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  1. I was only there in the AS room (ticket only) to lust after stuff I could never afford! (I was 20 at the time). I seem to recall the system I described was around £25,000 - £30,000 at that time. In the real world of late 1983 I had just managed to get the new RB300 equipped Rega Planar 3 to go with Nagaoka MP11 Boron and my NAD 3020 and AR18s.
  2. You’d need to call Ricardo Franassovici - of Absolute Sounds fame - for details ( he was conducting the demo). It was at the South Coast Hi Fi show (11th-13th November 1983) in a conference room on the ground floor of the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton. Sponsored by Jeffries Hi-Fi (now part of Audio-T since 2002). To my best recollection - after 36 years - there were dual Krell monoblock power amps fed by an Audio Research SP10 pre-amp. Belgian made Etude MP-1 speakers and the aforementioned Oracle set-up. One of the demo tracks was a 12” version of Paul Young’s ‘Love of the Common People’. Let me know how you get on and where I went wrong if I remembered the wrong arm.
  3. We were too busy being blown away by the holographic imaging going on. It was incredible.
  4. Oracle Delphi + Infinity Black Widow tonearm + Koetsu [something] Signature cartridge. (Absolute Sounds demo - with Audio Research and Krell amps and Etude MP-1 loudspeakers speakers - at a Jeffries hi-fi show in Brighton about 35 years ago.)
  5. I have removed the supplied, cheap, ‘wall wart’ PSU and substituted a new Lindy 1m Reinforced, twin-shielded micro-USB cable to the 5v (USB) charging outlet on the back of my amp. (Saves one mains socket.) Also, a 1metre AudioQuest Tower 3.5mm jack - 2x RCA lead has - finally - been found hiding in a bag in a speaker carton in a spare room which has now replaced the supplied interconnect. I am now thinking of ‘maxing out’ BT even more after browsing the iFi audio website! (Lots of interesting stuff there.)
  6. chebby

    Formula 1 2019

    Maybe once Jean Todt is no longer F1A supremo (15 years as Ferrari boss) and Ross Brawn is no longer MD, Motor Sports Director and Technical director of the Formula One Group (9 years as Ferrari boss).
  7. chebby

    Formula 1 2019

    Ferrari got by far the biggest prize of all the teams this year ( $205,000,000 at the start of the 2019 season ) despite not winning a championship for 10 years ... ... they will probably continue to ‘win’ this way next year because no-one can stop them.
  8. I did a search before posting. It seems no-one has posted it before. Enjoy ...
  9. I have just ordered a 1m micro-USB to USB cable (reinforced and shielded) direct from Lindy for a tenner + £2.99 postage ... I quickly checked on amazon and they are charging £19 for what appears to be the identical lead! Even allowing for ‘free’ postage (with Prime) Amazon are screwing an extra £6 out of it compared to ordering direct from the manufacturer.
  10. You mean ‘after’ surely?
  11. I tried the Bose On-Ear Wireless headphones once. Very good, very comfortable and now only £109 (they were £169 at the time). Not noise cancelling, but they are closed back. Mentioned as a good, low budget option. I use B&W P3 Mk2s (wired) on the train.
  12. Maybe it’s a little bit to do with the Burr Brown PCM5102 DAC inside the MiniBlink. (I wouldn’t know but lots of folk seem to like it.)
  13. Wow! What a bl**y difference! I normally use BT from my iPhone 7 (or iPad Mini 4) when using my second system. (Marantz M-CR611 and JPW Sonatas.) This week I took delivery of an ex-demo (open box) Arcam MiniBlink BT receiver for £55 inc. delivery (normally £99). I was intrigued by the APTX and wanted to try it out, when testing the MiniBlink, so i plugged it into the Marantz and got my spare phone out (Huawei P20 Pro) because it has APTX and my iDevices don’t. The first thing I noticed was that the music was a bit ‘lumpy’. Hmmm. Then I realised I normally need about 2dB bass lift, so I removed it by going into ‘source direct’ and everything snapped into place. The difference (with Huawei + MiniBlink + APTX) is incredible. Bass is wonderfully tuneful now and even pi**es all over my iPhone/iPad Mini using AirPlay. Next is to try the Huawei P20 Pro with system number one (Quad Vena + Audio Note AX-Twos) which has built-in APTX that I have never heard due to using my iDevices and Airplay by default. I will try it with it’s own APTX and with APTX courtesy of the MiniBlink. In the meantime, this is the very best I have ever heard my little Marantz sound via BT or Airplay.