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  1. I'm not sure how much help this will be....My system is an ADS/K at one end and a BBC Monitor (M40.2) at the other (Class D Gato DIA 250S in the middle) - and it sounds glorious (being the opposite of the sound you describe). My advice to is see if you can borrow a Selekt with the amp module and try it out; or failing that, bring your speakers for a dem at your dealer. Your other option, if you love the Grahams (and I suspect you will), is to look out for a second hand amp, like the Arcam A39. I have always found Linn/Arcam Class G to work nicely together in a wide variety of speakers.
  2. Another reason to consider the R3s.
  3. Once you have suggestions, it's hard to advise further - as it is now down to your subjective preference. Whether you go for your PMCs + Sub, will depend on whether you get enough scale (for your room and your taste), from your list of alternatives. I can (and have) given you my preference (R3).
  4. Question and answer session re Speaker Placement, with Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager, Dynaudio Academy:
  5. I like SF - but can't comment on their newer offerings.
  6. The R3 I mentioned above, would be my recommendation. If you see a used R300, that might also meet your needs.
  7. I would suggest an ex-dem Kef R3....which sounds more like a small Floorstander.
  8. That's great, thank you. If you want some suggestions: - What is your budget? - What music do you listen to....and (other than the Bass), is there anything about the PMCs presentation that you would like to change? - What other brands have you heard and liked? There are Standmounts that give greater bass, like those from Kef (R Series/Reference) and Dynaudio.
  9. Distance from walls and corners ie. amount of free space around them.
  10. That looks to me like a medium sized room. What may determine the size of speakers could be determined by: - How much room the speakers have to breathe - How far the seating position is from the wall behind it - The construction of the room - Suspended wooden floors; windows; tiles - The decor of the room - Whether you use EQ or acoustic panels I think you have the option of using either....depending on the above factors. How do your current speakers sound? Are you looking for something with more scale and impact? Do you have the option of placing the speakers on the shorter wall, to compare?
  11. Booked to go to Les Arcs in Feb. It's looking promising atm:
  12. Politicians that are selling Brexit (and making promises to win a GE), is like a Website selling very expensive HiFi at impossibly low prices.....and all you have to do, is send your money in advance, to secure it.