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  1. I absolutely worship my main set up, it is relatively modest and only the amp cost more than 1k but it all matches up beautifully
  2. Marantz CD48 - cost me £40 2nd hand and sounds a m a z i n g : stupidly good and seemingly bullet proof
  3. Monitor Audio bronze or silver or Dali Zensor go good with Nad along with QA as mentioned all of which are cheap
  4. The Nad C320BEE is an absolutely superb no frills budget amp: I've had mine years mostly in 2nd systems and now as a back up when I'm getting my kit serviced or inbetween upgrades. V good in a small room with decent bookshelf speakers - it's currently in the living room as a stand in after (stupidly) selling my Peachtree 125 and sounds so good I'm in no hurry to replace it. Buy the Nad you won't regret it.
  5. I would try eBay and have it collection only so you dont have to risk posting it. Collection only also deters scammers. Think of a price you want for the tt and set it buy it now for a few quid more and see what interest you receive, if you receive non drop the price a bit. Works for me.
  6. Yes MC cart is covered although I've not used that feature. Great match with my Vincent SV-236 especially once I upgraded the tubes
  7. I have a Pro-Ject Tubebox SE mkii - it is a fantastic piece of kit and for the money (around £3-400) a very sound investment
  8. I find my ears get used to or tuned? into whatever source I'm using. I can get used to limitations and just dig the music, it certainly helps having a fantastic amp speaker synergy to start with tho. Having 2 homes has certainly stretched my available kit - I see from your Sig you are in the same boat!
  9. The Miniblink will be upgraded at some point probably with another node 2i or a 2 or a Sonos Connect thru a dac
  10. Node 2i is a no brainer with Tidal Masters sounding absolutely fantastic quality to my ears. In a 2nd system I run Sonos Connect through an Arcam rdac and while not the last word in sonic finesse it's still very very musical and listenable. Also and the anti Bluetooth brigade will snort but I also use an Arcam Miniblink into a Vincent amp and Kef LS50's with an android tablet or my iPhone as source in my 3rd set up and it sounds surprisingly great....admittedly more because of great amp and speaker combo but still holds up to my ears as definitely not rubbish
  11. Small room big amp and they are sublime. I've got mine in my 2nd home (not as glam as it sounds) with a Vincent SV236 an old Marantz cdp and a Project tt - a very simple set up but I'd struggle to beat it unless I spent 1000's
  12. Steve Guttenberg likes them and I respect his opinion, they also look the absolute biz to my child of the 70's eyes!!!
  13. I love the sound of Arcam dacs v engaging musical things and cheap as chips. I had a Roksan Oxygene cdp which made cd's sound just stunning can't believe I sold it....(looking for a cheap 2nd hand one as I speak).. My Bluesound Node 2i is all i will need in a streamer/dac v nice and also inexpensive. But and believe it or not the very best sounding dac I've heard is in my Marantz cd48 it's apparently a legendary Phillips chip and honestly it's such a beautiful analoguesque dream of a sound. It cost me £40.
  14. I had the Oxygene amp and CD combo - i never got on with the amp which to my ears was far too laidback and lacked oomph, the cdp was very very good though, wish I'd kept that... Oh and worst remote control I've ever used which used to really wind me up