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  1. Yamaha WXC-50 streamer it's fantastic valve for the money and sounds great
  2. I have owned one for 2 years with no issues and sounds really good
  3. I remember lol ... They never went to a hifi shop just ordered online and hoped for the best
  4. To buy right ones and not carry on wasting my money on endless upgrades thinking i am getting better then the last upgrade but there is a problem with this and that is at the time you buy what you can afford so you make do with what you have brought . But now i am older i have brought right as i have more power over my money then i had when i was younger or more sense should i say but what i own now i am very happy with and i haven't bought any hifi for the last 2 years but do believe you get what you pay for so a £4000 amp is going to be better than a £299 amp . And my advice is to spend as much money as you can on speakers and amplifier as you can and build on that and if you can not afford it keep saving till you can go and buy it its worth it in the end .
  5. It was filmed in 2k but up sampled to 4k which is still better than standard Blu-ray films but if a film has a lot of CGI in it then most of it isn't 4k but 2k
  6. I just bought John wick 1, 2 , 3 on 4K Blu ray There is a good deal at Tesco at the moment where you can buy two 4K films for £30 so i brought John wick 2 , 3 for £40 so £20 for john wick 3 which sells for £25 everywhere else
  7. A game i like playing a lot ... has a really good soundtrack to it so gets played a lot
  8. Ok thanks ! I did have a 3 month trial about 12 months ago and had the same issue then but i did post on Roon last night about it and other users said hold down the mouse button the left or right on the album cover or the covers you want to merge together and then go to edit at the top of the page which then gives you 2 options to merge the albums together weather its just 2 track or 2 or 3 CD albums together .
  9. I brought Roon Yesterday but having a issues with filing led zeppelin albums on to Roon as i have the deluxe albums which some have 2-3 cds on 1 album but Roon puts them separately as individual albums which i do not want . I did have Roon on a trail 12 or so months ago which i remember Roon did this then to theses albums but hoped this would be fixed by them and i know i can email them to find out how to merge the deluxe albums into 1 file but showing 3 albums in one folder . But Before i do email them dose anyone know how to fix this please ....
  10. I am happy with what i have but the only thing i would buy is Dali epicon 8s and a big 8k OLED TV and a proper room for it all
  11. Yes this is what i am finding out i can't tell the difference between running the same flac file that i ripped from CD weather its from my Pc or from the ipad but this is the reason i have not bothered Ripping flac before it's a lot of hassle and the fact i do not fully understand it
  12. Ok so i would have to stream directly from my Pc to hear Flac