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  1. daaam suddenly the price on the arcam dv79 gos up, atm £50 Update it's at £71
  2. gasolin

    qed xt cables

    I have supra classic 2.5 that have a little spakel in the highs, kimber kwik 16 and 12 don't have it as well as inakustik premium 2.5
  3. gasolin

    qed xt cables

    I don't feel at all the XT40 is bright
  4. Not saying im gonna buy a Cambridge audio Topaz but it's one of the cheapest new on sale with a good discount cdplayer from a well know brand. I have made a bid on the arcam dv79 and have to wait almost 4 day to know if i got it, it's in silver and match my amp
  5. I can get a used cambridge dacmagic for less than 90 euros (as mentioned the 5 star what hifi dac with no volume knob) I don't what to use it since it's slow, slightly buggy and feel stupid having to use a remote control to change song when the unit is within arm length It doesn't have to be a dvd or bluray player, what it has to be is something that can play cd's and have an optical or coaxial out, in case the sound sucks
  6. I thought of it as a cheaper way of getting a new cd player, if i buy a dvd player compared to a new cdplayer which could be £130 for something like a Cambridge audio Topaz AM5, if i don't like the sound i could always find a used dac and pay no more than £1200 total (£130 would only get me the cheapest from a well known brand like cambridge audio if i want a new cdplayer)
  7. it's so slow im every time i use it and some funtions don't work, i have in the past tried upgrading the buggy software, it's just buggy enough for it not to want to upgrade the software.
  8. yes i do, i don't use it. It also only have open,close, play/pause and stop buttons Slow and buggy bluray player about 10 years old This one
  9. as already mentioned, i have an older dvd player, it's slow and have some bugs where it won't stop when pressing the stop button and some other stuff. I have tried upgrading the software but it won't, im lefte with a slow bluray player i haven't used in many years with buggy software.
  10. Original Price:$1,800.00 My philips bluray player is cheap less than 80 euros as fare as i remember, my cd/dvd drive for my pc is sooo much more noisy it's amazing who big the diffrence is, but my cd/dvd drive for my pc does what it's surpose to do.
  11. I see, i used mine until 2007-9 until i started using my pc and only in the last 3-4 years i have had a real cdplayer (never used my bluray player for cd's, it's big and slow, don't want to use it anymore)
  12. Bigger brother ? That was the top of the line in 1993-94 Mine is the RCD 965BX LE DISCRETE, it's just in bad condition with buttons for the open,close that broke with other buttons ready to break, fall off , last i used it, it sounded okay but not the entry level high end it use to be (91, used ith with kimber pbj interconnects)
  13. I Made him an offer he can't refuse