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  1. fried

    My First Streaming experience.

    I think the 2i has the Alexa bugging device if you're interested.
  2. fried

    My First Streaming experience.

    As another Bluesound node 2 user that's tried all the free'm unconvinced that there's a great deal of difference in SQ, I put it down to better copies on Qobuz than anything else....the only reason I chose Qobuz is piece of mind. Spotify works so well on Bluesound with Spotify connect, I kinda begrudge paying for other streaming services when I have to use the Bluesound app that gives me a bad search engine, feel a bit short changed to be honest. Spotify connects directly through its own easy to use app. I'll go back if they start CD quality streaming....although I'm not convinced there's much difference...
  3. fried

    Thorens td125 Sme 3009 wiring stuff

    I really appreciate the offer, but as I'm i France I cannot accept you sending me this, as the postage will cost more than the items. It's given me plenty of ideas and that's help enough. I think I'll leave this thread and come back later with some photos, it's not so obvious (at least for me) as there really isn't a great deal of room to attach clips inside the turntable. I really like the compression gland idea for this reason.....I'll be back.
  4. fried

    Thorens td125 Sme 3009 wiring stuff

    Thanks for all your help. This is going to be invaluable when I finally pluck up the courage to take the back off again.
  5. fried

    Thorens td125 Sme 3009 wiring stuff

    Looks like an elegant solution....but how to they fit onto the wires, looks too narrow to get the rca plugs though, unless I'm missing something....
  6. fried

    Thorens td125 Sme 3009 wiring stuff

    Standard plinth. I have no idea what the standard layout is, so feel free to treat me as stupid. Where is the p-clip connected? I found something ages ago but can't seem to find it again that shows putting an entire loop inside the turntable.
  7. I've settled in happily to listening to my turntable after a bit of DIY. I made the decision to have the arm wired straight through to rca connectors directly, this meant I had to drill a large hole in the back of the plinth to accomodate the thicker wires. Everything works fine, the suspension bounces beautifully after about 3000 attempts to set it up and replacement gaskets fitted. But...I have this dislike of the wires just coming out of the turntable without being clipped to something, I mean if the wires get pulled there's nothing to stop the fragile soldering from getting damaged. On the other hand I don't want to add damping to my suspension and deaden the table. Any thoughts? Or is that clear as mud? At some point I'll change to a nicer plinth, so just thinking ahead. Thanks
  8. fried

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 integrated

    I had Cambridge audio stuff for years and loved it. However I'd have a listen to the rega brio too.
  9. fried

    So, if you could go back in time...

    I'd be in Woolies buying up all the vinyl.
  10. I'll put this here rather than start a new thread... Thought I'd have a look at the Roon interface with Qobus, while I'm working though the streaming options. I'm using a Bluesound node 2 as a streamer and can integrate all streaming options into the Bluos app. While I have no problem with the app, it doesn't really let you use all the functionalities of the 'real' streaming app. The obvious exception being Spotify which can connect via Spotify Connect. I just noticed that Qobus now has Qobus Connect, I rushed to download it, played some music, pushed the connect button.....nothing, no options to stream to the node 2, according to documentation it should be compatible. Am I missing something? Anybody else tried? Seems a shame paying for a service and getting just the search engine. Roon next.
  11. I set up my first SME 3009 s2 imp about 2 weeks ago, so here's what I learnt... First it depends on your model number as they changed the arm geometry at some point, if you have the arm serial number you can search for this info, unfortunately I didn't, in which case go by the knife edge bearing; if it's nylon it's the later model and uses Baerwald alignment, if it's earlier it's Stephenson. You can print an alignment template as mentioned above, I tried but found it really difficult to see properly. I ended up buying one of these Good luck.
  12. fried

    Rega Owners Club

    I demoed the atc scm 11 and didn't think so much of it, thought the atc scm 7 worked better with the elex-r but still not completely convinced. I ended up with harbeth p3ser, I'd look at Proac too, maybe Focal if that's your thing.
  13. fried

    Buying in Japan

    Should be boron in both cases, there's one on EBay...the HE which is a little more expensive but couldn't really work out why.
  14. fried

    Buying in Japan

    But it's a SAS, I understand the difference between a elliptical and a hyper elliptical. Not sure what it means in context of SAS.
  15. fried

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    In true internet fashion, I'm going to cheat and choose 4. I had my previous system for nearly 10 years, nice little Cambridge audio amp and cdp, infinity primus speakers and a streaming solution that used a 15m HDMI cable from my pc through my tv into a 10 quid dac...and into the amp. A rega rp1 for vinyl. Then for some reason I decided to change everything...midlife crisis or something. 1. Bought in 2017 but not brought back to France until the beginning of the year, what can I say, it's an amp, I can see a red light on it. Sounds good. In retrospect balance and tone controls would be nice. 2. Bluesound node 2. Completely changed the way I listen to music. Took my pc completely out of the system. Got a Spotify premium contract, put all my cds on flac, never looked back. 3. Harbeth p3ser. Listened to lots, wasn't expecting to choose them, perfect for my apartment and musical tastes. 4.....all my life I've collected vinyl and I've never had a really decent turntable. Against all expectations I finished the year with a Thorens td125, sme 3009 s2 imp. I'm in love..I leave the lid up and just look at it. Wife says if she finds me sleeping next to it, both of us are in the street.