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  1. Given the price he is asking, this is a no-brainer purchase for anyone interested in getting a taste of real tubes flavored sound. I have no idea how loud it goes as I don't play it loud enough to shake the building. I did turn it up once to 65% and scared myself. For folks wanting to run two sets of speakers this will not work. 2 balanced and one unbalanced with a solid phono stage. And for those with dipping ohms there is no need to worry as the power amp is solid state. I LOVE MINE!!!!!!!! see my full write up below:
  2. ChemMan

    Harbeth or Revel

    Besides the fact they are aesthetically beautiful I bet they sound great if the sound is close to some of the competitors this reviewer mentioned: It certainly was not a low price set up so enjoy them, hopefully for many years to come. Well done.
  3. ChemMan

    Cognitive Bias

    Confirmation bias is everywhere and I like the way you are thinking about this. As you might guess from my sobriquet, I've spent a fair bit of time testing things in my professional life. A couple of your previous posts were spot on in regard to what some "rigorous" testers think about drawing conclusions with less than perfectly controlled circumstances. Since this HiFi hobby is, in its very essence, subjective, I imagine we can agree that things don't have to be perfectly controlled in order to glean some knowledge. Conversely you said it yourself, controlling as many simple variables as is convenient is more than enough to narrow down a list, compare A/B, or simply have a bit of fun. I even agree with Keith for a change: speakers probably don't need to be listened to unsighted to hear "real" differences.
  4.  So does this integrated:
  5. ChemMan

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    I got my AT7s from them. Old Philipps.
  6. ChemMan

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    I finally got my replacement Tesla ECC 803s. It's hard to say, but it feels like their is a bit more punch, rumble and liveliness with the NOS tubes. I switched back and forth a couple time just to make sure the gain was the same. (there was a 1% difference on the MA252's volume meter between the two set of tubes) Certainly not scientific testing and I'm sure it falls within the regions of expectation bias, but A/B is hard when you have to switch between tubes. To sum up, it sounds a bit like swapping in a new DAC.
  7. ChemMan

    Spendor A4 v Dynaudio Special 40 demo

    I own the Spendor D7 and extensively demoed the Special 40s, in store. For my money, the Special 40 might be the one of the great loudspeaker deals around. I found them superior to the far more expensive contour 20. I heard the Special 40s through my Arcam A39 and a Hegel 360 and would not say they "fell apart" when pushed. They are room filling, toe tapping and provide and immense amount of sound for their diminutive size. For reference, I was coming from the A39 and LS50s. I think the A39, second hand now, or a Hegel 90/190 or Rost would be a fine amp for either speaker. I've heard the A4 and A7 just once in passing. They both were quality, but I didn't think they were special. The 40s are indeed.
  8. ChemMan

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    I had no idea. Thanks!!
  9. ChemMan

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    She has not been in the BMW yet, but she was already leaning toward the Volvo, which I now have driven three times and I like it. It is kind of sporty and luxurious and ate up some round abouts and speed bumps. Hehe . There is no doubt the BMW is a nice car and it's practicality aspects are superior to the Volvo, it's just too bumpy of a ride especially in the 20 inch wheels and M Sport package. The more basic package with 18 inch wheels was not as bad in the bumps. I'm thinking a package with NO sport suspension and 18 inch wheels for the wife's test drive. If it wasn't for her discount we'd be getting a VW golf, so in the end I don't mind her choosing, even though I do 98% of the driving. IN this range of vehicle it's tough to get a bad one. I couldn't agree more: fun for a while but too much all the time.
  10. ChemMan

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    I think maybe you, and you're not alone, have missed the tongue and cheek part. I don't care about the audio either, I'm using that as a vehicle to get some opinions on the two vehicles. After all this is a hifi forum and so I am technically cheating. Though I did test drive one of the Volvos with the HK and it sounded pretty good for 500 bucks.
  11. ChemMan

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    That's pretty much my plan. I've ear-marked 400 euro for tubes and have spent 150 so far.
  12. ChemMan

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    Any recommendations as far as suppliers go?
  13. ChemMan

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    I read this on another forum as well, that JJ makes Mac stock tubes. I'm still keen on trying the JJ Gold pin as well. They are strangely hard to find. Here are the Philips/Mullard AT7 I am testing out.
  14. ChemMan

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    Two words: Master Yoda
  15. ChemMan

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    I've driven it two days in a row on highways and the city and it's certainly a very nice car.