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  1. plasticpenguin

    Three Words Daily

    Lardons are great.
  2. plasticpenguin

    Big band recommendations

    Not heard of this artist before. I have thought about one my dad had back in the 1970s. It always sounded great on our radiogram. For some reason it just disappeared.
  3. plasticpenguin

    My latest cover: Heart of Glass

    Really good Major. I have the 12" single and the last 2 mins or so on the record is just so repetitive The vocalist is really good. It's a testing track to sing.
  4. plasticpenguin

    Big band recommendations

    I've ordered this Also ordered Sinatra at The sands, both on vinyl.
  5. plasticpenguin

    Electric E-Type Jag.

    The ultimate car to convert to electric would this. No one buys this car for its engine, but comfort is another matter. Ideal for battery powered.
  6. plasticpenguin

    Any musicians on the forum?

    Just purchased some new strings for the guitar. Once on I'll give it a good go, but because I haven't played for so long it'll take a while for the fingers to work to a decent level. I come from a musical family: My dad played the piano, brother the drums... even our sewing machine is a singer. More seriously, let's see how the guitar sounds once the strings are fitted.
  7. plasticpenguin

    Wireless streamers.

    No. The PC and router is in the bedroom. But as it's a bungalow the bedroom is on the same floor but about 40'' apart.
  8. plasticpenguin

    Wireless streamers.

    Looks good Lurch. Thanks.
  9. plasticpenguin

    Wireless streamers.

    Arcam CD73T that only works when it feels like it, hence why I'm looking for something else. And just a Panny Bluray player BDT 500. Hope that helps.
  10. plasticpenguin

    This proves I'm not an audiophile.

    I'll be back in a minute. Just gnawing on a Bonio.
  11. plasticpenguin

    Wireless streamers.

    Thanks. How do you transfer that to the stereo? Not sure what raspberry is. One might as well say Jupiter, Mars... Ah, right. I'll need a dac... okay think I've got it.
  12. plasticpenguin

    Three Words Daily

    A general election
  13. plasticpenguin

    The Arcam Owners Club

    (Puffs cheeks) I won't respond to that.
  14. plasticpenguin

    Wireless streamers.

    Looks like I'll have no choice but purchase a streamer. My favourite radio station is moving from the Sky platform on the 31st May and will only be available on appts.