startling results. You either take it or leave it. And it will be your loss not mine
  6. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    Most of us young folks make do with streaming. I don't have a CD player at hand to compare with. But one of my friends lugged along some Rega CD player in Black with a top loading hydraulic mechanism. It did look sexy. And we connected it to the AMR dac cum pre amp, both via RCA as well as co axial. Co ax going into slot 3 for digital coax input , and the RCA's going into slot 7 for analogue inputs. When we switched between both the AMR inputs with the rega as transport, and Rega as cd player . We found that it sounded more musical, more separation and louder bass via the AMR acting as dac. So you can take what you want, but an external dac can sometimes better a cd player. But of course, we didn't try a cd rip of the same track via roon to compare. And I know that would be your next question
  7. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    Thanks not even close...I did know that you were tongue in cheek But beats me how some just won't even try. I pity the large delta they are missing in sound quality. One of my friends got a LUSH usb cable. And it opened up the detail and sound stage. I wouldn't have believed it if I did not hear it on my friends system today evening back to back. Today has been a great learning experience for me
  8. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    I don't think our science has progressed to the grade, where measurement can beat actual listening. Iam a captain at sea, and ship handling is part art and part science. We can measure the science part but not the art of music. Besides, iam not keen on attempting to convert anyone into my stream of thought Ignorance is not only bliss , but also avoids bankruptcy. So I'd be happy for the non believers too
  9. newlash09

    John Darko appreciation thread

    I had a bake off at home today with different roon end points. And I can say with authority that all bits are not equal bits. And all digital transports are not equal. Please try for yourself. In an actual trail the difference is night and day. Especially in the bass. And we took a reference track from A.R. Rahman that only has cycle bells in the entire track and a very reverb laden bass at the bottom ( Album - Meenaxi, track - Cyclist's rythm on tidal via roon ) . Timing is of essence here. And some were more musical than the others , due to better timing coherence. And some just made it sound like a tinny mess with no idea of the melody . And the bell didn't even sound the same via the different transports we used. Surprisingly the Allo usb bridge, came on top with great timing and perfect tight bass control, and the cycle's bell actually sounded believable with great reverb tones. I was surprised that it bet my Metrum Ambre and the usb regen. So please give it a try.
  10. newlash09

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    Probably next time , you need to check before buying the dictionary
  11. newlash09


    Hi stylesound...very happy to hear this. Can you please post a pic of the subject speakers please . Thanks
  12. newlash09

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    Thanks a lot for the info Electro. Sounds and also looks like a great amp
  13. newlash09

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    Hi electro...I just checked out the abrahamsen SA-1's out of curiosity, and they are rated at 40 W at 8 ohms. With a current supply that will melt most speaker cables Seems to be almost 200 amps. Enough to electrocute the entire building if I wired my system wrong Something to try for sure. But unfortunately I couldn't find much on their website, are these full class A by any chance. Thanks to kindly reply
  14. newlash09

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    I have a Krell KSA100mk2. Running not so inefficient PMC's. But judging by the bass slam I get at anti social volume levels, seems they put out loads of juice. In fact iam so in love with the sound, that iam looking for an extra krell to vertically bi amp. Stupendous bass slam, absolutely no grain with deep dark black back grounds. And a very clear mid range and treble with an added sense of presence and emotion. Please audition one if you get a chance
  15. newlash09

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    I really don't know if this helps. But one of my friends, runs his Maggie 1.7's from a pair of schiit vidar as mono blocks, each putting out 400 watts. Sounded impressive to me. I had tried one single vidar in stereo mode outputting 100W per channel in my system, and found the bass too wooly to my taste. But in his system as mono blocks, they were a complete different kettle of fish