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  1. Blacksabbath25

    Quad Artera, Yamaha A-s1100, or Luxman

    Maybe i used the wrong words sorry but if your not happy with the product and it doesn't meet your liking you have 14 days to send it back as its a valid reason . You can always go and get free legal advice if things are not clear as i understand you do not want to upset the person you brought from but you still have rights if your not happy
  2. Blacksabbath25

    Quad Artera, Yamaha A-s1100, or Luxman

    You have 14 days to send it back if its not fit for the purpose
  3. Blacksabbath25

    Quad Artera, Yamaha A-s1100, or Luxman

    If you brought the Dac online you still have rights weather it’s special order or not if you not happy send it back
  4. Blacksabbath25

    Tv / 4K Calibration

    Yes I understand what your saying they do have the correct tools for the job and it may come to that yet but thought if I can try and get hold of a basic pro calibration settings that’s been done on a Sony Tv I am half way there and save a little money first before I commit for someone to do it for me . i was saying in my opening thread that I was naming my problem to do with the backlight on the Tv but I have written this wrong I was banging on about the light sensor on my Tv which is disabled for HDR if I use the Tv to proces the 4K imagine . The backlight is the contrast and brightness but have come across a Av forums video were they do setup the Tv for daytime and nighttime viewing which is cinema Pro & home cinema on my Tv which years ago you setup a Tv for day & night in one setting which I can not understand why you can’t do that now to be honest .
  5. Blacksabbath25

    Tv / 4K Calibration

    Ok Been fiddling with my Tv a lot today and found out why my 4K picture on my Sony is a bit on the dark side which bothered me and found out that the backlight on my Tv has been disabled for HDR content . Anyway the picture is pretty good on blu-rays but not as good on 4K content because of he darker picture so I am not sure if I had my TV set to do the 4K conversation or my OPPO so I had to disable the HDR setting on the TV so the OPPO did the job of managing my 4K films instead of the Tv but I might be wrong in what I am saying here but managed to turn the backlight on for 4K content which as made a difference . The picture is not so dark anymore even in the darkest scenes of a film but the problem I have is if I use my calibration blu-Ray and set the basic calibration for contrast , brightness , Colour , white balance , and the dark balance in some scenes the picture looks like I have the contrast a little high but then you go back to a normal blu-Ray the picture perfect and if you watch satellite Tv like quiz shows or the news you can come across 2 problems . On quiz shows they look like they have fake sun tan on there faces which is the colour setting to high and on the news you can have some shiny heads which could be too much contrast but put a film on its all perfect ? And I have followed the calibration disc to a T so I can’t seem to get a happy settings right across the board for all formats . My only option is to setup the Tv in sections like for 4K content cinema Pro , blu-Ray home cinema , and standard for satellite Tv which are all settings on my Tv which seems a bit excessive really to go that far . So some questions do you need the backlight switched on for 4K content ? Has anyone got the correct calibration settings for a Sony 2017 4K TV a 4K modal which is a 49’’ it’s a long shot asking I no but want to see how far my settings are out by or if I have setup something wrong but failing that I would have to pay someone to properly do a calibration but trying to avoid this . Normally they say that it’s best for the Tv to do the conversations for 4K content but I have a really good OPPO so it’s up for the job which the OPPO has its own picture settings as well which I did a calibration on today so I could turn on the backlight on my Sony or if I select HDR on the Sony it cancels the Backlight . Any help would be nice thanks.
  6. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    What makes me laugh is you lot would spend the extra money on buying snake oil mains cables and cables in general but wouldn’t spend £21 on something that actually works on improving your picture on your TV regardless what you spent on your Tv .
  7. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    I agree but the Spears & Munsil is pretty good for getting your Tv about 85% calibrated and proply more if you understand the advanced settings on the Tv which most people do not touch or understand but for £21 you can not beat that as i paid £50 for my copy so £21 a bargain i think .
  8. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    £21 now it's up to you
  9. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    A bit of Joe today
  10. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    You do not need to spend that much just buy this and job done its easy to do and cheap
  11. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    £50 for the blu ray calibration disc which is what i used but less now from Amazon £21
  12. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    It doesn't take long to calibrate a Tv ones its done that's it you well notices a difference it's worth doing
  13. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    I have 3 different setups on my Tv that's been calibrated daytime setup for Films / Tv , games , nighttime watching which is easy to flick over the different modes and the fact the Tv can adjust to room brightness automatically by itself .
  14. Blacksabbath25

    Have TV's changed much....

    Also Tv calibration is important to get the very best out of your tv or there is no point in spending good money on a Tv because each living room lighting is different some people have a bright room and some have a dark room and there is a calibration for each of theses rooms . Blacks have to be correct for watching films and whites have to be right and no color bleeding into other colors and a good TV can have a setup for different purposes like for Games , Films , Tv programs can have their own calibration .
  15. Blacksabbath25

    Mood of the day

    Black sabbath War Pigs Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death's construction In the fields the bodies burning As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind Poisoning their brainwashed minds Oh lord yeah! Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor Time will tell on their power minds Making war just for fun Treating people just like pawns in chess Wait 'til their judgement day comes Yeah! Now in darkness world stops turning Ashes where the bodies burning No more war pigs have the power Hand of God has struck the hour Day of judgement, God is calling On their knees the war pig's crawling Begging mercy for their sins Satan laughing spreads his wings Oh lord yeah!