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  1. plasticpenguin

    Noah's ark.

    Like Noah's animals most of my hi-fi has come in twos: Wharfedale Linton XP2 and E-Twenty. Arcam Alpha 7R and A65+; turntables: Two Garrards and two Pro-jects; Two Leemas, two Ortofon cartridges; two Chord speaker cables Odyssey and SilverScreen; two Goldrings (G800 and 2400). Anyone else with lots of twos or threes... or whatever number?
  2. plasticpenguin

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    If you want small with quality and don't mind s/hand, perhaps PMC DB1i. I purchased my TB2is on the strength of the DBs. Fabulous little speakers.
  3. plasticpenguin

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    No, but have heard the earlier incarnations. Very detailed with superb clarity. Won't suit all amps and tastes. What amp have you got/planning?
  4. plasticpenguin

    What would you ditch...

    IMO there is quite a noticeable difference between the Tucana and Pulse. The only reason for ditching it is because it'll give my new venture an extra boost. I've not heard the Elements amps... have got Elements phono stage though, and that sounds pretty darn good to me. Needs must.
  5. plasticpenguin

    What would you ditch...

    Not really brave - just being practical in light of a new business venture. The Pulse is just a watered down version of the Tucana, in isolation it's more than adequate.
  6. plasticpenguin

    What would you ditch...

    I've decided to keep the Pulse and ditch the Tucana. I know, I know... the Tucana is much better in all aspects but I need to free up some cash. And in a few months I can look at another Tucana MKII or something different. At this moment in time there are more things important than hi-fis. As the Tucana is the most valuable... it has to go. The Pulse is a super little amp -- always had a soft spot for the MKI version.
  7. plasticpenguin

    PP's weekend quiz

    \o/ Well done.
  8. Or put another way. It's easily a match for the older 10 series. EDIT - Rotel do have a away of producing great amps and CDPs and then some real plumbs.
  9. plasticpenguin

    PP's weekend quiz

    Read all about it!
  10. Well done Flash. I'm a big fan of Rotel CDPs. That AE version looks like my bag. Triffic! Try and look for a RCD975. Like the Michi, they are as rare as hens teeth, but they punch well above their price tag.
  11. plasticpenguin

    PP's weekend quiz

    I am a church and a community within a city. Not terribly well-known as a separate entity. Since the community has moved I am just a church and a wonderful piece of architecture and visited now more by tourists. What and where am I?
  12. plasticpenguin

    The music of Radiohead

    Never really gravitated to 'OK Computer'. To me it was very experimental (concept feel to it). The highlight is 'No Surprises'. Excellent track. Other than that it wanders disjointedly - certainly not an album you can eat with, unless you're a cannibal. Much prefer 'The Bends'. I have both albums and can't remember the last time I played 'Ok Computer'.
  13. plasticpenguin

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

    I do think it's synergy, as I mentioned before. Somewhere the components don't seem to gel. Go and borrow another DAC if possible, something like a Rega or a Chord and see if that improves the presentation.
  14. plasticpenguin

    Auto Italia Day @ Brooklands

    My Alfa Romeo. Haven't been for a couple of years. Agreed, wonderful day out. From old classics to full-blown concourse cars and vans and bespoke hybrids. My Alfa is neither a classic or concourse... it falls somewhere between. If you see this 2.0 JTS Sportwagon in this colour, I'll be hovering somewhere. It's the only 2.0 JTS in that colour in the country AFAIK.
  15. plasticpenguin

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

    Nooo But it does take on a more reflective signature even though we have carpets, wallpaper and soft furnishings.