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  1. CnoEvil

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    You can do whatever you like - You are posing questions that I am trying to answer IMO. Just because you like what you are hearing, doesn't mean that you wouldn't prefer something else at the same money. The fact that you are not interested in doing so, is fine by me. If your desired outcome is based on "Preference", then auditioning is by far the best method. If measurements are all that matters, great - but preference is likely taking a back seat.
  2. CnoEvil

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Double Post
  3. CnoEvil

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    You have just said that you have only heard a couple of amplifiers. You cannot come to a valid conclusion until you have tried a decent variety of topologies, designs and prices. IME. Electrocompaniet does not sound like Chord; Pathos does not sound like Cyrus and Linn does not sound like mention just a few. The Nelson Pass quote in my signature is there, because I think it is important.
  4. CnoEvil

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    If your primary purpose in owning HiFi is the enjoyment of Music, which is totally subjective - then listening to different (decent measuring?) options to pick the one you enjoy most, is just common sense. If you turn the whole thing into a Scientific exercise, where the only thing you look at is measurements......then the enjoyment of the music becomes like a by-product, that you accept. The trouble is, you have no benchmark to judge it against.
  5. CnoEvil


    Don't make me more depressed than I already am, FFS.
  6. CnoEvil


    If Boris delivers his pledges, the Country is fcuked. If he does a U-Turn, he is fcuked. Boris will always look after Boris. A No Deal could see Sterling having parity with the Euro, if not the Dollar.
  7. CnoEvil

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    .....and by in large, music lovers. If all someone talks about is measurements....and never talks about the music they listen to, or the kit they have heard, or own - I pretty much know that we will have diverging opinions. This hobby should primarily be about the music - which is individual and subjective. Understanding your kit, through measurements, helps with achieving the end result - but at the end of the day, enjoyment should be the determining factor - otherwise you are putting the cart before the horse. All imo.
  8. CnoEvil

    Bored with my system.

    Yup...but this is for PP, who has a different taste to me....and what appears to be a sonically dead room.
  9. CnoEvil

    Three Words Daily

    Speleologists rule OK
  10. CnoEvil

    Custom Design or Something Solid

    Alan Shaw has never showed strong feelings about which stands should be used....saying that they as long as they're stable and put the tweeter at ear height, you are good to go......but he has since given endorsement to Ton Traeger and has had his product photographed on Resonant Woods.
  11. CnoEvil

    Bored with my system.

    You know of what you speak.
  12. CnoEvil

    Bored with my system.

    I think there have been a couple of wise comments, that have almost slipped by under the radar: - Are you sure that it isn't the music that you have got bored with. The ability to stream the likes of Tidal, can bring back one's enthusiasm....with a world of music at your finger tips. - If you are not very careful, your move will be a sideways one....and boredom will likely to set in again. The one thing that has been consistent with you, is the enjoyment of your system. In Hifi, the grass is often not as green over the fence, as you think it will be.
  13. CnoEvil

    Bored with my system.

    I don't remember making that comment about the D2....though possibly vs PMC Standmounts of that time. i also think the older PMCs have a less lean presentation than the current ones. I think that slighter cleaner and and more "upbeat" products seem to work best in your room (and for your taste). You should try the Harbeth....but I'm not sure that this will give you the sound that are looking for...and is likely be right at the top of your budget. I think you would like the Dynaudio Special 40s......though probably more than you want to spend. Have you heard the Curved ATCs? Proac imo work best with Valves and Class A (or Arcam Class G).
  14. CnoEvil

    Bored with my system.

    I never got bored with the LS50s over the many years I owned them......set them up right and they will reward. Stage 2 of getting an exciting sound, would be an Arcam A49. Stage 3 would be a Chord DAC (Stage 2 and 3 are reversible).
  15. CnoEvil

    Bored with my system.

    Did you let your Tucana go? If so, going back to a lesser amp will take its effect....which doesn't happen immediately. You are where you I think speakers are the way to go. I would throw the LS50s back into the mix, which are a great balance between excitement and euphany - while giving great VFM (all IME). If going Arcam....I'd hold out for the A49, which is a considerable improvement over the A39.