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  1. Jobb


  2. Jobb


    Under the influence (what is ín that gumbo?):
  3. Jobb

    On this day...

    Exactly 100 years ago this comic strip was printed in an american newspaper:
  4. Jobb


    Ooh! Nice! Thanks for that, listening now.
  5. Jobb


    That is indeed no help , but thanks for responding, it made me search the internet. New Orleans is still alive apparently, i came up with Big Sam's Funky Nation: Tank and the Bangas: Sweet Crude: New Breed Brass Band: Raja Kassis/HumanBEING:
  6. Jobb


    I may keep this up for a while, but does anyone know any new artists from New Orleans?
  7. Jobb


    Neville Brothers:
  8. Jobb


    N'Orleans most famous:
  9. Jobb


    Allen Toussaint, producer of many N'Orleans productions, and a fine artist in his own right:
  10. Jobb


    Irma Thomas, the Soul queen of New Orleans:
  11. Jobb


    Musical gumbo that is. While perusing the blues and my old cassettes i stumbled upon the music of Professor Longhair: If this doesn't get your body moving (any part will do) you might just possibly be dead, physically or musically. Try his albums 'Rock 'n' roll gumbo' or 'Crawfish fiesta' i've been listening to repeatedly the last few weeks. It's a hoot!
  12. Jobb

    The Dancing Thread

  13. Jobb

    Favourite biscuit.

  14. Jobb

    The Blues

  15. Jobb

    What are your favourite Ads - Ever

    You're welcome. Now, sticking to the region (or is it?), here's one i like: