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  1. The Centre and Sub are the most important. FL and FR are less important, but more important than the Rears, ie. for a seamless presentation. I quite liked the iQ Series, but only with a smoother Amp like an Arcam. I didn't like the XQ Series Personally, I would use either R100s or LS50s at the Front.
  2. @Jules_S I'm delighted that the Gato has turned out so well for you....that it has, is no surprise to me. I suspect that the differences we hear are indeed down to the rest of the system - and in particular, my Harbeths, which sound less airy, punchy and thrilling, than the Ref 3s that I compared them to (but not with the Gato). There may also be an element of difference in how we assess and describe the sound we are hearing - which will be somewhat determined by the comparison to other kit we have owned and got used to.
  3. CnoEvil


    Given the Lunatics have taken over the asylum, this is an easy conclusion to reach. ....But there is hope, while some have the courage of their convictions and act accordingly, putting Country before Party and their own self interest.
  4. @Jules_S It's good when a plan comes together. If it sounds good from cold, that is a great sign. I suspect it will only get better. If you are like me, you like detail, but presented in a clear, natural and dynamic way. If you can turn the volume up, without your ears running for cover, that is a very good sign. Once you get the basic presentation the way you like it, then any efforts to sort the room out, will be icing on the cake. Once you get the room maximised - "Season" with Cables, if necessary. I look forward to any further thoughts.....which I think will also increasingly show what the Gato is capable of.
  5. CnoEvil


    The best thing to do with this this current Govt in general, and Johnson in particular, is to assume they are lying, unless you can prove otherwise.
  6. I will be amazed if the D33 doesn't hit the spot other DACs haven't reached.
  7. CnoEvil


    The Rich get richer. The Poor get poorer.....and have been convinced that it is in their best interest - while the wrong people get the blame. It's genius, in its sheer cunning and greed.
  8. It's hard to call, but I think that Power Amp valves last roughly half the length of time as Pre Amp Valves....but I'm sure someone with direct experience will advise.
  9. Here my thoughts in a Valve Amp thread that I started (see half way down under a Personal Overview):
  10. This is what's available here:
  11. Over here, the Kef E305 is £600 for the 5.1 package of little pods, that have their own stands. You were probably looking at the T305 @ £1700
  12. CnoEvil


    I totally agree.... But the Referendum could be a "Backstop", if that fails.
  13. CnoEvil


    What about if we were stuck in a stalemate, with no proper Parliamentary majority to unblock it?
  14. IIRC Lavardin recommend placing the Amp on plywood.