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  1. If a system leaves nothing out then the emotions of the music should be portrayed. It's as simple as that really. Slam and massive dynamic swings is part of the reproduction process. My speakers can go down pretty low but may not do hi-res music a lot of justice. All about compromise.
  2. From another view point, if a speaker can't reproduce a sub bass frequency then it can't be said to be transparent, cause part of the information is missing.
  3. Think you made an interesting point about "lack of ability to empathise" Would this account for lack of understanding why one listener may prefer one system and not another. From experience I feel a system that lacks undertones is most likely to be void of emotional portrayal of the music. The balance has to be right. Too bright sounds detached, too rich sounds muddy. Many systems from my experiences which calm to be transparent are not, cause they lack rich undertones of the music. If a system does not portray the full musical message then it can't be said to be transparent. Many only see transparency as detail (HF) which is not always the case.
  4. I once demo'd the LS50's and found them ok for what they are. Smooth and communicated mid-range. Just did not do it for me with highly dynamic stuff. The LS50s really need a careful setup and will reveal anything bad in the system, including what you place them on. The low sensitivity doesn't help either. You need powerful amplification. Kind of its own enemy really.
  5. Oh... If that's the case not too far then. When I'm ready will surely let you know in advance.
  6. I heard you still use bikes to generate electricity up that end.. you must be well fit I don't drive at the mo.... Unless I can get a friend to do the job. Not ruling out come over just yet.
  7. I think I better get off this damn forum, getting more confused what streamer to go for the more I read. @Camverton was actually thinking of trying out the Auralic G1. Mind me asking, what did you not like bout it. The pimped node 2i looking more like the way to go.
  8. You just described my speakers to a T. .. Honestly if I'd had the space 12inches will do just fine. It should be about the sound.
  9. Thanks alot for the invite, will PM hopefully work out a plan.
  10. Hello @TheFlash.. Interesting to read about journey of upgrades. I'm currently looking for a dedicated streamer myself. My Oppo 105EU is still going strong as per doing streaming duties connected to my RME ADI-2 DAC.. Only problem it does not do gapless so showing its age now. If you remember as per the Arcam D33 DAC on eBay, made an offer of £540 but it was declined by seller. So that's as much I'm willing to pay, if anything was just curious how it would sound compared to the RME DAC. I may well give the upgraded node 2i a try to see how I get on with it. I've been also looking at the likes of Melco and Innuos but much expensive alternatives
  11. Are you having problems only with the Nick Drake disc?. See no reason why it would not play. Not really familiar with the BDP93 EU player. The Oppo 105EU and later the UDP-205 were the more expensive ones which supposingly optimise for two channel music playback. Never owned SACD disc so never played any on my 105 player. Had a few hybrid disc but never had any problems with em.
  12. I use my Oppo 105EU as transport on rare occasions and does a very good job at it. Mainly used for streaming purposes from network Nas drive at the moment. However I'm looking to upgrade due to lack of gapless playback, also got a Sony X800 4k blu ray player so the Oppo may go at some point. I'm actually in the process of looking into a dedicated streamer. I could do you a good deal but not sure how soon yet. Your rack will be more than conducive for the purpose. The BDP93 should be good enough for the job anyway.