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  1. I buy vinyl, CDs and use streaming. Though depending on what CDs you are buying 2nd hand you can get a lot more than 5 or 6 a month. Some I have picked up for 50p or 75p in charity shops. Vinyl on the other hand, whilst I love it, is expensive.
  2. Speakers corner also cut from analogue sources.
  3. Actually apologies to you and the OP. It is 4mm not 2😣
  4. Likewise haven't used it but that seems to be the consensus on forums and the rega Facebook grp.
  5. Think Nagoaka need 2mm spacer as well.
  6. From the rega group on facebook the Nagoaka 110, 150 and 200 seem to be popular upgrade carts on the P3. Ortofon blue, bronze and black also seem popular. The goldring, mentioned above, also seem to have a lot of fans. Only thing to be mindful of is non-rega carts can lead to the dilemma of using a spacer or not. When I get round to upgrading my elys that is what I will be looking at.
  7. I have the podium slimline. Whilst not quite as good as the reference it looks great, is sturdy and half the price.
  8. emcc_3e


    I remember in the run up to the referendum and mentioning to my English colleagues at work about the border in NI and that the GFA required a open border between north and south. It hadn't even crossed their minds and the majority of those inclined towards leave didn't care once they were told. At home there is at least 10 border crossings within less than 10 mins of my parents house. A lot of people work in the south and live in the north and vice versa. We have family and friends both sides. No deal would be a complete disaster for NI let alone the rest of the UK.
  9. emcc_3e

    What is Streaming?

    It can also done via his existing mac by downloading the app for the steamer to it or using spotify connect etc...
  10. Different audio T branches stock different brands so the website can be a little misleading. Though might be worth an ask to see if they can get stock from other stores.
  11. Before the Buzzcocks gave this classic a spin as well
  12. Just got the reissued half speed purple vinyl this morning!!! Sounds awesome and just jumping out of the speakers.
  13. Thanks, the bronze does sound like a good idea as the stylus can be upgraded to black when it needs replaced. Though just to go off on a tangent also looking at a okki nokki RCM as well!!
  14. I have heard similar. Though my Rega dealer doesn't stock it , they stock the red and blue but not the bronze. Will have to be an internet purchase and myself having a go at install and alignment. If it was a computer or anything network related I wouldn't hesitate. Not as sure with more manual things. If I am going down that root it would be between the bronze, black and Mp200. According to the below video the MP200 betters the MP150 which bettered the bronze. Anyone experience of the black and MP200?
  15. Thanks. Though it is a little more difficult to audition carts than other items. Not sure if dealers are happy to open a load of packs just for a demo in the same way they will for amps and speakers. Current short list, though open to recomendations from any rega users on their experiences, are: Ortofon Bronze or black Ortofon Blue (dealer can fit) Nagoaka mp110 Nagoaka mp150 Nagoaka mp200 Rega exact (dealer can fit but doesn't have a replaceable stylus) Goldring e3