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  1. Personally I wouldn't go anywhere near cleaned LP's with any kind of cloth. If you use the correct home-brew fluid then drying times in the summer months will be very quick. Best results would either be one of the vac based machines or the velvet vortex.
  2. The phono stage in the Marantz is hard to beat considering it's part of the amp, of course it can be bettered but at what cost? Is it worth spending almost the same on a phono stage as the Marantz amp cost. In the end I just stopped looking and am happy with what the Marantz does... it suits my taste. If you do go the Slee route please post back with your thoughts and opinions. Nagaoka's are now prohibitively expensive when compared against the competition, but I adore them. I prefer the MP300 to the MP500 but the styli are cheaper than their Ortofon counterparts so they are easier on the wallet to compare, (I purchased direct from Japan). In the Ortofon 2M range I preferred the Bronze to the Black, I found the Black too noisy, picking up every minor imperfection. AT do some lovely carts too, as do Goldring. But trial and error is an expensive pastime where carts are concerned. I still have all the carts/styli so if my taste changes it's an easy swap. I bought a Pro-Ject VC-S last year but have yet to use it... seems a decent piece of kit, as does the Velvet Vortex. After years of spending a considerable amount of cash on hi-fi related gear I've decided to stop tinkering and coveting more expensive kit. I've lost enthusiasm in the chase for more revealing/expensive kit which will only make my music collection sound worse
  3. Be prepared to spend north of £400 to better the phono stage in the Marantz... been there, done that, and in the end didn't bother replacing it with yet another box. Just spend the cash on a better MM cart. Hope you enjoy the Ortofon Experience... I went through all their 2M carts some time ago and finally settled on Nagaoka as my favourite cart.
  4. The Stranglers - Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl, European Female. Their greatest hits album is bloody brilliant.
  5. Another one, Donna still belting it out at 50! The 15 minute version of this track is a masterpiece.
  6. Very partial to this lady. Both her and Celine were in '88 Eurovision; Celine came 1st, Lara 4th. Lara has released multiple French language albums but only three English albums, first two are excellent. Studio version: Live: Having trouble posting some YT clips how do you guys do it? Fixed!
  7. I find Madge and Kylie the same, brilliant studio albums but can't sing live unless lip-syncing, which is something Kylie doesn't do in her live shows. I like things in small packages so Kylie is my Pop Princess
  8. Yep, very clever video, love it
  9. Did I mention that I have all Kylie Minogue's albums Singing Budgie or Pop Princess? Personally I think Pop Princess. She can't sing live, (too nasal), but her studio albums are brilliant. Got a couple of her shows on DVD which proves she can't sing but she sure knows how to put on a show.
  10. I too own all four Dido albums. No Angel was an absolute corker debut album; Life For Rent almost as good; Safe Trip Home - monotony; Girl Who Got Away - absolute dirge. Let's see what she comes up with this time... based on the last two albums think I'll preview the new one before I decide to purchase
  11. Nowt surprises me here as I have an eclectic collection myself, all pop music: Soul, Funk, Punk, Disco, New Wave, New Romantics and any Electronic 70's/80's, (OMD, Yazoo, Eurythmics, etc.). I do have a massive soft spot for Donna Summer, (hugely underrated artist), love me a bit of ABBA, Carpenters, Whitney, Gladys, Randy, Kate Bush, George Michael, Lara Fabian, and Kylie. Odd balls in my collection: Doris Day, Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller. I have no David Cassidy in my collection though , and no Heavy Metal either. Don't tend to go much for current music, seem to be stuck in a time warp from 50's to mid-90's.
  12. DougK


    Ah, didn't know that the VV rotated that slowly Comments retracted