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  1. BillShatnersToupee

    What are you listening to right now?

    Nice. From the Apple USB?
  2. BillShatnersToupee

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    I agree to a point. I'd rather have a very good 30mbit line than a 70mbit line that is not reliable. But I still don't get that customers can all be paying the same ballpark figure to the same supplier yet receive tremendously different service in return. It's like no one with sufficient clout questions it. We wouldn't accept it with any other service. As coincidence would have it, I just found BT sent me an email on Friday telling me because I was such a loyal customer, they re offering me a Black Friday 'loyalty reward' by dropping my phone/internet package price to £39pcm from £50 if I signed up for another 18 month contract before 01/12. I was contemplating telling them where to shove it, but truth is, no matter who I go with I'll have exactly the same issues, because it all comes through the same wires unless you can get Virgin cable (I can't). Looks to be just the same deal I have now, just cheaper. Oh and if I give them a further £63 (think it was) I can have their all new shiny Home Hub to replace my HH5. Yeah I'm made of tricks like that. Signed up for the deal in any case. There's nowhere better to go, and I'd rather the £11 stays in my pocket than theirs.
  3. BillShatnersToupee


    Bit of context needed. Clearly there's obviously opportunity for carts to sound very very different from each other, but I don't think there's ever a time when expectation bias doesn't play a part as well, unless you take proactive steps to eradicate the possibility of it. It's impossible, we're all subject to it. Remember the time I convinced myself that CD rips from my iMac sounded to superior to those from my £15 USB drive? Then I went ahead and proved they were absolutely identical, bit for bit. Sorry to OP, very much of a tangent taken here.
  4. BillShatnersToupee

    FM Tuner, where next?

    For all that was a well-intended reply I very much doubt a Denon 260 beats op's existing Linn Kremlin.
  5. BillShatnersToupee

    The last album i bought was

    That reminds me I picked up an Enya CD at a local pound shop last week and I've stilt listen to it: Shepherd Moons. The only song I recognise on the track listing is Caribbean Blue, but for a quid who can argue, you can't even buy a mug of tea round these parts for a quid.
  6. BillShatnersToupee

    FM Tuner, where next?

    Most of my radio listening is either on the move where I use the Tune In Radio app or first thing in a morning when the bedside clock wakes me up. I do have a mkII Cyrus Tuner which is even older than your Kremlin. I've owned it countless years and I have never found the need to change it. With a good antenna and a quality transmission, it's on par with any other source I've ever heard. I truly believe we peaked making quality FM radios during the final 25-30 years of the 20th century, and unless you have something which is somehow beyond repair, I'd keep it. I doubt you can find anything modern that substantially improves upon the best tuners from yesterday.
  7. BillShatnersToupee

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    Your up and down speeds are great but that latency is rubbish. You probably don't notice it, but you would if you did any online gaming.
  8. BillShatnersToupee

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    I don't know if Ofcom have ever looked into why people paying more or less the same money can expect to receive service that differs so wildly, but we're expected to just accept it. It's just not right.
  9. BillShatnersToupee

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    ^^^ exactly this. We need to vote with our feet, but trouble is, unless you have cable there's pretty much no alternative, because no one will give us true capless 4G (and even the speeds of that are hit and miss in some areas, though it's decent round here)
  10. BillShatnersToupee

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    Unfortunately. live in an area where about 30 down is the best speed achievable. I just object to paying the same for it as someone getting double the service. That fact that internet speed is a postcode lottery is a scandal considering we're all most or less paying the same rates to the providers. You're getting just as shafted with the upload speed as me though, comparatively. Actually, slightly worse, because 5.8mbit isn't even 1/10th.
  11. BillShatnersToupee

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    There's something wrong with a system that gives me a 30mbit download but only 2.5mbit up. In the modern era where cloud-based storage and backup is getting more common, 2.5mbit upload is not enough. So I messaged BT through their website and asked was there a minimum upload speed I should at least be guaranteed for my £50pcm. Remarkably, there isn't: their 'upto [with a star]' speeds only relate to download, they have no equivalent for upload, seems you get what you get, and if you don't like it, tough titties. I know businesses can pay a premium for SDSL lines, and I don't pay that premium, but when my upload is 1/10th of my download, that surely is more than just a bit wrong in 2018. There wasn't even such a huge gap ten years ago when I was only on a regular 2mbit broadband line (I was getting about 0.5mbit up, so 25%. That would be about 7.5mbit now). It's annoying enough that the speed you get in any case is so much of a postcode lottery. A guy at work pays no more than me to BT and gets 70+mbit down and 20+mbit up. And he reckons that's slow! If they can't avoid the connection speeds being a postcode lottery, people with an unavoidably crap line shouldn't be asked to pay as much. To add insult to injury, my 4G speed on my iPhone is 30+mbit down and 12-15mbit up. If there was such a thing as a supplier who offers truly unlimited mobile data, I think I'd have long kicked domestic wifi into touch. Regrettably (or not depending on your point of view) I live in the 48% of the country without cable. So that's not an option either. Rant over.
  12. BillShatnersToupee


    That'll be down to a few things: 1) the quality of your capture, determined by how good the ADC is in the device you are using to record the LPs; 2) the quality of your digital replay electronics (DAC etc) and how well they can convey those kind of nuances; Biggest of all is: 3) the genuine fact that the differences are probably not as great as you think they are, once you subtract factors which unavoidably cloud your judgement, like seeing the different cartridges screwed into your tonearm. Back on the old deceased WHF forum, I uploaded a recording of Bowie's 'Starman' from the recent re-release of Rise And Fall.. Half the song was recorded with a £300 Ortofon MC3 Turbo and the other half was recorded with the 45 year old Neat V70 Vertex which came with my turntable when new, equipped with a £9 eBay stylus. Preamp was my modded Cyrus II, audio interface doing the ADC legwork was my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Most people guessed which was which correctly, but everyone agreed the difference was not as great as they expected. It's amazing how differences we all perceive to be 'huge' and 'night and day' melt away or substantially diminish when you remove any opportunity to have your senses misled.
  13. BillShatnersToupee


    1) 'do I understand correctly that I would only need a software?' yes, other than the hardware you would only need recording software. Use Audacity, it's free. There are better options if you want to pay, such as Izotope RX Essentials. But Audacity does work. 2) 'if I buy a Pro-Ject AD Box S2 and a separate turntable, would I get better result than with the Audio Technica?': that's going to largely depend on what turntable you buy. Like I said, the AT is in my opinion the best one-stop solution currently available at its price, but if you have the funds and inclination to go mixing/matching different hardware, the sky's the limit, only determined by how much money you want to throw at it.