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  1. Blacksabbath25

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    Well most people tend to go for sliver like you have but liked Black myself but both silver & black looks great I haven't brought a TT yet but own vinyl that i have had for years and the phono stage are pretty good on the Yamaha A-S 2100 -3000 and so is the headphone stage as well but currently using the Yamaha CD-2100 player and stream with the Yamaha WXC50 which all works pretty well . Not sure how long you have had your Yamaha as i have not been on for a long time but the Yamaha Amplifiers take some running in
  2. Blacksabbath25

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    I do think both the Yamaha A-S2100 - 3000 sound right with whatever you throw at them both depending on speakers but found my Dali opticon 8s fit perfect with Yamaha and haven't felt the need to change amplifiers and pretty happy with how instruments come across as they should do which is what i was after . As you now no the build quality and looks are a bonus with great sound
  3. Blacksabbath25

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    I had a Yamaha A-S2100 in black and loved it and now have big brother Yamaha A-S3000 in black anyway what do you think about the Yamaha A-S2100 ? do you like it
  4. Blacksabbath25

    Replacing our plasma

    I agree the blacks can look just as good on a LCD well it does on my Sony Tv anyway and feel that OLED and QLED are to expensive for to little gain i feel
  5. Blacksabbath25

    What would you ditch...

    As most people have said i would be changing your speakers if it was me but what's your budget , room size , and what type of speaker stand mount or floor standers ?
  6. Blacksabbath25

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    I think it's more psychological that you think it makes a difference or not but as i have said i did think that wifi and mobile phones could cause interference issues but i wouldn't no where to start to test to find out if this causes any effect or not
  7. Blacksabbath25

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    I tried some in the past that clamp on type but couldn't tell if they made a difference or not but my worry at the time was wifi interference
  8. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    it’s such a classic album you have done well if you still like to listen to it but I personally have lots of memories of my mum playing this on her record player none stop when I was a kid and most probably she still has the original vinyl but scratched and worn to death
  9. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    Been listening to this album which has followed me all my life and my mum played this album when i was a kid and still a great album and it must be over 45 years old by now My favorite song on this album is its not the spotlight but like all the songs
  10. Can not tell the difference between Flac and apple lossless format to be honest these people who can are younger at a guess but i am 48 so you start to lose abit of high frequency info as you get older but your not getting anymore of a album just because it's in Flac so happy with apples lossless format it sounds pretty good .
  11. What the hell does Robbie no ! Led zeppelin have making music before robbie was a ich in his dads paints and the same for black sabbath so i think he should keep to commenting on the X factor with the rest of the 5 min wonders
  12. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ok seen something similar before and talked about Sid Barrett at the beginning it maybe the same one I watched
  13. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    Not seen that before is that a new album or old one
  14. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    so far i have listened to theses 2
  15. Blacksabbath25

    What are you listening to right now?

    Very good live album from Jeff kollman and well recorded too