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  1. CnoEvil

    Spendor D7

    Parliament is ignoring Whips atm....and Tory Whips are even voting against the Govt. Just sayn'.
  2. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I did not say that money ensures better performance.....I am saying a "no expense spared" design, that measures well, doesn't come cheap.
  3. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Yup. It's often the ambient info that show the detail (reduction of noise floor?) eg. The creaking of the piano stool and squeak of the foot pedal, the breathing of the soloist, the squeak of fingers on strings etc.
  4. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    IME. What one thinks is revealing, is re-evaluated in the light of hearing something more often comes with better designed, great measuring, thus expensive kit.
  5. CnoEvil

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    You might think that....but they don't sound like a little speaker.
  6. CnoEvil

    Please help me choose a tube amp

    I wasn't really fishing for compliments, but hoping you might give insight as to how these speakers might suit what the OP is looking for...based on your experience and in comparison to what you have heard from other brands (especially PMC, if you've heard it).
  7. CnoEvil

    Please help me choose a tube amp

    At this stage, it's just about hearing stuff and really digging into what you like....and where you want to compromise. I think something magical happens, when Class A meets new Kef Ref. I think they are one of the very best speakers in their price range....but everything else in the system has to be "right". It took me several years of gentle badgering, to get @Iceman 16 into the Refs......and I think that the combination of the Electro CDP/AMS35i/Ref 3s is quite magical. I didn't go this route because of my love of Classical Music/Opera.....and Harbeths do this better than almost any other speaker. If you are much less into classical, then the Refs are the best speaker that I've heard (but I haven't heard everything...and I have a particular taste).
  8. CnoEvil

    Please help me choose a tube amp

    Can you get to home dem some Harbeth Super HL5s (preferably 40th Anniversary) on your main system? What about some Kef Ref 1s? You have a great system, so there is no hurry - but in order to get the exact sound you are after, you need the right speakers, with the right amp and right source - for your room. The biggest element of that is the Speaker/Room interaction - followed by the topology of the amp and its synergy with your speakers. The only way to achieve this, is keep experimenting, keep going to dealers and listening to stuff....and keep asking on here for ideas/suggestions. I do know that speakers can sound very different, depending on how they are set up; how they are isolated and what is driving them. As it happens, I think you have two terrific amps.
  9. CnoEvil

    Please help me choose a tube amp

    FWIW. On a tangential note.....I too would not mess around with Super Tweeters. If you can't get your speakers sounding how you want them to sound - they are the wrong speakers for you.
  10. CnoEvil

    Please help me choose a tube amp

    In case it's of help, here is my Valve Thread
  11. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I have been doing this for 45 years....and haven't totally figured it out. One simple rule honest with yourself about what you enjoy - rather than going with what you think you should like; or what you are told you should like.
  12. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    IMO. Speed is greatly down to the Amp and it's ability to start and stop the cones (Damping Factor). You can't make a decision until you hear them on the end of the Devialet. A sealed box often has faster bass.
  13. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I'm not sure it would be my cup of tea...a bit on the analytical side. If I had the Devialet, I'd be looking at a BBC thin walled design, or possibly Kef LS50 / new R3...or some secondhand SF Cremonas.
  14. CnoEvil

    Harbeth or Revel

    IME. You don't want speakers that you can live with, which to some degree is a want speakers that you love. Also imo. you don't want to change speakers that you love, for ones that you can live with. Tread carefully....which I think you are.
  15. CnoEvil

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    ...and on the other hand, being both enjoyable and detailed is quite achievable.