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  1. chebby

    Three Words Daily

    Rope a dope
  2. chebby

    What magazines (paper ones)...

    None. Not even online editions. A few years ago I bought a small quantity of late 1970s hi-fi mags (four I think) from ebay to compare reviewing styles with some recent editions. They are packed away in their envelopes in a cupboard for ‘historical curiosity’ purposes. I bought an issue of HFN&RR to help pass a long train journey in around 2009. I gave that to a friend, who is into his hi-fi, afterwards. About 20 years ago I bought quite a few photography magazines (amateur photographer especially) but after part time study (I eventually passed my Photography, darkroom and printing C&G) I soon realised - at the time - that making pleasing photographs had nothing to do with what brand of camera was used. (I started with a second/hand Minolta MD, manual SLR and 45mm lens worth just a few quid back then, and nothing nowadays, but made some of my best ever pictures with it.) ’Gear’ magazines rarely, in my experience, offer anything more than a bit of distraction on a train journey. Nowadays, with decent wireless on the train, a tablet is far better.
  3. chebby

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    Hmmm. Sad person that I am*, it seems that Technics also used to use their own ‘take’ on a Stevenson geometry with null points that tend to favour end of side replay. (Mounting distance of 215mm though as opposed to Rega’s 222mm.) * I am never going to need to know this again, so why did I look?
  4. chebby

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    I guess it could be argued that the Rega Elys is ‘optimised’ for use on a Rega tonearm and the Ortofon is not (deeper body with potential for VTA issues on Rega’s non-adjustable arm etc. Although I never had a problem back with my old 2M Blue stylus on a 2M Red body in a Rega RB250 on a P2. Equally there could be good reasons for not putting an Elys on the Technics arm. (I don’t have the urge to go looking up compliance matching on Vinyl Engine right now. Someone else can do that.) Maybe not. Much more likely is that - in 2019 - there is no-one left at WHF? with the necessary skills/experience to fit and align cartridges quickly and accurately to do such comparisons. (Especially given that the Ortofon/Technics probably uses a Baerwald set-up and Rega - as we know - has always favoured Stevenson geometry*.) * Something very close anyway.
  5. chebby

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    My 4mm, Van Damme, soldered ‘jumpers’. Bought really on aesthetic grounds ...
  6. chebby

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    Tin the bare copper ends.
  7. chebby


    I keep advice I got years ago to “never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ears”.
  8. chebby

    one word daily

  9. chebby

    Stupid question: What's the difference...

    The SL1210 MK 2 that I heard years ago was incredible with driving rhythm like nothing else i’ve ever heard since. It was as if it had grabbed me by the collar and tried to drag me up to dance! (Nothing like the cheap, microphonic, pressed plastic DD decks that came as standard with Japanese rack systems in the 1980s.) Actually I told a lie. I have heard similar driving force one other time from an old Garrard 301 that just just seemed to ‘attack’ us! Amazing. Wished I could afford one.
  10. chebby

    Your (musical) Room 101

    Prog. Rock/Pomp Rock/Art school rock. Anything by Phil Collins or Dire Straits. (Overplayed to death.) Anything with blokes in long frocks doing 20 minute long solos and anything with the word ‘færie’ in it!
  11. chebby

    Assange extradition

    I love this idea that the pre-war British Empire and the South Africa of the 1960s didn’t have “all the tools at the government's disposal” during those eras, and that - in comparison to modern governments - somehow played a straight bat!
  12. chebby

    Assange extradition

    Why did you bother asking? I’ve always thought he was a slimy creep who got cornered and panicked and ran into a bolt-hole rather than stand his ground and go down (unjustly or no) with all guns blazing.
  13. chebby

    Assange extradition

    You think Gandhi was only tried fairly in impartial courts? Mandela too?
  14. chebby

    Assange extradition

    He should answer the charges against him in Sweden and the US. Trying to imagine the great, historical protestors for human rights (Gandhi, Luther King, Mandela, Pankhurst etc.) hiding away, like cowards, in an embassy trying to evade the courts. No. They all faced the music, suffered, did their time (even when the charges were unjust) and we remember their names as people who opposed the forces of entire states to bring about social change and suffered the consequences. Assange lost my respect a long time ago.
  15. chebby

    Finally come out of the closet.

    ‘My Boy Lollipop’ is still an incredibly infectious little Ska/pop number that never fails to lift my spirits.