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  1. chebby

    CD Alive and Well?

    It’s not a habit with me either as a lot of the content I listen to is drama and comedy and documentary in nature. Just saying that the ability to - conveniently - skip tracks was brought to us courtesy of the CD player and the remote control. Whether-or-not you choose to use it is an individual decision based on taste and/or the nature of the recording. (Gapless, live, classical, ‘concept’, drama, compilation etc. etc.) Let’s face it, not everyone has your impeccable taste and will often find themselves with an album containing not just gems but also ‘filler’ tracks by bands who were up against a deadline to produce that year’s ‘contractual obligation’ album, or tracks put there by studios filling up unused space on the disk. Or (and I can’t believe such b******s can live with themselves) people who have compilations in their collections!
  2. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

    Adrian Carton de Wiart
  3. chebby

    PP's weekend quiz

    Jack Churchill
  4. chebby

    CD Alive and Well?

    Vinyl yes, CD no. CD players with their remotes and the ability to skip and program easily - without leaving the listening chair - were the death of listening to a whole side of an album in one go.
  5. chebby

    CD Alive and Well?

    Even though I rarely ‘play’ them, I still need to buy CDs to rip from in most instances. My tastes simply are not catered to - on the whole - on any streaming service (nor downloads). I wouldn’t be too pessimistic about players. You can still buy a vast array of turntables decades after vinyl was pronounced dead.
  6. chebby

    one word daily

  7. I currently use B&W P3 Mk2s (wired) but now I want something wireless (to use with iPhones 6 and 7 and iPad Mini 4). Ideally compact, with a case, with decent sound quality and secure/comfortable. Most of the user reviews that I have skimmed through score them highly. Any of you guys/girls got personal experience of them please?
  8. chebby

    The Hi-Fi Pub (Cafe, Restaurant...)

    Not after some oiks have thown up all over the valve amp, kicked in the speakers and stolen the computer on match-day.
  9. chebby

    Which night is "Music Night"

    Saturday afternoons with my home hifi. Alternate Sunday mornings very early in the office (about 03:50 gmt onwards when prepping for and running upgrades in the USA) is a good time for cranking up the Bluetooth on my iPhone and Bose SoundDock II and taking requests from my colleagues. Our US colleagues even like to listen in on the virtual meeting room. There are just the three (sometimes four) of us and an otherwise empty office (this side of the pond), so it’s entirely up to us what we play. 1970s/80s pop always a favourite sadly :-( Part of the ritual is someone going out for Bacon & Egg McMuffins at 6am when they open (a guilty pleasure).
  10. chebby

    Don McCullin

    ‘Open Skies’ my favourite DM book.
  11. chebby

    Remembering those who gave so much.

    John Martyn. I saw him perform live at what was the Centre Hotel in Southsea around 1980. I had the privilege of buying him a pint and chatting with him (about the Bose PA speakers and delay effects used in ‘Johnny Too Bad’) in the hotel bar afterwards. I never realised at the time what a farked up life the man had (nor how much worse it would become) but I was only 17 and the music was amazing (and still is).
  12. chebby

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    I have heard one Accuphase (E450) and it sounded like the voice of g@d ! (Big set of Spendor SP100s.) It reminded me of a big car that can pull away, powerfully, in any gear on any gradient without breaking sweat. I’d go there in a jiffy (Accuphase and Spendor reference) if the lottery jackpot came up for me.
  13. chebby

    one word daily

  14. chebby

    one word daily