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  1. It looks like a very tidy way of filtering spikes and RFI at the wall sockets. A fraction of the cost of certain Scottish sourced products costing up to ten times that amount (and they probably work). One for my work desk / study / computer / second system etc. And one for the hifi / TV.
  2. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

    Robin’s Nest
  3. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

  4. Possibly, my next couple of purchases (along with electrician fees to fit and test) ...
  5. Just ordered three more MK 646CHA 13A plugs (the black Safetyplugs) as I only have one of those left.
  6. I have plenty of spare Safetyplugs to swap in. The newer Toughplugs no longer have the circular cable clamps ... ... these clamp way more area of copper (than the tip of a little grub screw) and expose far less copper to the air when tightened and don’t come loose over time. They are far more secure.
  7. It’s not a Naim ‘thing’ for me nor even just for hi-fi. Had an entire extension and kitchen rebuild wired up with MK products some years ago.
  8. I have been a fan of their products since decades before I ever owned any Naim gear. I could bore people silly on the whole subject of MK Safety Plugs.
  9. I bought a Google Chromecast yesterday to supplement my ATV. Basically Netflix have disabled AirPlay operation from iOS devices, in the last few weeks, so I had no choice! Only £25 in Tesco. Luckily my telly has four HDMI inputs (and USB for power) so the CC and it's leads are all hidden and don't need a mains socket. I will pack away the ATV once Google allow streaming of Amazon Prime on their Chromecast soon. (They are now getting along with each other again according to Endgadget this week so hopefully not long.)
  10. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

  11. chebby

    Huawei P20 Pro. How good in your experience?

    OT so I deleted and posted in new thread.
  12. chebby

    Huawei P20 Pro. How good in your experience?

    Still learning Android (although I could probably write a decent beginner's guide by now). Ditched the worse than useless Google Chrome browser as it is 'leaky' and intrusive and clunky. I am using the Android version of Opera instead. It is slick and does what I tell it and tabs management is a one thumb operation for everything.
  13. chebby

    Formula 1 2019

    Leclerc is not allowed to push Vettel. Golden Balls would get upset.
  14. Just been delivered. It is the genuine article. (I have bought a few of these over the last few decades and I am about to order the black version!)