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  1. emcc_3e

    What is Streaming?

    It can also done via his existing mac by downloading the app for the steamer to it or using spotify connect etc...
  2. Different audio T branches stock different brands so the website can be a little misleading. Though might be worth an ask to see if they can get stock from other stores.
  3. Before the Buzzcocks gave this classic a spin as well
  4. Just got the reissued half speed purple vinyl this morning!!! Sounds awesome and just jumping out of the speakers.
  5. Thanks, the bronze does sound like a good idea as the stylus can be upgraded to black when it needs replaced. Though just to go off on a tangent also looking at a okki nokki RCM as well!!
  6. I have heard similar. Though my Rega dealer doesn't stock it , they stock the red and blue but not the bronze. Will have to be an internet purchase and myself having a go at install and alignment. If it was a computer or anything network related I wouldn't hesitate. Not as sure with more manual things. If I am going down that root it would be between the bronze, black and Mp200. According to the below video the MP200 betters the MP150 which bettered the bronze. Anyone experience of the black and MP200?
  7. Thanks. Though it is a little more difficult to audition carts than other items. Not sure if dealers are happy to open a load of packs just for a demo in the same way they will for amps and speakers. Current short list, though open to recomendations from any rega users on their experiences, are: Ortofon Bronze or black Ortofon Blue (dealer can fit) Nagoaka mp110 Nagoaka mp150 Nagoaka mp200 Rega exact (dealer can fit but doesn't have a replaceable stylus) Goldring e3
  8. Currently looking at potential new carts for my Rega P3. Would be interested on what you think on this as it is one of the more affordable options I have been looking at.
  9. Currently using a elys 2 which came prefitted on my rega. Anyone got experience of the Nagoaka MP110 and would it be an improvement? I find the elys lacks a little in treble and bass can sometimes lack in timing. I am looking at carts with a replaceable stylus.
  10. You are best going with your relative to a hifi dealers and checking out a few systems as everyone's taste is different, expecially with speakers. If looking new Rega and pro-ject do a number of good value options at the budget end. The dealer can help with amp and speaker combos but again it depends on personal taste as different brands have very different sound signatures. Look at Dali, Kef, Focal, Tannoy, Q acoustics, B&W's and Monitor audio as a starter. Like non-smoking man says above you will get much better value second hand but that won't come with the comfort of a warranty. I have saw the recently discontinued Arcam a39 go for between £650-700 on ebay when it was originally £1300 new. Was tempted to pick up one for my second system Did see this on youtube on the pro-ject jukebox up against a Rega P1 and some cheap active speakers, he wasn't overally impressed with the jukebox but then again it does bring a lot of convenience with it. Might be best to go down the root Ian suggests below and get a good entry level turntable, phono amp and active speakers:
  11. emcc_3e

    Not Dead Yet

    I have went some what full circle on this and now mainly listen to vinyl and CD's. When I was a teenager I bought loads of CD's and also used my Dad's sizable record collection for listening to music. When I moved to Uni I couldn't bring the 200 or so CD's I had amassed by then away with me so I started ripping them to my Uni laptop. Then I discovered MP3's and I moved completly away from CD's and vinyl, purely for the convenience. Then got into spotify and have loved using it for years now. Though something about streaming and MP3's always left me cold and like others here I found I didn't listen to albums the whole way through. Then a couple of years ago I bought a record player and started buying vinyl again, it helped that I have a settled home now so don't have to worry about transporting my collection around. I found that I listened to whole albums again and was enjoying music so much more especially given that the sound quality was so much better. I have now also started to buy used CD's from charity shops and music magpie, as they are dirt cheap compared to a lot of vinyl. Again like records I find I listen the whole way through CD's. Spotify is now relegated to non-serious listening i.e. on the go, playlists for parties, checking out new albums and background listening. I think that there will be a few other people in there early 30's going through the same journey especially given the value of used CD's over used vinyl.
  12. emcc_3e

    Modern vinyl

    If your interested in Jazz reissues be careful of the likes of DOL etc.. which are no more than a CD copy pressed to vinyl (lot of 50s jazz is put of copyright so anyone can press it). Speakers corner though are a great reissue label for jazz and source the original masters for their pressings. As others have said new vinyl is hit and miss. Some are brilliant such as the recent Tom Waits reissues, most Neil Young reissues and the Nightfly. Others are not so good and can suffer multiple pressing defects in first batches. There are plenty of vinyl forums which you can use to gauge new pressing quality such as the music section of the Steve Hoffman forum.
  13. Finally had a chance to have a proper play the last few days. Have the DAC connected to my smart TV using an optical cable and also using a blu-ray player as a CD transport via the DAC. Streaming through Spotify(I know sacrosanct, as only 320kbps😊) I can sense more detail than before. Tracks are imaging better and I am hearing nuances I have never heard before. Switching to CD, wow, my original ok computer by Radiohead sounds stunning as does marquee moon. I am hearing elements I have never heard before on both these albums and it sounds more visceral than I recall. Also pretty good on movie duty as well. So far very pleased with this and matches perfectly with my K3 amp.
  14. Not quite ready to do a full review yet, been a very busy weekend so not had an extended listen. From the little that I have managed so far the detail and music is more focused and there is greater clarity and separation between instruments. So far happy with the DAC😊. Probably get more of a chance to have a proper session.during the week.
  15. Hi Southy, got the DAC just as we started redecorating our lounge which unfortunately means that I haven't been able to set it up yet. Hopefully be ready for this weekend and I will let you know my impressions