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  1. Blacksabbath25

    Ken Ishiwata leaves Marantz

    The report doesn't say what he is doing next or why he isn't designing Hifi anymore for Marantz so my thought was he was retiring
  2. Blacksabbath25

    Ken Ishiwata leaves Marantz

    Is he retiring as he must be getting on abit now but made some good stuff over the years
  3. Blacksabbath25

    And now for something completely different.

    I have always brought proper hifi separates and i will never change my mindset on that but past mistakes i could of bought buckingham palace with the money i have spent and most properly why i am not loaded now but completely happy with my setup now just wish i could of brought my setup i have 30 years ago . And the only thing i am hankering over is Dali epicon 6s but weather i will ever afford them is a different matter but you never know i might have a rich relative somewhere who kindly leaves me £8000
  4. Blacksabbath25

    Screen reflections

    Yes you are very local to me as i am Ely
  5. Blacksabbath25

    Heavy metal, thrash

    I brought this new candlemass album the other day it's pretty good
  6. Blacksabbath25

    Screen reflections

    You might have your Tv setup wrong as there are normally two different settings 1. For daytime viewing which the TVs rear light goes brighter so you can view and see the picture better in the daytime . 2. Nighttime viewing uses less light from the rear TVs back light so the picture will be darker and better for night time . But that involves two different settings to be made on your TV for day and night but most TVs have auto back lighting so your TV will adjust its self depending on the rooms lighting . But you will not totally get rid of room reflection on a TV screen unless you can block a lot of the light coming into the room like buy some blackout blinds which will cut a lot of light out of the room .
  7. Blacksabbath25

    The National statistics

    I got to buy myself one of thoses
  8. Blacksabbath25

    The National statistics

    If she was rude to me then yes i would of added some f***** her way but she wasn't so i was polite to her as she was just doing a job but i just wasn't interested in helping her with it
  9. Blacksabbath25

    HDMI for 4K viewing?

    Sometimes ARC can mess up or you get a signal loss for about 1 second which shouldn't happen really
  10. Blacksabbath25

    The National statistics

    I am not one for answering question to strangers but did think it was a con thats why i jucked the gift card but got rid of them now
  11. Blacksabbath25

    The National statistics

    I had a letter turn up through my letterbox and when i opened the letter it was from the National statistics asking if they can come round and ask me questions and the letter has the government backing and a £10 gift card inside the letter . I thought it was a con so put the letter and the gift card in the bin and then a week later i get a card put through my door to say sorry we missed you and we will be calling again to catch you so they catched me tonight a week later . It was a lady with a clipboard saying did you receive our letter i am from the national statistics .... ok hello ... is it ok to ask some question ... i said not really i did not want to do it anyway .... she then said can i ask why not i said the government hasn't done anything for us so not interested in doing it .... and then she went on to say what kind of question she would be asking me stuff like health , what job do you do , that sort of thing ... i thought why would i tell you anything about me i do not no you a specially personal stuff like that . So she finished by saying did you get our £10 gift card ? ... I said yes but i thought it was a con so put it in the bin so with that she said thanks very much for your time and went . Has anyone else had these people round ?
  12. Blacksabbath25

    HDMI for 4K viewing?

    If it works it works simple i just spent £22 each on two 1 meter Hdmi's except the longer Hdmi i needed which cost £35 but when you spent some good money on a Tv and a good AV amplifier i thought it was a small price to pay really
  13. Blacksabbath25

    HDMI for 4K viewing?

    Something to do with the transfer rate of data that the modern TVs and AVs need
  14. Blacksabbath25

    HDMI for 4K viewing?

    Taken from Audioquest site ......However, not all previous HDMI cables can transmit the full 18Gbps of data required to optimize today’s HDMI 2.0 equipment. While there is currently no 4K/60 4:4:4 software requiring the full 18Gbps capability of HDMI, some sources (UHD Blu-ray players) can be set to “up-sample”, requiring 18Gbps capability. Up-sampling often should be done in the TV rather than in a previous component — but that’s your decision. AudioQuest HDMI cables with "Exceeds 18 G bps" on the box front are
  15. Blacksabbath25

    HDMI for 4K viewing?

    I brought Audioquest pearl Hdmi 3 of them which does the trick which are the high speed ones