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  1. Hi everyone, it’s been a great read about all your ATC exotica, even understood some of it... I’m running a pair of SCM7s and C1 sub with a Hegel H360, I did try the 11s but they were too boomy for my small room...need a bigger house so I can join the big boys club
  2. Ooops...Didn’t sign in before posting! Hi, I have a pair of Shure SE425’s with Snugs custom tips and am really disappointed with the lack of bass. Wondering whether the 535’s would worth the upgrade, also the AKG N40’s are available at a decent price now too. I stream Tidal through a Dragonfly Red from my iPhone...Any suggestions for an alternative would be appreciated, don’t really have a budget in mind but don’t want to go mad either!
  3. Thanks for the replies, I definitely wouldn’t look to install them at an angle, just curious about placement really. The linked article was interesting, not that I’m that technical but good information never the less
  4. Just wondering if anyone has experience of any of the wall mounted ATC HTS range of speakers. With conventional speakers, you can obviously toe them in and move them in/out from the wall to suit the room. With these, once they are mounted that’s it, no more adjustments get what you get, unless I’m missing something? Any thoughts most welcome...
  5. ROB2009

    Nad M10

    Thanks Marcus I’m not familiar with your speakers, but had a gander at their website....look interesting!
  6. ROB2009

    Nad M10

    Hi there, it certainly looks the part... can I ask what speakers you’re using and have you run Dirac yet?
  7. Lovely looking system.... I’ve got my rear speakers much higher than yours, I would have thought at that height they are too close to your ears, maybe a little intrusive? Just curious really 🤔
  8. Oh Cno... surely the ultimate sacrifice! #Forgiven #HiFiHero 😇
  9. Thanks Cno....Just musing as one does! hope yours are bedding nicely... Yes I have ATC SCM7’s
  10. Thanks for the booze advice... I’ve made it into today unscathed... The only measurement I can give you is 13.5%, everything else is a blurrrrr! It will however, be nice to get back to my own system on Sunday.....Just saying