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  1. I find that Rich Tea biscuits are mainly responsible for floaters.
  2. The Carpenters: The Singles 1969 - 1973, CD. The voice of an angel
  3. Very sad news, Monty Python was absolutely brilliant.
  4. I've got a Project 2Xperience SB DC and an Mazda MX5 and I'm happy with both.........
  5. AntA

    Extreme toe-in

    Was it going cheap?
  6. Didn't Josef Fritzl have a man cave?
  7. You have my deepest sympathies, my 26 year old son was in absolute agony over Christmas with pain in a big toe. It sounds comic but it knocked him for six, he 6ft 4in and a rugby player. He went to A&E and he was diagnosed with gout. I never realised how nasty it was. Hope you feel better soon.
  8. Petrol and a match would work.
  9. AntA


    This Spotify playlist compiled by What HiFi would make a good test set for soundstage.
  10. The Beatles: Please Please Me. FLAC USB
  11. AntA


    Early stereo Beatles recording definitely had soundstage, music out the left speaker, singing out the right!
  12. AntA


    If that is the case then it would be a very interesting experiment. Perhaps something to try at a bake off where the equipment and room dynamics are fixed.
  13. That does look really good!
  14. AntA


    Yes, but the point is would there be consensus on positioning on a given track. Perhaps there may be if everyone listened on the same system I don't know but people perceive sound differently.