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  1. ChemMan

    My First Streaming experience.

    I don't disagree in regard to Tidal. The Bluesound interface running Tidal is adequate, no more. Tidal has recently begun providing a much more user focused platform, and it would be nice to have it through the Bluesound. 95% if my listening is through Tidal so I am happy enough, yet I can't agree that Spotify sounds as good as Tidal. At least on my system, Spotify lacks the overall feeling, detail and scale of Tidal. The differences are more than enough, for me, to justify an extra 10 euros per month.
  2. ChemMan

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    To be fair, my two year old listens and responds far better, and he is doing it in two and a half languages. We are only using one in this forum.
  3. ChemMan

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I would like to know if Classical from Decca or Jazz recordings from, say ECM, are compressed in the same manner that modern popular music is these days. I also think you are spot on with the D&D, though I had only heard the Kii3. I had similar impressions in both my demos with it in two different locations. Very impressive are the kii, but did I want that all day every day? I ultimately turned them down although they were within budget. In regard to the Qutest (the thread) I found an opening of the sound stage in both the vertical and horizontal planes and it was obvious. Other than that, the improvements over the Node2 DAC were not significant enough for me to warrant the expense. I plan to order the RME next week so it arrives to coincide with some free time.
  4. ChemMan

    My First Streaming experience.

    There is a can of worms. But they do offer their highest CD quality (about 1400 kbs) for three months free last I heard. Their supposed hi-res is MQA. I have sampled my CD player, Tidal CD quality, and Tidal MQA and can't say which one is "better." They all sound a touch different but not one of them is any better than the others. To my ears that is. I have no desire for this debate. But I do think there is something to Meridian misrepresenting MQA as a hi-res format. I have a few hi-res downloads and I have compared them to the CD quality on Tidal and in this case there is more of a noticeable difference. IN case Keith is lurking about, all of this testing I do is with an SPL and my wife so it is unsighted.
  5. ChemMan

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Absolutely. This is exactly what I am getting at. Unless we can find recordings that are uncompressed we can't have true high-fidelity. I am not taking issue with people using the words, but rather when they use them to pursue an absolutist point of view. I think the measurements are interesting, but they are not the end all be all. I have some tubes because I like the sound and I could care less what Keith or anyone else thinks. If anyone has decent equipment and likes to use EQ or room compensation and they want to call it high-fidelity, they can and should. I wrote previously that I believe the terms hi-fi and high-fidelity should be general terms to describe a system that someone finds very pleasing to the ear. In fact, back home nobody really calls it Hi-Fi -- we all just have stereo systems.
  6. ChemMan

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Nothing is going to help here. Both of you most likely know what I am getting at. I am not the person using the word, Hi-Fidelity ad nauseum, but I am drawing a distinction to how it's being used in two disparate contexts which are both involved in the reproduction of a live musical performance. I don't think it is fair to use Hi-Fi solely in the realm of recorded playback. If the live music was poorly recorded to begin with it is not going to be "loyal" to the artist's intention. Thus, to use Keith's line of reasoning, any measurements that might have been taken in the studio are now, nowhere to be found on the master recording. I am now finished with this nonsense. I have forty posts to go before I quit, and I am saving them for a real discussion on the RME when i get around to ordering it.
  7. ChemMan

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I certainly cannot argue with that. The question remains, is it Hi Fidelity if the recording itself is not loyal and true to the original music performed in the studio? If not "loyal and true" I doubt we are permitted to use the word fidelity. Epistemology, and for that matter, etymology, fail when a pedantic or dogmatic approach is all we have. Where is your loyalty to Hegel?
  8. ChemMan

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    But you see my good man, Keith does not view us as peers. He also does not engage in dialogue, which is his right of course. So unfortunately, you and I and others are frustrated because he is not meeting our expectations in regard to dialogue. You have "caught" him in blatant hypocrisy more than once. (your features vs. improvements piece for one.) He does not respond. He is either, in his mind, intellectually superior or at the very least deigns not to engage because of his ideological zealotry. Keith is a pedant who continually falls back on his oft regurgitated platitudes. If I didn't know better it would be easy to make a case that he is in fact not a corporeal entity, but rather a computer borne A.I. program. He banters about words like Hi-fidelity as if there is an absolute definition. He believes whatever may be on the recording must be replicated exactly, and only measurements will suffice as proof. But never is he able to embrace the minute differences/anomalies in human anatomical structure that tells us there is no way we can ever know exactly what other humans perceive. In regard to HI-FI who knows if, during the recording process, the sound was changed to such an extent it no longer sounds like what the musicians heard. These are just two examples, and you could come up with a myriad more, that show "Hi-Fi" is a reasonably general word that probably should apply to stereo equipment that sounds very good to the listener.
  9. ChemMan

    My First Streaming experience.

    yes, via the node, I had my wife sign in as she is a subscriber and we found the "settings."
  10. ChemMan

    My First Streaming experience.

    Absolutely. With the introduction of the Node2i, finding a Node 2, brand new, for 300 is child's play. I'm somewhat surprised by the comments on here regarding Spotify. I've tested it a number of times (free and subscribed) and it is not near as good as Tidal. MQA or not. My Node2 from Tidal sounds every bit as good as a CD through my Rotel CD player.
  11. ChemMan

    Getting active and never looking back

    When I registered my D7 in the UK, the guy who emailed me to confirm asked me what amp I was using and we had an extended dialogue about his own McIntosh/Spendor combo when he revealed this tid bit for the UK.
  12. ChemMan

    Getting active and never looking back

    Did you know it's Spendor who brings in McIntosh? A bit of irony in that is the combo I settled on.
  13. ChemMan

    Getting active and never looking back

    I asked about this at the LS50W / LSX comparison. The slave cable is for synchronization in the LS50W. In the LSX, the slave cable is optional, but if you don't use it it limits the type of hi-res playback and didn't sound as good to my ears. If not using the cable in the LSX they have a proprietary internal "wifi" signal between the two speakers for synchronization. As you mentioned, power cables are required across the board. If someone's budget was 1000 euro for only new equipment the LSX would not be a bad option for someone who wanted an unobtrusive, all in one and system with decent stereo sound.
  14. ChemMan

    Getting active and never looking back

    Nice topic/thread. My two or three cents: If you like the valve sound what happens? A valve pre-amp into actives I suppose, but will you get the magic? I have no idea. Someone else wrote about matching. Maybe that really is the ticket is you go passive. The Kii3 sounded nice, at first listen. I felt I would have tired of it in the long run--too clear and dry. It's possible the 8C is better. I would really have like to hear @TheFlash his passives then active as the passives are very nice. I had 10k to spend and heard as much as possible in six months. Hybrid amp with nice speakers seems to work very well here. Again, a really nice thread.