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  1. There really is no such thing as the cloud. The 'cloud' no matter how you look at it physically exists as a server or server-farm one place or another, and you either own it yourself or you rent it from someone. Either way, it's still resources. At some point someone decided that the resources the forum was taking (IT and human) was not worth the cost. And it always comes down to cost. Everything in the world does.
  2. It's not really bizarre. For them them to keep all that stuff accessible and read-only would take darn near the same amount of IT resources as keeping it live. Like the also deceased What HiFi forum, it was simply a case of unplugging the computer that hosted it for the last final time, or recommissioning it for a purpose deemed more valuable to the company. That's the top and tail of it.
  3. BillShatnersToupee

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    Agreed. A Nakamichi was pretty much state of the art for a 1 7/8th IPS machine, but in a direct comparison I did around 2003-ish with a Dragon vs my high-end poratstudio running at 2x tape speed, it was comfortably beaten, though for no other reason than you can't cheat the laws of physics. I never could afford an open-reel 4 track. While I waited for the prices to come down, they became obsolete, replaced by computers that could run rings round their limited functionalities using freely-available software like GarageBand and Audacity. And that's the direction my home recording took.
  4. BillShatnersToupee

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    MP3 has a far higher bit rate than MD.
  5. BillShatnersToupee

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    Most people didn't ever hear just how good cassettes could sound. A pro-grade recorder running at 3¾ IPS with Dolby S or DBX on Type II tape would produce a SQ largely indistinguishable from a CD. And even after minidisc and CD-Rs came along, cassettes still enjoyed huge popularity with home musicians until computers with 10GB+ hard drives became cheap enough, because cassettes allowed you to record on the 4 tracks independently so you could become a one man band. There were a handful of MD recorders which could do the same, but both the recorders and their diet of special minidisc data discs were prohibitively expensive for most home musicians.
  6. BillShatnersToupee

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    It might say 'Deluxe Edition' but it originally had had 6 or 7 CDs to it with a load of outtakes and unused dialogue. That's all gone, i.e.: they're choosing to no longer stream it. All that's being streamed are the original 15 tracks. Sorry if I was unclear.
  7. BillShatnersToupee

    What are you listening to right now?

    That usually guarantees I'll like it, be it cars, films, music, or whatever, really. Critics are just people paid to express an opinion. And we all know what opinions are.
  8. BillShatnersToupee

    Google has discontinued Chromecast Audio

    It's literally days since I recommended CCA in a different thread as a potential solution for making a decent 'wifi hifi'. Ah well.
  9. BillShatnersToupee

    What are you listening to right now?

    Tree People :-)
  10. BillShatnersToupee

    When Hifi designers get it “So wrong”

    Some hifi manufacturers seem intent on thoroughly testing just how fugly they can make a product before the Chief Aesthetics Officer of the house issues a firm 'no'. B&W Nautilus was one such product where I'm pretty sure even if I had the money to buy them I would have no hope of them passing the Wife Acceptance Test
  11. Two factors: 1) modulation from the 'next' groove; 2) print-though on the analog tape used to cut the LP. This is most noticeable on reels which have been stored heads out not tails out.
  12. BillShatnersToupee

    What are you listening to right now?

    Never a very hip artist, but when he's gone all the professional critics will be coming out the woodwork to say how great he was, and this was always my favourite album. A concept album, depending on your definition: He's self-admittedly living with Parkinson's and has retired from touring.
  13. BillShatnersToupee

    Wanted, Cassett Deck

    A very valid question. £60ish maybe less will get you something like a Yamaha KX-580 which has a play trim feature for getting the best out of prerecorded tapes. But that price might be tiny or exorbitant depending on your definition of tiny.
  14. BillShatnersToupee

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    Streaming can mean different things to different people. In my original context, I used it to mean streaming my own purchased content (ripped CDs) from a local storage solution to my replay devices (active speakers). I don't 'do' internet streaming, least not as a serious source. I am of a mindset that if I want an album, I'll buy it, so I've always got it and not rely on the whims of a music publisher to decide I'm no longer to have it. Case in point in was last night when I went on Apple Music last night looking for the 30th anniversary expanded War Of The Worlds album which had all the outtakes and unused dialogue. I didn't buy it when it came out because I didn't really want it enough to justify the cost, plus it's always been available for streaming (certainly was still there 6 months ago). But now it's gone. The only thing available is the standard album, the shorter highlights album and the 2012 re-recording. It's obviously normal that albums are being added and culled in probably equal measures almost continually. No thanks, that's not for me.