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  1. I've heard both and own the D7. The A7 is a good speaker, but doesn't have the scale and impact of the it's big brother but further to the point nor does it measure up to the Kef R7 in that regard. R7 has more bass and just, well more. However, the A7 and even the A4 I found to have more detail and greater separation. Suffice it to say, they present the music differently. I think the A7 will work in the room. My hunch is the R7 might be a bit too much speaker for that size room, but who knows for certain. As you can imagine, you won't really know until you hear them both, preferably at the same dealer and then in your own room. Given your amp and what I know of the D7 I think the Spendor is going sound nice with valves and be easier to drive than the Kef, but with that said, they have the same 88dB sensitivity.
  2. Here you go: . HD Audio Challenge II. This time he has six formats to compare. I did the first one. Then I downloaded all the free tracks from HD tracks and compared them to Tidal. Then I did Archimago's trial for PCM/CD vs. MQA. That makes two of us. This explains my current displeasure with Tidal and my inability to get at all of the CD quality recordings and instead being offered MQA. (I've decided I triggered an anomaly in the system and have given up) Though we had better be careful, because, any minute now, someone is going to pop around with the, "Your system simply isn't resolving enough to hear the differences."
  3. and although I'm loathe to admit it, it's not like the sound quality is so different that it makes much of a difference. It's about bloody principle now. @insider9 has the right idea. It's time for drink. It's Friday night for goodness sake.
  4. No apologies necessary. It's a nasty bloody conundrum and I think only the non-responders at Tidal can sort it out. On the flip side, it's not like somebody is shoving Vinyl down my throat. hehe
  5. It's all good. I'm simply trying to be clear, as it seems this whole thing is unclear. You've been more than helpful and it is much appreciated.
  6. I've done that. But I still can't find CD quality albums some of the time. Based on everything I've read from Archimago's measurements, it's unclear if setting it this way, (to HIFI) even when selecting MQA decoding pass through, results in the original CD master, which was not mastered for MQA, arriving at the endpoint. Based on what he says I think probably not. Be that as it may, it would be nice to be able to source whatever original master I would like. For instance, the 2009 CD remaster of the White Album vs. The MQA 2018 remix vs. CD 2018 remix all sound different. The latter two considerably from the former, but even the two version of the 2018 remix sound different to me.
  7. I think you are 100% percent spot on. I'm headed to the States at Xmas and I am going to take advantage of this Qobuz, anti-Amazon, deal while we are there. The whole thing would not be such a pain if it were not for the fact it is my ONLY source for music.
  8. I don't think so. I've had it since 2016 so I'm familiar with its limitations. There is no accounting for user error when I've done all of the above and still have the issue in the screen shots. I've even deleted all cookies and tried the web browser. I've tried every single setting from dumb ass to Einstein and I am still at a loss. It's become more of a puzzle now. But it certainly has gotten under my skin. Especially when Tidal support has offered nothing in the way of an explanation. 1. Yes, I understand it was Tidal, but Tidal can be accessed in one of four ways: Desktop app, I-pad app, mobile app and Web Browser. In each case one could generate a screen shot. Hence the need for clarification. 2. As mentioned previously in the OP, yes.
  9. Tony, I'm heart broken. Are there not just a couple of use who are simultaneously in both camps, or none at all, at the same time?
  10. Restarted and I have updated everything at least five times in the last week. I uninstalled and re-installed all of the applications from scratch. BlueSound is working better than the original Tidal provided apps. I'm starting to see there is something wrong with my individual account.
  11. Yes, I know this. Tidal offers two choices: the version which is similar to Spotify and HIF which is the CD quality one and it comes with MQA automatically. It doesn't matter the settings I use I've tried everything. Can I assume your first screen shot is from the Tidal desktop app? Or is it using the Web Browser? There has to be something wrong with my specific account. I have triggered some sort of error in the coding.
  12. Yes, if you are using Roon, but NO if you are using Tidal with its proprietary app for desktop or mobile. But, you've at least been promoted to detective first grade. Thanks for the help.
  13. Thanks and damn. What could be the problem?
  14. Alan, Yes, it matters to me for multiple reasons. I'm not interested in debating how or why MQA is decoded and all the rest. I simply want to know what people find if they search the same thing I posted as screen shot. Thanks
  15. No idea. I noticed it a few months ago when I was testing MQA vs. CD and favoriting and Un-favoriting albums during A/B comparisons; stuff just started disappearing. Too fracking odd.