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  1. Didn't see this other thread. What's the priority, CD repair or replacement speakers?
  2. Seem to remember reading a review about Primare amps working well with ProAc speakers. Whether they'll give you a bigger bang for your buck over the MAs is another question altogether. I did demo Primare i21 many moons ago with my MA RS6s and they sounded fine. And I'm pretty sure someone from another forum used their Primare 30.1 with PMC 'i' range. What is your maximum budget? Are the MA 20s standmounts or floorstander?
  3. Until I see actual proof that a - loosely speaking - car can achieve 1000 mph, I will take all of this with a pinch of salt. By proof I don't mean a 30 sec YouFace clip, but hard proof.
  4. What they claim the car can do and the reality are often two different things. It isn't about just slapping on more powerful rockets, once you get over a certain speed there are so many technical issues, such as how air impacts on structures. Bugatti (VW) had this same problem with the Veyron. Once you go over the 200 mph threshold they had to give the car an extra 200-odd BHP just to do a few extra mph. To have a speed properly verified they need to make two runs within a set time limit, and then they take the average speed of the two runs. Then there's other issues, such as if it has rockets to propel is it technically a car, or is it a rocket with wheels?
  5. Do you mean MA GS20? Rather than splashing out on different speakers, try experimenting with different positions. Sometimes moving speakers an inch or so nearer the wall can make the difference.
  6. Did it add anything to the dynamics or detail, or bass definition or depth... Which areas did it improve on?
  7. ... the rocket didn't have a person inside it. The US and Russian have sent men and women into space in rockets that far exceed those speeds, but that takes Billions to achieve that. There is currently a hypersonic aircraft developed by the US but that flies almost beyond the stratosphere. No air. No resistance.
  8. Few facts about Mourinho: He never lasts anymore than 3 years; he generally makes a positive impact to start with; he's only been successful with big budgets; always leaves clubs in chaos; the Jose of 2019 is not a patch on the 2004 version. Be very afraid Spurs supporters. He might win a domestic cup in the first 12-18 months, then it tends go down hill... rapidly.
  9. Funny you should mention this. After returning from the Shetlands... and a few low key postings on mainland UK, he joined a RAF auxiliary unit. On the 3rd of July 1945, his unit was sent to West Germany to a place called Langenhagen. It's located a few miles north east of Hanover. It was a Luftwaffe OTU and night fighter base. My dad and few others went in to check to make sure the airfield wasn't sabotaged by the fleeing Luftwaffe personnel. He was one of the crew with mine detecting equipment, yet I and the rest of my family never knew this until after he passed away. Not once did he hint at it. Langenhagen air base is now Hanover International Airport.
  10. With Audiolab I steer well clear of any bright speakers. As the OP has Kef R100, the R300 will definitely give him more scale, as would Dynaudio Emit M10 or M20. In his room size I wouldn't rule out compact floorstanders such as s/hand pair of Spendor A5. I would, though, avoid speakers such as Monitor Audio or any speaker with hard domed tweeter, as they can exaggerate any brightness.
  11. My views of trad valve amps are legendary, in the fact they look 'orrible. Can't question the sound quality, but.... Back to the NAD 370. Even though I'm not a big fan of NAD stuff they tend to be very ballsy, and have a low end heft. If that's your bag it's win, win, win... For my taste they aren't transparent enough, but that's just me.
  12. My main objective is follow in my father's footsteps when he first enlisted in the RAF. His first posting was the Shetlands, in which he spent 18 months (spring 1943 - November 1944) attached to Group 18 Coastal Command. My brother is keen to tag along and I've recently spoken to Lerwick Museum and they are willing to arrange a guide to tell us about Sullum Voe and Scatsta airport, where my dad was billeted. I don't think I could spend 14 hours on a ship, so I'll fly up there... not good when it comes to water. I get seasick on the Isle of Wight ferry.
  13. TBF though Rabski, NADs aren't fuzzy with the right speakers. I think Eddie's ProAcs will work a treat with NAD. I've heard the 370 and 352 with my old MA RS6s and they are a good match IMO. I was just playing at devil's advocate, and offering the Nad as a dangly carrot.