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  1. I'm not sure what kind of rig makes Spotify sound good, but I don't like it one bit. Tidal at their CD quality, sounds, as good or better, than my Rotel CD player. Spotify premium sounded thin and lacked dynamic range. My wife uses it for her phone. Not good. I use the Bluesound Node2, and with my current set up it sounds awfully good.
  2. I've recently done a fair bit of demoing on some of these very same speakers. I can't tell from your post if you are looking to purchase. I own the LS50s, but was looking for more. After testing nearly every 3-5k speaker on the planet (only partially kidding), I settled on the Spendor D7. With that said, if you are looking for a standmount speaker, I IMO there are the Dynaudio Special 40s and then everybody else. I did just last week have the Kef Reference 1 in the house, but due to tricky acoustics they didn't find a home here. The Special 40s are genuinely special, and I felt far superior to their older brother the Contour 20. At 3k euro it is one heck of a nice speaker. Have a listen if possible.
  3. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    Going out tonight!
  4. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    Yes I did use that track and a great one it is for testing or listening. With the Spendor I’ve had no issues. The Ref 1 was a bit over the top for my room on this.
  5. ChemMan

    Dynaudio Special Forty?

    Welcome. Check out my close to 4 million posts on the above. I'll boil it down fast for you. I loved and still love the Special 40. If it's not too big a room they would be stellar. IMO they outclassed all of the bigger PMCs 23 and 24. As I refined my search the ATC SCM 40 also was exceptional and had more scale than the 40s. I even compared the 40s to the Contour 20 which is a lot more money and still preferred the 40s. MY dealer has some Dali's and he told me based on what I had told him and we had heard together there wasn't much point in hearing the Dali's after the Special 40. After listening to more than 30 speakers in three months and home demoing five finalists, I settled on the Spendor D7. For genuine thoughts on many speakers comparable to what you listed, you can find something like 7 or 8 threads I started based on my search. Keep us in the loop. We are happy to help.
  6. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    That would look damn good next to the Mac would it not? She's a looker.
  7. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    The dealer is a cool dude and as both were demos he didn't mind all that much. In fact, today he said, "I knew you'd be back for the Spendor"
  8. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    No doubt brother. I am listening now, and enjoying the sounds and words and guitars. About the only question I have is, "I wonder he's playing a D28 or maybe a D45. It sounds sweet"
  9. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    I'm really starting to think I need a turntable.
  10. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    Happy to be of service!
  11. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    I'm going to take a short commercial break and return for season 2 in 2019.
  12. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    Damn straight. Doing that right now.
  13. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    It better be years, or the next bit of shopping I do is going to be for a new wife.
  14. ChemMan

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    Final Update: I returned the Reference 1 today and came home a proud owner of the Spendor D7!! I also paid for the McIntosh Ma252 today and pick it up Saturday!!!!!
  15. ChemMan

    Advice needed on Tube Amplifiers

    YES!!! Picked up the D7 today after taking back the Ref 1. Loving it.