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  1. Blacksabbath25

    4K shows, content, providers?

    You should let your Tv do the upscaling and People like sky , virgin , netflix is most properly upscaled there end anyway so if you really want to watch 4k content then buy the 4k films and watch them on your player but i wouldn't pay extra for a service just to watch 4k content and there is nothing worth watching on sky , virgin anyway i have netflix but struggle to be honest to find something to watch on there that interests me or i've seen it before as i feel netflix and amazon prime lack content for the money your paying .
  2. Blacksabbath25

    Amp advice

    Do not forget to look at Marantz amplifiers as they made some really good solid amplifiers and if it's possible to up your budget you could pick a really good classic amplifier for around £250 because i think your very limited with a £100 budget to be honest
  3. Blacksabbath25

    Amp advice

    The other issue you face with a budget £100 is you might end up with a amplifier that needs work done to it so try and look at things with a little warranty if possible as some dealers look at the amplifiers before selling them onto Ebay well the good dealers do or ask on here if anyone will sell you something that they have just sitting doing nothing on the selling page .
  4. Blacksabbath25

    Amp advice

    Yes that's it That was my first proper hifi separate amplifier which i brought with my first wage back then and had it for about 5 years with no trouble but you could probably buy a higher end Technics amplifier on a bid if your lucky something like a Technics SU-A900 MK2 or a Arcam 7se amplifier which i had the cd player which went with that amplifier
  5. Blacksabbath25

    Amp advice

    I started off with a pair of Jamo floorstanding speakers when i first started off and i used at the time a technics mk2 600 if i got the model number correct as it was a lot of years ago now but sounded ok to me back then and i played rock and metal but found the more i turned up the amp the speakers used to rattle in side
  6. Blacksabbath25

    Favourite female singers

    Same here Really but they are my top favorite
  7. Blacksabbath25

    Favourite female singers

    Laurel .... Dogviolet Sinead O'Connor Tanita Tikaram T'Pau The seekers
  8. Blacksabbath25

    Itunes store problem

    Got a problem with my Itunes which has the latest software and i run windows 10 which is also uptodate and no error messages on itunes i have tried emailing Apple directly but got the runaround after i went to the trouble of making a screenshot of the problem but all i got from them was a 0800 number to phone so if anyone knows what the issue is please let me know but i have a screenshot of the problem but can not post all of the screenshot as its to big to post on here but my problem is with itunes not showing me album artwork on there store
  9. Blacksabbath25

    measurements - do they really matter that much ?

    How big is your room ? As you can soon speed £3000 and probably get more bang for the buck secondhand or Ex-demo and what are your requirements in separates . As i would be spending a big chunk of £3000 on speakers if it was me then the rest on the amplifier but basically the amplifier needs a good power supply a low noise floor and good clean power which you could probably get from Marantz , Pm8005 , Pm8006 , Yamaha A-S2100 , Arcam which i can't remember the Arcam models without looking them up but theses 4 models have the above spec your after in a good amplifier . And speakers are a personal thing which you need to listen to yourself but make sure the speakers will be a match with the amplifier and your room on a sonic level which you will know when you demo them .
  10. Blacksabbath25

    measurements - do they really matter that much ?

    You contradict yourself with this comment ....... overall its only a hifi forum - not something to take so seriously ......So if you do not take it seriously then why not just go to Pc world or somewhere you can go and buy a all in one hifi thats cheap instead of messing around a Hifi forum where people talk about serious things because it's there hobby so measurement in Hifi matter to some people here but not all as music is the most important part of this hobby . with your comments it's going to upset some people but if your genuine about buying a good hifi then ask away no problem with that just think about what your writing
  11. Blacksabbath25

    itunes platform to shut down

    I have over 200 films as well as music
  12. Blacksabbath25

    itunes platform to shut down

    If it is i will be asking for all of my money back that i have spent over the years and that's why i think Cds should stay because i can not trust any of the companies to stay around and last but my cd collection lasts
  13. Blacksabbath25

    itunes platform to shut down

    Is it ? where did you get the info from ?
  14. Blacksabbath25

    Richard Dunn

    Yep sorry to hear the news
  15. Blacksabbath25

    Roon lifetime membership

    Totally agree it's a good service