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  1. Update: I really like my amp, so much i wanted to upgrade from an almost basic class d bluetooth no nonsense amp til something better Many think this tube preamp is the shiit and use it with there compact integrated class d amp Not shure which is the stock version since there is one with red and one with green tubes, i think it's the green one Just a few videos I choose the version with tone controls since i might need it to get the perfect balance for my taste if i upgrade to a more power ful amp
  2. Has there been anything good after elvis died and the beatles split up?
  3. well just play music before 1983 and stay away from remastered music Problem solved
  4. After i have connected my phonostage to my 4 way audio input controller i got a strange dark sound i never use to have It's so much i have to turn the treble from 11 0'clock to 2-3 o'clock for the sound to be clear and open Any idea of why ?
  5. Im very impressed about this very small amp, it sounds alot better and louder than you would imagine such an amp could.
  6. Looks like it,SOM OEM AMP, there IS HOW EVER one thing you most be aware of, you only the amp, no power supply Specs on a medium big power supply is 19V 3.42A (laptop specs) If you don't mind buying a cheper one (shipping cost the same as the power supply) DONT FORGET TO SEE WHAT PLUGS THERE IS SO IT WILL MATCH WHAT YOU HAVE IN THE WALL OR POWER DISTRIBUTOR
  7. holy crap the bass is deep tight and punchy for such a little amp I lowered gain form my focusrite soundcard, i still havn't had the volume above 12 o'clock (it's loud)
  8. As long as it sounds good, there is plenty of choices if you need more sensitive speakers.
  9. That's the new batman version Shure you paid £45 for it ?
  10. I liked this amp so much i bought one to try I choose the amp because of the ribbed knobs and the 2 good reviews, nice to have bass,treble adjustments,bluetooth and nice to have on/off in the volume knob, which not all small class d amps have and it look pretty okay
  11. nice feature with the window although i don't like pc cases with side windows
  12. once tried the smallest and cheapest pro ject amp it was nothing special
  13. Is fosi just topping with a different name?