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  1. DSP is a still a form of tone control whether we like it or not even when done in the digital domain. Personally I think the popularisation of removing tone controls from HIFI was a brilliant idea to shift more boxes. EQ when used wisely yields great results. As a music producer if I move to a new location or room, I EQ my setup to better hear into the mix or to balance things out. The Hi Fi world got obsessed with things that mattered very little, and left out what really mattered, listening. It doesn't really matter by what means realistic or live like sound is achieved. Many producers and music engineers are human and get the balance of their mixes wrong from time to time even after many years of mastering music. Listening is as much an art form as producing music is. An art form can't be measured in it's entirety, neither should choosing how we listen be. Measurements should be part of a means to an end.
  2. At least we subjective camp got more room to make to put our point across. Until.....
  3. So is this the end?.. Thank goodness. Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Albert Einstein. Well....
  4. Why not have a bake off and put all this to rest. Keith does a blind test of several amps, picking the ones high in distortion. If he succeed then case closed. Subjective camp pick the ones you like the sound of most to see if they measure high in distortion. Of course all under controlled conditions. Both camps: which amps sound like real instruments... Blind tested. This may also apply to source streamers or DACS. Results, amps and source players are not revealed till all tests are complete.
  5. As much distortion?... You such bout that?... These tools for capturing sound are used wisely. Many people are very specific about what mics to used from vocalist to vocalist. How do you make your system sound if the music you really like is produced by a novice.. . If the world of production of music was truly perfect then everyone will embrace your concept but it's not. Even more so these days more and more musuc is produced at home studios.
  6. The obsession with true music fidelity is just laughable. I would say about 90% of vocals are done on valve microphones. These are mostly preferred with the so called high fidelity recordings.. ie.. Soul, Jazz, World, Opera. I use a SE Z5600a II, tube mics portray more of the emotion of singers.
  7. Here's another simple but if pratical video.
  8. That's a very pratical video of surfaces and sounds.
  9. I watched the video yesterday, but I don't agree with spending up to 10k on acoustic treatment on a 2k speaker. I've been to studios were very little treatment is done and improves the sound a lot. How much you spend will largely depend on how bad the room sounds in relation to placement of speakers and interaction between speaker and room. Yes some rooms can be troublesome, but a bit of exaggeration going on there as to how much needs to be spent.
  10. Digital was wrong from the word go.. We've been deceived. It may get better with time, but right now measurements and performance seem to tell a different story. Digital is very suspect. We want vinyl sound on digital files with no distortion. Well that's problem solved. I'm going to get a cheap £50 DAC till such a date and time when bits are not just bits, and chips are not just chips and no glass in my sound. Happy days..
  11. Your source base (Digital) to your DAC and power supply, and what it's connected with will all play a big part in how it sounds. I personally think a lot of people under estimate how sensitive DACS can be. I've heard DACS (the same DAC) sound almost ear splitting in one system and absolutely brilliant in another.
  12. Now the problem with DACS is noise. You can easily loose differences in DACS if noise gets into your system at any stage of the link of components. Larger rooms with Reverberation can also be a major problem. Your system is only as strong as the weakest link. The sum of the parts working together can be an advantage with some weaker components, but noise is noise. Over the years from recording and producing music I've found out that something as simple as an RCA interconnect can hide differences in DACS as suppose to XLR cables, cause the RCA cables are more susceptible to noise. Yet again some may not agree, but noise from any stage in your system even mains noise can cause havoc to the sound. If coming from multiple sources then you get that hard thin sound which is all too prominent with a lot of systems. The more you fight noise the more differences you get to hear from your system and the better sounding. All things being equal.