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  1. CnoEvil

    Harbeth Owners Club

    You've pretty much nailed what I like about Harbeths. FWIW. They sound best on Something Solid XF stands....and using the Something Solid "Missing Link" isolation feet. I look forward to your pics.
  2. CnoEvil

    PMC Twenty 23 or 24 speakers

    You saved me posting something similar. With HiFi, it seldom pays to avoid what you actually prefer....within reason, of course. There are cheaper ProAcs. @v1nn1e IMO. The newer PMCs are leaner, cleaner and a bit more detailed. There are those who miss the old models (eg. DB1/OB1 etc), which were a bit warmer/darker sounding.
  3. Stereophile Glossary: Dry 1) Describing the texture of reproduced sound: very fine-grained, chalky. 2) Describing an acoustical space: deficient in reverberation or having a very short reverberation time. 3) Describing bass quality: lean, overdamped
  4. There's more... Question: "What is 8" long and hangs from a bollox?" Answer: "Daniel O'Donnell's tie!" ...That's enough thread drift (from me) for one night (Sorry to OP).
  5. Question: "What has 6 teeth and 100 legs?" Answer: "The front row of a Daniel O'Donnell concert".
  6. Have you heard Brendan Shine?....If not, try "Do you want your ol' lobby washed down". It's even worse than Daniel O'Donnell - which I bet you thought wasn't possible.
  7. Play some Brendan Shine, or Daniel O'Donnell (or both, for overkill)....and your neighbours will beg you to go back to your Jazz.
  8. CnoEvil

    What are you listening to right now?

    Infected Mushroom. "Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys".
  9. There are so many other more important factors that effect SQ, that worrying about comparing 2 lossless formats, is a waste of energy IMO. Moving your speakers by 6", toeing them in more/less (even removing the Grilles), or filling the stands, will make much more difference.
  10. After 34 pages....the answer to the OP, is still a BBC style monitor. The answer to what Hi-Fi you should buy, is still the one you prefer the sound of. Just sayin'. Carry on (for another 34 pages).
  11. Welcome to the Forum. This is worth a read:
  12. CnoEvil

    When Hifi designers get it “So wrong”

    I think you'd need "Doctor WTF".
  13. CnoEvil

    When Hifi designers get it “So wrong”

    What about these little add refinement and taste to any sitting room....and get you into serious trouble with the "Taste Police".