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  1. Posted this over in 2 channel, but thought it would be more useful here. If anyone has been thinking of trying Tidal (as I had) should take a look at the following link: It's basically signing up to Tidal with a Turkish VPN service and being billed in Turkish Lira. I already have access to a VPN service and can confirm that this works. I am getting Tidal HIFI for £2.91 per month!
  2. Post deleted by moderators
  3. Well yes, if you don't need to worry about a budget then just buy whichever suits your requirement.
  4. All comes down to finances. A renew ds/1 can be picked up for £1700 on a good day, but the akurate with katalyst for £3>4000 depending on the route taken. This thread should help:
  5. I completely agree with Timster's logic here, but after 20+ years in the IT world you can never rule anything out until the developers confirm either way. As for an A/B test of Konfig, the Linn archive is here -
  6. Don't forget the three Linn stations. Linn Radio, Linn Classic and Linn Jazz. All 320 kbps and available via TuneIn.
  7. I'm a long term Spotify user and whilst I wish they'd offer higher quality than 320kbps vogg I have no other complaints (sounds pretty good via my DS). Their AI for suggesting new music based on your historical listening is great. Also, if you're with Vodafone you can get Spotify premium included in your tarrif. Look up red entertainment. I pay £20 per month for my mobile tarrif, £9.99 of which I'd be paying for Spotify anyway.
  8. Very strange. Other than calling the Linn helpdesk, maybe look at a Microsoft program called tcpview. It gives you a graphical representation of netstat, which shows you which programs are connecting to which tcp ports. Once loaded up you'll get a load of open connections which you can ignore. Load up Konfig and you'll see what it's trying to connect to. Anything that doesn't connect or comes back with a SYN_SENT is not getting through. You should see a load of connections from Konfig to ports - http/https/2555/5011/9000. Green means it's opening and red means it's closing the connection. Hope you get it working, it can be a real pain when it decides to play up.
  9. I know the linn doc mentions firewalls and anti virus, but have you tried disabling both instead of verifying rules? Especially anti virus if it is running a web protection add on.
  10. I was pretty skeptical of Space Optimisation as it can look pretty complicated upon first look. Once you put some time into using it correctly, it can really enhance the sound of an already good system. There was a wealth of great Space Optimisation on the Linn forum championed mainly by Paulssurround. Hopefully Linn can get all of this transferred. It will be interesting to see how this compares to the new implementation and whether you can make as many manual adjustments. (if they are required)
  11. At least it looks like Linn are working with the team here to import some old data from the Linn forum. Good news.
  12. After a period of uncertainty, it looks like the Linn forum has gone the down the same route as WHF. I'm a long time Linn owner, but the way that this has been handled has actually made me question this. No warning, just close the forum and lose all of the amazing content people spent hours contributing. At least WHF gave everyone a timeline which enabled people to take some backups of their data and repost elsewhere. Thankful that the WAM is here again! Linn Forum 8th October 2018 For the past few weeks the Linn Forum has been offline as we held our global product launches of Selekt DSM. During this time we have taken the opportunity to review the purpose, moderation and usage of the platform and have reached the conclusion that it is no longer viable for us to manage it in its current format. Our approach in the past few years has been to take a light touch with moderation, but it’s become increasingly clear that a healthy forum needs more than that. As a manufacturing organisation we want to focus all of our efforts on developing innovative products and so feel it is more appropriate for these conversations to take place in other forums where the resource is in place to appropriately support members. Going forward, we are looking to address the gaps for forum members who are looking to connect with Linn: Product issues and technical support: contact our customer support team on or using the 'Report to Linn' function within your product Expanded product information, product user guides and software information: use our reference site Linn Docs Beta testing programme: a new beta platform will launch in the coming weeks and we will share details with you as soon as we can We understand that there is a community within the Linn Forum who will want to continue their conversations on topics such as their system set up, the HiFi industry and many other things and so we are delighted to be able to announce that Hifi Wigwam will be partnering with us to allow this conversation to continue. The team at the 'Wam have already set up a Linn space and look forward to welcoming you to their community.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'll have to take you up on that one day as I actually work very close to Hayling once a week. I'll check out the bake off thread as it would be great to meet some fellow hi-fi heads.
  14. Long time lurker over at whf. They never replied to my Id requests, so glad to be involved over here!