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  1. DougK

    Genres not usually associated with a artist

    The Stranglers - Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl, European Female. Their greatest hits album is bloody brilliant.
  2. What a stunningly beautiful car.
  3. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Another one, Donna still belting it out at 50! The 15 minute version of this track is a masterpiece.
  4. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Cheers Parcelmonkey
  5. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Very partial to this lady. Both her and Celine were in '88 Eurovision; Celine came 1st, Lara 4th. Lara has released multiple French language albums but only three English albums, first two are excellent. Studio version: Live: Having trouble posting some YT clips how do you guys do it? Fixed!
  6. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    I find Madge and Kylie the same, brilliant studio albums but can't sing live unless lip-syncing, which is something Kylie doesn't do in her live shows. I like things in small packages so Kylie is my Pop Princess
  7. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Yep, very clever video, love it
  8. DougK

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    So was my Mother
  9. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Did I mention that I have all Kylie Minogue's albums Singing Budgie or Pop Princess? Personally I think Pop Princess. She can't sing live, (too nasal), but her studio albums are brilliant. Got a couple of her shows on DVD which proves she can't sing but she sure knows how to put on a show.
  10. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    I too own all four Dido albums. No Angel was an absolute corker debut album; Life For Rent almost as good; Safe Trip Home - monotony; Girl Who Got Away - absolute dirge. Let's see what she comes up with this time... based on the last two albums think I'll preview the new one before I decide to purchase
  11. DougK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Nowt surprises me here as I have an eclectic collection myself, all pop music: Soul, Funk, Punk, Disco, New Wave, New Romantics and any Electronic 70's/80's, (OMD, Yazoo, Eurythmics, etc.). I do have a massive soft spot for Donna Summer, (hugely underrated artist), love me a bit of ABBA, Carpenters, Whitney, Gladys, Randy, Kate Bush, George Michael, Lara Fabian, and Kylie. Odd balls in my collection: Doris Day, Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller. I have no David Cassidy in my collection though , and no Heavy Metal either. Don't tend to go much for current music, seem to be stuck in a time warp from 50's to mid-90's.
  12. DougK


    Ah, didn't know that the VV rotated that slowly Comments retracted
  13. DougK


    Doesn't matter whether you fill the bath up to the label or not... water obeys the law of gravity. As you turn the record in the bath what happens to the cleaning solution when it's at the apex of the record... without any obstructions it will always take the shortest route, straight across the label
  14. DougK


    Definitely agree with you on the Knosti, it is a damned good cleaner for the price. However, with the benefit of hindsight I now would not purchase any record cleaner requiring placement of the LP vertically in a bath, no matter how careful you are the label is always going to get wet... gravity cannot be circumvented, the cleaning solution will run off onto the label. Even with the gasket on the Knosti Gen2 record clamp I suffered from label bleed, (loose paper particles and glue residue), easily seen on some of my LP's which have brightly coloured labels, this can be removed with a microfibre cloth, but that's not the point. When I want clean I expect clean! Hence why I have moved on to a wet vac system. Maybe I'm too OCD about record cleaning
  15. DougK


    Me neither with the Knosti and home brew cleaning solution. Apparently the Gen1 Knosti cleaning fluid reportedly left a white residue in the grooves after cleaning, but my home brew recipe leaves none... the only problem I've had with it is label bleed; apart from that the Knosti is a good rudimentary cleaner for £65, vs c£300 for the Pro-ject VCS.