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  1. Blacksabbath25

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    what are they like for rock or metal music do you no ? the NS1000M
  2. Blacksabbath25

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    I think they where the modern Yamaha NS5000s
  3. Blacksabbath25

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    That’s it beryllium I couldn’t remember what they used in those old speakers back then but that was an expensive process and hard process to do and that was the main reason I’ve never brought a pair because of any issues with the drivers or cones that might happen in an old speakers like this .
  4. Blacksabbath25

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    I would have the Yamaha NS1000s and did you know they did them in a more luxury finish in brown wood style I have only heard them on YouTube and I no that’s not the best place to hear them I no but wouldn’t mine a pair my self but what would worry me buying a 40 year old speaker is if they needed anything to restore them to mint condition and the fact that the driver is made out of some special stuff but I do like them my self .
  5. Blacksabbath25

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Ok stay safe
  6. Blacksabbath25

    Which speakers for my system?

    I agree with using bigger driver speakers and big cabinet speakers because you need to push that air around and most probably why my Dali opticon 8s are good with classic rock/ heavy metal . The other speakers I was thinking of was the tannoys the ones with the 12” bass drives but what theses sound like I do not no but you would need the room for them . Or the Klipsch Heresy III
  7. Blacksabbath25

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Ok I am into home cinema as well as hifi Looking at your pictures of your room the setup with the PMCs in one speaker looks a bit in the corner you need to see if you can move it out of the corner a bit and see if this sorts the bass boom out and I would put a rug in front of those speakers as well as your got a nice shiny floor .
  8. Blacksabbath25

    one word daily

  9. Blacksabbath25

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Yamaha 1070 home cinema amplifier and OPPO 203 4K player if that’s what you mean ?
  10. Blacksabbath25

    Classic Rock , Rock Music

    A bit of meatloaf
  11. Blacksabbath25

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Did you get your amplifier fixed ?
  12. Blacksabbath25

    Heavy metal, thrash

    This is a good one
  13. Blacksabbath25

    My Archive

    if hifi is not important to you anymore and you sold your setup why bother coming on here then if it’s that boring to you ? What’s the interest
  14. Blacksabbath25

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    Well at the time before I brought my Yamaha A-S3000 I went for a demo and was looking at Luxman amplifiers with Dali opticon 6s And rubicon 6s . I wasn’t that impressed with the Luxman to be honest and then moved on to the sugden with the Dali speakers now they are 4 ohm load so I thought that the sugden would of double it’s power but a part from that this was the first time I had listened to a class A amplifier and it sounded fantastic and I couldn’t hear any clipping and for the watts the amplifier did fill the room .
  15. Blacksabbath25

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    Class A sounds different its more detailed which I really liked when I had a demo on a sugden 21se not meany watts but still a great amplifier and still think about that amplifier and might buy one as a second amplifier