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  1. I don't necessarily. I'm simply curious if I'm not getting the utmost from my system because of room interaction. And, I'm wondering if because room/system integration may not be perfectly balanced, if this is the reason I'm not really hearing the differences between a superbly measuring DAC and a not so well measuring one. I'm trying to come up with alternative explanations. I suppose I could get my hearing checked.
  2. Nobody. What I want to know is slightly different: If, according to Amir's testing, the Bluesound measures very poorly and the Qutest very well, why is it that they sound nearly the same? (slight widening of sound stage) 1. Keith says the differences in measurements are most likely inaudible. 2. More than one person has said Amir's testing is questionable. 3. Do I need DSP in order to bring my system and room into total synergistic compliance? Yet if the room is a constant and only the DAC changes, I should be able to hear it. I'm being serious I would not mind any explanation as all I have right now is number 1 there have to be other opinions. @tuga
  3. I know you are responding to Rabski here. I downloaded the test tracks from the Archimago link I posted about bits and spent some time this afternoon listening to the tracks where he intentionally added clock drift, jitter and both. When I randomized them in the playlist I couldn't tell you anything I felt was out of whack. He offered the graphs showing the measurements and commented he increased them much more, toward the "bad" than any reputable DAC has so far measured. A small sample size certainly, but instructive. He also provides timings on where he starts altering the recordings which I tried out after my randomized test and even then........I still doubt I heard anything.
  4. Gods yes man! Beats the hell out of complicated.
  5. Let's summarize so far: Jitter and clock drift may be real issues in the digital circuit but are most likely inaudible. Anybody who makes assertions their product handles these issues is performing a marketing function? DAC chips are essentially that -- chips. They all are about the same and perform the same function and as they are involved in the digital circuity play little overall role in audible sound signature. The main culprits, in order of significance, to explain sound differences would be analog circuitry, power supply, filters and up/oversampling? And finally, bits are bits or else they are not bits. I hope I've got it right now.
  6. No problem, most of the discussion is beyond me so I like to read these types of articles for some background information and I prefer Archimago over Amir at ASR for measurements. Mind you, I don't get the details on most of the measurements anyway, but it pays to stay somewhat informed around here so one has the basics.
  7. Nice commentary here on adequate: "How Much Difference Does It Make?" - On Balance and Adequacy for audiophiles.
  8. and the counter argument with measurements:
  9. I'm all for the measurements, but it seems there have to be limits. So according to the chart, the Node2i measures the absolute poorest of everything out there depending on connection and it's best mark is a mere 87.5 out of 120 when using Roon stream which I'm not using. Following on, according to Amir, bypassing the DAC in the Node should result in one achieving the performance of the external DAC. In my case the Chord Qutest which measures very well with a score of 113.9. How is it then in a blind, level matched comparison, there was no appreciable difference other than a slight extension in the sound stage in a comparison between the Node 2, the Qutest (I had home demo for three days) and my CD player? Tested Tidal streams/CDs were Brothers in Arms, Gaucho and the White Album. There has to be an explanation for what I am/not hearing. I'm open to what the explanations are as I simply want to improve the sound quality of my system.
  10. I'm seriously not joking, I'm having HIFI demo dreams. I had a fair bit of expensive equipment, I probably would never purchase, around here last Tuesday. Since then I keep dreaming about changing power cables, streamers and speaker cables while simultaneously finding myself floating in the air between the speakers. Desperate.
  11. Having said that, a few months ago I tried it against both an REM AD2 & Chord Quetest (Node out via coax) and I could not detect anything beyond a very very subtle difference. Considering these 2 DACs are £800 & £1100 respectively, I would say you would be very happy with the Node2i. The 2i according to reviews is a step up in SQ from the 2 series, and the sound from my 2 is definitely not the typical screechy/glassy sound associated with digital, it is a full bodied detailed sound. I can pretty much affirm most of what Lurch said here: I also sampled against the Qutest. The sound stage opened up a bit side to side and top to bottom. Depth was the same. Given the difference in price, I think my plan currently is to sell the Node2 and get the 2i. I recently had a home of the Linn Akurate DSM3 with the Katalyst DAC architecture. Better than the Node2? Yes. Eighteen times better? No. 500 vs. 9k I'm starting to think that what is missing in my system will not be sorted by a DAC and I may need to look into amps again.
  12. ChemMan

    Hi there

    Really? I never would have thought that. I'm sure I was just throwing numbers around without ever having heard systems of varying price tags, as I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. You sir, are an erudite Goliath.
  13. ChemMan

    Hi there

    I've no idea what you value, but if you like/love music and you need/want great sound, then you must invest a slight bit of money in your "hifi" system. 3k gets you good to very good to great sound--10k gets you some of the same and more -- 30k gets you something special. A lot of these fellow on this forum know things. A lot of things.... and..... sometimes............they might just know something of value.
  14. ChemMan

    What is Streaming?

    I thought the whole point was a streamer replaces the computer, now it seems you need both Think of it this way: A streamer like the Bluesound is a little mini computer programmed to access the internet, auto-instant-download (stream). This mini computer will also store a playlist you create using your various services or NAS. The computer, I-pad/tablet or phone simply allows you to control the Bluesound, (mini-computer) remotely.