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  1. I know no one takes a blind bit of notice when it comes to my experience. Your thread should be called "What amp matches best with my speakers". You can get the right bang for little money if you have the correct synergy, even if the amp isn't the most powerful -- you are letting each component do what it's suppose to do to its max efficiency Presumably you still have the Neat Iotas. If so, look at Naim XS (MKI version), Arcam A32 or A38, or newer Arcams such as the A39. There are others but this is a good starting point.
  2. Can't you just swing tree to tree?
  3. This is exactly my thoughts. I know fairly recently cleaning your old cables gives a noticeable lift. The only burn in IMHO is with physical moving parts, such as drivers in new speakers.
  4. No, it can't equalize the different sensitivity between different inputs. What it does achieve is you have say at 12 o'clock on the turntable and you want to listen to radio, which gives you greater volume, once you switch to radio the Leema automatically resets the volume to its preset volume without touching the remote or volume knob. As I said before it doesn't cure every issue but it helps greatly.
  5. This is why I'm glad I have the Leema. Whatever you select, whether it's CD, phono, aux it always goes back to a factory pre-set volume. It won't solve every hi-fi ill but it certainly helps when it comes to volume levels.
  6. IME you can change most things by tweaking the speaker position, but tonal quality you can't. When I've moved mine the imaging changes and so does the soundstage, but tonal quality is constant. I would suggest sending them back and looking at suggestions I mentioned earlier.
  7. Hiya. When you say "acquired" this tells me these were purchased from an auction site. If I'm correct, smack paws. No, the 24s aren't analytical by nature but the shear welter of detail can make them sound like it, especially if matched poorly. Audiolab and PMC Twenty series would not be a combination I would automatically gravitate to. Achieving the ideal sound is a balance, and I've always said my rule of thumb is match smooth with lively. You have mixed lively with lively which might sound good for an instant impact, but long term they could grate. Many people don't hold much credence to mag reviews (including me to a point) but where these reviews are beneficial is they give you the tonal qualities of each item. Buying blind IMHO takes an awful lot more research to make sure you achieve that ideal balance... or yin and yang. Do you have a returns policy from the seller? If so, sling them back and grovel and admit you made a mistake and either ask for a refund or exchange. If there's no returns I'll look forward to seeing them for sale on some auction site. Best matches for Audiolab: Dynaudio, KEF R series; Older B&W, older PMCs like my 'I' series; newer Monitor Audio Gold (ones with the ribbon tweeter). Good luck.
  8. My man cave would contain my Hornby/Tri-ang OO gauge railway. The walls would have original Southern Railway and auto memorabilia, such as Mobil UK road map from the 1950s, BSA motorcycles... I wouldn't have conventional furniture. Instead I would have the rear leather Momo seat from a Alfa Romeo. For music I would buy a vintage Pioneer amp with original Wharfedale speakers from the 1970s, something such as Denton XP2. Outside I would have seating area so I could entertain friends, lit up by an original 1930s swan neck street lamp., such as this but on a lower post. What's yours?
  9. Also we experience virtual surround sound, on DVDs and music even at fairly modest levels. Watching Saving Private Ryan, for instance, you hear distant gun fire coming from the back garden (or seems like it). Quite a surreal experience.
  10. It's one thing that's hard to describe without the OP hearing it for himself. With his system, these two traits he should have it in spades.
  11. Unless you're spending many thousands the difference between any brand is going to be slight. I would personally still buy the Saturn I showed you because (A) this should give you an extra lift in sound quality and (B) this company has a 30 days returns, so that'll give you a chance to have a good demo before deciding one way or the other. Good luck.
  12. @newlash09 In layman's terms, my interpretation is as follows: Detail: Picks out the nuances throughout the whole frequency range that a lesser set-up would miss. Transparency: If the artist sounds like they are sitting inside your speakers (or playing in your room) and the soundscape is 3D that's my interpretation of transparency.
  13. I owned a Stag many years ago. Fun cars. I've had quite a few Triumphs over the years: Herald 1250 saloon (my first car), original Dolomite 1850 from 1973 (not the HL model) and two Sprints. A TR4i would be another if I had the money, as would a well-sorted TR6. Gorgeous sounding straight six engine.