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  1. I take full responsibility for pointing Colin in the direction of Abrahamsen amplifiers at the start and encouraging his subsequent dealings with them . In the unlikely event of a failure most competent repair shops should be able to repair them if they contact Abrahamsen for parts and advice . They are superb amps at a giveaway price in comparison to many other brands imo. http://abrahamsenaudio.com/
  2. This is good , very good indeed .
  3. A DNA test would be very interesting ! Harry is the spitting image of James Hewitt . http://www.whale.to/c/james_hewitt.html
  4. I wonder if Meghan has met Harry's father yet . https://images.app.goo.gl/hevKPXeHh2Lxzuio6
  5. Even though I am an old git I like quite a lot of new music produced by young individuals and bands , I am not talking mainstream here but just young talented people that want to write and play music because they love it . The one ( and only ) advantage of living close to London is being able to go and see some of these new young performers live and being able to talk to them after the gig . They seem to be very interested in sound quality even when playing live and they often have quite sophisticated room or venue correction electronics that links with the venue PA. system so that they can create the sound and acoustic space they want because they perceive the way the music sounds to be part of the music and the creative process so they want the sound quality to be consistent and enjoyable to their listeners . They also have favourite venues based on how they sound and how cooperative the personnel are . Some small venues actually advertise the type and quality of their PA systems to attract customers and bands to go there . This sound quality control is also found in their recordings that they often create themselves in home studios so there is hope for the future if you like their style of music . One venue I visited last year was promoting their Funktion setup and it was very good indeed . https://www.funktion-one.com/products/
  6. Very true ! Because I am incapable of stripping down my system and measuring each component to determine which parts make it sound like it does I have to rely on my ears and experience plus much experimentation with different equipment to determine what I perceive to be the best components that I can afford that meet my personal requirements. My benchmark has always been live music and I have chosen equipment that appears to reproduce music in a way that sounds as close as possible to what I hear in the reality of the different live music venues I visit . To me the acoustic the music is played in is just as important as the music itself which is why I have favourite music venues that enhance the music in a positive way . I hope that the equipment I have chosen is detailed and transparent and in my opinion it is , but at the end of the day it is a very personal thing that should not be more important than enjoying music . I just love music .
  7. Yes obviously all of the sound is actually coming from the two boxes . But the illusion that the system and recording enable is quite convincing and very satisfying . The speakers, equipment , and recording ( also room acoustics ) do allow this illusion to be created with just two boxes delivering the actual sound . All of this is completely repeatable and can be shared with multiple different listeners at different times or as a group of listeners sharing the same illusion / experience at the same time , sounds or instruments can appear to be reproduced 50 feet back behind the speakers with their own individual dynamics and space relative to the rest of the sound . My aim has always been to put together a system that allows you to hear as much of the music as possible but also presents the space the music was played in by allowing the noises reflected from the boundaries of the venue to be heard giving the impression of the size and shape of the venue with the music placed in that acoustic . Some recording engineers are very good at creating a false acoustic in which the music is placed, these recordings always sound better and more 'real ' to me . I call it ' alive ' music for want of a better term . Next time you find yourself in a large enclosed space shut your eyes an see if you can determine the size and shape of that space by listening to all the small noises reflected from the walls and ceiling .
  8. I agree . Playing music on my system the music does not appear to be coming from the speakers themselves at all , the speakers are standing in front of me but with eyes closed the sounds reproduced are completely free of the speakers and those sounds appear to extend far beyond the room boundaries , it is very rare that any sounds appear to come directly from the speakers unless you stand in front of one of them . The music is cast evenly across, spreading from a single point between the speakers to far beyond the outside of the speakers and conveying the size of the venue it was played in and the dynamics of individual instruments seem to be preserved in their own space. The depth of sound and instrumental detail can appear to be 50 feet or more behind the speakers depending on the recording especially live recordings. I would guess I am experiencing detail and transparency or at least I hope so, not that I really care as it sounds fantastic . ( To me )
  9. You could try an Electrocompaniet EC4.8 , A true dual mono fully balanced preamp with a fully discrete class A output . https://www.dagogo.com/electrocompaniet-ec-4-8-preamplifier-review/ It has been favourably compared to an MBL 6010d and Pass Labs XP20 in the review above . I love mine and would never part with it , I find its performance almost flawless . Here is a short video showing the outside and connections and the internals , power supplies and construction . They sell second hand within you budget and are well worth a listen imo .
  10. Electro


    I'm not sure about going back to the 70's , but the UK population increasing From 55 to nearly 70 million has had a huge impact on almost everything including all public services and some would say a diminution in the overall quality of life for many especially those living near or in major towns and cities .
  11. Electro


    I am sure you are right , but as you say if the local council enforces any relevant regulations the developers decline to move forward with the project. My GP surgery has five doctors backed up with several trained nurses and a pharmacy on site and when 750 homes were built 400 to 800 meters of the surgery they were told they would have to cope with existing personnel . The exodus from London to my area is huge and growing by the day, another 3000 houses have just received planning permission within 1 mile of the surgery to add the approximately 4000 that have been built over the last 5 years . There are another 3000 homes waiting for planning right next to the Dartford bridge on the Essex side , there is also simlar sized developments happening on the Kent side of the Bridge / Tunnel . The whole area from London down to Tilbury along the Thames is being transformed at an alarming rate and are all sold even before they are finished . Needless to say there is often gridlock on the roads covering the whole area sometimes for several hours a day when cars are just left where they are and people walk to the nearest station and go back to their cars the next day to get them .