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  1. Update. The car will be ready tomorrow. New rear suspension, replacement starter motor and two new rear tyres + MOT = nearly £500. At least i can give the bowel-bashing piece of junk back to him. I've smeared a load of Tiger balm around my back... great fly killer. It stinks.
  2. The Alfa went in for it's MOT yesterday. And it failed on the rear trailing arm on the suspension. However, I've got the specialist to change the other as that will probably need changing further down the line. And when they tried to take it off the inspection ramp the engine wouldn't turn over. It's either a duff battery - or more likely - a gunked up starter motor. Hopefully it'll be ready later today, with a bill of around £300 in total. The courtesy car they've given me is a Alfa Mito. It's a 1.4 TB so one of the faster versions with twin exhausts. Does it deserve the bad press? Oh yes. It is basically a FIAT Punto in a different frock. And like it's cousin the ride quality is orrible. My back feels like it's been kicked by a wild stallion. The interior quality is rubbish and on the door trim it bulges out, so everytime I turn the steering wheel I crack my right elbow. The steering feels vague and it doesn't handle the bends very well. The only saving grace is the DNA (Driver - normal and arse mode.) When you put it into Dynamic mode the throttle and steering sharpen up which at least takes your mind off the fact your testies feel like they been thrusted into your stomach. In one review they say that perhaps only die-hard Alfa fans could love the Mito. I can tell them now, this die-hard can't wait to say Addio to the strange little pile of rubbish. Hopefully my proper Alfa will be ready sometime today. Meantime I'm off to find a good physiotherapist.
  3. Arcam Solo Mini and PMC DB1: Hate to see a grown man cry.
  4. *This is a fun thread* Be as tenuous as you like. Make us smile. Mine would be "Born To Be Mild" by Steppenwolf.
  5. That was the album I purchased a few months ago. It's a good'un.
  6. If we had this conversation 15-20 years ago, I would wholeheartedly agree. Having driven an Astra VXR a few years ago, Vauxhall have really upped their game. I owned an Atra GTE from the 1980s as well as two Cavaliers (one GL and the other SRi) and they were quite dated when first released
  7. So was Sinatra, but you still have recordings of him. I like Sinatra and we are roughly the same age.
  8. I can see why people flocked to the shops to buy Presley's records. It was post-war austerity-hit country and he did bring something a little different to the table. He had the look and decent voice but that was about it IMO. Costello IMO is one of the finest singer-songwriters around, ranking IMO along with Bowie. For me, the King of Rock 'n' Roll was Buddy Holly. Like Costello, wrote most of his own songs without the "look at me" factor.
  9. Lotus and Lancia were quite niche cars, lovely but niche. Opels were just s###e.
  10. Why not? This is a hi-fi and music forum, isn't it?
  11. Although I think the early Capris are cool, I wouldn't own one. When you look back throughout the history of Ford cars (Zodiac, Zephyr, Cortinas, Populars...) they were all drab, the Capri was the first Ford to pander to the younger generation in the UK. Possibly the only competition was from Triumph, with the Vitesse, TR6... otherwise companies such as Vauxhall had nothing comparable, Jaguar models all were beyond the ordinary younger driver.
  12. Presley v Costello Discuss.
  13. The MK1 Capris had character, and they were the British equivalent to the Ford Mustang. Anything in the 1970s promoted by Martin Shaw was cool. Cue the Professionals theme.
  14. I know Naim are very speaker dependent, get it right and they sound impressive. Get it wrong and get out the painkillers. As for the Davs.....
  15. It seemed when Chrysler took the reigns in the late 60s, they produced good performance engines, if a little flimsy. I had a Hunter GLS with the racing Holbay engine, and that was the same. Very fast but very temperamental. My dad had the old Hillman Minx, owned by Rootes Group, and that was built like a tank. And gawd did those Hunters rust? Sneeze withing 5 yards and they fell to pieces. That was the colour of my dads. A 1971 model