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  1. I think having a good understanding in what instruments sound like in real life helps when listening to hifi in how close can it sound to the real thing i mean go to a concert listen to the instruments and the vocals . Some albums sound real some do not but you know in your mind that i know what them drums sound like or how a piano sounds and so on so when buying hifi i look for what sounds real and not artificial
  2. For me ... Laurer cranberries Tanita Tikaram Sinead O' Connor Alanis Morissette Kate Bush The seekers.... Judith durum Some of the ABBA tracks
  3. A Music lover myself but spend the money to get as close as i can to my favorite artiest and to make the experience as real as possible for myself that gives me pleasure
  4. Whats the other solutions other then Roon that is any good ? Because before i was using iTunes which there software is now rubbish which isn't displaying cover art properly on windows as i brought a larger screen for my PC but Roon has no issues like this
  5. I brought the 12 month membership a couple of months ago but had it in mind to upgrade to the lifetime membership but now disappointed they have put the price up so not sure what i will do when it runs out i might not bother
  6. That sounds like my old Yamaha A-S2100 i sold on ebay 2-3 years ago as i sold it for £950 boxed which was a bargain but just brought the Yamaha A-S3000 at the time
  7. Thats cheap for a Yamaha A-S3000 so be careful your better of buying new as you get 3 years Yamaha warranty
  8. Try theses people as i brought my Yamaha A-S3000 of them ...... or Richer sounds
  9. Its a steel at that price its a lot of amplifier for that money but depends if you like the sound but better built than the sugden the Yamaha A-S2100
  10. This is the issue the sugden sounds great but so does both Yamaha models and i've owned the Yamaha A-S2100 before i brought the A-S3000 so i no what they are about but it all depends on if the Yamaha is a good sonic match with your speakers . But if you like the sugden why not just buy a separate phono stage for the sugden
  11. The phonostage and headphone stage is very good on the Yamaha A-S2100 and Yamaha A-S3000 both amplifiers are very good in build and sound but i think you should look at the Yamaha A-S3000 as i think it's better than the Yamaha A-S2100 in sound but depends what speakers you pair it with . But the problem is the sugden sounds really good because of the class A so it's a hard choice if i was in your shoes
  12. I can't as the only option it gives me is if i forgot my password
  13. And i am a moderator as well ! Anyway remembered my password but it still will not let me sign in