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  1. AntA

    Favourite female singers

    Kristina Train, Karen Carpenter, Rumer, Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black, Etta James
  2. AntA

    Cold Callers

    I keep on getting phone calls saying I've been in an accident which usually I ignore. This time I thought I'd have some fun. I said "that's funny how did you know?" They asked what the accident was and I said "I fell off a roof". When was this they said, "December" I replied. What were you doing on the roof they went on, "delivering presents I said". They then said sorry and my name would be taken off their list of contacts.
  3. AntA

    Favourite female singers

    Well, she thinks I'm joking....fortunately.
  4. AntA

    Favourite female singers

    She is lovely, I often say to my wife she should model herself on Kylie.
  5. AntA

    Favourite female singers

    I like Kylie but I don't have any of her music.
  6. AntA

    MP3 Download with Vinyl (Records)

    Good idea, surely though it could be seen a misleading advertising?
  7. I recently bought a record from HMV in the sale. It had a sticker which stated that it included an MP3 download. When I came to download it, a message appeared stating that the code had expired. When I complained I received this message back from the company which manages the downloads, Neurotic Media. The digital download was a part of a promotion. Unfortunately, this promotion is now over. Regretfully, we are legally unable to issue new downloads past the end date, since the date is decided by the record label, the artist, and the artist's management team. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, Your Neurotic Pals| Neurotic Media Surely as there is no date or mention that the MP3 download was an offer it is in breach of the Trades Descriptions Act?
  8. AntA

    Record cleaners

    It seems to me from looking at reviews there is not a lot of difference in efficiency between vacuum record cleaners. The Okki Nokki, Moth and Project are all very similar but there is a difference in build quality. The Project has the advantage of having a small platter to stop contamination when you turn the record over but is probably the cheapest construction but that is reflected in the price. I'm not totally convinced that applying a cleaning fluid to the surface of the record with a brush and vacuuming it dry will remove all the ingrained dust and dirt in a record grooves but at least it will remove dirty water from the surface. The ultrasonic cleaner I'm sure would give a much superior clean than the vacuum however it does leave the record wet and it means having a drying rack. The other concern with the ultrasonic is that if several records are cleaned in succession then surely the record is being cleaned in dirty fluid? I suppose it would be best the rinse the record in distilled water after being in the ultrasonic bath. I suppose its best to have both ultrasonic and vacuum cleaners but due to finances that isn't going to happen.
  9. Red Rose Speedway Reconstructed (Vinyl) Paul McCartney & Wings
  10. AntA

    Record cleaners

    Hi Jamie, yes I did see that you had made an ultrasonic cleaner yourself in another thread. I'm too lazy to do it myself and the Velvet Vortex does look very nice I must admit. I was wondering whether I could modify a Karcher window cleaner to dry the records. The Project is tempting as it is a good price though,
  11. AntA

    Record cleaners

    I'm looking to buy a record cleaner in the near future, I've been using my trusty Knosti for a few years but decided that I would treat myself to an upgrade. The only thing is I'm torn between the Velvet Vortex and the Project VC-S MK II. The issue I have is that with the Velvet Vortex is I would have to air dry the records probably using my Knosti drying rack. The Project has the advantage that it would dry them too and it is a bit cheaper than the Velvet Vortex , I've seen it for £298 without a cover. Does anyone have any experience of both cleaners?
  12. AntA

    I waited too long to rip my CDs.....

    Morrissey CDs are best played silver side up.
  13. AntA

    avi dm12

    I have a turntable via preamp, Bluray player, CD player and DAC with chromecast plugged into my system. And I thought I could get rid of extra boxes too! Seriously though you could just use a Chromecast and an iPhone and it sounds really good,
  14. AntA

    avi dm12

    The B&W speakers look really nice, I would certainly consider them. Much better looking than AVIs.
  15. AntA

    avi dm12

    I bought my AVI system about 2.5 years ago just before they changed their business model to dealer only. Prices wet up around 25% (DM10s 1.5K to 2K), As I said some people love them some don't. Linsayt is right they are small 2 ported speakers but the sound they produce to my ears is pretty dam good. But I also agree they needed the subwoofer to unleash their full potential. The DM12s have a bigger cabinet so I'm told they have better bass than the DM10s, I'm sure it won't be as good as my sub though. I know that my system does sound better than my passive system but I'm sure there are passive systems that could out perform them.. How much that passive system would cost I don't know. I'm sure Linsayt could give you numerous examples though for your price range. I'm no expert on HiFi I'm not a sound engineer and I don't have any electronics experience I just rely on my ears. Also I don't believe that cable make a "significant" difference to sound quality. One thing I have learned is you can never get a definitive answer with anything to do with HiFi, it is all personal preference. The KEF LS50s are a good cheaper alternative, mind you again some people love them, some don't. My son has the KEF system he prefers them, he may be right, his ears are younger than mine! Ultimately the only way to find out is to go and try them yourself.