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  1. I had the Oxygene amp and CD combo - i never got on with the amp which to my ears was far too laidback and lacked oomph, the cdp was very very good though, wish I'd kept that... Oh and worst remote control I've ever used which used to really wind me up
  2. knaithrover

    bluetooth - good enough..?

    Arcam Bluetooth dacs in my experience are decent and you can get really listenable results from them in particular if you use Tidal which is miles better sq than Spotify. A Miniblink for around £100 is a real bargain.
  3. knaithrover

    which cd sounds best on your system ?

    Totally agree - particularly cd2 Most recent Abbey Rd is amazing
  4. knaithrover

    Graphic Equaliser Question

    I'm using mine between the source and amp (Nad C320BEE)
  5. knaithrover

    Graphic Equaliser Question

    Schiit Loki - amazing little thing and a big upgrade for little outlay
  6. knaithrover

    Vincent V-237 MK amplifier.

    Hi, yes completely refurbed Ditton 33's
  7. knaithrover

    Vincent V-237 MK amplifier.

  8. knaithrover

    Vincent V-237 MK amplifier.

    I have an SV236 which I bought ex demo a while back it has the lot : power, punch, depth, soundstage, finesse oh and tone controls!!!
  9. knaithrover

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Very nice set up indeed
  10. knaithrover

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    I have some and to my ears they are fantastic for their size and price, they do need some power behind them and room to breathe, good sand filled stands a must.
  11. knaithrover

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Nice set up, I used to have the 305's and wish I'd kept them.......
  12. knaithrover

    Integrated up to £300 s/h for Monitor Audio Bronze B2

    Nad C320bee is a brilliant amp and an absolute steal 2nd hand, matches up v well with Monitor Audio as does Arcam A85 and FMJ A19
  13. knaithrover

    Stand-mount suggestions please - up to £600ish

    Kef LS50 2nd hand are amazing value and an absolute no brainer, they need a bit of room to breathe mind... Monitor Audio and Dali make v nice cheap standmount speakers if you want brand new.
  14. knaithrover

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Straight 236
  15. knaithrover

    My First Streaming experience.

    I found a Node 2i 2nd hand for 350 a few weeks ago!! Totally agree on the Spotify v Tidal thing - Tidal is absolutely streets ahead in SQ and well worth the extra outlay