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  1. I would bear in mind that Arcam haven't rated the amp below 4ohms. As your rs6s are 6ohms if you were to add 8ohm speakers to the kitchen if both were driven at the same time it would be a 3.4ohm load for the amp. This could dip further depending on the impedance curve of the speaker. This fact will also be exacerbated if the cable is a long run as that again only adds more load to the amp. It will likely be ok but I wouldn't be cranking it if running both together and were possible stick to running one set at a time. I would also be looking at very sensitive speakers above 90db such as second hand focal arias or MA bronze 2 or second hand bx2.
  2. After your post I started looking at dedicated transports and came across the audiolab 6000cdt which I'm going to look into. Seems a better idea for my main rig as I already have a fairly capable DAC which I feel is being ltd by the Blu-ray player.
  3. Thanks though have taken a little sidetrack on this. Decided to look at getting an audiolab 6000cdt to go with my DAC😄. Also going to update my cart on my TT to goldring 1042. Then going to put some money aside and later this year aim to replace my Yamaha as500 in my second system with an amp and cd combo second hand as I fancy a project. Think I might look to get a arcam a29. Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions. Seem to be in a bit of a scatter gun approach at the minute with regards what I want to do.
  4. Think I am in need of a project. After reading radiant reds charity shop finds thread I'm now toying with the idea of revamping the amp and other bits in my second system. Thanks for the kind offer though😀
  5. Looks interesting but the price on ebay seems to be 240 plus.
  6. That's very generous but unfortunately not going to kegworth, have a young family and the weekend is made up of ferrying them to various clubs and sports lessons. What model is it? Should have said need something quite small as I have ltd shelf space on my hifi rack.
  7. Quick first tests show the dent hasn't caused any issues I think I will live with it as the grills are on pretty constant because of the kids.
  8. Currently I am using a fairly budget sony blu-ray player as a CD transport into my DAC. Wondering if a second hand dedicated CD player with a digital out would be better. Was thinking no more than a £100 quid second hand. Which brands or models should I be looking at?
  9. People like this spoil it for everyone. Ebay should ban items from being relisted for at least a month and only after a reasonable explanation has been given.
  10. Ouch that sounds bad. Going to try and hook the amp up in the next day or so and see if there is any distortion. If there is distortion I will try the hoover and toilet roll option.
  11. Thanks, your probably right. Just irritating as I like to keep stuff in good nick.
  12. Hope this is better.
  13. Managed to edit it down
  14. It's not terrible but definitely noticeable. Haven't got them hooked up at the moment but will do tomorrow to see if any issues. The good news is it is my second rig and they are over 10 years old.
  15. Fortunately this is on the speaker in my second system but still really annoying. Not sure if it was the cleaner or one of the kids playing. Any idea on how you could potentially fix it. The driver is on a monitor audio bx5. Cant manage to get a photo under 2mb on my phone to show the damage.