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  1. DougK

    2019 £1000 Turntable Challenge

    Aw shucks you've rumbled me Yep, just a USB powered neon blue LED strip from eBay and and a DIY light-box under the platter bearing. It just had to be done, the acrylic construction screams "pimp me" so I did. The picture really doesn't do it justice, the blue on the cabinet reflection is the actual colour when lit... it does look stunning, and sounds stunning too.
  2. DougK

    2019 £1000 Turntable Challenge

    Another fan of the Marantz here Neon blue backlight doesn't display well in the image.
  3. DougK

    Loudness Wars Question

    Don't think so. There is a tool in Audacity that can show clipping, in red, that is what I used. The Audacity zoom function allows you to zoom in on the peaks, all the red areas display a flat top at the peaks... clipped. This is the original CD using the same show clipping tool:
  4. DougK

    Loudness Wars Question

    After much hype on fan forums I bought a series of SHM-CD remasters in 2012, they were only available from Universal Japan and cost over £200 for the 8 CDs in the series. They were touted as being the absolute pinnacle in remastering, sounding so wonderful and refreshed. I was not amused when I ran them all through Audacity! This is the worst of the albums, Red = clipping. Does it sound awful? Strangely no... until you compare it the original CD release or the original LP.
  5. DougK

    Loudness Wars Question

    If you have an original CD and a 'remastered' CD just play them back to back at the same volume setting and you will soon see what loudness means. Personally I loathe all this remastered malarkey, no dynamics and too loud. Loudness is explained rather nicely in these clips:
  6. DougK

    how can something so simple....

    Excellent news bigfish
  7. DougK

    how can something so simple....

    Marantz does not have formatting function; it also will not work with a USB hub. All my 16GB memory sticks are Sony and SanDisk items and all have functioned perfectly with my Marantz SACD player. No use trying anything higher than 16/44.1 Linear PCM as it won't recognise the file, it will also not play FLAC files, you are limited to MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV. I have read the manual for your player, bigfish, and all I can suggest is that you try another brand of memory stick and maybe of smaller capacity as at the moment the Marantz is not recognising the stick. Guess I must have been just plain lucky with mine. Maybe try turning the CDP off for the day and see if the problem rectifies itself after re-boot.
  8. DougK

    Have TV's changed much....

    Agreed. Absolutely adore my Panasonic P50GT50 plasma, got it ex-demo about 5 years ago at a tad over half-price, 3D specs included. Excellent with Blu-Ray and 3D is rather appealing too. When it goes pop I guess I'll have to look at OLED to equal/beat it.
  9. DougK

    how can something so simple....

    I've got the lower spec Pearl Lite CDP with the same front USB port and it plays 16GB USB drives loaded with WAV files with ease, no problems ever encountered. I used to make playlists from multiple albums but re-numbered the tracks so they played in sequence. Since purchasing the NA7004 a few years ago I don't bother using the front USB port anymore as I have ripped all my CDs to a spare PC running Foobar. The NA seems to accept anything up to 24/192, but I can't hear any difference so I stick to 16/44.1. Possibly 64GB could be too large for the USB port to navigate... just a thought. The port will not entertain anything higher than 16/44.1, so forget hi-res.
  10. DougK

    Hi res player, or options for Marantz SA14S1SE

    USB stick loaded with fave tunes
  11. Too lenient, cops should run them down then reverse over these scumbags.
  12. DougK

    If you were held against a wall....

    Ooh missed this thread... My parents had a Sobell Stereo radiogram in the 60's, this particular model was half tuner/record deck, half drinks cabinet design. Mainly a pop music lover, anything in the charts from the mid-60's to mid 90's, I switched off when rap started to dominate the charts; not much into heavy metal or prog either. Mainstays would be soul/funk/disco/electronica. Very partial to 'good' female singers, such as any of the excellent African American singers of that period; also like Karen Carpenter, ABBA, Lara Fabian, Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Alison Moyet. I would like to add that the above does not fully cover my very eclectic music collection.
  13. DougK


    Ooh, this is interesting Major! Agree with your points made in 1) and 2), these two points are my work in progress. However, 3) is a seriously radical statement and puts cartridges in the expectation bias theory normally associated with and reserved for cable threads and DACS... interesting. Wonder what the consensus of opinion is on here?
  14. DougK


    As another who has tried to digitize LPs there is one thing that has confounded me for the last 4 years in my many failed attempts to do this, that being the digital recording has never sounded like the actual LP when played on a turntable. I have tried various cartridges: AT440/2M Blue/2M Black/MP500, the difference between these carts is blatantly obvious when played on a turntable through speakers, but with the digital recording the difference between these carts is tiny, only a minuscule difference can be heard through intensive audition using headphones... they all sound the same through speakers.
  15. DougK

    New Headphones for Xmas ?

    If you are content with the Shure sound signature why don't you look at some of their SRH range headphones