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  1. CnoEvil

    Three Words Daily

    You are Doubled
  2. CnoEvil

    Valve Amps categorized by how they sound

    OK, thanks....amended accordingly.
  3. CnoEvil

    My Archive

    Thx for the tip.
  4. CnoEvil

    My Archive

    @Bokke I probably did, way back when I got it.....It is like having a 205/2 tilted on its side. I like to run it as run Fullrange.
  5. CnoEvil

    Three Words Daily

    Meant for Trump
  6. CnoEvil

    one word daily

  7. CnoEvil

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    No's just that this topic always goes nowhere and is a waste of Forum Oxygen.
  8. CnoEvil

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    Polite request - Please don't turn this thread into an argument over whether Amps sound different, or not. Feel free to start a different one for that. Thanks.
  9. CnoEvil

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    There is no difference...they are one and the same. If in Ireland, my offer of a drink made 7 years ago, still stands.
  10. CnoEvil

    My Archive

    Feel free to start something more interesting. Personally, I would rather focus on what we have in common - and IIRC in your case, that would be Harbeth, SF, Electro and LP12.
  11. CnoEvil

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    I can tell an Altruistic Lemon, from a Bitter one!
  12. CnoEvil

    Jokes, old or new

    ...and on a similar theme. A Guy goes to the Barber to get his hair tidied up, before he heads away to Rome. While there, he gets asked the usual question - "Are you planning any holidays?" The Barber is a bit of a know-it-all.....and when he hears where the chap is going, finds fault in everything. The Hotel has poor service, with rotten food; the Colosseum is hot and overcrowded and the queue for meeting with the Pope is so long, that it isn't worth the effort. A month later, the chap is back for another trim...and the Barber asks him about his holiday. He replies that the Hotel couldn't have been better; they had a fantastic guide for the Colosseum and he paid to jump the queue to meet the Pope. "Did the Pope speak to you?" "Yes", said the Man "So, what did he say?", asked the Barber "Well", came the reply. "He wanted to know where I got such a shyte haircut".
  13. CnoEvil

    Jokes, old or new

    Since the Pope is coming to Ireland, for the World Meeting of Families, I think it is an appropriate setting for a Pope joke.... When the Pope was last in the UK, he was having to go from Liverpool to London. Time was tight, so when the Pope Mobile broke down, he had to get a Taxi. At this stage, the Pope was running late, so when the Taxi Driver stayed within the speed Limit, the Pope tried to get him to put his foot down. The man was unwilling to risk his licence, so the Pope persuaded him to get into the back seat, while he (The Pope) took the wheel. At the side of the Motorway, a Traffic Cop clocked the taxi doing 110 gave chase and pulled the car over. He walked over and tapped on the window. The electric window lowered, allowing the Cop to see the driver. On seeing who it was, he said "Excuse me a moment", quickly retreated to his car and got on the Radio. When he got through to Control, this is how the conversation went: Officer: "I've just pulled over a car for speeding...and the person is so important, I need advice about how to proceed." Control: "Are you talking a Duke or a Duchess?" Officer: "No, more important". Control: "Royalty?" Officer; "Even more important than that". Control: "Who is more important than Royalty?" Officer: "I don't know,...but he is so important, the The Pope is his Chauffeur!"
  14. CnoEvil

    Valve Amps categorized by how they sound

    That is somewhat covered by the "Valve Primer" above. I have no intention of owning a Valve Amp, but wanted to get some basic info out there. Anyone who is intrigued, can then do the reading you suggest. Appreciate the comment, though...