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  1. This one is finally on tidal and have been for a few weeks, fantastic record, almost as good sound as Muddy Waters Folksinger
  2. Zuaudio makes speaker with very high sensitivity Druid VI has a sensitivity of 101 db (as does the OMEN DEF [MK.II] $4500) and costs from $9999 for a pair
  3. Now had you been blacksabbath25 and it's was Diana Krall and Blacksabbath i wouldn't have my doubt
  4. I often choose records because they sound good, which often are because they are good recorded I also listen to electronic music even when some of it is just okay recorded compared to the good rock and pop records
  5. If i can have a poor remastered record on tidal (the prefer remastered records over the original version) or a better sounding original recording not remastered on cd or lp, i'll take the cd or lp (the beatles remastered sounds pretty good). That's choosing good sound quality over avarage sound quality (i must admit i play tidal master ín 16 bit 44.1khz since exclusive mode only let's me hear tidal, so i don't have to close tidal every time i want to watch a youtube video and on again when i want to use tidal, i just leave it at 16 bit 44.1khz for convenient reasons with exclusive mode disabled)
  6. Youtube shouldn't sound so good with it's medium mp3 quality
  7. music is the most important, it has to sound good not just how they sing, what kind of instruments they use and how many.... but also the sound quality to really get experience how god music can sound.
  8. Theres a few songs by supertramp i just loove, ccr are properly the best rock band in the late 60's erly 70's (they made music in a slightly different genre then the beatles and they are for shure up there with the Rolling stones from the same periode 67-72) not to forget the doors which also made some great sounding songs,records especially this song that even on youtube sounds very good and the video is good to One thing that also matters is the records sounding good, no matter what system you have, cheap or super expesnive, tried 3-4 speaker cables, intercomnnects, some amps, speakers small & big and now have a system that sounds good in the room your using it in, it won't sound good if the records,music you play sounds worse than many 192kbps youtube videos, that defeats the purpose of having a very good sound system
  9. only vinyl
  10. Reference recordings to me is jazz at the pawnshop and muddy waters folk singer Dire Straits Brothers in arms and On every street and Eric Claptons unplugged is also very good and allready classic albums