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  1. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

    Mike Costin
  2. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

    Andy Rouse
  3. I can never forgive the people - deservedly forgotten now - who invited me to see ‘The Enid’ at Portsmouth Polytechnic’s Student Union bar. Luckily I managed to lose them in the throng and get out into the clear night air before I heard too much, but I am still scarred to this day. It sums up ‘prog’ to me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ...
  4. chebby

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    I don’t want to meet the chef (or have to give a toss who he/she is) after a great meal. They should stay in the kitchen and away from television cameras and book signings. Once they get famous they treble the price of your meal and treble the size of their egos and start cooking for Michelin inspectors and trendy critics rather than trying to tempt you back again and again. Same with the people who design loudspeakers, amplifiers, cars, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions etc. Do your job well and people will buy the product. I don’t want to know your name, or your ‘philosophy’ on anything.
  5. chebby

    Google has discontinued Chromecast Audio

    I wouldn’t buy any ‘last minute’ bargain ones though. Google are likely to ‘brick’ them in the near future to encourage sales of whatever stand-alone speaker they will replace it with.
  6. chebby

    Google has discontinued Chromecast Audio

    No market for an audio only device maybe?
  7. chebby

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    I have never downloaded the album, or purchased it, so I guess it must still be available on Apple Music as the above came from a Google search ...
  8. chebby

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    Still there on my Apple Music (and i stopped subscribing two weeks ago) ...
  9. chebby

    When Hifi designers get it “So wrong”

    I’ve oftened what T+A Audio looked like.
  10. chebby

    Cd player advice

    My big regret is that the original Naim Uniti was unknown (and at least a year away) when I got my Naim separates (and Beresford DAC) system. I’d probably still have it if i’d bought one then. (Although the unitiqute was a better ‘fit’ it came along even later.)
  11. chebby

    Cd player advice

    I liked the Naim Cd5i-2/Nait 5i-2/NAT05 system at the time (although, TBH, the NAT05 tuner and Nait combo were the ‘star billing’ for sound quality). The rot set in when I had an Arcam Solo-Mini system and tried out a little Firestone Audio FUBAR usb DAC to try out CDs ripped to iTunes, on my new iMac, as a potential source (along with internet radio). It was a revelation! I upgraded the stock FUBAR opamp to a Burr Brown OPA2107AP and my wife gave me a dedicated Firestone Audio ‘Supplier’ mains supply for Christmas that year and it was amazing! I sold it when I got the Naim system (to a What Hifi forum member who is still using it) because I wanted to connect to our TV with optical digital and the FUBAR was only usb. Otherwise it sounded great.
  12. chebby

    Cd player advice

    A moot point as the Beresford TC-7520 was discontinued years ago, I know squat about their current offering. As for plugging a CD player into it ... why would anyone do that? Extra box, extra mains lead, extra digital interconnect. More cost, more clutter, more faff. Just get a CDP that you like in the first place (like your CD73 or whatever).
  13. chebby

    Cd player advice

    I did a direct comparison between the Beresford and the DacMagic in a friend’s Primare/SCM11 system and it was a far more open (or airy) and smoother listen with much better vocals. The DacMagic seemed too harsh. More of a ‘headbanger’s choice.
  14. chebby

    Cd player advice

    My Naim CD5i-2 was comprehensively outclassed (through the same Nait 5i-2 amp) by a Beresford TC-7520 DAC with upgraded opamps fitted (LM4562NA) playing lossless and 320k AAC files from an iMac I had at the time.
  15. chebby

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    My use of the BBC iPlayer Radio is not as limited as you seem to think (BBC R3, R4, 6, R4EX and even occasional R2 for Trevor Nelson) and it encompasses news, current affairs, food & drink, history, comedy, drama, science, biography etc. I also did NOT state that I ONLY use the BBC iPlayer Radio app. I stream from Radio Paradise, Spotify, Amazon Prime and my own rips of many hundreds of my own CDs including music, books, drama and documentary subjects. I also surf many internet stations for a diversity of genres from big band, samba, bluegrass, soul, Reggae to 50s and 60s ‘crooners’ and much else besides.