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  1. Even as an avid Beatles collector I can't be bothered with singles. They seem a bit expensive too.
  2. Thank you JD, it looks very good. I seem to recall someone actually modifying the actual lid which comes with the ultrasonic bath and they made a really good job of it. I thought it was Spider but I may be mistaken, it may have even been on another forum someone modified the lid.
  3. Can't beat a bit of Rick Wakeman.
  4. Back To The Egg, Paul McCartney & Wings Original 1989 Vinyl cleaned with Velvet Vortex and sounding perfect.
  5. The Velvet Vortex turned up today. I've cleaned a few records to try it out, these records were all new and cleaned previously a few times with my Knosti Antistat but still had enough crackles to irritate me enough to not play them very often. I had hoped that the VV would improve them enough to make them listenable. I'm pleased to say it has, they are still not perfect but a huge improvement not many crackles at all now. I'm pleased I went the ultrasonic route as I don't think I would have seen that greater improvement with vinyl vacuum cleaner. Surprisingly enough air drying is much quicker than when I used the Knosti too, I suppose it may be because the cleaning solution is heated to 30C. Now I'm not sure what to do. Do I clean all my records with the VV even if they sound fine or do I just clean the ones with crackles and the new ones as I get them? My only criticism of the VV is that I thought the lid had been altered to fit on the tank with the motor mechanism fitted.
  6. I've found what a lot of big companies hate is putting your complaints on their Twitter or Facebook pages. If they delete it put it back on there again, it usually gets their attention. Good luck with getting it sorted out.
  7. To be fair to the seller it clearly states "Rosewood Standard.Protective cover missing but never used" the cartridge itself has been used rather a lot though.
  8. After a great deal of thought I decided to contact Spider and join the Velvet Vortex club. I just feel that the ultrasonic cleaner will actually clean the record grooves more thoroughly. At the moment I have a Knosti and it does a reasonable job and I think that a vacuum cleaner would give similar or slightly better results but dry the record. I was really tempted by the new Project cleaner though. I will just have to be patient and let my records air dry, perhaps if I can persuade the Mrs I might by a vacuum dryer next year and have the best of both worlds.
  9. How many records can the VV clean at one time, do you need to purchase extra pucks for more than one record? What racks do people use for air drying the records after cleaning? I have a Knosti Antistat but would like to clean quite a few records in each session. I PM'd Spider in August but never heard back, perhaps he was busy.
  10. Thanks for your advice.
  11. Would you recommend buying the VV on its own and air drying? Or is it essential to have a vacuum system too?
  12. Quite a few retailers have them in stock if Price Spy is to be believed. VC-S2 ALU&searchInProps=false&user_rating=NaN%2C5 My local retailer Camterbury HiFi says they have them in stock too,
  13. I had pretty much came to the same conclusion however none of my records are really grubby and its the air drying bit with the VV that bothers me slightly.