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  1. ChemMan

    the nu-vista sound ?

    Apparently compact size and reasonably resistant to some types of distortion, but the concept of the amp topology is unfamiliar to me as it is a hybrid design similar but different to mine. I do remember reading that they are no longer manufactured, and MF got the their hands on a boat load of them from somewhere, I think, in eastern Europe after things opened up.
  2. ChemMan

    Harbeth or Revel

    That's what my Arcam was, but Cno's point is well taken. When the Ref 1 dips to 3.2 it's going to draw more current, so maybe the better spec is how much power would an amp put out at 4 ohms just to on the safe side.
  3. ChemMan

    Harbeth or Revel

    Yeah that might not do it for the Ref 1.
  4. ChemMan

    Harbeth or Revel

    I have heard both speakers you discussed above and to me they are apples and oranges. I had the Kef Ref 1 in the house and purchased but it had to go back. And although, I agree with the amp assertion above, I will say I drove the Ref 1 with my Arcam A39 and it worked well. My plan was to get the Ref and save for a better amp down the road, but in the interim, both myself and my dealer were very impressed and surprised with the sound of the A39. Although I've never heard a Croft, I would prognosticate this might be a similar situation for you.
  5. ChemMan

    the nu-vista sound ?

    I heard the 800 on Wednesday. Here are my thoughts: @Iceman 16 as well. The paring of the Kef REF 3 and 800 along with an older Aurender acting as Tidal streamer connected to a Wadia 322 DAC, certainly delivered the phenomenon of you can hear everything in the music and still have a conversation. My system does not do that. Mind you with cables, this is about 30K worth of equipment compared to my 10k. The most obvious thing that struck me, besides you are in the front row, was the sense of air, timing uniqueness of space and not just the instruments, but rather the notes themselves seem to have a place. The amp drove the speakers effortlessly and was slightly warm to the touch after playing for an hour, it also did not do any favors to poorer recordings -- this is obviously not the amp alone. It had musicality and made me want to tap the feet. To sum it up, even at low volume, absolutely everything could be heard and it was doing it without any work. I was sitting center, about two meters away form the plane of the front of the Refs. They were spaced about 3 meters apart. The amp was musical, rich and was not sterile. I don't know if those little tubes are supposed to offer up some sort of tube magic, but if I were to compare, the MA252 emotes slightly more than the NuVista did. But this could be because I am so used to my own amp now and that is MY reference sound. On the other hand the sense of scale and authority with that combo makes my system seem small and dainty. And yes, I would have traded mine right then and there if it were an option. I would have done room correction and whatever else it took!! Ultimately, my impressions are pretty much useless. I'm good at analysis and comparison. With no opportunity for comparison and the other three disparate parts of the system, what I heard is near meaningless in terms of how the 800 itself sounds. Given I have a lot of experience with the direct, neutral and slightly dry sound of Kef, I can say the MF adds life and vigor to the presentation.
  6. ChemMan

    System for the ma-in-law

    Get serious. We needed a new I-pad anyway. Someone had to get the old one. They are getting our old car as well.
  7. ChemMan

    System for the ma-in-law

    Sorry, I didn't catch that about the hearing. My brother has that old Bose wave radio with the CD player, but even that is still $600 I think.
  8. ChemMan

    System for the ma-in-law

    Yes, I f you want CD's the MUSO is out as is the LSX. I was thinking along the lines of what we did for the mom-in-law. A nice wireless speaker, our old I-pad, and a five euro Spotify subscription that comes out of our bank account.
  9. ChemMan

    System for the ma-in-law

    I am not trying to be a pain in the rear-end. Given I am an ever-moving ex-pat beholden to many visitors, I consistently recommend Naim's MUSO. Frankly, I should be a dealer. All four of the folks I recommended them to, three while visiting, love them. Personally I am not in love with Naim component gear, but outside of the new KEF LSX, I've not heard anything close in an one for all, all for one system. And before get bashed, yes, I could find a nice little amp and some book shelf speakers better, but that would not be an all in one system.
  10. ChemMan

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    For what it's worth, I never found out what is/was so great about PMC. I set out to hear them based on reputation and because of how many folks on this and the old WHF had them. I heard four different floor standers in both the twenty and twenty five series. They had excellent timing; were precise and detailed, but I felt they were lacking scale, authority and bass response. They were tested with both a Hegel 190 and an Arcam A39. I didn't think they were even in the same class as they ATC SCM40, Pro_Ac D30rs, Harbeth SHL5+, Spendor D7, Q Acoustics Concept 500, even the Dynaudio Special 40. Someone mentioned the new Kef R series. I liked them over the PMC as well.
  11. ChemMan

    PS Audio anyone?

    I have let my frustrations and emotions get the better of me on the Wam and in life. I also did not mean to call you out if in fact that's what you feel I have done. Rabski's point is well taken.
  12. ChemMan

    PS Audio anyone?

    No worries man. I've been known to be the same from time to time myself.
  13. ChemMan

    PS Audio anyone?

    Normally, you have a refreshing and rather erudite take on aspects of this forum. After reading this I am wondering if you are having a bad day. At best this was not helpful, and at worst, arrogant and condescending.
  14. ChemMan

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    That's very true. The longer we live in this place the more I realize it's just a big resonance box. It's terrible. Footsteps above and below sound like Godzilla. We can hear the neighbors simply talking for goodness sake. Anyone out in the hall and they could be three floors away up or down and you could not pin point it. And here and there, there are still little pools of obnoxious bass if you walk around the apartment. Weird is right.
  15. ChemMan

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    If you will have that much dough in your budget and you already own the Hegel, I think you can do better than the 40s. I loved them and still bought the D7. Be patient, spend all the cash and then, hopefully, you won't have the voice in your head telling you woulda, coulda, shoulda. The 40s are great but I doubt they will ever have the scale of a well-made floor stander in the 4000 to 5000 range. Plus you'd have to get good stands as well. Ask @CnoEvil, he's great at spending other people's money.