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  1. plasticpenguin

    PMC loudspeakers

    I've tried bi-wiring the speakers and they don't do the sound any justice IMHO. Single wire all the way for me.
  2. plasticpenguin

    Upgraded/repaired Audiolab 8000a volume issues

    Are the decibel differences mainly at low volumes?
  3. plasticpenguin

    On this day...

  4. plasticpenguin

    The Beatles v The Kinks

    I prefer, over all of them, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Gifted and ....
  5. plasticpenguin

    Myth or reality?

    I always preferred quill penknives.
  6. Okay, so I've been a bit sniffy after seeing Christopher Nolan film. I'll try and be objective as opposed to subjective, and add some flesh to the bones. *From the first scenes, why is Dunkirk town looking so clean? Apart from a few propaganda leaflets floating around, it looks too pristine. In reality Dunkirk was bombed to pieces. *None of the BEF soldiers have any grime on their faces or hands All the main protagonists look wrong: These soldiers have meant to walk for days - sometimes weeks - to reach the beaches. Only scavenging food from from houses, barns and sheds. Their hair looks like they have a recent groom. * Wrong buildings Some of the buildings look like they built in the 1960s. *Wot no dialogue? No idea what the screenwriter was doing: The dialogue is a bare minimum... the speaking was in general atrocious. *Michael Cain? Why? According to Nolan he used Cain's voice as a tribute to the 1969 film The Battle of Britain. Don't get the connection. If he had remade the BoB I could fully understand that. *Kenneth Branagh He played Commander Bolton, which was, according to production notes, based on Commander James Clouston. Why is Bolton superglued to the Mole? At any rate, James Clouston, assistant to Capt. Bill Tenant at RN Dunkirk, was ordered back to London by Tenant to update the Ministry on the progress of Dunkirk. On his way back across the channel, the motor torpedo boat he was on was bombed. Clouston died on the 3rd June as a result of the bombing. *Mr. Dawson: The little boat Captain Why does he have a west country brogue? Most of the little ships came from London, Kent and Essex I'll just sum up before I bore the s##t out of myself - there's many other issues with the film but.... given how desperate the RN and Government was, none of the chaos, panic, desperation ever comes across on screen. Good bits: Clear picture and decent sound quality. For a budget of around $100-150 million, is that enough? Well done Mr. Nolan. It's made you ever richer despite squandering squillions. Turning out a half-baked film when it should have been a genuine blockbuster. Wonder how much he payed the critics?
  7. plasticpenguin

    Myth or reality?

  8. plasticpenguin

    Over-priced Hi-Fi Kit

    What we hear and the price tag's too high, look elsewhere. IMO it's all about VFM - but what I think is good value could be rubbish value to someone else.
  9. plasticpenguin

    WW1 in colour

    Yeah, it was utter rubbish. That's what you get for letting a director of fantasy films direct and write a drama. They are way out of their depth when it comes to making a real ballsy film. That's my fear with Jacko (assuming he gets around to making the darn thing).
  10. plasticpenguin


    They would be under supervision, where discipline is key. And no, you don't put them in front of Ballistic missile controls or aircraft.
  11. plasticpenguin

    WW1 in colour

    Back in 2006 Jackson declared he'd purchased the rights for the Dam Buster story. It transpired he was planning to remake the film. Two or three years later Stephen Fry wrote the script for the new film. Apart from news of a few replica aircraft made in NZ it has gone very quiet. Now he's not even commenting on it and it's been deleted from his listings of upcoming films. I don't care much for remakes per se, and like Anthony Nolan's lash up of Dunkirk, this proves that no fantasy film maker should make a drama based on real events. But the fact he's purchased the rights means he won't allow anyone else, better qualified directors, to make the film. He's made 3 or 4 Hobbit films and a load of other stuff - it seems he doesn't give a stuff!
  12. plasticpenguin


    They are not my crims - never realised you had to attend Eton to join the forces.
  13. plasticpenguin

    WW1 in colour

  14. plasticpenguin


    If the military could take on ex-crims to do 3 years in any of the armed forces. This would solve the prison situation and increase the military... double bonus. The Government now realise with decades of cuts we are over stretched, especially with terrorism and suchlike on these shores. This is WWIII but not in the usual sense. (Belgium, France, Norway, Germany, Russia, Africa, US, Canada, Australia, UK... have all been victims of terrorism in the last 2-3 years)
  15. plasticpenguin


    Scampton airfield is steeped in history. As a person who is keen on history (old buildings, cars...) it riles me that another piece of British heritage will be snuffed out. Your falling to pieces is my natural patina. In the context of old buildings erecting new, modern stuff doesn't cut it for me. Just down the road from is Wisley airfield and was used by Vickers as an overspill airfield to Weybridge is now being redeveloped. The war film Hope and Glory was filmed at Wisley.