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  1. AntA

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    I'm in no position to judge.....
  2. Paul McCartney Egypt Station (CD)
  3. I also like this by Kristina Train, although it has more about a broken heart.
  4. Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole is pretty emotional stuff.
  5. AntA

    AVI Active Speakers Owners Club
  6. AntA


    That brings back memories. I found such diverse things as crayons, lego and a jam sandwich in my video player when my kids were small. The JVC video player surprisingly lasted 13 years before it finally gave up the fight. They don't make them like that anymore. Pleased you are up an running now!
  7. AntA

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    That's a lot of bollocks.
  8. Ian Dury Greatest Hits (Vinyl)
  9. No offence taken at all, we all have different taste in music, that is what makes things interesting. You'd hate my music collection, I've got some Dire Straits in there too!
  10. I must admit Phil Collins does not seem to be too popular these days and I understand your feelings. I have similar feelings for Morrissey.
  11. Face Value, Phil Collins, Vinyl. Just love "In The Air Tonight" when the drums and bass really kick in and the sub starts up always makes me smile.
  12. I'd rather have a new one!
  13. AntA

    Cars with ridiculous names

    I always thought the Toyota Picnic was a really naff name for a car.
  14. AntA

    OPPO BDP83 for CD use?

    Having just read the manual I completely agree with you.