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  1. They look like this: All I can tell you, is that they certainly helped isolate my Speakers from my suspended wooden floor. They do look a bit Heath Robinson - but the spike sits on Balsa wood (I think) and the whole thing is isolated, by "floating" on the white cord......and they are cheaper than the likes of the Gaias or Track Audio isolation spikes. Now the speakers are in this room:
  2. That would be my memory. I think he originally went under the name of Bogit.
  3. I haven't heard the ECI 6....but its predecessor, the ECI 5, which was one of my favourite AB amps in its price range.....and this is supposed to be an improvement. Value means nothing, if you don't really like the way it sounds. If you prefer it to its peers, then it's good value in terms of the pleasure it brings. One of the things that makes this a solid amp, is its power supply - which nearly doubles power into 4 Ohms and is stable into 2 Ohms.
  4. IMO. At a higher price point, the Gato DIA 250 S - especially with the Streaming Module - represents terrific VFM.
  5. I am almost certain that the ECI 6 is fully balanced.
  6. I can certainly confirm that I prefer Dealer doesn't (but he's wrong, of course!).
  7. Something Solid XF (on their Missing Link isolation feet). The TonTraeger would be my preferred option, but they're 3 times the cost. Let us know how it goes.
  8. Welcome to the Madhouse.....No doubt you will get plenty of advice, whether it's helpful is a whole other debate.
  9. I came across this, due to the TV series "The New Pope", which uses the first track as its title track..